25 Potent Good Luck Charms That Work To Attract Prosperity

Many people believe that good luck charms that work to attract good fortune will make them gain success easier. On the other hand, the others think that those superstitious people who believe in the efficacy of good luck charms have an illogical notion that an object may change the future. It may seem superstitious to rely on fortunate charms, but for some cases those good luck charms do work. In fact, researchers discovered that persons who believe they have luck on their side had higher “self-efficacy” which is the idea that we can accomplish our goals. Not to mention, that perception actually improves mental and physical performance. For instance, many athletes have their lucky balls as their potent good luck charms that work to make them do better than the others who haven’t.

If you often feel nervous about ruining your work or sometimes facing difficult problems, then it may be a sign to find your good luck charms that work to attract success, wealth, and prosperity. Even if you don’t believe in fortunate goods, you will feel more confident if you keep or wear good luck charms as something you like. As a result, you will strive for higher goals and persevere when you encounter setbacks. Today, there are plenty of good luck charms options you can find on the internet. Therefore, we have compiled the most potent good luck charms that work to attract positive energy around you. Let’s jump to the list!

1. Feng Shui Coins For Wealth And Success

Feng Shui Coins For Wealth And Success

Feng Shui coins are believed as one of good luck charms that work to bring wealth and abundance. By placing them in the wealth area such as a kitchen, door, office, or car, the feng shui will attract good energy around them to gain more success. Made from copper and packed in an aesthetic Chinese bag, it will be a precious item all the time.

2. Four Leaf Clovers Coin Bag

Four Leaf Clovers Coin Bag

If you believe the power of four leaf clovers, then you may find this good luck charm has high efficacy. It features good luck coins which are constructed of iron, which has a strong quality to it. Moreover, they have beautiful messages and encouragement on both sides, adding positive vibes whenever you see it.

3. Pi Yao Obsidian Bracelet

Pi Yao Obsidian Bracelet

Boost your confidence with this good luck charm that works to make you feel luckier. It has pi yao beads made from obsidian which is a lucky and wealthy sign that can offer you health, good fortune. Therefore, wearing this bracelet will make you feel safer and throw away your inner nervousness.

4. Feng Shui Money Elephant Figurine

Feng Shui Money Elephant Figurine

With this good luck charm that works to bring good energy, it also can be a stunning home decoration. It features a feng shui elephant standing above the money which symbolizes strength and wisdom. Made from entirely resin with antique design, you can put this charm in your room to protect and bless your house.

5. Tri Colored Elephant Bracelet

Tri Colored Elephant Bracelet

Apart from being beautiful this wonderful bracelet also will be a good luck charm that works to make you feel calm and confident. This lovely elephant in the center represents wisdom, protection, and of course good luck. Moreover, it is made from gold that can last for a long time.

6. Good Luck Wu Lou Amulet

Good Luck Wu Lou Amulet

Because of its rich symbolism connecting to health, longevity, and riches, Wu Lou is a potent feng shui good luck charm you should have in your house. It is made from brass with handcrafted elegant design that will become the center of an attraction in your room. This is also a great home decoration to bring good luck that works well..

7. Kabbalah Bracelet

Kabbalah Bracelet

This fascinating Kabbalah bracelet is a good luck charm that works protecting the wearer Inspired from Jewish culture, this charm aims to  bring you good fortune and protect you from the evil eye. Moreover, the gold loops braided with a red thread will highlight your overall appearance and increase your confidence. 

8. Evil Eye Necklace

Evil Eye Necklace

This is indeed the best good luck charm that works keeping bad energy away. The evil eye symbol is powerful to eliminate negative energy from your body that is emitted by the environment and other people. Not to mention, it provides you good fortune as it shields you from negative energies.

9. Jade Gemstone Charm

Jade Gemstone Charm

Like four leaf clovers, jade is also perceived to bring good fortune. With this good luck charm that works to gain positive energy, you will feel luckier wearing it. Especially if you are going to start a new business or study, this charm is believed to bring you success for the bright future.

10. Fast Powerful Good Luck Bracelet

Fast Powerful Good Luck Bracelet

Make yourself full of good fortune with this powerful good luck charm bracelet. It features, wonderful lucky gemstone to bring you success, wealth and prosperity. Beside the success you will gain, it can give a beautiful accent in your style as it has attractive colors.

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11. Thai Amulet Takrut

Thai Amulet Takrut

For those who love Buddha culture, this can be a potent good luck charm that works gaining wealth. This one of a kind takrut is blessed for bringing good fortune, wealth, and increasing prosperity. Moreover, the takrut is composed of brass materials with a handwritten yantra on the thread, which is made up of a variety of sacred materials.

12. Special Herbs Amulet

Special Herbs Amulet

If you are looking for a good luck charm that works making everyday aspects in your life full of success, then you should have this charm. The pendant is filled with special blends of selected herbs which is believed to bring good fortune in daily activities. You can put it as an accessory in your bag or keep it closer to your neck as a jewelry.

13. Real Snake Shed Pendant

Real Snake Shed Pendant

There are many spiritual plants on the earth and this good luck charm that works powerfully is one of them. It is made from a combination of the crystal and the snake’s skin, creating a tremendous positive suction energy that draws a positive aura from the atmosphere onto your body.

14. Elephant Clover Gold Ring

good luck charms that work

If you are looking for good luck charms that work attracting money, then we recommend you to have the gold ones. Moreover, this gold ring has a beautiful clover and elephant image for double good fortunes. Not to mention, you can wear it comfortably in various activities due to its durability.

15. Silver Unicorn Charm Bead

good luck charms that work

For those who believe in magic or mythical creatures, they must fall in love with this charm. It features a stunning unicorn bead which can be used for jewelry or accessories in your daily life. As they wear it everyday, this unicorn is believed to bring its magic with full of good fortune in life.

16. All Wood Healing Bracelet

good luck charms that work

In case you need a good luck charm that works to detox yourself from negative energy, try to wear this healing bracelet made from sacred wood. The palo santo wood is believed to provide happiness, relieve stress, and improve clarity. Therefore, you can clear negative energies from your environment and provide spiritual tranquility to your surroundings.

17. Horseshoe Good Luck Bracelet Charm

good luck charms that work

It has been proven since the 18th century that horseshoe is a symbol of good luck charm that works attracting good fortune. As a result, try to increase your good luck chance with this lovely charm. The design makes it very versatile, it can be an accessory in your travel bag or put as a bracelet pendant that will increase your confidence and spirit.

18. Talisman Solomon Seal Pendant

good luck charms that work

Try to immerse the great success of The King Solomon Seal with this good luck charm that works to bring good fortune. According to history, the monarch provides success in all aspects. While wearing this talisman, you will unconsciously feel the good fortune from the king in your everyday life..

19. Figa Hand Good Luck Charm

good luck charms that work

With this good luck charm that works to gain luck, you can express both your fashion style and spirituality. Moreover, in ancient Greece, figa hand jewelry was thought to provide fertility and good luck as well as to ward off evil. By wearing this good luck charm, you will feel luckier as if you got spiritual encouragement.

20. Pentagram Zodiac Good Luck Charm

good luck charms that work

If you believe in the power of the zodiac, then it can be a potent good luck charm that works to bring you luck. It features a cool pentagram and zodiac design on both sides which makes this pendant attractive. Not to mention, this good luck charm will make you successful in every task you do.

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21. Natural Obsidian Hand Carved Pendant

good luck charms that work

No one can resist the stunning obsidian pendant. Obsidian is one of gemstones which is believed to be a good luck charm that works to attract good fortune. This charm has a natural green color which is powerful to gain good energy. Moreover, its beautiful hand carved makes this pendant look gorgeous.

22. Ladybug For Prosperity Necklace

good luck charms that work

In case you have a lot of problems, then this ladybug necklace is perfect to keep your worries away. Since it is believed to be a good luck charm that works to wash away negativity. Moreover, this ladybug symbolizes a lucky sign that means you’ll have more success and an easier life.

23. Naga Eye Amulet Pendant

Naga Eye Amulet Pendant

Throw your negativity away with this good luck charm that works to gain success in your life. This is the naga eye, one of the rarest lucky stones which is found in Mekong River. This attractive pendant will bring you success, wealth, and prosperity as it radiates positive energy to your body.

24. Tortoise Brass Buddha Amulet

Tortoise Brass Buddha Amulet

For those people who plan to open a business, we recommend you to put on this good luck charm that works to bring good energy. You can feel the incredible power of this supernatural small brass amulet, which is said to provide good luck, wealth, and protection from evil spirits. 

25. Lucky Cat Ceramic Pendant

Lucky Cat Ceramic Pendant

According to Feng Shui, cats are believed to be a lucky charm that works to gain wealth and good fortune. With this lucky cat ceramic pendant, you can place this lovely cat in your house or car to spread positive energy in your surroundings. It will be a great charm to protect and bless you everyday.

Latest Post:

Do good luck charms actually work?

Believe it or not, the power of good luck charms exists! According to the study, those who have good luck charms and believe in their power had a higher chance to gain success and better results to accomplish goals. Moreover, having good luck charms that work attracting good energy will improve mental and physical performance. Overall, your positive mindset along with the potent good luck charm create a great combination to gain success and good fortune.

What is the most effective lucky charm?

Well, it is tricky to get the most effective one as a good luck charm will have a different impact on different people. In fact, the most effective lucky charm is influenced by the user’s mentality. Moreover, potent good luck charms will be effective if you have strong belief in them. For example, if you believe in Feng Shui, then the most effective lucky charm will be the Feng Shui Coins or the Feng Shui Money Elephant figurine. Or, if you love Buddha culture, then Tortoise Brass Amulet or Thai Amulet Trakut will be the most powerful one. Hence, those good luck charms that work well depending on the user as well. 

How do I get a good luck charm?

To get a good luck charm, you can find it on the marketplace easily. However, before buying the right good luck charm, please do research about the meaning and symbol behind it to gain strong connectivity to the amulet. From home decoration to jewelry, there are many powerful good luck charms that work to gain success you can buy. Or, if you have a favorite item that always brings positive energy in your life, you may use it as your good luck charm.

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