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25 Cool Good Luck Charms In America That Will Bring Good Fortune

Every country has its own sign or particular things that are believed to be good luck charms. In America, there are some symbols that are believed by many people to bring good fortune. Although others deemed that possessing good luck charms in America was silly, some symbols such as dreamcatchers and horseshoes are popular to attract good fortune. In the past, Native American claimed that dreamcatchers can catch evil nightmares as they enter a home.

Moreover, this looks like a web or net stretched over a loop and embellished with colorful beads and feathers makes the owner happier and luckier by catching the unsettling nightmares. Not to mention, horseshoes which are also found in Islamic art and Egyptian iconography are popular in The US as a good luck symbol. Overall, these good luck charms have moved across continents and seas as societies have grown and integrated.

Nowadays, there are various kinds of good luck charms in America you can find to bring good fortune. It can be in the form of accessories that are easy to bring everywhere to part of room decoration that will attract positive energy. If you are planning to give someone or even yourself good luck charms in America, then you come to the right place! We have collected various cool good luck charms in America across the internet to make you inspired.

1. USA Flag Good Luck Charm

USA Flag Good Luck Charm

Attract good fortune to your everyday life with this awesome good luck charm in America. This is the gremlin bell with the American flag which symbolizes freedom and justice. Made from shining pewter, it will be a perfect good luck charm in your room which will look stunning.

2. Bohemian Dream Catcher

Bohemian Dream Catcher

Bring the old style of Native Americans good luck charm in this bohemian dreamcatcher. The meaning of good luck charm in America style is to pray for peace and bring good fortune. Moreover, the wonderful bohemian design will give you lovely dreams and keeps nightmares at bay.

3. Tree of Life Dream Catcher With Healing Stone

Tree of Life Dream Catcher With Healing Stone

This is one of the best good luck charms in America that will have an impactful effect on your daily life. This tree of life encourages professional achievement, promotes pleasant sleep, and keeps bad dreams and nightmares at bay. Moreover the healing stone generates a positive flow of energy when you place it in your home or business.

4. Lucky Horseshoe Horse Pendant 

Lucky Horseshoe Horse Pendant

Horseshoes are one of the most popular good luck charms in America that is believed to bring good fortune. With this silver pendant, you can always keep the horseshoe close to you everywhere you go. Not to mention, the details of this classic design is exceptionally wonderful.

5. Reversible Star Charm

Reversible Star Charm

Reversible stars have been great good luck charms in America which symbolize divine guidance and protection. In case you feel lost and need enlightenment, then you should consider buying this wonderful charm. Made from gold, it can be a great good luck charm that lasts for a long time.

6. Four Leaf Clovers Charm

Four Leaf Clovers Charm

This good luck charm in America is also really popular since this country also has farms specialized on four leaf clovers. Moreover, this good luck charm has beautiful symbols such as faith, hope, love, and luck. Made from solid gold and green enamel, the color combination gives an attractive visual that is loved by many people.

7. Lock And Key Charm

Lock And Key Charm

If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend and wish for a long lasting relationship, then it can be one of the best good luck charms in America. Moreover, you can put it as an adorable accessory which gives a strong statement that you are already in a happy relationship with someone else. Therefore it can avoid you from the third person in your relationship.

8. Evil Eye Charm

Evil Eye Charm

Protect your loved ones, especially your children, with this good luck charm in America. The evil eye is a “look” or “stare” that is said to bring bad luck to the person who receives it due to envy or hatred. Therefore, with this good luck charm made from gold and blue enamel, you may protect them from the negative energy around them.

9. Sharks Tooth Charm

Sharks Tooth Charm

This is one of historical lucky charms in America that may protect you from negative vibes. A shark tooth, according to Hawaiian legend, can protect you from a shark attack. In addition, you can put this adorable and gorgeous good luck charm as a pendant that will be close to you everywhere. 

10. Patriotic American Bracelet Charm

Patriotic American Bracelet Charm

Having someone who serves in the military is very proud but sometimes worrying. Therefore, you can give them this lovely good luck charm in America to encourage their patriotic spirit as well as give them strength. As it has a tiny size, this charm would be an ideal item in their bracelet.

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11. American Rockstar Dangle Charm

American Rockstar Dangle Charm

These ethereal dangle hoop earrings are perfect for a splash of brilliant good luck charm in America as it has a minimalist chic feel. The American Rockstar pendant symbolizes hope and a bright future to those who wear it. Moreover, the sparkling of this charm will encourage the user to be happier and more confident.

12. Horseshoe For Protection Necklace

Horseshoe For Protection Necklace

During difficult times, good luck charms in America can give strength and encouragement. In case you have problems, try to face the world with this traditional horseshoe necklace of protection and good fortune. Moreover, you may find comfort in tangible talismans and the figurative connotations they hold with this good luck charm.

13. Lucky Charm Stud Earring Set

Lucky Charm Stud Earring Set

In case you are confused to choose the best symbol of good luck charms in America, this earring set provides all the figures you need! This amazing set features elephants, clovers, horseshoes, cats, and rainbows study earrings with enamel finish look. Therefore, you can wear any symbol you want to make you feel very lucky. 

14. Stretching Cat Charm

Stretching Cat Charm

Stretching cats may look adorable and funny, but did you know that it represents trust and secure feelings? With this good luck charm in America which is made from gold, you can bring those trust and secure feelings to your daily activities. Hence, it will make you calmer while facing problems.

15. Three Legged Pig Good Luck

Three Legged Pig Good Luck

This is absolutely the most unique good luck charm in America. According to the legend, a three legged pig is believed to bring good fortune and luck in Chile.This handcrafted charm is made from clay which makes it unique and special. Moreover, you can add a personal message full of encouragement along with this cute pig.

16. Ladybug Pendant

Ladybug Pendant

In case you want to bring more grace and fortune to your life, try to buy this one of the best good luck charms in America. For Native Americans, the ladybug symbol represents awareness of former lifetimes and the Spirit realm. Made from 14k gold, the impressive details will make you look stunning.

17. Equestrian Good Luck Bead

Equestrian Good Luck Bead

If you love equiestrans, which has been an American pastime, you surely will adore this good luck charm in America. With this charm, you can be a part of the equestrian memories by wearing it on your bracelet. It features great enamel beads, which complements your appearance as well as makes you feel lucky.

18. Native American Dreamcatcher Necklace

Native American Dreamcatcher Necklace

This is definitely the true good luck charm in America you should have! Made in a smaller version, you can put this wonderful charm as your necklace. Moreover, the great design and details are inspired by native American dreamcatchers to make the user feel bring good fortune closer.

19. Eagle Head Ride Bell

Eagle Head Ride Bell

For those who love masculine good luck charm in America, it definitely will be their favorite item. Moreover, this cool eagle head also symbolizes the strength and freedom of America. Made from high quality silver, it will be a great charm which can be used for keyring for daily activities.

20. Heart America Stamping Charm

Heart America Stamping Charm

This is indeed one of the rarest good luck charms in America. Made of sterling silver with precise shapes of The US area and also an adorable heart stamping, this lucky charm definitely impresses you. Especially if you live in other countries, this good luck charm will send you strength from America that will boost your spirit and make you happier.

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21. Native Indian Pendant

Heart America Stamping Charm

For Americans, the Native Indian are those who bring them hope and new life. Therefore, it would be great to have this good luck charm in America to appreciate our ancestors. This charm is made from silver with minimalist style, making it perfect as a necklace or keyring.

22. Luck And Prosperity Perfume Oil

Luck And Prosperity Perfume Oil

Did you know that good luck charm also can be in the form of aroma? Made by a genius artisant, this perfume oil is a unique good luck charm in America that developed the aroma which represents good luck and prosperity. Moreover, this perfume oil is designed in a tiny size which can be a first aid whenever you want to be luckier.

23. Captain America Charm

Captain America Charm

Look at how wonderful this lovely charm is! Captain America would come to represent the determination, strength, and integrity of the American spirit. Therefore, those spirits should be immersed in this good luck charm in America. Made from silver with blue and red accents, this stunning charm will bring Captain America’s good fortune.

24. US Flag Bravo Bell

US Flag Bravo Bell

Get yourself this good luck charm in America if you want to bring good fortune while riding your bike. It features a cool design wrapped by the US flag on the surface which will make your good luck charm stand out. Not to mention, it will ring loudly once shaked to attract positive energy around you. 

25. Stamp Brassed Tag

Hawaiian Stamp Brassed Tag

Bring positive energy with this good luck charm in America which says “ALOHA”. The engraved text in the pendant is handcrafted which makes it unique and special. Made from brass with a beautiful tassel, it can be a perfect good luck charm to light up your day while traveling in Hawaii.  

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What are some common good luck charms found in the US?

Many objects believed to bring good fortune are idolized in American popular culture. From horseshoes to ladybugs, there are various common objects with beautiful meaning that are perceived as good luck charms in the US. Today, you can find many good luck charms in America that symbolize strength and good fortune such as the Horseshoe Protection Necklace or the American Heart Stamping Charm

What are the best good luck charms in America?

In fact, horseshoes and four leaf clovers still hold the best good luck charms in America. As horseshoes are quite heavy to bring everywhere, today you can get the smaller version with the Lucky Horse Pendant to make you feel lucky. Moreover, four leaf clovers also become the best good luck charms in America as it is rare to find one. Therefore, we recommend you to get this lovely Four Leaf Clover Charm.

How do I find my lucky charm?

First, you have to find the purpose to have the lucky charms. Lucky charms are meant to bring you good fortune because you are attached to them. You won’t have a clear relationship to a fortunate charm if you choose it because someone says it’s excellent. After that, please do more research and try to connect them with your purpose. Therefore, you will get the right good luck charm that will bring good fortune. If you need more inspiration for good luck charms in America, please check our lists above.

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