38 Good Luck Necklaces That Bring Good Luck!

Good luck necklaces and pendants have been around for centuries. They are as many and varied as there are different cultures and utilize simple symbols and gemstones to evoke deep sensations and bestow their power. There are some lucky charm necklaces that are designed to attract wisdom and prosperity while others are meant to keep you safe from harm.

Some good luck pendants have healing powers while others serve to make you a more pleasant person. These lucky charm amulets draw their power from Mother Nature herself and make the world a much better place.

Good Luck Necklaces That Bring Good Luck:

Find out about the different gemstones and their meanings and choose the ones that bear the most relevance to your present life. You might also want to get a few for the persons you love. So read on, get enlightened, and make your pick.

#1 Aventurine Pyramid Necklaces 

Aventurine Pyramid Necklaces - good luck necklaces

Aventurine is renowned both for its high visual appeal and numerous healing benefits. It is loaded with energy to promote empathy, stimulate creativity, calm the wearer’s nerves and balance blood pressure.

It is associated with leadership qualities and the green variant, in particular, is identified as a heart healer, blocking negativity and reinforcing well-being. This makes the Aventurine good luck necklaces the ideal point of balance for fashion and healing.

#2 Lucky Sterling Silver Acorn Pendant 

The acorn has long been associated with patience. This is because it is only found on mature oaks. The sterling silver acorn pendant is therefore a fitting good luck charm necklace for anyone making plans that require perseverance and fortitude. In the most stunning way, it says that good things come to those who wait.

#3 Sterling Silver Good Luck Charm Wishbone Necklace 

Sterling Silver Good Luck Charm Wishbone Necklace

The world’s most impressive good luck charm necklaces are put to shame by this one. It is a most outstanding work of art incorporating a unique design and the charming powers of the wishbone. It would make an ideal gift for anyone who loves minimalist accessories. The concept is based on the well renowned good luck bestowed by breaking a wishbone but it might be best if you don’t break this one.

#4 Sanskrit Good Health & Good Luck Necklaces 

Sanskrit Good Health & Good Luck Necklaces

These are highly impressive and unique accessory items that carry lots of symbolic meaning. The Sanskrit inscription on these two coins bestows good health on the wearer.

This makes them an awesome gift to buy for the people you care most about. And the fact that they are available in both gold and silver makes it easy to choose the most ideal one to suit the recipient’s personality.

#5 Scottish Lucky White Heather Necklace 

Lovers of the outdoors are bound to instantly connect with this nature-inspired design. It features a beautiful Scottish countryside safely tucked into a stylish acorn pendant.

It makes it possible to carry your Scottish memories or heritage with you everywhere. The acorn is a most fitting symbol for necklaces that bring good luck as it stands for new beginnings and promising future.

#6 Green Quartz Good Luck Amulet Medallion 

BestAmulets Amulet Lucky Coin Medallion Green Quartz Healing Powers Pendant Necklace

Everything about this necklace screams striking and it does a damn good job at making a statement. The color is the most impressive aspect of it, a subtle green reminiscent of the calm sea.

It is loaded with symbols of good luck on both sides. The amulets on these good luck necklaces are associated with healing and money powers. They are therefore a perfect talisman to see you achieve your dreams.

#7 Silver Four Leaf Clover Good Luck Necklace 

This simple silver necklace is a perfect combination of style and functionality. The choice of silver makes it very elegant and could make the addition to your outfit that turns it from good to great.

The four-leaf clover is a dainty little lucky charm amulet that is bound to bring lots of luck your way. Its relation with nature makes it the ideal symbol for a fresh start. It just might all you need to turn the tides your way and enjoy a new life of fortune.

#8 Moonstone Horseshoe Pendant 

Moonstone Horseshoe Pendant

The horseshoe has always featured prominently on the list of good luck charms across the cultural divide. This is by virtue of the belief that it attracts happiness.

It is combined with a delicate glass teardrop, another symbol of good fortune. Together they make an unassailable lucky gift for the person you love or even for yourself. They provide an easy route to happiness and success and assure you of sleekness all the while.

#9 Good Luck Crystal Necklace 

Good Luck Crystal Necklace

For those who love to get their dose of good luck packaged in a choker, this good luck crystal necklace is the answer you seek.

It is prominently displayed to attract all the right kinds of attention as well as to ward off all forms of evil. The aventurine gemstone used for its centerpiece has a close relation with healing properties and bestowing appealing qualities like empathy and compassion on the wearer.

#10 Lucky Whale Tail Pendant 

 Lucky Whale Tail Pendant - good luck necklaces

If you love your jewelry bearing a nautical theme then the lucky whale good luck necklaces are definitely made just for you.

Marine symbols have long been used to bestow their protective capabilities on persons of different cultures. The whale tail in particular is known for its ability to protect the artist in you. It helps you grow your talent and assists in regeneration and in creating a connection with Mother Nature.

#11 Sterling Silver Talisman Pendant 

Sterling Silver Talisman Pendant - good luck necklaces

Good luck pendants don’t come any better than this silver one loaded with charm symbols. In a delicately small space, the artist has incorporated every charm imaginable to bestow good luck on the wearer.

A total of seven symbols in all, the necklace contains the perfect number to symbolize completeness and make this a foolproof protective amulet for all and sundry. It is ornately detailed and perfect in every respect.

#12 Red Jasper Pyramid Pendants 

Red Jasper Pyramid Pendants

The captivating red on this pendant and the contrasting appeal it creates against the silver band makes it simply stunning. Its use of red jasper gemstone, in particular, is quite fitting as it has always been used as a symbol of protection.

In the past, it signified endurance and vibrancy. I is still renowned today for its ability to create focus and determination by reaching deep into the chi or life force. It has a calming effect and makes a deep connection with the earth.

#13 Malachite and Jade Good Luck Amulet 

You don’t even have to know the story behind these lucky charm pendants to notice that they are awesome! But once you find out you just might never let go.

Malachite is used to signify the deep healing powers of nature while jade promotes wisdom and balance. Combined, the two form a strong protective barrier against all negative energies and help you channel your wisdom properly.

#14 Tiny Horse In Horseshoe Good Luck Necklace 

Tiny Horse In Horseshoe Good Luck Necklace

All lovers of equestrian symbolism will have their fill of visual delight from this adorable piece. It places a horse head within a horseshoe to draw upon the unique charming capabilities of these two symbols.

Horses stand for grace, wisdom, and nobility. The horseshoe is, on the other hand, a powerful protective charm against all evil. The blend is as expected, unbreakable and the ultimate means to keep you safe.

#15 Dandelion Seed Wish Necklace 

Dandelion Seed Wish Necklace

Of all the dainty flowers in the world, the dandelion has got to be the daintiest of them all. It is loaded with a naturally appealing and enticing beauty and is a most fitting centerpiece for lucky charm necklaces.

Nature lovers will definitely want a piece of this action as it makes a unique yet impressive manner to connect with the best of Mother Nature’s designs. It is also associated with good tidings to come and is bound to bring lots of fortune your way.

#16 LAFONN Simulated Diamond Hamsa Good Luck Pendant Necklace 

This is a natural charmer in every sense of the word. It makes use of the most basic rule of elegance, color contrast using silver and red to appeal to eye and heart.

The simulated diamonds are a close call to nature’s original and make you want it all the more. The Hamsa symbol is an amulet designed to attract good luck and keep off evil. The shimmering design makes it seem even more likely that it would in fact only attract the good in life.

#17 Glow In The Dark Ohm Good Luck Necklace 

Glow In The Dark Ohm Good Luck Necklace

Are you looking for the ideal gift to wow her and wish all the nice things in life? The Ohm good luck necklaces are everything you want and so much more.

They absorb light from whatever source, natural or not and keep your evenings romantically glowing. The fluorescent blue is highly captivating and makes it unique. The Ohm symbol that informs the design stands for good luck and is meant to bring you peace and prosperity always.

#18 Bumble Bee Good Luck Amulet 

Nature contains all that we need to be happy and thrive. The lotus and bumble bee amulet on this necklace makes a dainty blend that draws upon the best possible charms in the world.

They connote true love and positive energy and effectively keep negativity at bay. So if that is what you want on your life right now then it is high time you walked the talk. The striking beauty of the necklace will, in fact, add to your own charm and get you to Mr Right.

#19 Rose Lucky Charm Choker 

Pink is always in vogue making these lucky charm necklaces an appealing evergreen choice. The rose quartz is associated with love and healing and is bound to bring only good things your way.

The choker is rather simple yet quite outstanding. It evokes a sense of elegance and sophistication and makes the wearer alluring in every sense of the word. It makes it possible to find a unique connection with your other half sooner than you might imagine.

#20 North Start Compass Good Luck Necklace 

Mens good luck necklaces come in all shapes and sizes yet this one has got to be the most striking of them all. It is the perfect masculine color, making it easy for almost any personality type to wear it in style.

The laidback and demure gentleman will appreciate its ability to blend and remain inconspicuous; while the man who loves to make a statement will do just that. For both these men, the compass charm will carry good luck for them wherever they go making their journey a success.

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#21 Jade Feng Shui Good Luck Tribal Necklace 

The tribal patterns on this necklace and the Tibetan yak bone centerpiece are the best combination of style and charm combined.

It features a jade gemstone that has always been associated with fertility and longevity. It makes it possible to bring out the very best aspects of your personality helping you achieve a fulfilling existence. The yak bones are good luck charms for money and prosperity and these charms combined make the necklace unbeatable.

#22 Make A Wish Good Fortune Pendants 

These pendants make use of the popular wishbone and a mossy pendant to create lots of visual interest. The wishbone, as the name suggests, provides a rare opportunity to get your wishes granted without the need to call on a genie.

While traditionally you would need to break it with a friend, this one works even better because the whole piece belongs to you. So go on, make your wish and watch it come true on this charming pendant.

#23 Natural Obsidian Stone Elephant Good Luck Pendant Necklace 

Anyone who knows anything about good luck charms for success will tell you that this has got to be the best one yet.

What makes it so powerful is that it makes use of a renowned deity fashioned after the elephant loaded with good luck for mankind. Using this pendant you will ward off all evil and nothing will stand in your path to success for as long as you have it on.

#24 Sterling Silver Lucky Dragon Necklace 

Sterling Silver Dragon Necklace

The dragon is a fitting symbol of power and regeneration or rebirth. If you have a friend who has struggled to get reborn and start on life afresh, why not let him know that you have his back using this?

It will not only let him know that you care but will also serve as a visual reminder of the new path he has chosen. More importantly, it allows him to tread this path with a little bit of style and makes his journey more successful.

#25 Happy Buddha Obsidian Good Luck Pendant 2


The happy Buddha symbol signifies good luck in every facet of life. No matter what it is your touch by the powers of these good luck necklaces and the charm within, you will for a fact turn it into gold.

It brings together lots of precious gemstones that are highly appealing and also full of meaning. They work together to generate positive energy, make you a better person and keep you shielded from evil always.

#26 Baby Elephant Good Luck Amulet Necklaces 

Baby Elephant Good Luck Amulet Necklaces

The elephant is used by numerous communities as a symbol of good things to come. It helps to achieve a delicate balance in life, drawing upon nature for wisdom and giving back in every possible way.

These good luck amulets come in gold and silver to appeal to the different personality types and get them on the road to success and good fortune. They are also uniquely appealing and make a perfect addition to your outfit any day of the week.

#27 Crescent Moon And Rainbow Moonstone Good Luck Amulet 

Crescent Moon And Ra

The crescent moon and rainbow moonstone are like the mustard and ketchup of the good luck charms. They work flawlessly and seamlessly integrate to make one of the most powerful good luck charms known to man.

They portray the delicate balance of nature evident through symbiosis and draw upon this power to bestow good luck on the wearer. They are surrounded with positive energy and are known for healing and restoration.

#28 Lucky Make A Wish Dandelion Necklace 

Lucky Make A Wish Dandelion Necklace

This is a most dainty combination of a good luck symbol and straightforward text begging you to make a wish.

The text features a decorative font on a stunning silver base and is in itself sufficient to get all heads to turn. The dainty dandelions trapped in the pendant create quite a significant amount of visual interest. They work together to make this necklace adorable and suitable for any occasion.

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#29 Personalised Sterling Silver Wishbone Good Luck Pendants 

Personalised Sterling Silver Wishbone Good Luck Pendants 

This is one of the most impressive designs of good luck necklaces ever. It makes the ultimate gift choice as it allows for a personalization option that will go a long way in making the gift unforgettable.

The green gemstone and silver chain make a perfect contrast, just enough to call for attention and make a statement. The wishbone is captivating in its natural beauty and adds greatly to the aesthetic value of the piece.

#30 Rainbow Moonstone Tree Of Life Necklaces 

Rainbow Moonstone Tree Of Life Necklaces 

The tree of life has got to be the utmost symbol of good luck for any wearer. It is stunningly beautiful especially with the delicate moonstone representing the actual moon peeping through the branches.

It features an ornate design that pays great attention to detail and is meant to make an impression that will last a lifetime.

This necklace grabs attention with ease and is ideal as a conversation starter.

 #31 Green Aventurine Jade Clover Necklace

Four Leaf Clover Necklace

Most people know that a four leaf clover means luck in life. Green aventurine jade will bring peace and health. Then, no reason to not wear this necklace for your better life. You may wear it daily, or on a special occasion. The color of green comes from natural gemstones with different and unique texture. No additional coloring, only natural and original gemstones to enhance your inner peace and luck. Wear it and let the serenity come.

 #32 Red Agate Stone Necklace

Carnelian Necklace for Women Red Healing Carnelian

Some say when in doubt, wear red. Yes, it is definitely true. This red agate stone necklace will help you reduce the doubt and bring back the best power of your bravery, motivation and protection. This red stone not only keeps your body and mind balanced, but also increases the love and loyalty in yourself. 

Red itself is a symbol of certainty and bravery. Let’s enhance happiness, luck, and beauty with this red agate stone necklace.

#33 Raw Moonstone Crystal Pendant Necklace

Raw Moonstone Crystal Pendant Necklace

For those of you who want to reset your old life and start a new beginning, it is better to include this necklace as your daily fashion statement. Raw moonstone is a handmade stone sourced from raw gemstones. The texture and color is natural. Moonstone will bring you peace, luck and hope. So, no more negativity comes when you wear this necklace. 

It is not only good for you, but also for the kids. It increases the high quality of sleep, swipes away the nightmare, and calms the tense emotion. Wear this necklace and feel the beautiful life everyday.

#34 Japanese Kanji Good Luck Charm

Japanese Kanji Good Luck Charm

This necklace features a Japanese kanji that says “Strong”. The pendant is a simple sterling silver cutout that does not look flashy but is highly polished. It looks quite nice with its silvery color and it won’t scratch easily. The “Strong” kanji is a clever choice for a necklace charm because it does give strength to whoever wears it!

If your friend who loves Anime is feeling down, this piece of elegant accessory will put his mood back on!

#35 Chinese Lucky Coin Charm Necklace

Kobi & Knight Premium Skull Liquor Bottle

Since we mentioned a Japanese lucky charm, it is only fair to also put this Chinese lucky coin necklace on this list! The brass coin features some Chinese characters that emphasize luck and happiness. It looks quite rustic, adding more mysticism to the charm.

For those who believe in Feng Shui, this lucky coin charm will surely bring a good vibe to its wearer. After all, in Feng Shui, you usually would use similar coins to increase your luck. Turning the coin into a pendant is definitely a clever idea!

#36 Faith Cross Necklace

Faith Cross Necklace

For Christians, the best way to increase your luck is through keeping your Lords closer to your heart! You can do that by wearing this elegant yet very religious cross necklace! The word “Faith” has been incorporated into the cross design, creating such a unique pendant that will also remind you to praise Jesus.

Now with the divine protection on your body, you shall not fear any uncertainties! Please note that this necklace would be more fitting if you want to find a gift for your female friends.

#37 Hummingbird Charm Necklace

Hummingbird Charm Necklace

Did you know that hummingbird is the herald of good luck? The nectar-loving bird is loved by many because of its cute shape and behavior. Encountering such birds in nature will surely bring you a fortune, or at least it will brighten up your day. So, here is a hummingbird necklace that will constantly give you a positive vibe!

The sterling silver bird pendant is decorated with various colorful crystals, creating such a stunning accessory. Because of the power of the hummingbird that attracts good news, wearing this beautiful necklace will also make your day seems brighter!

#38 Dolphin Necklace Charm

Dolphin Necklace Charm

Dolphin is another creature that can attract good fortune! Sighting a pack of dolphins out in the open seas is a sign of protection. Indeed, you might have heard some old news about dolphins saving people from almost being drowned. So, this good luck charm that features a wooden dolphin pendant would make a fitting charm.

Due to its all-natural parts, this charm is super eco-friendly. This way, you can have a strong protective charm that won’t litter the earth. Moreover, wearing the dolphin necklace is not just for good luck but also good for your style!

You must have picked a few favorites in good luck necklaces to enhance your life and the life of those around you. Make sure you have some fun as you try them on and enjoy the different sensations brought about by the different gemstones and symbols from nature’s own storehouses.

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