25 Brilliant and Honest Good Luck Gifts You Can Buy

Some people have a higher level of superstition than other, while some will stop down to pick up a coin that has fallen to the ground because it is considered lucky. We understand if pride keeps you from picking up a coin on the street. But don’t rule out the possibilities of good fortune and luck if you merely believe. 

There’s no harm in dealing with a little superstition, whether you believe in fate or luck. For that reason, we’ve listed good luck gifts, which will assist you in choosing items that promise to bring good fortune to you, and also your loved ones.

Good Luck Gifts for Him

Giving your son, your dad or your boyfriend good luck gifts is a wonderful way to make them happy. No matter what holiday you’re celebrating, or what season it is, you may even feel better as a result.

1. Good Luck Necklace

Good Luck Necklacea

A male necklace with a compass pattern is a terrific option of good luck gift for a child or grandchild. Necklaces that are masculine and etched with messages from parents are a great way to encourage youngsters to embark on a trip. Moreover, the compass sign can represent the directions that parents offer to their children, in order for them to be safe and lucky at all times.

2. Good Luck Golf Ball Marker

Good Luck Golf Ball Marker

Golf ball markers are used in golf tournaments or matches by some golfers who believe in luck by carrying things. For instance, using the horseshoe-shaped marker gives them confidence. Therefore, this horseshoe golf ball marker must be a very significant good luck gift for a friend or relative who is a golfer.

3. Reclaimed Horseshoe Wine Rack

Reclaimed Horseshoe Wine Rack

Horseshoe-shaped wine racks can be a very brilliant idea as a good luck gift for your boss who has a wine collection in his house. In addition to making wine storage neater and more interesting, the shape of a horseshoe rack can also be interpreted as your hope to your boss to always be in luck. 

4. Good Luck Sock Men’s  

Good Luck Sock Men's 

Socks that are needed in our everyday life can also be a good luck gift. Give your 7-12 years old son or grandson a gift in the form of bicycle-bearing good luck socks. These socks will give them luck as they cycle around enjoying the breeze.

Good Luck Gifts for Her

Women love surprises! Little things that surprise her will make her day. Giving them good luck gifts is always the best idea. Do not wait for a special occasion, just do it whenever you want to show your love to her.

5. 14K Gold Phoenix Bird Necklace

14K Gold Phoenix Bird Necklace

Women and jewelries are like inseparable companions. If you’re in need of a gift idea for your girlfriend or your mom, try giving her this phoenix bird necklace. This shape of the phoenix is believed by some to be a carrier of luck. Then, you can be certain that your girlfriend must be very happy to receive a phoenix gold necklace from you.

6. Four Leaf Clover Good Luck Keyring

Four Leaf Clover Good Luck Keyring

This cute good luck gift for your daughter is a handcrafted Lucky Irish four-leaf clover key ring. It also features crystal glass beads and an initial of your choice. All of the charms are made of Tibetan silver and are nickel-free.

7. Glass Blue Bead Good Luck Gift 

Glass Blue Bead Good Luck Gift

In Turkey, people often give evil eye bracelets as a symbol of luck and also gives confidence. This bracelet can be made from several choices of materials, one of which is glass beads. You can give this evil eye bracelet to your best friend. 

8. Fortune Cookies Kit

Fortune Cookies Kit

This DIY package of fortune cookies include key ingredients, easy-to-follow directions, and prep tools, allowing the entire family to participate in the fun. For your grandmother’s good luck gift, recreate the famous Chinese takeout dessert. Moreover, use the supplied cocoa powder to make a more chocolaty sweet. 

9. Good Luck Insulated Mug 

Good Luck Insulated Mug

Are you looking for a good luck gift for your female co-worker? Get her a pink Stainless-Steel insulated mug with a Sliding Lid! She will be thankful to you, for sure! Moreover, she will remember you in her warm drink using the mug everywhere.

Good Luck Gifts for Friends

Your friends mean a lot to you? Do you appreciate them for always being there for you? Show them how thankful you are for their presence. To do that, you can wish them good luck by giving them a thoughtful good luck gift. Then, you can see how your friendship will grow stronger than ever.

10. Rainbow Dandelion, Friendship, Good Luck

Rainbow Dandelion, Friendship, Good Luck

A good luck stone with a hand drawn image of a rainbow dandelion on it is a terrific idea! Make a wish and see it come true! A very suitable gift to be given to your friends on any occasion. The stones, which are created entirely of recycled glass, are ideal good luck gifts! However, bear in mind that this unique handmaid’s tale stone may tears from affection over time.

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11. 2 Piece Charming Good Luck Cats Good Fortune

2 Piece Charming Good Luck Cats Good Fortune

Duangkamol features the auspicious Maneki Neko in a cool blue-green Celadon pottery. These sculptures portray Japanese cats are said to bring good luck. They wear gold coin necklaces and raise their right paws to attract money with their happy, smiling expressions. So, if you have a Japanese friend who will celebrate their birthday soon, try giving this statue as a good luck gift.

12. Friends Sarcasm Statement Coffee Mug

Friends Sarcasm Statement Coffee Mug

Are you looking for the ideal good luck gift for a departing coworker or boss? Or perhaps you’re considering a snarky present for retirees among your family and friends? A Good Luck Coffee Mug is a great present. Premium porcelain coffee tea cup gift mug with a humorous design for anyone who wants a hilarious mug on their dining table.

13. Horseshoe Heart Trivet

Horseshoe Heart Trivet

Trivet is a kitchen item that is always needed to protect the surface of the kitchen table, particularly those made of wood. As a good luck gift, a metal horseshoe trivet will be ideal. It can also be used as a wall decoration due to its creative shape. As a good luck gift, your friend would definitely adore it.

14. Friendship Token

Friendship Token

Send your friend a hug and wish them luck with this Hug Pocket Token! It can be stored in a pocket or wallet because it’s adorably small in size. The writings made personally on this token will make your dear friend understands that you always wish them the best of luck.

15. Little Jar of Good Luck 

Little Jar of Good Luck

As a good luck gift, a stack of paper in a jar with motivating and hopeful sentiments is a fantastic idea. This type of gift is a great item for those who are closest to us, which include our best friends. So let them know how much you care about them, and show them how much you wish them good luck through this special good luck in a jar.

Good Luck Gifts for Birthday

If a special person in your life is about to celebrate a birthday soon, then you definitely want them to have good luck in their life. Bring them this good luck gift for their birthday this year, and make the special day unforgettable for them.

16. Birthday Flower in a Bottle Art

Birthday Flower in a Bottle Art

A bouquet of flowers in a vase is common, but a bouquet of flowers in a bottle is definitely unique. Gifts like this will be much more memorable when they include good luck messages. A good luck charm that is ideal for giving as a birthday present to your loved ones.   

17. Pig Three-Legged Chilean Good Luck

Pig Three-Legged Chilean Good Luck

In Chile’s vibrant culture, a little handmade clay pig is a meaningful emblem, because three-legged pigs are said to bring good luck to their owners. Make a terrific birthday or good luck gift for yourself or someone special. After all, who couldn’t refuse this cute good luck piggy? 

18. Birthday Candles Good Luck

Birthday Candles Good Luck

A Birthday and a cake are two best friends. However, a Candle gift for a birthday cake is another mate. You may think of candles as the ultimate in relaxation gifts, but they are so much more than that. They can be used in gift baskets created for a variety of situations, such as a good luck gift for your friend’s birthday. 

19. Silver Good Luck Irish Pendant Necklace

Silver Good Luck Irish Pendant Necklace

A silver good luck Irish pendant necklace could not be wrong as a good luck gift for your bestie’s birthday. The symbol represents your wishing for your girls’ good luck in her life ahead. She will scream out loud for your gift! Go get it now!

Good Luck Gifts for Good Health

We’ve been in this uncomfortable pandemic situation for so long now. However, it made us realize that our health is important. Many things have changed but wishing good luck for health always stays. Wish people around you with good luck gifts!

20. Good Luck and Good Health – Unframed Graphic Art

Good Luck and Good Health - Unframed Graphic Art

A Graphic Art for a good luck gift? Why not? It is a brilliant idea, though. Personalize it with your own wisdom or health hope jargon. Impressive good luck graphic art demonstrates your values and helps to create a strong memory for you.

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21. Aromatherapy Soy Candles for Home

Aromatherapy Soy Candles for Home

The scented candles, which are 90% biodegradable soy wax and 10% pure essential oils for a richer aroma, will definitely fill your home with a healthy, safe, and appealing aroma. Isn’t it the best idea for a good luck gift? You can give them to your mom next Mother’s Day

22. Crocon Tiger Eye Gemstone Tree

Crocon Tiger Eye Gemstone Tree

A gift that is believed to give luck to the recipient in the form of a gemstone tree.  You can give this gift to your loved ones, especially those who are in the process of healing. This tree is considered as a symbol of creativity and luck for a number of people.

23. Natural Red Agate Pi Xiu Wealth Bracelet

Natural Red Agate Pi Xiu Wealth Bracelet

The wealth bracelet known as Pi Xiu or Pi Yao is believed by a group of people to be the bearers of prosperity. Many business people in Asia believe this. In that case, health bracelets made from red agate are often given as a good luck gift to colleagues or business partners. So, why don’t you give it as a good luck gift? 

24. Good Luck Survival Kit In A Can

Good Luck Survival Kit In A Can

This Good Luck gift is a great gift for a friend or loved one. This one is called a survival kit in a can, which can be a great gift for those who are meaningful to your lives. This set includes a variety of small souvenirs, all packed in a cute can, which comes as a very smart gift idea.

25. CyanRain Elephant Statue Gifts

CyanRain Elephant Statue Gifts

Mother’s love is unconditional and forever. Statue of the joyful swinging of a young elephant with his mother reminds us of our own childhood memories of maternal affection. Truly the best good luck gift for your mom. 

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What gifts bring good luck? 

Giving a good luck gift might be aggravating for some people. It may vary depending on the culture or the event. We’ve made research to help you find good luck gifts. From lucky Irish four-leaf clover keyring to a handmade clay pig, which is believed to bring luck in some cultures. 

What is a symbol of good luck? 

Different civilizations have their own good luck charms, ranging from pigs in China, elephants in India to shamrocks in Ireland. Some are based on stories and mythology, while others are based on religion. People think that wearing these charms will bring them good luck in a variety of ways and also fertility.

What is a good luck gift for the new year? 

From ancient times to the present, New Year’s has been a time to express your wishes for a happy year by giving a gift of affection. Not only a red envelope holding money, but also a necklace or DIY package of fortune cookies which could be a perfect gift for the new year.

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