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25 Most Effective Good Luck Gifts for Relationship

If you are in a relationship, you would probably realize that it takes so much more than love to maintain it. Especially if you want to keep it for a very long time, you need some concrete effort to do so. Maybe, attracting some good luck for your relationship might be helpful. For years, different cultures have their own love tokens that they believe will help bring good luck and blessing for your relationship. You can take some of their experience and use it for yourself. 

We have put together 25 items into a list of good luck gifts for relationships. These items are known to be an effective good luck charm to be given to your partners or basically anybody who needs some extra boost of luck regarding their relationship. 

1. Good Luck Red String 

Good Luck Red String

We are starting this list of good luck gifts for relationships with the Good Luck Red String. Red string is a well known representation of good luck that will also keep the negativity away. It is also a symbol of purity and generosity which are important elements in a relationship. To complete the simple bracelet, the heart pendant is covered with cubic zirconia stones that will shine in all colors of the rainbow. 

2. Gold Elephant Necklace 

Gold Elephant Necklace

Elephant is a sign of good luck. In the relationship aspect, it also symbolizes patience, loyalty, and unity since elephants are known to be highly social animals. You can consider getting your girlfriends this Gold Elephant Necklace. It is a dainty and simple made from 14K gold that she can wear daily. 

3. Dove Home Ornament 

Dove Home Ornament

Dove is often given to couples as a good luck charm because it symbolizes purity and loyalty. These two items are viewed as the qualities of a long lasting relationship. This Dove Home Ornament would be a wonderful addition to the home or room. It comes in the Grecian chic style with gold-colored doves and large tassel. 

4. Red Silk String Bracelet

Red Silk String Bracelet

Throughout the years, the red string has been worn for good luck. It is considered a powerful tool across cultures and has been used continuously for a long time. Today, it also acts as a reminder that you are not alone; a symbol of being loved, supported, and security. The Red Silk String Bracelet is made from 100% high quality natural silk string which will make a perfect gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend. Not only to bring some luck to your relationship, but also to let them know how much you love and care about them. 

5. Good Luck Secret Message Pin 

Good Luck Secret Message Pin

The Good Luck Secret Message Pin is a unique stainless steel accessory to be placed on your jacket or shirt. It comes with a four leaf clover badge which is the famous good luck charm used by people all around the world. Then, you can add a special personalized good luck message for your significant other engraved on the metal paper inside it. 

6. Apple Cinnamon Scented Pillar Candles 

Apple Cinnamon Scented Pillar Candles

Red candles are one of the most famous good luck gifts for relationships. The color red represents both luck and love. You can consider getting the Apple Cinnamon Scented Pillar Candles that come in a red color and could help feel the room with a good scent. 

7. Fresh Red Roses

Fresh Red Roses

Having a pair of red roses will help enhance your luck, especially in love. You can get your girlfriend or boyfriend a pair of Fresh Roses as a good luck token for your relationship. 

8. Peony Flowers

Peony Flowers

Another flower choice you can get that would be a great good luck gifts for relationships option is Peony Flowers. Peony flowers will bring good luck in finding true love. If you have found yours, this flower will help keep youtube love close for a long time. 

9. Outdoor Red Lantern 

Outdoor Red Lantern

You can also put a red lantern at your home for good luck, especially some good luck in your relationship. The Outdoor Red Lantern comes with a flameless candle that would make a great room or home decoration. 

10. Pair of Swan Painting

Pair of Swan Painting

A pair of swans is a symbol of good luck to enhance partnership and ensure it to last. You can get the Pair of Swan Painting as a home decoration. It will add a calming and beautiful touch to the whole room.

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11. His & Hers Gardener Duckies 

His & Hers Gardener Duckies

In Chinese culture, a pair of mandarin ducks will bring good luck to relationships. It promotes devotion, affection, and fidelity which will help the relationship to last. Adding a modern twist to the mandarin ducks, this His & Hers Gardener Duckies would make a great option for good luck gifts for relationships. You can each bring the one pair home and reunite the ducks together when you have your future house together. It is made from sustainable bamboo and reclaimed teak by craftsmen from Indonesia. 

12. Crystal Vessel Necklaces

Wishbeads Intention Necklaces

Rose quartz is a good luck crystal that will help activate your love. You can give your girlfriend the Crystal Vessel Necklaces with the rose quartz pendant. It comes with bronze-finished chains and diamond cut facets adding an eye-catching sparkle to the whole necklace. 

13. Wellness Gem Water Bottle 

Wellness Gem Water Bottle

A unique good luck gifts for relationships option to give to your boyfriend/girlfriend is this Wellness Gem Water Bottle. This glass water bottle is made from sustainable glass with hand-selected gems which includes the rose quartz, amethyst, and clear quartz for healing properties and inviting positive energy. The rose quartz will also help bring positive energy for your relationship. 

14. Everlasting Rose Garden Stake

Everlasting Rose Garden Stake

If you want flowers that are everlasting, you can consider getting this Everlasting Rose Garden Stake. It is made from clay and porcelain with metal stems. Just like these red roses are everlasting, your relationship will be an everlasting one too. 

15. Power Stone Bracelet 

Power Stone Bracelet

Another rose quartz accessory in this list of good luck gifts for relationships: the Power Stone Bracelet. These bracelets are made to light up your hearts and the rose quartz will light it up with some love. It is made from a gemstone pendant and nylon cord. Your girlfriend will surely wear this bracelet daily. 

16. Wishbeads Intention Necklaces 

Wishbeads Intention Necklaces

The last rose quartz item on this list of good luck gifts for relationships is the Wishbeads Intention Necklaces. These necklaces would be a more practical gift option because you can put in a paper with your wish inside it. You can write your wish about your relationship and put it inside the necklace. It will not only work as a good luck charm, but also a reminder. 

17. Wishbeads Intention Bracelet 

Wishbeads Intention Bracelet

Jade is also a gemstone considered to bring love and luck to you. You can get your girlfriend this Wishbeads Intention Bracelet that is made from jade beads. You can write down your wishes for the relationship and put it inside the bracelet as a reminder. 

18. Mandarin Duck Rose Quartz Figurine 

Mandarin Duck Rose Quartz Figurine

If you prefer the more traditional mandarin duck version, you can consider getting the Mandarin Duck Rose Quartz Figurine. It is made from the beautiful rose quartz which will also bring good luck to your relationship. So, it will attract double the luck for your relationship.

19. Ceramic Mandarin Duck 

Ceramic Mandarin Duck

Another classic mandarin duck figurine you can consider getting is the Ceramic Mandarin Duck. It is made from ceramic and it comes in a colorful design. If you want something more fun to have at your home, you can get these instead. 

20. Essential Oil Red Candle 

Essential Oil Red Candle

You can also consider getting the Essential Oil Red Candle as a good luck gifts for relationships option for your partner. The red candles will help attract good luck for your relationship while it acts as an aromatherapy candle to help create a calm atmosphere in your room. 

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21. Petite Wulu Jade & Diamond Pendant Necklace 

Petite Wulu Jade & Diamond Pendant Necklace

Jade is a well known stone that would attract luck, including the luck that you need for your relationships. This Petite Wulu Jade & Diamond Pendant Necklace is made from an 18K gold chain with a jade pendant that is surrounded by diamonds making the shape of the lucky number eight. It will make great good luck gifts for relationships not only because of the jade, but also the diamonds. Your girlfriend will be very happy receiving a diamond necklace and making her happy is key to a happy and lasting relationship. 

22. Horseshoe Buckle Reversible Leather Belt 

Horseshoe Buckle Reversible Leather Belt

Horseshoe is another good luck charm you can make use of. If you like something that is going to be useful, you can give your boyfriend this Horseshoe Buckle Reversible Leather Belt. It has a horseshoe buckle which is a subtle good luck charm that he can wear. Not only that the horseshoe will help bring luck to your relationship, but it is a good gesture to let him know that you care about him by getting something that he uses daily. 

23. Lucky Horseshoe Bangle Bracelet 

Lucky Horseshoe Bangle Bracelet

For the girlfriend, you can get this Lucky Horseshoe Bangle Bracelet. It is made from gold plates silver sterling with cubic zirconia covering the horseshoe design. A stylish way to attract luck for your relationship. 

24. Good Luck Token

Good Luck Token

A personal good luck token will make a great good luck gifts for relationships option. The Good Luck Token is made from lead with four leaf clover engravement in a set of 3 pieces. It is a simple gift you can give one to your significant other, keep one for yourself, and one for an extra spare. 

25. Pair of Swan Keyboard Keycaps

Pair of Swan Keyboard Keycaps

We will end this list of good luck gifts for relationships with this unique Pair of Swan Keyboard Keycaps. Taking the classic pair of swans token and giving it a modern twist. You can have the good luck charm with you when you are working or gaming. Keeping the relationship long lasting while you are doing your own things. 

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What are good luck gifts for your boyfriend?

From this list of good luck gifts for relationships, you can consider getting the Pair of Swan Keyboard Keycaps or Horseshoe Buckle Reversible Leather Belt for your boyfriend. These two items have the good luck ornaments to it while being a useful thing for them to use. 

How do you give someone good luck?

There are many ways for us to give someone good luck. As simple as wishing them good luck with your words or with a simple finger crossing gesture, you are sharing with them some good luck already. If you want to do something extra special, you can give them a good luck charm. This list of good luck gifts for your relationships will help you find the right item to give to your loved ones, especially your significant others. 

What are the best good luck gifts for girlfriend?

From this list of good luck gifts for relationships, the Petite Wulu Jade & Diamond Pendant Necklace would be the best item for your girlfriend. Something that is beautiful, includes a diamond: your girlfriend will definitely love it. If your girlfriend doesn’t like jewelry, you can give them some fresh flowers like the Fresh Roses or the Peony Flowers

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