25 Amazing Final Fantasy Cosplay That Bring The True Character In Real Life

Final Fantasy is one of the most popular and influential role-playing games in history. The series has sold over 121 million units worldwide since its debut in 1987, making it one of the best-selling video game franchises. Final Fantasy is about a legendary warrior who saves a fantasy world by defeating an evil empire. Since so many people have played these games and can relate to the characters, Final Fantasy cosplay is very popular. You can have fun dressing up as your favorite characters with Final Fantasy XIV costumes or the latest version. As they have various characters to cosplay in this game, it also implies that the franchise’s admirers are not limited to any particular gender or age group.

If this is your first time choosing the character that is suitable for you, then you will definitely need Final Fantasy cosplay ideas. Let’s take a look at the article below because we have compiled the best ideas for your first Final Fantasy cosplay. From cute and adorable Final Fantasy costume girls, to the strong Final Fantasy cosplay male costume, we will turn you into a genuine character from the video game in real life. Let’s check it out!

1. Serious and Calm Ignis Scientia Cosplay

Serious and Calm Ignis Scientia Cosplay - p @twitter.com
Source: pinterest (@twitter.com)

Show your cool personality with the right character that resembles you well for the Final Fantasy cosplay. For that purpose, Ignis Scientia will be one of the best options. You only have to wear a black suit, black shorts, and black shiny red-soled shoes. To add more details, don’t forget to wear black driving gloves to match the overall outfit. As a final touch, grow your black hair and styled some of the parts to the top for extra charm. 

2. Cheerful Aerith Costume Girl

Cheerful Aerith Costume Girl - p @takerlama.com
Source: pinterest (@takerlama.com)

Get ready to look sweet and adorable in an Aerith costume for Final Fantasy cosplay. If you are a female with a bright and cheerful personality, then this character will be suitable for you. The main costume is a shin-length pink dress that buttons up the front and a red bolero jacket. In addition, style your long light brown hair with a large pink ribbon to make you look cuter.

3. Rinoa Heartilly Cosplay FFVIII

Rinoa Heartilly Cosplay FFVIII - p @flickr.com
Source: pinterest (@flickr.com)

In case you want to make a Rinoa character appear in real life, not only playable in FFVIII, then you should try this concept for your Final Fantasy cosplay. For the hair, you should get the shoulder-length black hair that features caramel highlights on both sides. And then, wear a long, sleeveless, blue rib-knit duster sweater with matching rib-knit arm warmers and also a black ribbon on your left arm. As a final touch, add a black tank top and denim skirt as the inner outfit. 

4. Flying Summoner Yuna Costume Girl

Flying Summoner Yuna Costume Girl - p @deviantart.com
Source: pinterest (@deviantart.com)

Impress your guests and steal the spotlight by cosplaying as the summoner Yuna in FFX who can fly for Final Fantasy cosplay. To be able to do that, wear a purple pleated, flower-patterned hakama, a also black spaghetti-string camisole under a white sash, which wraps around your neck and over your chest. Don’t forget to put a yellow patterned obi with a chōchō musubi knot. last but not least, bring Nirvana, which is her iconic weapon to complete the look. 

5. Lightning Cosplay

Lightning Cosplay - p @cosplay.kotaku.com
Source: pinterest (@cosplay.kotaku.com)

Express the strong girl character as Lightning cosplay, who is the main protagonist of the video game. Dye your short hair with a wavy rose pink color. Wear the standard Guardian Corps uniform with an ankle-length red cape attached to the left side of your back. And then, bring the gunblade for the main weapon and wear a necklace with a lightning bolt pendant to give a realistic look.

6. Mysterious Vincent Valentine Cosplay

Mysterious Vincent Valentine Cosplay - p @boredpanda.com
Source: pinterest (@boredpanda.com)

In case you are a female who wants to cosplay as Vincent Valentine, then you should follow some of these cosplay ideas. Style your long black hair by wearing a red bandana with some fringe emerging over it. Wear a red cloak, which is held in place over your shoulders and lower face by several buckles. Underneath the cape, you can wear a black leather outfit. For the final look, wear a golden gauntlet on your left arm and carry the gun on your right hand.

7. Fun and Attractive Tidus Cosplay Male

Fun and Attractive Tidus Cosplay Male - p @reddit.com
Source: pinterest (@reddit.com)

Be the main male cosplayer for Final Fantasy with this concept. You can resemble Tidus’s fun and easy going charm for this cosplay. You should get disheveled blond hair with spiky layers. For costumes, dress with a yellow jacket with a white hood, a blue pauldron, and armor on your left arm. In addition, you can also can wear a gauntlet on your left hand and a black glove on your right hand to make you look like a real character.

8. Charming Balthier Cosplay Male

Charming Balthier Cosplay Male - i @86thfloormusic
Source: instagram (@86thfloormusic)

Turn your Final Fantasy cosplay into a charming character like Balthier. Dye your short brown hair with blond highlights and style it with sharply sideburns. For costumes, wear an embroidered golden and olive vest over a high-collared shirt and also tight black leather trousers. Put two crossed, gold-buckled belts on your waist and wear colored rings and bracelets on your left hand for a dashing look.  

9. Intelligence Sephiroth Cosplay

Intelligence Sephiroth Cosplay - p @reddit.com
Source: pinterest (@reddit.com)

If you love villain characters for Final Fantasy cosplay, then you shouldn’t miss your chance to dress as Sephiroth. Dye your long hair into a silver color with bangs parted to either side of your face. Wear a long black coat with silver pauldrons, black boots and also black trousers. Let the top of your coat open to reveal your chest, with the leather soldier suspenders crossed over it. 

10. Cloud Strife Cosplay The Swordswman

Cloud Strife Cosplay The Swordswman

If you want to be the true warrior from Final Fantasy, then you should resemble Cloud Strife. The Buster Sword you carry will be the focal point as it shows your strength and power as a swordsman. And then, make iconic spiky blond hair for this Final Fantasy cosplay. Finally, wear sleeveless shirts and a belt at the top, along with shorts and boots at the bottom for the warrior outfits.

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11. Warrior of Light Ramza Beoulve Cosplay

Warrior of Light Ramza Beoulve Cosplay - i @rixennnn
Source: instagram (@rixennnn)

Show your charm as the Warrior of Light in Ramza Beoulve. Get your short hair blond dye that represents him as a mercenary. Then, wear a dark purple, heavy armor plating on your torso, elbows and also shoulders with two spikes on each shoulder protector. Plus, you should wear a black leather turtle-neck underneath and red hand gloves to complete the look.

12. Terra Branford Cosplay Art Concept

Terra Branford Cosplay Art Concept - i @totallytoastyari
Source: instagram (@totallytoastyari)

A beautiful and artistic appearance, Terra Branford will be an awesome choice for Final Fantasy cosplay. Get a long blond hair ponytail style with a red ribbon. Wear a red dress with a purple or pink sash around your waist, red boots, and also red bracers. Inspired by Terra in art concept, don’t forget to add floral patterns to your costumes for an additional artistic and elegant look. 

13. Yuffie Kisaragi Cosplay

Yuffie Kisaragi Cosplay - i @cospositive.cosplay
Source: instagram (@cospositive.cosplay)

For those tomboy girls who want to do Final Fantasy cosplay, Yuffie Kisaragi character may be destined for you. Make a short bob haircut in your black hair. Wear a white headband with a green, sleeveless turtleneck jumper that bares your stomach and a also pair of tan shorts. For protectors, add a protective gauntlet tied across your chest as well as around your back.

14. Meteion Villain Cosplay

Meteion Villain Cosplay - i @hibica.cos
Source: instagram (@hibica.cos)

If you are looking for the new villain character for Final Fantasy XIV costumes, then Meteion will be the right choice. Get a short pixie hair cut with bangs for your black hair and add black feathers on both sides. And then, wear a black cloak with a silver gray dress underneath. Don’t forget to wear metal armor on your wrist and also belt to tuck your outfit in.  

15. Gothic Style Gaia Cosplay

Gothic Style Gaia Cosplay - i @cpublacksoul
Source: instagram (@cpublacksoul)

Bring the gothic Gaia character in real life with this amazing concept. Dye your waist-length wavy hair with dark blue color and put heavy makeup on your face. Wear the all-black costume with a form-fitting gown with huge, baggy sleeves and also platform heel boots that is heavily gothic-inspired. This character is ideal for those who want to appear slimmer for Final Fantasy cosplay.

16. Tifa Lockhart Kimono Cosplay Exotic Dress

Tifa Lockhart Kimono Cosplay Exotic Dress - i @jularea
Source: instagram (@jularea)

When you select “Exotic Dress” in the game, you can turn Tifa into an adorable player with a kimono. Make the character happen in real life with this Final Fantasy cosplay idea. Wear a short dark kimono-style dress with pink flower hair accessories. And finally, complete the look with black boots with gold accents. This outfit style will make you look cuter, no doubt about that.

17. The Last Boss Kuribu Godard Cosplay

The Last Boss Kuribu Godard Cosplay - i @siciliancosplayerssupport
Source: instagram (@siciliancosplayerssupport)

Show who the last boss is in Final Fantasy by cosplaying as Kuribu Godard. Dye your hair into white with golden spike ornaments on your head. Wear full white metal armor with a white shield on your left hand and white sword on the right hand. Most importantly, put large feathered angel wings on your back because it will express how magnificent you are. Undoubtedly, this costume will make you look outstanding. 

18. Madam M Cosplay

Madam M Cosplay - i @chels_thatgamergirl
Source: instagram (@chels_thatgamergirl)

Express the beauty and elegance of a woman through Madam M character. Style your black hair pinned up with unique red and golden hairpins. For the outfits, wear a black kimono with a white flower pattern secured by a patterned orange obi tied in the front. Let one shoulder bare to expose your sexiness. You can also carry a fan that matches your kimono. 

19. Tifa Lockhart Cosplay In Final Fantasy VII

Tifa Lockhart Cosplay In Final Fantasy VII - i @grimoireal
Source: instagram (@grimoireal)

Show the tough character of the main protagonist with Tifa cosplay. You should grow your black straight hair until your back. Inspired by FFVII costumes, you can wear a white tank top and black miniskirt with a belt and suspenders. Don’t forget to wear black gloves that extend to your elbows and also a metal guard on your left elbow. Don’t forget to wear red boots and black socks for Tifa cosplay’s realistic look.

20. Bright and Enthusiastic Cindy Aurum Cosplay

Bright and Enthusiastic Cindy Aurum Cosplay - i @junkenstein
Source: instagram (@junkenstein)

If you are looking for bright and colorful costumes for Final Fantasy cosplay, then you should try to resemble Cindy Aurum. Style your blonde hair into a short and curly haircut. The iconic red cap with yellow outlines will give you a sporty look. Wear an orange bikini top with deep decolletage and also a cropped yellow jacket that displays your toned stomach and is zipped a few inches under your breasts. As a final touch, complete the final look with jeans shorts and white shoes.

21. Cid from Final Fantasy Cosplay

Cid from Final Fantasy Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@venardhi.deviantart.com)

Who doesn’t wanna look cool like Cid? If you want something that looks more human, then you can definitely go for Cid cosplay. It has a look that has similar feels like Starlord from the famous Guardians of the Galaxy. However, for Final Fantasy fans, this cosplay is absolutely a lot cooler! To own this look, you will need cargo pants, blue vest, red gloves, and a pair of boots. Also, don’t forget to bring the sword along with you.

22. Dissidia Cosplay

Dissidia Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@leonchirocosplayart.deviantart.co…)

This Dissidia cosplay is probably one of the easiest and simplest Final Fantasy cosplay that you can pick. You only need shorts, blue boots, and some accessories that will complete the look of Dissidia. One of the most crucial elements of this cosplay is definitely the hair style and the iconic sword. So, make sure you include them in your costume.

23. Auron Cosplay

Auron Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@geekxgirls.com)

Own the look of Auron with a red robe and long black hair for this year’s most awaited cosplay exhibition. The red robe gives an elegant touch to the look, especially if you have the huge black and silver sword on your hand. We can assure you that undoubtedly, you will be the center of attention, and people might even ask to take a photo with you. 

24. Sephiroth with the Bloody Sword Cosplay

Sephiroth with the Bloody Sword Cosplay
Source: Pinterest (@dtjaaaam.com)

For a girl who is a true fan of Final Fantasy and wants to look elegant in one of Final Fantasy’s characters’ cosplay, then we would suggest you to pick this elegant Sephiroth cosplay. It comes as a non-gender costume, which can be used by both men and women. The all-black costume will make you look absolutely elegant yet fierce, especially with the long and bloody sword as a must-have element. 

25. Amazing Kefka Cosplay

Amazing Kefka Cosplay

This costume will definitely make you the star of the night, because there’s no other costume that can look as theatrical as this Kefka cosplay. If you want to go the extra mile or out-of-the-box, then choosing to be Kefka is definitely a must. Aside from the complete costume, you also need to put on the perfect makeup and yellow hair, too.

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How do you dress like female final fantasy characters?

As each female character in Final Fantasy has her own style and outfits, then you should consider the hairstyle, costumes, and accessories to give a distinct look for each character. You should pick one female character you want for Final fantasy cosplay. After that, you can color and style your hair to resemble the character. Moreover, find similar costumes and accessories to make a realistic look.

What is the most favorite accessories for final fantasy cosplay?

There are many best accessories in each Final Fantasy edition. As each person has a different favorite character for Final Fantasy cosplay, then the most favorite accessories will vary. For example, people who admire Tifa cosplay might adore the Crescent Moon Charm or the Supernatural Wristguards in Tifa’s accessories.

How do you dress like tifa?

Since Tifa has various appearances, you can choose what kind of Tifa’s dress you want to resemble. In the standard uniform, you can wear a black tank top and black mini skirt. However, her dress can change depending on her behavior. You can be the mature Tifa by  wearing a blue lace dress. Or, try to wear a leopard print cheongsam for Tifa’s sporty look. In addition, you can resemble her exotic vibe by wearing a black or dark robe dress. 

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