20 Best Hair Dye Ideas for Short Hair Women To Make Gorgeous Look

Many women have short hair for various reasons. Some of them prefer short haircuts because it requires less maintenance and simple arrangement. Meanwhile, some of them want to expose their beautiful face features with short hair. In fact, many Hollywood actresses and singers feel comfortable with short hair. From the  iconic Jennifer Lawrence’s blonde wavy bob haircut, to the adorable Rihana’s pixie cut, those short hair models increase their confidence and appearance. In addition, short hairstyles also make them love to change their hair colors, to create a fresh new look. In fact, short hair needs less hair dye than long hair. Therefore, many professional salons offer the best hair dye ideas for short hair, especially for females. Whether you want to make ombre dyed hair in your medium short haircut, or just simply put highlights to your straight hair, new colors in your short hair will make you look charming.

Furthermore, dyed hair can be a smart way to camouflage the gray hair which mostly appears to the women over 50s. If you are one of those women, then you definitely will need hair dye ideas for short hair. Let’s take a look at this article for more hair dye inspiration that may be suitable for you. From the full dyed hair to the multicolor hair options, we guarantee you will find the best hair ideas for short hair!

1. Juicy Vibrant Ombre Yellow Hair

Source: Pinterest (@therighthairstyles.com)

Yellow dyed hair radiates a bright and cheerful personality. You can make an ombre look with black and orange at the top. Don’t forget to leave the half tip for the bright yellow dye. For natural dye transition and more volume, you can curl your medium short hair. This will be one of the great hair dye ideas for short hair girls to spread good vibes around. 

2. Chic Pink Ombre Curly Short Hair

Source: Pinterest (@MetDaan)

For those who want to look chic and adorable, the pink pastel combination will rock your short hair. Create an ombre look with dark fuschia, pink, and pinkish cream hair dye. Make sure the pink color dominates this ombre hairstyle since over dyeing it with the brighter or darker hair color will reduce its cuteness. Moreover, use a hair curler to create a wavy and voluminous effect. Wear pink and white shirt to match the hair dye, making you look stunning

3. Blue and Gray Hair Dye for Emo Style

Source: Pinterest (@quotev.com)

Try to look cool with hair dye ideas for short hair women who love emo styles. Put gray and blue hair dye to your short hair and bangs with a sense of art. For the short hair part, use more pastel blue hair dye. Meanwhile, you can use gray hair dye for the bangs with some blue accents. This hair dye idea may express your rebellious side as emo girls

4. Two Tone Winter Vibe Hair Dye

Source: Pinterest (@arcticfoxhaircolor.com)

Winter theme hair dye ideas for short hair will be a perfect way to welcome this wonderful season. Express the white of snow with the white hair dye from the roots to the four-fifth of your medium short hair. For more winter accents, use dark cobalt blue hair dye at your hair tips.

5. Unicorn with Rainbow Highlights for Wavy Short Hair

Source: Pinterest (@quetalvirtual.com)

In case you are going to join a costume party or Halloween party, then you need unique hair dye ideas for short hair to steal the spotlight. If so, why don’t you dye your hair with a unicorn style? Combining purple hair dye with some rainbow highlights, your wavy short hair will look amazing and gorgeous.

6. Aquamarine Peek a Boo Bob Hairstyle

Source: Pinterest (@shorthairstyles.com)

This bob hairstyle and hair dye will be suitable for a beautiful natural look, especially for those females with brown skin. You can dye your hair with reddish brown at the outer layer, creating a gorgeous natural appearance. Meanwhile, dye the inner layer with aquamarine hair dye for peek a boo highlights. 

7. Coral Ombre Hair Dye

Source: Pinterest (@shorthairstyles.com)

Coral always symbolizes warm and feminine color, making perfect dye ideas for short hair. Suppose you want a bright pink color with some orange element, we recommend you to dye your hair with coral ombre style. Combine the coral hair dye with some dark blueish hair color at the hair roots, this new hair dye will make you look charming and fresh. Match this hairstyle with casual outfit like jacket jeans and white T-shirt for a casual look.

8. Starry Galaxy Night Hair Dye

hair dye ideas for short hair
Source: Pinterest (@twitter.com)

If you want to create a wonderful galaxy in your medium short hair, then you should use dark fuschia as the main color of your hair. Moreover, you can add some plum purple hair dye for the highlight. These colors will resemble the amazing galaxy scene once you brush your hair with your fingers. For extra glam, you can add some glitter or star hairpin to your hair, making a perfect starry galaxy night.

9. Mint Short Hair Dye for Fairy Look

Mint Short Hair Dye for Fairy Look

Create a fantasy, fairy look by dyeing your hair with pastel mint green hair dye. It will be one of the most creative hair dye ideas for short hair girls who love the world of fairy. Its mint color will show your tender and calm side. It works well with a simple bob haircut, making you appear cute and innocent. This elegant hairstyle is suitable for casual dresses with the same tone color

10. Green Whiskey Highlight with Modern Short Hair

The hair dye idea will be ideal for those women who don’t have thick hair and love to tie their hair. Instead of dyeing your short hair with ombre or multicolored style, you can put some attractive highlights on the sides. Use the juniper green hair dye to make a simple highlight in your inner layer side. Once you tie your hair, this beautiful green highlight will appear, making a wonderful accent in your short hair. You can match this hairstyle with a bohemian style and casual outfit.

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11. Bright Purple Pixie Haircut

Bright Purple Pixie Haircut

Suppose you are a tomboy girl with a tomboy short haircut, then you need to dye your hair with an attractive color. The brilliant bright purple hair dye will be one of the best hair dye ideas for short hair tomboy girls. The dramatically elevated and teased or ratted top with funky color is a statement in itself. For an elegant and casual look, you can wear a turtleneck blouse with black or white color.

12. Attractive Cream Pinkish Spiky Hair

Attractive Cream Pinkish Spiky Hair

Another cool hair dye for a tomboy girl who wants to spice up her look! As the mohawk style is already masculine enough, you can balance it with attractive cream pinkish hair dye. Just simply dye your spikes with pinkish color, radiating your softness behind your tough look, such wonderful hair dye ideas for short hair!

13. Sexy Natural Dark Brown Hair Dye

Make an elegant, sexy, and natural look with dark brown hair dye. Especially if you are part of women over 50s, this color will reduce your age appearance. You can elevate the hair to the top to expose your beautiful face features. Moreover, the natural color will be one of the smartest hair dye ideas for short hair with brown skin. We recommend you to wear a satin blouse with the same hair color for an elegant appearance.

14. Elegant Dark Green Stone Hair Dye

Source: Pinterest (@tiktok.com)

Create a rebellious look with this elegant green hair dye. Especially if you want a messy medium short hair look, this hair dye will work very well. You can dye the entire hair for a dark mysterious appearance. Don’t forget to blow or randomly curl your hair for an additional messy hair look. This will be one of the simple hair dule ideas for short hair girls with mysterious vibes. 

15. Green to Blue Ombre Hair Dye

Who says straight short hair will not be ideal for ombre hair? Well, these hair dye ideas for short hair will prove them wrong. Use a green to blue color combination for this ombre hair dye, which will create a wonderful greenish waterfall effect. Moreover, the layers of hair cut will add volume to your short hair, making your hair look stunning.

16. Full White Dye Short Bob Hair to Celebrate Aging

Source: Instagram (@_pupazadintei)

Get your hair in style, even though you are over 50! It will be one of the best hair dye ideas for short hair women over 50. Try to dye your hair with white color, embracing your wonderful aging. This color will cover your gray hair yet express the pride of being old. In addition, you can apply this color in your short bob hair for a simple arrangement and stylish look. With this amazing hair dye, you still can wear both casual and formal outfits comfortably.

17. Purple Dye for Curly Short Hair

Purple Dye for Curly Short Hair
Source: Instagram (@dye_perfection)

If you want hair dye ideas for short hair girls with curls, then you come to the right place! Embrace the beauty of your curls with purple dye which represents royalty and luxury. Use the bright purple dye for the base, and the soft lavender dye hair to highlight your curls. Your short hair will definitely look fancy and expensive. Style your outfit with a floral pattern blouse to complete the attractive hair.

18. Punky Pastel Dye Hair for Long Pixie Cut

Source: Instagram (@head2heelz)

Light up your long pixie cut with some punky pastel dyes! This will be one of the most creative hair dye ideas for short hair girls with long bangs. As the long pixie cut emphasizes the long bangs, then you have to make your bangs stand out. Give some colorful highlights to your bangs and you will appear more attractive in no time. In addition, you can wear your colorful midi dress to complete your look.

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19. Blood Orange Pixie Cut

Source: Instagram (@cold_artistry)

Show your bright and optimistic side by dyeing your hair the blood orange color. As this color symbolizes courage and spiritedness, it will be one of the most amazing hair dye ideas for short hair women who want a brand new look to face the future. You can create a pixie cut for this hair color and match it with a backless summer dress, making you look fresh and full of energy.

20. Brown Short Hair with Highlights

Source: Instagram (@kayuhaircare)

For those females with dark or brown skin tones and straight hair who want to get fantastic hair dye, try to use dark and light brown colors. You can put the dark brown hair dye as the base, while the light brown dye can be the highlights. For a fresh and gorgeous look, apply this color to the short cropped bob hair cut. You can mix and match this hairstyle with any outfit easily.

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