25 Wonderful Dog Hair Dye Ideas That Will Be Loved By Your Dogs 

Having a dog is like having a best friend. You must want the best style for your best buddy from head to toe. Therefore, hair dyeing your dog can be one of the great ideas to enhance its charm. Dog hair dye is a developing fad that allows you to give your pets any color they like, often many colors at once. Some dog owners go all out with their dog hair dye ideas, dying and clipping their dog’s hair to look like a cute panda or another lovely animal. Meanwhile, some of them tend to keep the original hair, dyeing it with pastel and neutral hair tones. After all, all those efforts have been done by the owner to show their love and care to their adorable pet.

If you are going to dye your dog’s hair, then you should use the pet hair dye for its safety. As your dog may tend to lick its hair, natural or vegan material is essential for the hair dye. Moreover, you should choose the right dog hair dye ideas to make them comfortable. Suppose you are looking for dog hair dye ideas, then you come to the right place. Let’s take a look at our cool ideas below that may be loved by your lovely dog!

1. Soft Baby Pink Ombre Dog Hair Dye for White Dog

Dog Hair Dye Ideas

Have you ever thought that a white hair dog is boring? Add some pink accents in your dog’s hair with the baby pink permanent hair dye. Create an ombre tone with the white base of your dog’s hair. Place the pink ombre in their long ear of head, making an impression of long hair. It will be one of the simple but elegant dog hair dye ideas. 

2. American Flag Dog Hair Dye

Dog Hair Dye Ideas

Celebrate Independence Day with your dog by dyeing its hair with the flag’s color, blue and red! Use blue semi permanent pet hair dye for the star’s pattern and its tail. Add some red dots at its body and its forehead to resemble the American flag vibes. Don’t forget to give your dog the American flag to play with.

3. Navy Blue Chihuahua Hair Dye for Expensive Look

Dog Hair Dye Ideas

Make your Chihuahua dog look fancy and luxurious with navy blue tones as the dog hair dye ideas. The idea is to color the head until the back part with navy blue hair dye. For additional glam, give your dog the blue fur boa on its neck along with sunglasses and navy blue handbag, making your dog look extremely expensive.  

4. Pinky Poodle Hair Dyed Uniform

Dog Hair Dye Ideas

Let your lovely poodle steal the spotlight with its feminine pinky style. You need to shave its hair first, leave the hair on the head, feet and tail part. Just simply use one bright pink pet hair dye for the head and feet’s hair, making it like wearing a pink earmuff and socks. Don’t forget to dye it’s adorable tail as well, complete the uniform pink hair look. 

5. Bright Orange Hair Dye for Playful White Poodle

Dog Hair Dye Ideas

Do you not want to shave your poodle hair? Well, it could be one of the best poodle dog hair dye ideas in case you don’t want to remove some of its hair. Use the orange pet hair dye for the ears and tail to make your dog stand out. The bright orange will radiate its charm, making your dog look playful and adorable. 

6. Fantasy Galaxy Ombre Hair Dye Style

Dog Hair Dye Ideas

If you are looking for colorful dog hair dye ideas with pastel tones, try this fantasy galaxy ombre style. You need the galaxy pet hair dye kit to create ombre colors. Use the combination of blue, orange, and light purple hair dye for the head part, making your dog appear sweet and charming.

7. Neon Green Brown Abstract Hair Dyed

Dog Hair Dye Ideas

Show your dog’s cuteness to people by adding some neon color to its hair. It will be one of the unique hair dye ideas to make your dog a focal point. The glow from the neon green hair dye on its body will look so stunning. You can randomly apply the hair dye to its body, so it will blend with its natural brown hair, creating a wonderful abstract masterpiece.

8. Innocent Panda Style Hair Dyed

Dog Hair Dye Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@hubpages.com )

Turn your adorable dog into a cute baby panda with the black pet hair dye! Especially if your white dog is a typical calm and spoiled dog, panda style will be one of the best dog hair dye ideas to resemble the original one. Create the black round panda eyes, black ears, and black feet to your dog, your panda-dog is ready to go! 

9. Rebellious Blue Shades Hair Dye

Dog Hair Dye Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@OPAWZ)

Create a rebellious and funky style to your dog by combining some blue shades for hair dyeing. Color the spiky head hair with dark blue hair dye making a naughty vibe. For the feet, try to mix the dark and blue shades, creating a color gradation. Use the lighter one at the bottom, getting darker to the upper part and the body.

10. Scary Cheetah Inspired Dog Hair Dye

Dog Hair Dye Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Anaïs Hayden)

Put some creativity and imagination to turn your adorable dog into a wild cheetah! All you need is just light brown and black dog hair dye. Use light brown hair dye as the base color to your dog’s body. For the signature Cheetah image, create the black dots pattern all over its body. It will be one of the scariest but lovely dog hair dye ideas.

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11. Halloween Spooky Spiderweb Hand Painted Costume

Dog Hair Dye Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Jerica Wood)

In case you are looking for Halloween theme dog hair dye ideas, then this page is destined for you. Instead of dressing up your dog, you can color its feet hair with orange and black tones, making waking pumpkin feet. For extra spooky, color its body to butt with spiderweb design which represents its hand painted Halloween costume.

12. Glowing Skeleton Dog Hair Dye

Dog Hair Dye Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Colleen Milligan)

Light up the costume party with the unique dog hair dye ideas! This creative hair dye will definitely steal everyone’s attention at the party. Color the body of your dog with black hair dye, creating a fantastic skeleton model. However, don’t forget to use cheerful and bright color in the head, tail and feet part to make it attractive. Combine the blue, vionet, and purple color to make a glowing effect in your dog hair.

13. Mirror Rainbow Ears Hair Dye

Dog Hair Dye Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@OPAWZ )

Make your cute dog look stunning with a rainbow on its ears! Use some thin layers of rainbow hair dye to create vibrant and bright tones. For the long ears, you can mirror the thin rainbow layers to make a smooth transition. We recommend you to color the ears part only to create the wonderful rainbow hair impression.

14. Multicolored Full Dog Hair Dye

Dog Hair Dye Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Ranker.com )

Go extra and crazy with multicolored full dog hair ideas! Suppose your dog is an active pet, it will be nice to see it runs and jumps with a lot of vibrant colors. Therefore, you need a rainbow pet hair dye kit to create this idea. You can color the face with red hair dye, yellow for the body, and green for the feet, it’s all up to your creativity skill! 

15. Mermaid Dog Hair Dye for Costume Party

Dog Hair Dye Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Rachel Jenkins )

Turn your dog into a beautiful mermaid in no time with the mermaid fur paint dye kit. It will be one of the most amazing dog hair dye ideas to do cosplay as sea creatures. Color the body to toe with a fish scales pattern with blue and purple mermaid tones. After that, use the same color for the tail to create its fish tail, and your dog mermaid is ready to party at the sea!

16. Charming Zebra in Dog Hair Dye

Dog Hair Dye Ideas
Source: Instagram (@opawz )

Do you want simple but impactful dog hair dye ideas? Well, you should try the zebra style. Get your dog dyed with black hair zebra pattern in its body and feet. For extra charm and cuteness, put some hair accessories on its head. It will be a unique fusion idea that combines cute dogs and charming zebras.

17. Pink Flower Puppy Hair Dye

Dog Hair Dye Ideas
Source: Instagram (@toulousethemaltipoo )

A puppy is the most adorable stage for your dog. Therefore, you should get your puppy dyed with an adorable color too. Try the dusty pink pet hair dye for its ears and tail, making your dog’s round face look like a beautiful pink flower. Add the pink flower pet collars to your puppy for extra cuteness. 

18. Mint Fur Hair Dye for Matching Hair Color with Owner

Dog Hair Dye Ideas
Source: Instagram (@wolfteverpet)

As mint color becomes popular today, you may want to match your mint hair color with your dog. Therefore this vegan mint pet hair dye is worth trying. Apply the mint color only for the head and ears part, making your dog like having mint short hair. It will be one of the coolest dog hair dye ideas which can be matched with the owner.

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19. Two Tone Unicorn Hair Dye Technique

Dog Hair Dye Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Anaïs Hayden )

Thinking of applying the two tone hair dye technique to your furry dog? Why don’t you combine it with the unicorn theme dog hair dye ideas? Therefore, you definitely need the unicorn hair dye kit. Just simply split the hair color vertically into two areas for the purple and blue part. After that, you can add some accessories such as the purple feather hair clip or unicorn theme pants.

20. Sparkling Rainbow Ombre Curly Beard for Party

Dog Hair Dye Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@OPAWZ )

Get the dog hair dye ideas to another level with additional style and sophisticated touch. You need to shave your dog hair first, and leave the hair on the ears and beard part only. After that, create rainbow ombre hair dye to the hairy part. Use a hair curler to make your dog hair voluminous. For extra clam, add the glitter dog hair clips all over its hair. It will be a great hair dye concept for your dog before attending the party.

21. Colorful Ears with Braids and Ribbon

Colorful Ears with Braids and Ribbon
Source: Pinterest (@opawz.com)

Imagine how cute and adorable your little furry friend would look like if you apply this hair dye idea! You can add some bright colors like pink, magenta, blue and green to make it look stunning. To add more fun, don’t forget to braid some parts of the hair and then add colorful ribbons to turn your little friend into the most adorable furry friend ever!

22. Colorful Zebra Hair Dye

Colorful Zebra Hair Dye
Source: Pinterest (@STEEZYPET | PETS | CATS | DOGS)

If anyone says that a zebra should come in black and white, you might want to prove him wrong. If you plan on a special party and would like your dog to take part, then you can add some hair dye and create this cute zebra pattern for the paint in full color instead of the usual black and white. You can add red, orange, yellow, blue, and also purple the to color options, and see how your dog will become the center of attention at the party.

23. Put Some Colors on the Tail!

Put Some Colors on the Tail!
Source: Pinterest (@Ruby)

Let your dog jiggle its colorful tail! This is one of the most fun dog hair dye ideas that will make your dog look super cute and absolutely adorable. You can pick colors that are bright and fun, and to make it less boring, try to mix some colors together or you can even create a unique gradation of colors that match your dog’s original hair color.

24. Cute Little Ears with Blue and Purple Hair Dye

Cute Little Ears with Blue and Purple Hair Dye
Source: Pinterest (@opawz.com)

If you have a cute husky friend, then you must take a look at this dog hair dye idea. We can assure that your husky will look adorable with this type of hair dye. To own this look, you can choose colors like blue or purple, and dye it only on the ear parts of your husky. This hair dye idea will bring out the cuteness of its face expression, no doubt about it.

25. Bright Dog Hair Dye with Colorful Wings

Bright Dog Hair Dye with Colorful Wings
Source: Pinterest (@Emmakwarner)

If a special dog costume party is coming real soon, then you must browse for dog hair dye ideas as soon as possible. To add to your list of ideas, we have this cute and unique dye that includes rainbow colors to be dyed in certain areas like the tail, legs, face, and.. Wings! Yes, you heard it right. The one thing that makes this idea unique is the side part that has wings-like shape. Undoubtedly, your dog will be the center of attention at the party.

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