Multi-Function Smart Pet Collar

This Multi-Function Smart Pet Collar is the only pet collar you’ll need to be able to find your pet via GPS, follow its health, behavior, eating schedule and so much more.

This smart collar is designed specifically for small cats and dogs.

As mentioned above, the collar can track your lost pet via GPS with no monthly fee. You can navigate through the collar’s options through a tappable screen on its side.

You should also connect the collar to a smartphone app. Once you do that you can, for example, set feeding, medication and flea/tick checking reminders in there. 

Multi-Function Smart Pet Collar

Probably one of the most useful features of this collars is the perimeter barrier. Have you ever struggled with teaching your cat to not jump on a table or a desk?

Tough job. Well, thanks to this collar you can place several beacons on the spots where your cat shouldn’t be.

Multi-Function Smart Pet Collar

When it inevitably does jump on the, say, table the collar will vibrate and effectively make the cat jump right off of it.

Multi-Function Smart Pet Collar

The functionality of this collar can be expanded with several nodes and the rechargeable battery can work for up to 30 days on a single charge.

All in all, it sounds like a cool collar for any proud owner of a small cat or dog. 

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