Fire Color-Changing Hair Dye

The Fire Color-Changing Hair Dye is a revolutionary hair dye that changes color in response to your environment. It looks absolutely stunning and it just might be the next biggest trend in hair coloring.

Remember those mood rings that were popular in the 90s. Allegedly, they changed color in response to your mood. In practice, the color change was happening in response to temperature fluctuations.  

The same principle applies to this hair dye. The range of colors that your hair can go through is incredibly vast. From bright red and orange to subtle pastels it captures anyone’s attention and doesn’t let go. 

It lasts for a while, but you’ll want to make sure you take care of it propertly.

Dying and coloring your hair can be pretty damaging, often leading to dry, brittled hair that reaks easily. If you decide to try out this dye, make sure you learn how to take care of it.

Fire Color-Changing Hair Dye

The dye as of now is semi-permanent and the color changing qualities apply to your hair until it has been washed several times.

The Brand is currently looking for commercial partners to help take this incredible product to market. Follow them on Instagram for more updates.

Fire Color-Changing Hair Dye

If this hair dye really does catch on then describing people to others would be a much harder task than it was before since we so strongly rely on hair color as a main feature of identification. 

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