Grey Wolf Fox Fur Clip On Tail

If you’re looking for a final touch to your wolf or fox costume or cosplay, then The Grey Wolf Fox Fur Clip on tail is for you.

The tail looks beautiful, but trust me, no feline has suddenly wound up somewhere without a tail. It’s made out of realistic long pile faux fur, and it doesn’t look like a usual fake tail you’d get from a cheap costume store, that is plain and boring – the faux fur is actually two-toned, which gives the tail a nice and more natural look. At the tip of the tail you get a finishing of white fur.

The tail is 23 inches (58 cm) long, but it can be adjusted for a shorter fit to suit your needs. You can attach it to your clothes with a simple metal clip, that is securely sewn into the tail.

So, where do you wear such a thing? Festivals, cosplays, parties, on the street – if you want to draw attention to yourself – conventions, or even around the house, why not? 

Grey Wolf Fox Fur Clip On Tail

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