The Ultimate Race Influenced by Video Game Aesthetic on Dong Yi’s Concept Chariot

It would be really cool to watch the adrenaline-pumped Chariot racing, but  in modern settings. In ancient times, chariots would be pulled by horses. The old warriors would be competing with one another to prove who has the fastest cart and the bravest soul. Today, chariot sport might be making a resurgence, thanks to the emergence of Dong Yi and Hockenheimring’s Concept Chariot.

The two companies design a modern chariot that can be raced in a track just like the good old time. Instead of being drawn by horses, the Concept Chariot will be powered with a modern engine. The race would be more exciting with the faster machine. 

However, unlike a regular racing car, a Concept Chariot is controlled by an operator who leans down or sits right up at the back of the vehicle. It also features an open cockpit to mimic the traditional cart. At glance it looks a bit like a snowmobile.

Furthermore, Dong Yi’s Concept Chariot also comes with a shapeshifting feature. 

The operators will be provided with aerodynamic mode where they can sit forward and enter the cockpit for more speeds and protection. 

When the drivers need more control, the vehicle can shift the shape and they can come out of the cockpit and sit up for better steering.

The shapeshifting design will also provide a deeper racing strategy. The timing for more speed or more steering may determine the outcome of the race. The modern competition with Concept Chariot will not just be a game of who is the fastest, but also who has the better strategic mind.

Dong Yi's Concept Chariot

To revitalize the sport, the Concept Chariot will be designed based on video game aesthetics. The futuristic exterior design is intentionally chosen in order to increase the popularity of chariot racing.

Furthermore, the open cockpit of Concept Chariot will certainly entice the viewers to be more immersed in the racing experience. Seeing your hero battling for the top spot in modern chariot racing will get your adrenaline pumping.

It may also inspire gamers to try the sport directly. The power of game aesthetics can not be underestimated as video game is perhaps one of the fastest growing sectors. The futuristic chariot racing will hopefully reignite the love for old tradition.

Even though chariot is no longer relevant in modern days, thanks to car, the ancient mode of transportation can be appreciated through modern vision. The design may look different, and there will be no more horses, but the spirit of the warriors will be as fierce.

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