25 Stylish and Unique Good Luck Ring Ideas For Women

A good luck token that you can wear often gives you that sense of home and safety. Aside from whether these good luck tokens are actually working or not, the fact that it gives you that sense of hope and certainty that good fortune is coming because you have that luck in you. It will help you believe in yourself more because at the end of the day you are your own lucky charm. Compared to other good luck jewelry, good luck rings are easier and simpler to wear.

If you want to give someone or yourself that needs some boost of confidence and certainty about their luck, you come to the right place. We have put together 25 different rings ideas into a list of good luck rings just for you. Every single ring on this is super unique and stylish, but very wearable. So, you can keep your good luck charm on you all day every day. 

1. Green Clover Ring 

Green Clover Ring

Starting this list of good luck ring with the Green Clover Ring. Four leaf clover is the classic good luck charm. Each leaf has its own meaning: hope, faith, love, and luck. You need to have the first three in order to find luck at the end. This ring suits women who prefer wearing feminin jewelry.

2. Enamel Good Luck Ring

Enamel Good Luck Ring

Unlike the first four leaf clover ring, the Enamel Good Luck Ring comes in an enamel design. It is made of 14K gold with a minimalist design. An easy piece to match with your outfit, especially for younger girls, so you can keep attracting good luck. 

3. Mini Elephant Ring in Sterling Silver

Mini Elephant Ring in Sterling Silver

Elephants are a symbol of good luck and fortune in many Asian cultures especially India and Thailand. They believe that elephants will invite positive energy and fortune to you. The Mini Elephant Ring is made from sterling silver. It is suitable for women who prefer dainty and cute jewelry. 

4. Simple Horseshoe Ring

Simple Horseshoe Ring

Horseshoe is another symbol of good luck that you can consider using. Wearing the U-shaped horseshoe facing upward will keep the evil out and invite good luck into your house. The Simple Horseshoe Ring is made with 925 sterling silver perfect for women who like stacking and combining their rings together. 

5. Raw Aventurine Ring

Raw Aventurine Ring

The famous good luck stone, the Aventurine Ring, is one of the best crystals out there to bring in good luck. The Raw Aventurine Ring comes with a metal ring which comes with  copper or 24K gold finish. Raw aventurine stones are used as the centerpiece of the ring, perfect for women who prefer a more unpolished stone rings. 

6. Raw Birthstone Stacking Rings

Raw Birthstone Stacking Rings

Birthstones are another stone that could also attract good fortune. If you prefer something that is more personal and authentic, you can get the Raw Birthstone Stacking Rings. It is made from raw stones in accordance with your birth month which gives each ring its authentic and personal touch. 

7. Wishbone Good Luck Ring

Wishbone Good Luck Ring

Wishbone also represents good fortune and it goes beyond just attracting fortune, it will let you have a say on your own luck. The Wishbone Good Luck Ring is made from pure 0.925 sterling silver in a very simple design. It is a perfect women’s ring for daily use. 

8. Shooting Star Raw Diamond Ring

Shooting Star Raw Diamond Ring

Shooting stars is often associated with fulfilling a dream. It is a very rare event to see a meteor and many times rare events as such are associated with good luck. The Shooting Star Raw Diamond Ring is made of raw unprocessed diamonds in gold or silver vermeil perfect for women who prefer open band design.  

9. 14K Yellow Gold Clover Ring

14K Yellow Gold Clover Ring

Another four leaf clover ring option on this list of good luck rings is the 14K Yellow Gold Clover Ring. Comes in an open band design, it is made from 14K gold with a sparkling clover charm, perfect for those of you who like gold and silver combinations in a ring

10. Good Luck Horseshoe Ring

good luck ring

The Good Luck Horseshoe Ring is made from 0.925 sterling silver and cubic zirconia stones for some extra bling on the horseshoe charm. Horseshoe is one of the simpler and less obvious good luck charms due to its super simple shape. If you prefer something that is not too flashy, this ring would be for you. 

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11. Jade Agate Thumb Ring

good luck ring

Jade is one of the most well known stones which is widely used to attract good luck and fortune. The Jade Agate Thumb Ring is a classic jade ring in a vibrant green color that will suit those of you who wear rings on their thumbs.  

12. Ross-Simons Jade Rope Ring

good luck ring

If you prefer a jade ring that comes with a more modern design, you can go with the Ross-Simons Jade Rope Ring. It is made with a 18k gold plated sterling silver with a single oval-shaped jade charm. A modern good luck charm that suits women with more mature style. 

13. Chinese Natural Jade Ring 

Chinese Natural Jade Ring 

If the green color of the jade ring is too much for you to handle, you can go with this Chinese Natural Jade Ring. It comes in a pretty muted green color which you will prefer much more than the usual vibrant jade green color. You don’t have to worry because muted jade green color does not mean your good luck will be muted too.  

14. Butterfly Couple Rings

Butterfly Couple Rings

Butterflies are a good luck charm that many times are overlooked by people. The Butterfly Couple Ring is a great choice to have your significant other and yourself attract some good luck. A great couple item that will not only keep your relationship, but your luck tank in check. 

15. Sterling Silver Elephant Good Luck Ring

Sterling Silver Elephant Good Luck Ring

The elephant is a cute and unexpected good luck charm. Just like the people in India and Thailand, you can start using an elephant token to attract fortune. The Sterling Silver Elephant Good Luck Ring is a simple sterling silver ring which has a cute elephant on it, perfect for younger women who like cute design rings. 

16. Elephant Design Toe Ring 

good luck ring

Another elephant good luck charm in this list of good luck rings is the Elephant Design Toe Ring. It is a special ring for those of you who don’t actually feel comfortable using rings because you can use it on your toes instead. It is made from .925 sterling silver in an open band design which will help you open up yourself to allow some extra luck and fortune to come. 

17. Boho Bee Good Luck Ring

good luck ring

Bee is an animal that represents good fortune because of the value of honey that they carry. Just like bees bring honey, they are often seen as the creature who bring good fortune The Boho Bee Good Luck Ring is a sterling silver ring in a boho design. A simple ring you can use for daily and also for meditation, both for men and women.  

18. Sterling Silver Small Wishbone Ring

good luck ring

A wishbone is the magnet of good luck and fortune. The Sterling Silver Small Wishbone Ring is a unique sterling silver which actually comes in the shape of a wishbone. Instead of the ordinary round rings with a wishbone ornament, it is an actual wishbone shaped ring that is classy and elegant. A perfect ring for those of you who are looking for a daily good luck ring to use. 

19. Natural Aventurine Gold Ring

good luck ring

Unlike the other stone rings in this list of good luck ring, this Natural Aventurine Gold Ring comes in an open band design with rectangular cut aventurine stones. A unique take on the classic stone rings without changing any of its power to attract good luck, perfect for those of you who like stylish and edgy jewelry pieces. 

20. Round-Cut Turtle Ring

good luck ring

Turtle is an uncommon good luck charm that is not well known to many people.Even though it is not as famous as the other charms, it is not less effective. The Round-Cut Turtle Ring is a sterling silver ring with a turtle charm made of green and white diamond, perfect for those who don’t mind playful and cute jewelry pieces. 

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21. Butterfly Ring

good luck ring

The butterfly lucky charm is the common and feminin lucky charm being used by many women. The Butterfly Ring is made of sterling silver with an engraved butterfly centerpiece. 

22. Diamond Bee Ring

good luck ring

Another bee ring option on this list of good luck ring is the Diamond Bee Ring. It is made from 14k gold with a diamond bee charm as its centerpiece. A classy ring that will bring a classy woman all the fortune she needs. 

23. Luck for Life Diamond Horseshoe Pinky Ring 

good luck ring

The last horseshoe ring option on this list of good luck rings is the Luck For Life Diamond Horseshoe Pinky Ring. It is made with a 14k gold band and black and white diamond to give the horseshoe some extra sparkle. It is definitely a unique and classy good luck ring that will attract all the luck that you need, perfect for those of you who like wearing unique colored diamonds. 

24. 14K Solid Gold Dolphin Ring

good luck ring

Do you know that dolphins are also a sign of good fortune? The story goes back to when people are deserted in the open sea for months. The sighting of dolphins swimming next to their ship is a sign of good luck and good omen. The 14K Solid Gold Dolphin Ring is made from 14 solid gold with the design of the dolphin’s tail engraved with sparkling cubic zirconia, perfect for women who like playful yet classy rings. 

25. Bee Interlocking-G Ring

good luck ring

We are going to end this list of good luck ring with the Bee Interlocking-G Ring. People believe that bees will bring you good luck and fortune. This ring is made from gold with the bee charm on it, perfect for women who enjoy using statement pieces rings

latest post:

Which ring is good for luck?

You can pick the style of the good luck ring based on your own personal preferences. However, people believe that getting a tortoise ring is good for luck. You can choose something like the Round-Cut Turtle Ring to help you attract all the luck that you may need. You can also choose  simpler rings like the Ross-Simons Jade Rope Ring which has a more mature feel to it. Men can also use Boho Bee Good Luck Ring due to its more masculine design. 

What finger do you wear a ring on for wealth?

To get the best result, you need to wear the ring on your middle finger. The middle finger is a suitable position to activate the ring’s power because it connects the middle and index finger which is where your wealth line runs. Thus, you need to make sure that your ring touches it in order to activate this line. 

What rings on each finger mean spiritually?

Each particular finger holds a spiritual meaning on its own. For example, the left and right ring finger is mostly associated with marital status. The left middle finger represents responsibility while the right one represents individuality. The left index finger does not have any special meaning, but the right one represents leadership. Even so, choosing the right finger to your ring is up to your preference and you can actually give it your own meaning. 

Are silver rings lucky?

While most people associate luck and fortune with gold, people believe that owning silver will bring you in abundance and luck. Despite the symbolism, it is always a good sign for luck and fortune if you own precious metals. 

What are the best good luck rings?

From this list of good luck ring, the best one would be the Natural Aventurine Gold Ring and the Sterling Silver Small Wishbone Ring. If you like something with natural stones, you can go with the aventurine gold ring. If you like something that is super simple, you can go with the wishbone ring. Both rings have very unique designs, different from what you can usually find in the market. Thus, you can attract some good luck with a stylish and unique ring

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