25 Amazing Chinese Good Luck Charms for Prosperity and Good Health

Good luck charms have been around for a long time, but they still prove to be a popular item that people will buy. There are various good luck charms that you can find across the world. But this time, let’s talk specifically about Chinese good luck charms. Before we discuss the powers that they possess, we want to say that most Chinese good luck charms have a beautiful design that sets them apart from other good luck charms.

Chinese good luck charms are mostly inspired by Buddhism and Taoism. They believed that the good luck charms will bring you different effects, like health, prosperity, romance, luck, and many more. If you really believe in that, you should consider buying one and wearing it! Even if you don’t, you can also obtain them and display them as part of your antique collection. 

Antique Chinese Good Luck Charms

Previously, we have mentioned that Chinese good luck charms have cool designs that make them unique. Some of them even have retro and antique designs that you might be interested in. However, please be aware that antique Chinese good luck charms don’t mean that they are old and useless items! 

1. Feng Shui Tai Sui Card

Feng Shui Tai Sui Card

The Chinese believed in Tai Sui, the god of age. It is said that people in their zodiac year will offend Tai Sui. That’s the reason why you should buy this magnificent card and amulet in order to please the god. Respecting him will bring you good fortunes and luck. 

2. 2-Layer Bell Charm and Coin

2-Layer Bell Charm and Coin

Don’t underestimate this antique charm! Even though it looks old, people believe that hanging this charm can ward off bad spirits. When you take a closer look at the coins, you’ll notice that it has a picture of a phoenix, yin yang, and double feng shui sword. These symbols will bring you safety and good luck. 

3. Five Emperor Money in a Knot

Five Emperor Money in a Knot

Some Chinese good luck charms are made to be carried and stored in your pocket, but some aren’t. In fact, this particular Chinese good luck charm was made to be hung somewhere in your car or home. By doing just that, you can be sure that luck and fortune will be by your side. 

4. Chinese Wealth Charm

Chinese Wealth Charm

Even though most Chinese good luck charms came in the form of antique coins, they do have different purposes. This particular item, for instance, is perfect if you want to pray for wealth and prosperity. You can also display it in your room because it looks dope!

5. Three Zodiacs Good Luck Jade Charm

Three Zodiacs Good Luck Jade Charm

You should know that Chinese zodiacs and the Western zodiacs are completely different. If you’re more interested in learning about the Chinese zodiac, you should buy this fancy item and use it every day. Here’s to hoping that these constellations will keep you safe and bring you good luck. 

6. Tiger Lucky Charm

Tiger Lucky Charm

Chinese culture regards the tiger as a symbol of power and strength. It comes to no surprise that a lot of Chinese good luck charms have tiger symbols on them, just like this beautiful and antique charm. You can hang this in your home and let the charm channel some strength to yourself. 

7. Year of the Snake Charm

Year of the Snake Charm

The Chinese zodiac is a continuous cycle of 12 years. If you happened to be born in the Year of the Snake, perhaps this item is the perfect fit for you! On the other side of the coin, there’s a picture of the goddess of compassion Kwan Yin too. 

8. Vintage Chinese Pendant

Vintage Chinese Pendant

This is the real deal! Although we have been talking about antique Chinese good luck charms, most of them are new items that have vintage designs. This pendant, however, is a really old item that still looks nice. You shouldn’t need to worry about age, though. It still holds incredible power to bring fortune to your life!

9. Feng Shui Coin Charms

Feng Shui Coin Charms

There you go: another Chinese good luck charm in the form of coins! However, this beautiful charm is a special one. The charm is made from coins of the Qing Dynasty, and it has been blessed by a spiritual witch. You can be assured that this charm will bring you nothing but luck

10. Silver and Green Jade Pendant

Silver and Green Jade Pendant

Jades are considered to be high-level gemstones that can bring good luck and wealth to its owner. When you combine it with a good luck symbol, as seen in the picture, you’ll definitely live a happy life! Buy this amazing pendant now before you regret it. 

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11. Good Luck Calabash Brass

Good Luck Calabash Brass

When you take a look at this detailed and beautiful calabash sculpture, you will notice that there are a lot of symbols that represent luck and wealth. Obtain one and display it in your house so that fortune won’t avoid your life. 

12. Translucent Green Jade Pendant


Jade stones are highly regarded in Chinese culture. If you really want beautiful Jade jewelry that can bring you good luck and enhance your appearance, this particular pendant might be the perfect one for you! It is really elegant and powerful at the same time. 

13. Phoenix Charm

Phoenix Charm

Although ancient Europeans told the story of Phoenix, Chinese good luck charms regularly used the symbol of the immortal bird too. With this beautiful piece, you will be blessed with luck, health, and perseverance for every single thing that you do. 

Elegant Chinese Good Luck Charms

After discussing antique Chinese good luck charms, let’s move on to some other items that really look elegant. Some of the Chinese good luck charms below can be used as an accessory, while others are really beautiful when you display them in your home. 

1. Pandora Lion Charm

Pandora Lion Charm

This beautiful charm can be used as a headpiece on a necklace. We know for a fact that you’ll look magnificent when wearing this adorable on your neck. Plus, this good luck charm is sure to bring some more fortune into your life. 

2. Chinese Reflection Beads

Chinese Reflection Beads

Long before machines help humans in making various charms, people need to rely on their own skills to handcraft Chinese good luck charms. This elegant bead is a prime example of a good handmade item. When you wear it, you’ll be blessed with good luck and health. 

3. Chinese Gambling Good Luck Charm

Chinese Gambling Good Luck Charm

When you take a good look at the item, you’ll notice that this cool good luck charm was made specifically for gamblers. After all, the card located in the center of the necklace says it all! Here’s to hoping that fortune will be on your side every time you go to a casino!

4. Good Luck Charm Bead

Good Luck Charm Bead

We’re not exaggerating when we say that there are a lot of Chinese good luck charms in the form of necklaces and beads. If you want another alternative to the one that we have mentioned before, then you can consider buying this awesome piece and attach it to your necklace

5. Red String Pendant

Red String Pendant

People thought that Chinese good luck charms are as good as the headpiece. While that idea is mostly true, you still have to find beautiful strings that also store the power to bring you good luck. You can start by looking at these wonderful red strings! Combine it with your favorite head piece to form a beautiful good luck necklace.   

6. Safety Charm

Safety Charm

There’s nothing wrong with being cautious, it might help us in avoiding danger. However, fate can sometimes be cruel, no matter how careful we are. If you want to pray for luck and safety, you should hang this awesome safety charm in your home or car. 

7. Large Size Ingot for Good Luck

Large Size Ingot for Good Luck

In ancient China, ingots are used as money. That’s the reason why ingots or yuan bao are used to represent wealth and fortune. You can obtain this large-size item and place it opposite the main entrance. Feng shui teachings say that it is the position of wealth!

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8. Dragon Charm in Jade Stone

Dragon Charm in Jade Stone

Similar to tigers, Chinese also regard dragons as a symbol of power and authority. If you’d like to pray for these things, you might as well use this awesome jade stone charm. Since it was made using jade gemstones, you will also be blessed with good luck!

9. Dragon Head Bead

Dragon Head Bead

Dragon heads can look a little intimidating for some people. However, it is important to note that they are a source of good luck too. If you want to be blessed with fortune and good health, you should definitely consider buying this lovely item. 

10. Shou Necklace

Shou Necklace

The shou symbol has always been recognized as a symbol of long life. If you want to live a long and healthy life, you should wear some Chinese good luck charms with this symbol. We’d like to recommend this particular necklace for you, just because of its elegant design!

11. Mandarin Necklace

Mandarin Necklace

There’s a lot of different Chinese symbols from various Chinese good luck charms that can generate good luck into your life. You can combine them all with this awesome necklace. Remember to add your name too, so that it will be unique and special!

12. Long Life Charm

Long Life Charm

It doesn’t matter how much money you own if you’re always sick and unhealthy. That’s the reason why it’s important to have Chinese good luck charms that can bless you with long life and good health. We thought that this amazing long-life charm is worth your consideration!

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Where Do You Put Chinese Lucky Charms?

Chinese good luck charms have different shapes and sizes. Some are small enough to be carried around in your pocket or used as jewelry. Other Chinese good luck charms work better when you hang or display them somewhere around the house.

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