25 Money Tree Gifts for A Symbol of Prosperity

Money tree is considered as a popular gift, particularly in business relations. It’s believed to be a symbol of good fortune and prosperity which is the main reason why money trees have become a popular gift idea among businesses. Many people also bring a money tree as a housewarming gift which adds a beautiful element to the house while at the same time attracting more positive energy into the house.

Choosing the suitable money tree for different occasions might be a challenging task due to the bunch of its variety in the market. As a helpful guide for you, we have compiled 25 money tree gift ideas that would be great for every occasion from the business gift to the personal one. Check the list below.

1. Mini Pachira

Mini Pachira

We’ll begin the list of money tree gifts with the real plant Pachira Aquatica. This plant is respected by Feng Shui masters to bring luck and fortune to business and family matters, that’s why this is called a money tree. It’s suitable for both outdoor and indoor settings to add some greenery into the space. You can buy this with a braided-stem to make it look neater.

2. Jade Plant Bonsai

Jade Plant Bonsai

The Crassula Ovata or known as jade plant is a succulent family plant that is popular in Asia for bringing good luck charm to activate financial energies. The presence of a jade plant in a house is considered auspicious. Therefore, a jade plant bonsai will be a great idea as a money tree gift, meaning as the symbol of prosperity and wealth. 

3. Crystal Money Tree

Crystal Money Tree

Luxurious! That’s what might come to your mind seeing this crystal money tree for the first time. Although it’s an artificial plant, it would be a great decoration which is believed to bring more positive energy such as luck, prosperity, wealth, etc. Suitable as a money tree gift for every occasion such as Thanksgiving, business opening, Christmas gift, and many more.

4. Amethyst Purple Tree

Amethyst Purple Tree

People believe that some gemstones can attract a particular energy, such as amethyst that is used as the symbol of spirituality to enhance the power of an individual and also attract energy related to luck, prosperity, and protection. This amethyst purple tree is made of polyresin which resembles the natural amethyst. It would make a great money tree gift for business opening, congratulatory and blessing purposes.

5. Bonsai Quartz

Bonsai Quartz

This bonsai quartz symbolizes to increase the luck of wealth, success, and good energy. This bonsai is handmade with resin and real gemstones. It would make the perfect money tree gifts to enhance the positive energy as well as being a great decorative plant to the space. 

6. Citrine Tree in Money Bag

Citrine Tree in Money Bag

Another money tree gift idea you can consider is an artificial citrine tree in a money bag. A citrine tree in money bag would be considered as one of the best feng shui enhancer to stimulate the prosperity star #8 with lots of prosperity and wealth luck. Because of the positive energy it’s attracting, you can give this money tree to friends, family, colleagues or relatives during special celebrations such as new business openings, office anniversary gifts, etc. 

7. Money Tree with Dragon Pot

Money Tree with Dragon Pot

Most of the money tree gifts mean attracting positive energy that brings abundance of wealth, luck, and prosperity. This money tree with a dragon pot is no exception. In Chinese culture, the dragon is the symbol of good luck, strength, and health. Putting a money tree with a dragon pot will be a way to attract and obtain abundance of riches. Perfect money tree gifts for every occasion such as Christmas gifts.

8. Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree

Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree

You can also consider getting an LED tree as a money tree gift idea which also acts as a room lighting. This cherry blossom bonsai tree has LED lights on every branch. It makes the space more beautiful, attracts more positive energy and becomes a beautiful lighting to the room. It would be great gift ideas for everyone as a more positive outlook in their life.

9. Lighted Birch Tree

Lighted Birch Tree

In Celtic mythology, Birch trees represent rebirth, new beginnings and growth. As a money tree gift, a birch tree would be the symbol of good luck for everyone who receives this gift. A lighted birch tree with LED lights would make the perfect money tree gift ideas as well as a housewarming gift decor. It’s also great for a birthday gift as the symbol of a new beginning for those who are just turning the new age.

10. Seven Chakra Crystal Tree

Seven Chakra Crystal Tree

Seven chakras are the spiritual terms for the center of main energy of the human body. Since ancient times, stones and crystals have been associated with healing properties for human’s chakra. With this seven-chakra crystal tree, you can bring the positive energy of seven chakra stones into the house. It brings harmony to the surroundings and allowing chi energy to flow freely, makes it become great housewarming gifts ideas for everyone.

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11. Agate-Base Crystal Money Tree

Agate-Base Crystal Money Tree

This unique money tree is filled with some gemstones on the branch with a natural agate as the base. As a natural stone, agate symbolizes harmony and rebalance. Getting an agate-based money tree gift hopefully brings a balanced energy into the person who receives the gift. It’s also one of the most powerful luck stones that bestows good luck. 

12. Rose Quartz Money Tree

Rose Quartz Money Tree

As a gemstone, rose quartz is known as the crystal of unconditional love, great as a booster feeling of self-love and used for protection. Getting a rose quartz money tree as one of the housewarming gift ideas hopefully would be the great source of love, happiness, wealth, luck, and protection. Without the need of watering and maintenance, this kind of money tree would also become a nice birthday gift as well as a beautiful home décor item.

13. Colorful Crystal Bonsai Tree

Colorful Crystal Bonsai Tree

The crystal bonsai tree is also called a wishing tree where people use the tree to wish for increased luck, wealth, wealth and fortune. Get this crystal bonsai tree as a money tree gift for your family, colleagues or relatives to wish them for more good luck in their life. Besides its philosophy, the colorful crystals add a beautiful feature to the tree, making it a great housewarming gift idea.

14. Crystal Willow Tree

 Crystal Willow Tree

Another crystal money tree gift you can consider is this crystal willow tree. A willow tree often symbolizes hope and a new life. The seven chakra crystals scattered on the branch makes this money tree look more exquisite. It will be the perfect money tree gift for a hope of good luck, prosperity, giving protection against any kind of losses, and enhancing the power of an individual.  

15. Crystal Bonsai in a Vase

Crystal Bonsai in a Vase

For a more decorative purpose, you can give crystal bonsai in a vase as the money tree gift. This money tree is added into a vase which makes it more suitable as a small décor.  The tree is available in several crystal options. You can choose whether the crystal would be the amethyst, aventurine, chakra, citrine or rose quartz.

16. 24K Gold Bonsai Money Tree

24K Gold Bonsai Money Tree

The true luxury money tree! This gold bonsai money tree is coated with 24K gold, adding a luxurious feeling to the money tree. This fortune tree would be a great money tree gift to impress your business partner or colleagues because of the high-end look of the tree.

17. Amber Tree Bonsai

Amber Tree Bonsai

The amber tree bonsai is made of real amber. This money tree is handmade from natural wood with hundreds of natural amber stones on the branch of the tree. Amber is believed to bring good luck and often become an escort of a warrior during battle. Giving an amber tree bonsai as a money tree gift hopefully would attract the positive energy of good luck, wealth and prosperity.

18. Crystal Tree for Men

 Crystal Tree for Men

The list of this money tree might be filled with gold and colorful things. For men who don’t like a colorful money tree, this crystal tree for men can be considered as the good money tree gift idea. The crystals are made with black obsidian which comes with a great and natural quality such as truth, integrity, honesty and grounding. 

19. Lapis Lazuli Money Tree

Lapis Lazuli Money Tree

With the dark blue color as the unique characteristic, this lapiz lazuli money tree will be a wishing tree which enhances luck, power, and removes the negative energy. It’s a great money tree gift idea made of natural Himalayan quartz with a wooden block as the base.

20. Large Turqoise Money Tree

Large Turqoise Money Tree

This beautiful turquoise money tree is made of crystal painted with turquoise color to create the turquoise color effect. It’s believed to bring luck as well as strength and clarity to the intellect. This is a fabulous money tree gift idea which would make great Christmas gifts for friends, family, and relatives.

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21. Fiscus Banyan Tree

Fiscus Banyan Tree

A banyan tree is also called a blessed tree due to its characteristics that represent eternal life because it supports its expanding canopy by growing special roots from its branches. Getting a fiscus banyan tree bonsai as money tree gifts hopefully would bring luck and wealth, as well as adding a greenery color into the space.

22. Amethyst Clustered Tree

Amethyst Clustered Tree

This clustered tree is made of clustered gemstone tree with faux tree trunk set on a large grape purple amethyst crystal cluster on matrix. The amethyst as a natural stone has a characteristic of protection. Getting a clustered amethyst as a money tree gift would be the symbol a good luck, prosperity and wealth, as well as making a beautiful display in the room. 

23. Foliage Money Tree

Foliage Money Tree

This might look like a realistic plant, but it’s actually a replication of a green foliage surrounded by lemons. The lemon fruit itself symbolizes abundance, protection, longevity, fertility, cleansing, healing, and optimism. Such good qualities makes this foliage tree would make a great money tree gift as well as an additional décor to the space.

24. Araldo Crystal Tree

Araldo Crystal Tree

In Chinese Feng Shui, a crystal tree is a symbol of good luck, prosperity and wealth. It is also the thing for this araldo crystal tree. The crystals on the end of the branch are from real amethyst with its purple color which is considered as the lucky sign. This crystal tree would be one of the good housewarming gift ideas as a reiki healing home indoor.

25. Aral Crystal Tree

Aral Crystal Tree

This aral crystal tree is said would be great to improve career luck as well as an excellent crystal tree for those who are in managerial positions. That makes a money tree such as this aral tree popular among the executive or business relation gifts. It’s also a great Christmas gift for the loved one to help them attract wealth and prosperity, success and all good things.

latest post:

Can you give a money tree as a gift?

Giving a money tree as a gift is a great idea to consider. For the live money tree, it prefers low light, infrequent watering, and no need of direct sunlight. With very minimal care, a money tree can grow for years.

What does a money tree symbolize?

A money tree symbolizes good luck and positive energy to the house, therefore it’s a great housewarming gift. It has become a popular gift item for many occasions where the sentiment of luck is appropriate such as a business opening party, office anniversary, personal gift between businessmen, etc.

Where should a money tree be placed?

Based on the Feng Shui concept, it’s best to put the money tree in the southeast area of your home or office as the “money area.” The southeast is thought to be the most prosperous location of the home or office.

Does a money tree bring you money?

A money tree won’t bring actual money growth from the tree. It’s just a symbol of good fortune and prosperity for the house or office. Also, having a money tree is said to bring positive energy and good luck to the owner.

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