Raw Amethyst Stone 

Add this magnificent Raw Amethyst Stone to your gemstone collection and enjoy its limitless potential in aesthetic and functional appeal.

Throughout history, purple amethyst has enjoyed high esteem thanks to its striking beauty and legendary association with soothing and stimulating the emotions as well as the mind.

Though it might not be as rare as its precious stone counterparts such as diamond, its beauty far transcends its availability.

Renowned for these and many other remarkable powers, amethyst stone offers so much more than visual appeal. 

Raw Amethyst Stone 

It is known to stimulate cell regeneration, efficiency in blood circulation, sleep regulation and fighting bacterial growth among other healing properties.

Raw Amethyst Stone 

Based on legendary associations, the stone was also known to decrease impatience and assist in releasing addictions. Its name in fact derives from a Greek word, ametusthos, which means ‘not intoxicated’. Wearing the stone was thus thought to prevent overindulgence and drunkenness.

Whether you are looking to draw on its remarkable power or stunning visual appeal, or both, getting this raw stone is a big first step. 

Raw Amethyst Stone 

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