Tubular Glass Tree House

It is common knowledge that kids love trees. It’s a perfect natural playground for climbing, jumping, sometimes falling and being scolded by your mom.

The epitome of happiness for kids are tree houses built specifically for them to enjoy, play and basically live in.

This sort of desired solitude and possessing your own space follows many of us into adulthood.

We even buy ourselves napping pods or ostrich pillows to have at least a slither of time just for ourselves. This is why this tubular glass tree house combines everything you have ever craved for both as a kid and an adult.

Tubular Glass Tree House

When it comes to real estate and house construction we know what usually happens to indigenous trees on the site.

They get cut, unfortunately, plain and simple.  However, the concept of building around the trees that were there first gains more and more popularity.

Tubular Glass Tree House

It usually results in bizarre but awesome houses that tend to blow up the internet and attract plenty of people.

But never before has such a concept been so masterfully and elegantly executed like with this tubular glass tree house.

The design for this building comes from Aibek Almassov, a young architect from Kazakhstan.

His vision of a sustainable and environmentally conscious house resulted into the beauty you see in front of you. It is a four-story construction built around a 40-foot tree.

Tubular Glass Tree House

The house is supposed to have everything you might need for a comfortable living off the grid.

The electricity will be delivered to the house through the work of solar cells that are built right into the glass. The rain water will be collected and heated or purified for daily uses.

This sounds like a cool eye-catching concept that reportedly can become a reality pretty soon. It, of course, raises several questions in case of the elephant in the room or should we say the tree in the house.

How is the tree supposed to grow healthily if it is completely cut out from the ecosystem? What about ants, fungus, or cleaning and maintenance in autumn? Guess we would have to wait and find out.

Tubular Glass Tree House

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