Pop-Up Napping Pod

Remember how you, as a kid, used to build blanket forts to hide away and live in your own imaginary world? Well, this Pop-Up Napping Pod is like an instant pop-up blanket fort for adults.

Anytime time you need to hit pause, relax, and destress you can unfold this pod and enjoy your own space.

This pod can be taken with you anywhere you want as it easily fits in a portable bag. You can take it with you to work and take a nap in time during lunch break.

You can also take it for a camping trip if you think you’d need a time-out from your noisy camp-anions. Has your flight been delayed? 

Open up your pop-up napping pod, that will make waiting somewhat more bearable. Or you could just use it at home to read, meditate, draw, or do anything else you please in it.

Pop-Up Napping Pods

Apart from the pod’s easy installation and portability, it’s got several more benefits. The fabric used in its construction is light reducing one. Meaning that if you want it even the sun won’t be able to disturb your quiet alone time.

Pop-Up Napping Pods

The fabric is also breathable, but just in case several ventilation openings have also been installed in the pod. You also get a foldable leg compartment that you can use when napping or lying down.

Pop-Up Napping Pods

Plus, there’s a reading light included for all you book-reading puzzle-crunching crazy kids.

Pop-Up Napping Pods

If you sometimes feel like you’re close to hitting someone with a keyboard (like that amazing scene in wanted) from all the frustration and overstimulation, you need this pop-up napping pod.

It will save someone’s teeth and bring you to your normal zen state. 

Pop-Up Napping Pods

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