25 Adorable DIY Mother’s Day Gifts From Preschoolers

Mother’s day is a special occasion worth celebrating not only for the mothers but also the kids. It is important that children understand the importance of appreciating mom’s hard work and dedication from a very young age. One of the things kids can do to express their love and gratitude towards their moms is through mother’s day gifts. And there is nothing more valuable than a gift that they can make themselves. 

However, younger kids such as preschoolers need some help and assistance to make such gifts. Other family members such as father, aunt, or older siblings may help them with the projects. But it is actually possible to give mother’s day gifts from preschoolers. So without further ado, below is a list of the most adorable mother’s day gifts ideas from preschoolers that they can make themselves. 

1. Rainbow Unicorns DIY Cards

Rainbow Unicorns DIY Cards

Regular cards are kind of boring. Unicorn cards, on the other hand, are a lot more interesting and awesome. And it can be fun mother’s day gifts from preschoolers. Because moms are as awesome as unicorns, right? This set includes unicorn shaped cards that come with rainbow yarns for the unicorn hair and panting kit to draw or write simple mother’s day messages. 

2. Hand Painted Rocks

Hand Painted Rocks

Children love to collect weird things such as rocks. Some kids even have their own collection of rocks they find on the yard or streets. And it is going to be so fun to be able to paint on the rocks. With this rock painting kit, children will be able to express their creativity and create a cool collection of rocks they make themselves. It can be a fantastic mother’s day gift from preschoolers too. 

3. Hand Painted Custom Name Ceramics

Hand Painted Custom Name Ceramics

Custom mother’s day gifts are the best. It can bring out everyone’s personality and can feel more valuable both for the mother’s and the children. With this kit, preschoolers will be able to add personal touches to the custom letters and gift it to their moms on the mother’s day to create a mother’s day gift from preschoolers that is truly unique and priceless. They can pick the letters themselves and decide whether they’ll go with their mom’s names or just spell the word mother. 

4. Handprint Card

Handprint Card

Store bought cards will also do the job just as well. But an additional personal touch will melt every mother’s heart. This printable card, for example, comes in a beautiful design of watercolor flower painting. After the card is printed, children can add their cute little hand print. It not only looks beautiful but also feels very personal and gives a hand-made feel. 

5. Button Art Decoration

Button Art Decoration

Decorations are fun ways to make the house feel more decorated and fun. Children can play their roles in decorating the house too. And don’t kids crafts are the cutest gift idea to give on mother’s day? With this button craft kit, children can make their own mother’s day gift by painting the wooden dinosaur and decorate it with buttons, glitters, and embellishments. Keep in mind that younger children need to be supervised when doing this project since it involves many small parts. 

6. Sweetheart Mosaic

Sweetheart Mosaic

Mosaic is also a nice mother’s day gift idea from a child. It is also relatively easy to do even for preschoolers. This kit includes a wooden base and colorful recycled glass stones. Children can do this craft easily by simply gluing the stones to the base. It will make a beautiful mother’s day gift from preschoolers that will melt every mom’s heart. 

7. Window Art Decoration

Window Art Decoration

Stained glass makes every building and room more beautiful. It usually appears on public buildings such as the church or old houses. But you can have it in your house too. Even better, your children can make them. This kit includes various suncatcher shapes and vibrant paints to stain the glass. Once the preschoolers are done painting the suncatchers, they can give it to mom on mother’s day and moms can attach it to the windows easily with a suction cup.  

8. Little Hands Picture Mosaic

Little Hands Picture Mosaic

There are so many mother’s gift ideas children can make using mosaic art. This mosaic painting is relatively easy to do and makes cool gifts from children to moms. This kit comes with 5 pictures and stickers that is safe and easy to use for children. Whether they decide to follow the existing pictures or make their own abstract design, they can create beautiful art and give it as mother’s day cards. 

9. Hand Puppet

Hand Puppet

It is just fun to spend some quality time during the rainy days when outdoor activities are not an option. A hand puppet show can be a fantastic idea to do. It can be even more fun if the children make the hand puppets themselves. They can give the hand puppets as a gift for their moms and also put on a show as an additional gift. 

10. Marbling Paint Art

Marbling Paint Art

Marble paint is an easy and fun project to do. It usually gives unique and beautiful results every time. The water marbling paints works with water and allows kids to create dazzling artwork. After pouring the paint on water, kids swirl and twirl the paint until they reach the desired design. After that, they can simply transfer the art into the paper and they have their very own unique art they can use as a mother’s day card. 

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11. Sand Art Decorations

Sand Art Decorations

This one might be a little tricky and younger kids definitely need to be supervised during the process. But once they are done with the art, though, they will have the coolest mother’s day gifts from preschoolers. This kit includes unique shaped sand bottles making it a great decorative piece mom can put on the living room, bedroom, or everywhere around the house. 

12. Keepsake Hands Casting

Keepsake Hands Casting

And if you want a timeless piece the family can keep forever, this hand casting can be an option. Mother and children can hold hands together to the mix creating a mold to create a priceless sculpture. This is one of the mother’s day gifts from preschoolers that the whole family can keep forever. 

13. Felt Purse

Felt Purse

How sweet would it be for a child to give their mother a purse? Even better, they can even make the purse themselves. This sewing kit includes felt fabric that is safe for children and easy to work with. It comes with a plastic needle that is safe to use for children. However, younger kids still need to be supervised when using it. It also comes with adhesive so it can be a safer option. And once they are done, they can give it as mother’s day gifts to mom. 

14. Rainbow Scratch Paper Card

Rainbow Scratch Paper Card

Making cards can be a tradition a child can start from a very young age. And scratching paper can be a fun way to make a mother’s day card. With this scratching paper, children can create drawings or write simple messages. Children can effortlessly scratch the paper to reveal beautiful rainbow colors underneath. And since the paper is thick and sturdy, it is very appropriate as a card and can be kept for a long time. 

15. Paper Plate Art

Paper Plate Art

Paper plates are often used during parties. But they actually can be more than just a single use plate people throw after the party’s over. This kit includes paper plates and accessories that are easy to remove and stick allowing younger children to transform paper plates into cute animals. They can give it as mother’s day gifts from preschoolers and moms can stick it to the wall with the adhesive foam that comes with the package. 

16. Hand Painted Wind Chime

Hand Painted Wind Chime

This kit allows children to create wind chime as a mother day gift. The package comes with a painting kit that is easy to use even for preschoolers. Make sure that younger kids are supervised when using the kit. Since it is a fun and easy activity, it can make great mother’s day gifts from preschoolers and mothers can hang it proudly knowing their kids are making it for them. 

17. DIY Bracelets

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Some say jewelry is the best thing a woman can get. This still applies even though the jewelry is a glittery bracelet their kids make specially for them. This set includes 4 double-sided bracelets, sparkle gems, and glitter stickers. The bracelets are adjustable so even moms can wear it. This is a simple project that actually makes a lovely mother’s day gift from preschoolers. 

18. Handprint Bowls

Handprint Bowls

Polymer clay is a firm clay that must be worked and kneaded to become pliable before rolling together so younger children will need some help with the process when making these handprint bowls. However, they can still take part in creating the bowls by tracing their hands and it will make cute little bowls that mom can use as a decoration or to store her favorite knick-knacks. 

19. Painted Squishies

Painted Squishies

Being a mother can be quite stressful. There are so many things to take care of and many of them can happen all at once. Stress reliever toys can help them a bit, especially if they have cute designs their kids make for them. The kit comes with a wonderfully compressible bunny and a hedgehog they can paint using the included four-color palette. Such fun mother’s day gifts from preschoolers. 

20. Yarn Tree

Yarn Tree

A yarn tree is another mother’s day gift idea a preschooler can make. They can simply wrap the pre-assembled wire tree with the included colorful yarn to create a storybook-worthy design that can be used to display jewelry or as a decorative piece. Even though the project is pretty easy to do, younger kids still need to be supervised and helped during the process. 

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21. Love Bug Jewelry

Love Bug Jewelry

Another handmade jewelry as mother’s day gifts from preschoolers? Why not? Kids will channel so much love to the project making it even more priceless. And moms can wear the jewelry on a daily basis since they are actually beautiful. Each container houses a handful of adorable pendants and accessories allowing them to be creative and make personalized jewelry for mom. 

22. Hand Painted Mug

Hand Painted Mug

It is very important for moms to have a me time at least once a day whether it is their coffee morning time, or afternoon tea time. There is no better way to do that other than by using a hand painted mug their children make for them. This kit comes with a ceramic mug, painting kit, and decorative stickers allowing kids to decorate the mugs however they please. And once they are done, they can offer the mug as a mother’s day gift from preschoolers that look very adorable and actually functional. 

23. Furry Feet Footprint

Furry Feet Footprint

Children’s handprints and footprints always seem so valuable for mothers. This is due to kids’ natural growth that makes their body size changes along with time. This is why when a mother gets a handprint or footprint in any form, they will keep it for the rest of their life. This kit includes an animal illustration print and preschoolers can stamp their feet onto the picture to make it personal and give it to their mother as a memory keepsake. 

24. Button Flower Bouquet

Button Flower Bouquet

A flower bouquet is always a great gift idea. Now, these button flowers are very easy to assemble, even young kids can do it. They may need help when attaching the flower together with the wire, but they can definitely put together the flower bouquet in the wooden vase. It will make such a fantastic mother’s day gift from preschoolers that can be used as a decorative piece around the house. 

25. Clay Crafts

Clay Crafts

And if the preschoolers really want to make something truly special like no other, they can try to make sculptures using clay crafts. This clay is fairly easy to work with and children can make different shapes with it. The outcomes don’t need to be something truly professional with intricate design. It can be a simple rectangle or heart shape. But when the mother knows their kids make it, they will be very happy to receive it. 

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Why should children celebrate Mother’s Day?

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Giving a mother’s day gift is one of the most popular ways to honor mother’s around the world. Aside from that, there are also some ways that kids and the rest of family members can do. They can make mother’s feel ultra special by waking them up with breakfast in bed, preparing bath water, showering them with gifts, and giving them some time to break. 

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