25 Cute Valentines Day Gifts for School and Kindergarten Classmates

Valentines is a special day where people usually express their affection through exchanging gifts. Most people associate Valentine’s Day just for couples in a relationship, but actually everyone can celebrate and express their affection to the loved one, including family and friends. Giving cute valentine gifts for classmates in kindergarten or primary school is one of the best ways to celebrate our friendship with them. Some schools might have a gift-exchange event or classroom party to celebrate Valentines Day. For kindergarten kids and primary school students, getting a cute gift would make them excited because children tend to prefer a more colorful and appealing shape. 

Finding the perfect gifts to exchange could be a challenging task, because the bunch of options that are available on the market could lead us to be more confused about what’s the best to pick. For some kids, price also becomes the top rule for gifts they bought. Therefore, we are here to help by curating 25 cute Valentines Day gifts for classmates, which will help kindergarten kids, primary school students and parents to provide the best gifts to exchange with their classmates, without having to break the piggy bank.

1. Pencil Party Favor

Pencil Party Favor

Cute things such as this knotted pencil would be fun and cute Valentines Day gifts for classmates. The pencil is equipped with valentine cards that say “Class would knot be the same without you,” which adds the element of cuteness to the gift. Moreover, it can also be personalized with a child’s name on the bottom. 

2. Chip Chip Hooray Tag

Chip Chip Hooray Tag

For kindergarten kids, creating a DIY gift to be exchanged in a classroom’s Valentine party would be an inexpensive yet sweet option of cute Valentines Day gifts for classmates. Kids can buy some chip packets and add this valentine card that says “Chip chip hooray” for extra fun. And then, the cards can be downloaded and printed with the child’s name on the bottom. Pretty cute, right?

3. Valentine’s Play Doh Set

Valentine's Play Doh Set

The adorable classmates deserve this adorable Valentines Play doh set. The set includes a Play doh and valentine cards that says “A-doh-able” which is a fun way of saying adorable. TO make it even cuter, kids or students can customize the card by writing the classmate’s name on the bottom.

4. Valentine Chocolate Gift Box

Valentine Chocolate Gift Box

Chocolate would be considered a classic Valentine’s Day gift, which everyone can enjoy. For the classroom party, bringing a Valentine chocolate gift box will be a sweet treat for the kids. They can customize the filling with cookies, snack, and also chocolate bombs. In addition, there are several other filling options that are available to choose. 

5. Unicorn Treat Tags

Unicorn Treat Tags

Another DIY Valentine idea for a cheap and cute Valentine’s day gifts for classmates would be this DIY lollipop with a Valentines card. Kindergarten kids or students can buy some pre-printed cards with cute design such as this “Be Uni-Que” card, and attach it to a sweet lollipop. It will be cute and sweet treat for their sweet tooth. 

6. Valentine Tattoos for Kids

Valentine Tattoos for Kids

Kids would love a cute temporary tattoo. For the cute Valentines day gifts for classmates, give this cute valentine temporary tattoo to add more fun to the class. Each pack has 168 pieces of Valentine’s theme temporary tattoos. Moreover, these tattoos are waterproof, making them last longer. Ideal for kids and kindergarten to share with friends without breaking your budget.

7. Mochi Squishy Toys Set

Mochi Squishy Toys Set

This mochi squishy toy set would make the perfect cute Valentine’s Day gifts for classmates. The set includes 28 pieces of cute mochi squishy toys, red buckle ropes, plastic red heart boxes and also Valentine cards. Wrap the squishy toy and card with the plastic red heart, and the gift is ready to be exchanged. In addition, each toy also has a cute shape that kids and kindergarten children will easily love.

8. Love Bug Valentine Cards Set

Love Bug Valentine Cards Set

Kids can make a DIY cute valentine card for their classmates with this love bug valentine card set. The set comes with 24 pieces of Valentine’s Day greeting cards, butterfly models, and also gold ties. Assemble the pieces into a greeting card with a butterfly model in the front. This would be the perfect and cute Valentine’s Day gifts for classmates no matter if they’re a boy or girl, because everyone would love the cuteness of the card. 

9. Birth Month Guitar Pick

Birth Month Guitar Pick

A birth month guitar pick will make cute Valentines Day gifts for classmates who love playing guitar. The pick is crafted from gemstones, which can be personalized with your friend’s birth month. Each person will get a different guitar pick based on their birth month inspired gemstone. If you’re looking for a unique and out-of-the-box gift, then these guitar picks would be a cute and personalized Valentine gift for classmates. 

10. Birth Flower Necklace

Birth Flower Necklace

Giving a special gift to our best friends in the class would be a great idea. For highly personalized and cute Valentines Day gifts for classmates in primary school, getting this birth flower necklace can be a great item to consider. Just like the birth month gemstone, there’s also a birth flower. This necklace preserved the birth flower into a resin pendant, and it will make a highly personalized and cute Valentine Day’s gift.

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11. Galaxy Slime Heart Set

Galaxy Slime Heart Set

No, this is not just a slime. It’s a galaxy slime with a heart shape, special for a fun Valentine’s Day celebration among classmates. The galaxy slime heart set includes 28 Galaxy Slime Hearts and valentine’s cards. Each slime also has cute and humorous messages that uniquely match Valentines Day. What a cute Valentines Day gift for classmates.

12. Heart Lollipop with Sweet Icing Words

Heart Lollipop with Sweet Icing Words

Giving sweet lollipops as Valentine’s Day gifts for classmates would never go wrong. These sweet lollipops have sweet words written in icing sugar, which will make such a perfect sweet treat. One packet contains approximately 275 individual pops. Sounds too much, but you can also share them with the other parents to be given to their kids. 

13. Conversation Hearts

Conversation Hearts

Another sweet gift idea as Valentine’s day gifts for classmates could be this conversation heart. This hard heart shape lolly comes in multiple colors with special Valentine Day words imprinted on each piece. Undoubtedly, Kids would enjoy the assortment of flavors with cuteness overload from the heart-shaped lolly.

14. Acrylic Heart Keychain Set

Acrylic Heart Keychain Set

For a cheaper but cute gift, create a DIY valentine gift for kids or primary student’s classmates with this acrylic heart keychain set. The set features acrylic blanks in heart and round shape, tassels, key chain rings, and many other components. They can draw or paste a sticker on both sides of the acrylic blanks. moreover, it’s also a great activity to unleash kids’ imagination.

15. Art and Craft Supplies Set

Art and Craft Supplies Set

Let kids’ imagination grow with this assorted art and craft supplies set. This set would be the perfect valentine’s day gifts for kindergarten classmates to make them more creative. Each set comes with multiple supplies to let them embark on a creative mind. Without a doubt, it would make useful and cute Valentine’s Day gifts for classmates during a creative classroom activity. 

16. Animal Candy Holder

Animal Candy Holder

Add a little bit of cuteness to the candy holder with this animal candy holder. This would make cute Valentines Day gifts for classmates, which is perfect for classroom exchanges. The set has 12 die-cut, animal-themed Valentine cards featuring cuddly furry friends and also a Happy Valentine message on their stomachs. It’s perfectly designed to look like they are hugging a heart along with a piece of candy.

17. Scratch-Off Card Set

Scratch-Off Card Set

This scratch-off card is perfect for classroom exchange that will create a surprising effect. This card has 18 fold-over cards with cute heart stickers. Kids or students can write a personalized special message in the write-in area and cover it with the scratch-off sticker provided. Then, they can scratch it using a penny to reveal the hidden message! It’ll be an exciting and cute Valentines Day gift for classmates.

18. Scented Mini Markers

Scented Mini Markers

These scented mini markers are the closest definition of cute Valentines Day gifts for classmates, which feature colorful and eye-catching stickers to add more cuteness to it. Besides the cute sticker, each marker also has a special scent, which makes it more fun and joyful to play with. It’ll be a fun and cute gift as the marker also has refreshing scents with super smooth application.

19. Glitter Heart Stickers

Glitter Heart Stickers

Valentine’s Day and heart-shaped items are always associated with one another. Giving Valentine’s Day gifts attached with a heart sticker like these glitter heart stickers would make the gift look more cute and perfectly suits Valentine’s Day. Add this sticker as a complement to the gift or Valentines card to create cute Valentines day gifts for classmates.

20. Friendship Bracelet

Friendship Bracelet

Having a friendship bracelet with all the classmates sounds cute and fun to try, and most importantly it won’t break your pocket. Children in kindergarten can try to give friendship bracelets as cute Valentines Day gifts for classmates. With 48 pieces of colorful bracelets made of cotton, it has an enough amount for all the classmates to having the same friendship bracelets.

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21. Party Favor Eyeglasses

Party Favor Eyeglasses

Make the classroom party more exciting by giving party favor eyeglasses as fun and cute Valentines Day gifts for classmates. The eye glasses are made of plastics in a variety of bold, cheerful and also vibrant colors. The glasses’ bright color becomes a fun thing to pass for exchange and will make the party becomes more festive with all the bright colors everywhere.

22. Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

Talking about cute but inexpensive gifts for classmates, greeting cards should be included in the list. Get these greeting cards from Spread Love Collection as cute Valentines Day gifts for classmates. Each card already includes fun and cute phrases, making it suitable for kids and kindergarten students.

23. Animal Felt Mask

Animal Felt Mask

Wearing this animal felt mask on school events would add an extra fun. It’s perfect as the cute Valentines Day gifts for classmates, during a classroom party or gift exchange. Each set includes 12 various farm animals, which are made of quality felt. Moreover, the mask is also adjustable with an elastic string attached from the inside.

24. Dog Print Mini Bag

Dog Print Mini Bag

Put the Valentines Day gifts for classmates inside this cute mini bag for maximum cuteness. It’s a colorful paper bag with dog print on the front for an extra cute design. This bag will make gift exchange between students in a classroom more fun. 

25. Slap Bracelet

Slap Bracelet

Another fun and cute Valentines Day gifts for classmates would be this slap bracelet set. It automatically snaps on the wrist when slapped with some light force. Each bracelet has a colorful design that kids and kindergarten students definitely would love to have. Not just for kids, the fun and cute design of this slap bracelet makes it a perfect party favor suitable for any age, too.

Latest Post:

What should I get my classmates for Valentines Day?

Kindergarten kids or students can give many things as gifts for their classmates. For kindergarten kids or primary school students who prefer unique things, giving a knotted pencil and scratch-off card would make the perfect unique but cute Valentines Day gifts for classmates. If you prefer DIY ideas, which are usually less expensive, buying chips with attached valentine cards is also a good option.

What do you write in a Valentines card for classmates?

Writing for classmates in a Valentines card can be filled with joyful and hopeful messages. Some best examples could be “Glad for having you as best friend” or a simple “Best Friend Forever” is also suitable.

What are the best valentines for kindergarten classmates?

Children in kindergarten usually celebrate Valentine’s Day with a mini classroom party of gift exchange between students. As the best gifts for kindergarten classmates, kids can give some fun things such as a mochi squishy toy set or party favor eyeglasses, which will make the gift exchange becomes more fun.

Can Valentine’s Day be for friends?

Valentine’s day can be for friends, too. Friends can celebrate their friendship on Valentine’s day by exchanging meaningful gifts or spending the day together with fun activities. It’s not just a day for couples to celebrate their relationship, Valentine’s day is for all people to celebrate the joy of love with their loved ones.

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