26 Cool Summer Toys For Kids Of All Ages

Summer is approaching and it is a great season to enjoy the warmth of the sun and holiday. Yay! This summer is a great chance for kids to experience awesome games and bonding with peers, siblings, and parents. For kids, toys are not only for fun, but they can also learn fine motor skills, emotional control skills, and also awareness of surroundings. In their early stages of life, their abilities and development may differ from one another. It is because of their physical and psychological development that is developing so fast depending on the stimulus they get, either from parents, siblings, peers, or the environment. Children in different age groups may have different needs and abilities in playing with their toys as well. Thus, we need to classify their age and which toys they are suitable for this summer.

Summer is a bright and warm season that should be enjoyed by everyone of any age. If you are looking for the best outdoor toys or unusual backyard toys whether for toddlers, big kids, or even babies, be happy because we have a list of 26 cool summer toys for your kids this summer. So, let’s check them out!

Cool Summer Toys for Babies (6-12 Months old)

Babies can explore surroundings by grabbing anything close to them, chewing whatever they hold, and observing people’s behavior as well as nature around them. Since babies tend to put toys into their mouths, it is important to choose the best toys for them. It is recommended to choose squeaky, soft, and textured toys that are engaging, and BPA-free as well. We chose the best outdoor toys for your babies and all of them are compiled on this list. So, check them out!

1. Cola Bottle Baby Rattle

Cola Bottle Baby Rattle

Iced soda is the best summer friend for most adults and would give a fresh sensation when they drink it. But babies are full of curiosity especially when they observe people drinking a refreshing iced soda. This Cola bottle baby rattle must be put in your list of best outdoor and cool summer toys for kids this summer, especially for babies. Make sure that you wash this rattle before giving this to your baby and keep your eyes on them while they are playing with this rattle.

2. Knobby Ball

Knobby Ball

Babies love and need sensory toys to enrich their sensory and improve their fine motor skills. One of the sensory toys you can choose is these knobby balls. They come with several colors and squishy spiky surfaces, which would be enjoyable for babies who love crawling and running after the balls. Allow your babies to enjoy the outdoor breeze by playing with these knobby balls as the recommended cool summer toys for kids and babies.

3. Stacking Cup

Stacking Cup

Your cute babies are full of wonder with their surroundings, nature and almost everything. Stimulate and support their development with this stacking cup that can be played in multiple ways. It can be bath toys, outdoor toys and also backyard toys. Your babies can play it even until they reach preschooler ages. So let your babies enjoy their summer anytime and anywhere with this stacking cup set.

4. Water Sprinkler 

Water Sprinkler 

Summer is the best time to enjoy fresh water outdoors under the warm sun. Your babies can also enjoy the fresh water in their small pool or backyard with a cute water sprinkler. Water sprinklers are great backyard toys for your babies while bathing in their pool under the sun. Therefore, we put this as one of those cool summer toys for kids that you need to consider having. It can also be used even in other seasons when your babies are taking a bath. Furthermore, it will be so enjoyable for your babies taking a bath accompanied by this cute water sprinkler.

5. Baby Cloth Swing

Baby Cloth Swing

Enjoying summer outdoors would be a great refreshing activity. You might want to visit the nearest park or the most beautiful park you desired with your babies. You can provide yourself this cloth baby swing that can be attached under a strong, reliable horizontal pole, and enjoy your baby swinging while you relax for a moment beside them. 

Cool Summer Toys for Toddlers (1-3 years old)

Toddlers start connecting objects and figure out how objects work or are used together. Even though they develop more social skills, toddlers usually do parallel play or play by themselves. This summer is a great chance for toddlers to play, move, and experience things for the first time. Provide the best outdoor toys for them based on our below list. Let’s check this out!

6. Magnetic Fishing toys

Magnetic Fishing toys

Toddlers who are learning to put objects together would love this magnetic fishing toy. They would simply put the hanging ball to the magnetic objects and pull it up happily. This summer is a great season to let them play with this magnetic fishing toy outdoors. More than just a cool summer toy, it is also great to develop toddlers’ hand-eye coordination and they can learn about cause and effect.

7. Inflatable Water Sprinkler

Inflatable Water Sprinkler

Summer rain is a fantasy dream that would give a refreshing feeling during a warm sunny summer day. Well, it can be manifested into reality by providing this inflatable water sprinkle for your toddlers this summer. They will enjoy the sense of showering water on them from this upside-down U shaped water sprinkler. With enough space to enjoy the sprinkling water, toddlers would enjoy this activity with peers and siblings. This water sprinkler will be one of the best outdoor toys they get this summer. 

8. Water Tower

Water Tower

Playing with water in summer is the best activity for your toddlers. It is also a great chance for them to develop all of their fine motor skills, social skills, and also hand-eye coordination through pouring water into the water tower. Provide the best outdoor and cool summer toys for kids and toddlers who are actively learning about their surroundings. This water tower is one of the most awesome backyard toys for your toddlers this summer.

9. Balance Bike

Balance Bike

This balance bike is an easy to use bike for toddlers to learn balancing their body and bike with their feet. There are many advantages of using a balance bike for toddlers, one of them is that they can strengthen their muscles and improve eyes, arms, and also legs coordinations through movements. This can usually be used by 18 months old toddlers or toddlers who are able to walk and run steadily.

10. Bug Catcher Kit

Bug Catcher Kit

Have your kids ever wondered about what bugs are there in your backyard? Or what bugs are there in the park or outdoors? Well, you can share those wonders to your toddlers and find the answers together while exploring the outdoors using this bug catcher kit. This summer will be fun to explore wonderful little things scattered outdoors.  

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11. Excavator Crane

Excavator Crane

Sometimes, digging can be messy when it is done bare hand. Your toddlers need a device to help them dig better and have fun with it. This excavator crane designed for your toddlers to dig big and promote hand-eye coordination as well. Provide them with the best outdoor toys and stimulate them this summer!

12. Bucket Sand Set

Bucket Sand Set

Sand is a great sensory media for your toddlers’ development and it is also an infinite thing to play with. Your toddlers can put it in a bucket, or put it in a mold and form it into a castle, sea creatures, and any forms they like. Provide your lovely toddlers with this bucket sand set and let them explore through a pile of sand. This summer will be awesome if you have this cool summer toy for kids!

Cool Summer Toys for Preschool (3-5 years old)

At this stage, children will be more aware of their peers and might be moving from parallel play to associative play or making more interactions with others. But this is the perfect stage for them to learn how to live together and improve their communication skills. This summer, you can help them by providing the best outdoor toys on our list for them.

13. Crocheted Reusable Water Balloons

Crocheted Reusable Water Balloons

A water balloon is one of the best outdoor toys that is usually made of latex that might not be able to be degraded. For your preschoolers, the best outdoor toys should be eco-friendly and also safe for kids. You may need to consider these crochet water balloons that can be reused and are eco-friendly, too. Even though this toy is somehow unusual, this is a great choice for your preschoolers this summer. They will enjoy throwing water balloons to their peers as well as taking care of the environment. 

14. Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk Chalk

Preschoolers are full of imaginations that they can put into any surface by drawing it. This summer is the perfect time for you and your preschoolers to go outside and draw anything on the sidewalk. Give colors to the sidewalk with colorful sidewalk chalk and draw anything you like. This drawing activity is so fun yet it also stimulates your preschoolers to be ready to write when they get into their school years. 

15. Kite


Enjoy the summer sun and wind with a beautiful kite with your preschoolers outdoors. This summer will be highly enjoyable for your preschoolers to learn nature with you. As one of those cool summer toys for kids, this kite flying activity is great for your 6-8 year olds to promote their hand-eye coordination, gross motor skill, and also kinesthetic awareness.

16. Bubble Wand Set

Bubble Wand Set

Playing bubble is incredibly fun for kids of all ages, including adults. To produce as many bubbles as you want, you need this bubble wand set that has various forms and holes that allows you and your preschoolers to make as many bubbles as you desire. Grab this bubble wand set and make bubbles together!

17. Ring Toss Game

Ring Toss Game

Another hand-eye coordination device that comes with so much fun in it is this ring toss game. It is so fun to play, not only for 6-8 year olds, but also for the parents, too. Why not enjoy this summer with your preschoolers by playing this ring toss game? You can enjoy and relax while you preschoolers learn to improve their hand-eye coordination. It is so fun yet beneficial.

18. Sand and Water Sensory Activity

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Your preschoolers have so much energy and wonder about the world that requires them to do more activities than adults. They are also developing social skills with peers, siblings, and parents through their activities. This sand and water sensory activity table is a cool summer toy for your kids who are preschoolers to learn about sand and water together with their friends.

Cool Summer Toys for Little Kids (6-8 years old)

Little kids are able to follow directions and instructions, develop self-discipline, have learnt logical consequences, and are even able to make simple decisions. However, those skills just started to develop and need more chances to make it even better as they grow up. This summer is the best time for your little kids to develop all of their soft skills and have fun with it. Choose the best outdoor toys for them and play together! 

19. Parachute Toy

Parachute Toy

A parachute toy is one of the most cheap yet fun outdoor toys you can provide for your little kids. They would love to throw the parachute toy into the air, see it fall down slowly and repeat. This parachute toy is an awesome toy to be used in the beach, backyard, and other outdoor areas. While enjoying this summer, you and your little kids can play together and build a great bond between each other.

20. DIY Kaleidoscope Kit

DIY Kaleidoscope Kit

Kaleidoscope is a magical toy showing a perfect symmetrical image of color combinations through a viewing tube. It allows your little kids to explore and experiment with colors that they find around them. Dry leaves, fallen flowers, fur and other things can be put in the kaleidoscope chamber. A DIY Kaleidoscope kit is a great and magical toy for your little kids who are curious about the world. They can put anything in the object chamber part and see the magical reflection through the tube.

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21. Noughts and Crosses game

Noughts and Crosses game

Your little kids who are starting to develop cooperative play will be enthusiastic in playing this noughts and crosses game, either with peers, siblings, or even parents. This game is a two player game that is played by taking turns on marking the spaces with X or O on a three-by-three grid. This is a simple game but addicting to play. Truly one of the most recommended summer toys for kids.

22. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Your little kids are full of wonder that they often find new things around but do not know how to mention it. Give them a chance to explore more about the things around them through this scavenger hunt activity. Let them know how to mention things and what is there around them. Support them to explore their summer backyard with this backyard scavenger hunt print out. 

23. Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga

A pile of wooden giant jenga is one of the cool summer toys on our list. You can play it with your little kids both indoor and outdoor. It requires strategic planning, concentration, and good hand management in order to be able to move one block of jenga correctly. It is exciting to see how one block taken away could impact the whole pile. Whether it stays standing or breaks down completely.

Cool Summer Toys for Big Kids (10-12 years old)

As they grow up, little kids become big kids when they reach 10-12 years old. With better physical and psychological development they have reached, they will be able to lead their peers and little siblings and do better play from time to time. Let’s have fun with them this summer with these cool outdoor toys on our list!

24. Water Battle Gun And Vest

Water Battle Gun And Vest

Your big kids should have a stronger body and better management than when they were younger. Thus, this water battle gun and vest can be included in their list of backyard toys considering their safety and ability in playing the game. The vest has 5 scoring points that will turn into blue or red color when it is hit by water. The more scoring points turned, the more their rival gets the points.

25. Pool Fighting Log Floating

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26. Obstacle Course in A Box

Obstacle Course In A Box

Your big kids are ready to solve more challenges this summer with this obstacle course in a box. This is one of our best outdoor toys yet unusual because it comes with 54 exercises your big kids can do. What a lot of choices of activity for this summer. It surely will keep your 10-12 year olds busy, healthy and active while enjoying summer with you. Provide various activities for your big kids and enjoy summer with them! 

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What are the best cool summer toys for toddlers?

Sensory and other activities that can promote hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills and exploring surroundings, would be the best activities for toddlers. In reaching those things, the best cool summer toy for toddlers is bug catcher kit. It is a toym which allows toddlers to do those things simultaneously. 

What are the best summer toys for 6 year olds?

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What are the best outdoor summer toys?

For all ages, the best outdoor summer toys are the sand and water sensory activity table. It allows your toddlers, preschoolers, little and big kids to play together. It is a lot of fun and also promotes their sensory as well as their social skills. This summer will be a great summer for all!

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