25 Wonderful Labor Day Gifts for Hardworking Workers 

Labor Day is an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of workers. It is a great time to honor the hard work of those who labor so many hours throughout the year. Labor Day is also a nice holiday to show thanks for your loved ones who help you out with the daily tasks. Furthermore, it is a time to remember the workers who helped make America what it is today, and that is why many people choose Labor Day gifts for employee appreciation. In cities and towns all around the United States, Labor Day is still observed with parades, picnics, barbecues, fireworks displays, and other open events. If you happen to need an idea for that special someone on Labor Day, consider gifting them one of these items that will make their life easier. Or, simply let them enjoy the celebration to give them a day off.

Let’s take a look in the article below for Labor Day gifts inspiration you can give to your special ones. Whether you are looking for meaningful employee appreciation gifts for team building or just want to give simple gifts that bring happiness during the celebration, you will find the best Labor Day gifts from our top items below. Let’s get started!

1. Stars and Stripes Money Holder Gift

Stars and Stripes Money Holder Gift

Share happiness to all employees on Labor Day with the party money holder gift. Inspired by the US flag, it comes with the iconic stars and stripes pattern. You can fill the money holder with some dollars, making perfect Labor Day gifts for employees.It can be a precious and unexpected gift for them, as it will be very helpful for those who have financial problems.

2. Happy Labor Day T-Shirt

Happy Labor Day T-Shirt

In case you are looking for a team building uniform during the Labor Day celebration, then you should consider the fantastic shirt. It features a simple “Happy Labor Day” text with amazing US flag pattern fill. The shirt is very soft and comfortable as it is made from 100% cotton, making ideal Labor Day gifts for employees during team building.

3. Patriotic Stars Treat Drawstring Bag

Patriotic Stars Treat Drawstring Bag

Food gifts will be wonderful small gift ideas during the Labor Day celebration. Therefore, you can fill the charming drawstring bag with some chocolates and snacks. The patriotic stars patterns are inspired by the national flag, radiating the merry celebration. This is definitely one of the smartest Labor day gifts to share happiness to all employees and their families. 

4. American Flag Shutter Glasses

American Flag Shutter Glasses

Rock the Labor Day celebration this year by giving these cool shutter glasses to all employees. The funky design along with the US flag motifs makes a great fashion item for those who join the parade and celebration. Your employees will wear these glasses with pride and happiness on Labor Day. It will be one of the most fashionable Labor Day gifts in their life.

5. Labor Day Coffee Mug

Labor Day Coffee Mug

A simple but useful gift, a coffee mug will be one of the best Labor Day gifts to show your appreciation to employees. The elegant and patriotic design portrays your pride in them as valuable employees. The ceramic mug is also very useful for office morning coffee, giving them extra energy to work better than yesterday. Your employees will surely be happy receiving the wonderful gift. 

6. Patriotic Wreath Ornament

Patriotic Wreath Ornament

Show your appreciation to the employees and the whole family by giving them charming patriotic wreaths on their house. With the beautiful patriotic wreath, they can feel the Labor Day celebration at home. It features the US flag decor which is completed by a lovely greenery and ribbons, making beautiful Labor Day gifts for home decor ornament.

7. US Flag Cable Knit Throw Blanket

US Flag Cable Knit Throw Blanket

Let your employees enjoy their day off during Labor Day with the awesome throw blanket. It has an American flag motif printed on the whole blanket, showing their patriotism and loyalty to the country. It is also made of the cotton material that is incredibly warm, lightweight, hypoallergenic, and cozy so they can unwind in their environment.

8. Hourly Rate Funny Labor T-Shirt

Hourly Rate Funny Labor T-Shirt

Make a gag to your engineer friends with the funny t-shirt as their Labor Day gifts. Especially if they often complain of their low salary, then you can increase it with the t-shirt. It features a funny design of the aerospace engineers hourly rate which will bring smiles and laughter to their faces. They can wear it during the Labor Day parade to joke around with the other engineer colleagues.

9. Mechanics Beer Mug

Mechanics Beer Mug

Get your mechanics colleagues their own beer mug to show your respect and appreciation for Labor Day gifts. Since their job requires them to stay up late, then the beer mug can be their perfect buddy to refresh their mind. Made from copper, steel, and wood, it creates a msculine and attractive beer mug with the iconic mechanic tools in the center.

10. Labor Day Leisure Pillow

Labor Day Leisure Pillow

Let your hardworking workers enjoy their day off on Labor day with special Labor Day gifts that bring them comfort. The leisure pillow will be a perfect option to celebrate Labor Day at home. It features an appealing design that lights up the celebration. The texture is soft and comfortable because it is made of plush fabric. Your employees will surely be thankful with the amazing gift.

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11. Happy Labor Porch Banner

Happy Labor Porch Banner

Surprise your hardworking employee with a fantastic porch banner on Labor Day. This gift is ideal for team building ornaments or even a wife who wants to surprise her hardworking husband during the Labor Day celebration. This banner is also rustic, durable, and reusable because it is made from polyester oxford fabric. This surprise will make your employees feel special and encourage them to work better. 

12. I Support Union Labor Hoodie

I Support Union Labor Hoodie

Support your hardworking employees by giving them uniform attire they can wear during the Labor Day celebration parade. The charming hoodie comes with a cool US flag design in solid colors, showing your support to union labor. Any union official, spokesman, or union thug who is a member of the worker union squad would love this union enthusiast design.

13. Eagle Flag Embroidered Hand Towel

Eagle Flag Embroidered Hand Towel

In case you want to give a memorable keepsake for the Labor Day celebration, then the beautiful towel will be one of the best small gift ideas to delight them.  It is printed with an embroidered American Eagle and comes with a navy blue bow. This towel design is quite delicate and can improve the festive mood. This gift will be one of the best Labor Day gifts for employees to treasure.  

14. Happy Labor Day Table Cloth

Happy Labor Day Table Cloth

Liven up the atmosphere of Labor Day celebrations with perfect decorations such as this beautiful party table cloth. This gift is one of the ideal Labor Day gifts for employees who love parties on the special day. Inspired by the American flag motif which is printed in premium polyester, the tablecloth is strong heat and stain resistant. Your employees will surely feel grateful as you support the celebration.    

15. World’s Okayest Employee Keyring

World’s Okayest Employee Keyring

Suppose you may only give the certificate of appreciation to the excellent employees, then Labor Day is the time to show your gratitude to them with charming Labor day gifts. The simple keyring is one of the best small gift ideas you can give for employee appreciation. The text titled “World Okayest Employee” serves as both a hilarious and inspirational meaning they will cherish forever. 

16. Nurses Are Angels Bracelet

Nurses Are Angels Bracelet

For those nurses who often stay up late and work hard all day, they are indeed the inspiring employees on Labor Day. Therefore, you can give them this beautiful bracelet to show your appreciation. It features 3 nurse theme pendants and a meaningful nurse quote pendant in one bracelet. It can be a wonderful symbol of appreciation all nurses will cherish forever.

17. Portfolio Leather Planner

Portfolio Leather Planner

Make your employees’ job easier with the smart portfolio leather planner. It can be one of the best Labor Day gifts to support their office life. It comes with several storages for papers, cards, and even a notebook they can bring in one go. Made from premium leather with a sturdy design, it gives a classic feel which is also durable for a long time.  

18. Patriotic Snapback Hat

Patriotic Snapback Hat

Express your patriotism with a little keepsake on Labor Day with the charming American flag snapback hat. The embroidered American flag design represents your pride for all workers in the United States of America. It is composed of high-quality polyester that is easy to wash, soft to the touch, and durable to wear. You can give it to all employees as a uniform parade outfit to celebrate Labor Day.

19. Welcome Onboard Kit

Welcome Onboard Kit

Welcome your new employees that have joined during Labor Day with the welcome onboard kit. The kit provides new employees essentials such as a welcome certificate, small bound journal, ballpoint click pen, and ceramic coffee mug. Those items are very beneficial to support their work in the office, making them feel welcomed and motivating them to work well.

20. Starfish Wisdom Appreciation Cards

Starfish Wisdom Appreciation Cards

Tell all your employees that they have made great impacts to the company with the starfish wisdom appreciation cards. The beautiful starfish story resembles their role that gives significance despite the level of your job. You can share the cards as a beautiful reminder and reflection during Labor Day, that they are the important parts of the company’s growth. 

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21. American Flag Fanny Pack

American Flag Fanny Pack

This fanny pack is definitely a useful and thoughtful gift for employees who often travel for business in the field. In case they can’t celebrate the Labor Day with other employees, then you can show your care by giving them the American flag fanny pack. Its waist bag design, which includes a concealed, thief-proof rear pocket, contains all of their necessities in an accessible, well-organized manner.  Your employees will surely feel grateful receiving the gift.

23. Employee Appreciation Basket

Employee Appreciation Basket

Celebrate Labor Day with something delicious for employees. The food gift basket is a wonderful way to share happiness on Labor Day. Each box contains 50 items of delicious snacks which they can enjoy with their family at home. You can share the box a day before Labor Day, so they can have an amazing day off with families and tasty treats.

23. Appreciation Stationary Gift Set

Appreciation Stationary Gift Set

Labor Day is a perfect time to say thank you to all your employees’ hard work. Suppose you are not good at words, you can give them a stationary gift set as employee appreciation. The black box features a small notebook, pen, a scrunchie, chocolate, and crinkle paper as symbols of appreciation. You can add personalized names on the box, making it more special to them.

24. Personalized Business Card Holder

Personalized Business Card Holder

A personalized gift will be a great gift idea on Labor Day, as you show your care to each of the employees. Therefore, the personalized business card holder will be a great idea. Made with real walnut wood, it gives a classic and timeless design. At the corner of the gift, you can customize the name with laser engraving. It can be a beautiful keepsake for employees to treasure.

25. Inspirational Tumbler with Keychain Gift

Inspirational Tumbler with Keychain Gift

This is definitely a perfect gift set for employees who often work in the field! Show your appreciation to them with a set of inspirational tumblers and keychains during Labor Day. The inspirational tumbler will encourage them to work hard while keeping them hydrated on the field. Moreover, the simple keyring with a meaningful quote can be a little charm they can put in their working bag.

Latest Post:

Do people give gifts on Labor Day?

Yes, they do. People use Labor Day as an occasion to thank your staff for all of their hard work by giving them gifts that they may enjoy at parties or when traveling. Moreover, bosses usually give thoughtful Labor Day gifts for employee appreciation or valuable items that support their work.

How is Labor day celebrated in office?

Having lunch or dinner together is an ideal way to celebrate Labor Day in the office. Human resource staff from several companies usually also initiate some team building activities with fun games and gifts. Everyone gains from taking a work break to have fun and mingle. It may be a good approach to reduce stress, foster teamwork, and get to know your staff.

What is the true meaning of Labor Day?

Labor Day, which is typically marked on the first Monday in September, honors the contributions and accomplishments of American workers. The labor movement started in the late 19th century, and it was declared a federal holiday in 1894. Labor Day gifts usually symbolize people’s respect and honor to them.

What activities will labor workers do on this Labor Day?

In keeping with the holiday’s initial intentions, which also called for local parades and celebrations, Labor Day is now celebrated with events like parades and picnics. Meanwhile, some of them prefer more intimate celebrations such as BBQ parties or simply spend their day off with families and relatives. 

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