25 Cool Flags for Rooms To Express Yourself

Cool flags for rooms? Why not? It is a cool sight since you will not see every day that there are flags in someone’s or your room after all. To clarify, it is a rarity to see a flag in a room.

Even though it sounds unique and out of the box, cool flags for rooms are needed not only to make your room more artistic but also to relieve your stress, especially if you are tired of getting burnout after work. You don’t need to buy a nation’s flag, here is the list of the cool flags.

3 Cool Flags for Your Room – Our Best Pick

Funny Flags for Boys RoomAesthetic Flags for Girls RoomFlags for Nationalist
Cool Pug Flag Unique Print“I Need A Room Full of Mirrors” FlagUS Army Crest Flag
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Best and Cool Flags for Your Bed Room

1. Beauty and The Beast Flag

cool flags

One of the cool flags for rooms that are inspired by a famous Disney series: Beauty and The Beast. But the difference is the beast in the famous film is not a tiger. A beauty to make you smile and a tiger to raise up your spirit, what is more to offer? The flag sounds like a good idea for a brave female.

2. Stonks Meme Flag

Stonks Meme Flag

Everyone in the stock market wants their stock’s price to go up instead of down. This is one of the cool flags for rooms that reflect the hopes of every stock investor and trader. The meme flag will be a perfect gift for your friend that is actively trading and investing in stocks. When their stock’s price is going up, you should give this as a gift.

3. Be Kind Flag

Be Kind Flag

Do you need a self-reminder? A sticky note is too mainstream these days, how about a flag with the phrase be kind in it? Not only to decorate your room but also to strengthen your principal to be kind to everyone. Cool flags for rooms are not only for art only but also have a deep message to deliver.

4. Cool Pug Flag Unique Print

Cool Pug Flag Unique Print

What is cooler than a dog that does a dab pose? This cute dog flag will reduce your stress after working sessions in the office. For a dog lover who is also a soccer player, this flag must be owned to decorate their room.

5. No Weenies Allowed Flag

No Weenies Allowed Flag

Spongebob fans will recognize this since the statement “NO WEENIES ALLOWED” since it is from an episode that Spongebob tries to act tough so he can enter the salty spitoon. The flag is suitable for Spongebob fans, especially older ones since the episode was aired in season 3.

6. Black Lives Matter Flag

Black Lives Matter Flag

We must support anti-racism because every human has had their basic right since they were born. With a black lives matter flag, your mindset will be firmer to support the anti-racism movement and not look down on people just by their skin color. This flag will make anti-racism activists happy.

7. US Army Crest Flag

US Army Crest Flag

A way to motivate yourself if you have a dream to become an army is having this flag in your room. If you feel lazy, just look at this flag. This one of the cool flags for rooms is also a great gift for someone who shares the same dream (to become an army).

8. Jolly Roger Flag With Patch

Jolly Roger Flag With Patch

The pirate flag is symbolized by a jolly roger. If you think pirates are cool, you can have one of these cool flags for rooms in your dorm. This flag is also recommended to be given as a gift to the one-piece fans.

9. Black Cat Halloween Hat House Flag


A fusion of creepy pumpkin for Halloween and a black cat with a witch’s hat. The flag is good to buy on Halloween day. If your friend needs cool flags for rooms for the Halloween party, you should give this to them.

10. No Step On Snek Flag

No Step On Snek Flag

This artistic flag sounds perfect for a snake lover. Just like the text said “no step on snek” that means no one should step on a snake. Even though a snake can’t read this, you should still be careful if there is a snake around.

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11. Yellow Smiley Face Flag

cool flags

It is just a bad day, not a bad life. This flag will raise your spirit after it falls. The smile will tell you that it is okay, you can do it again. Don’t worry, be happy. If your friend has a mental health struggle. You should give this flag to them.

12. Foot Student Athlete Flag

cool flags

If you are a student-athlete that lives in the dormitory with your athlete’s friend, you should buy this flag to feel more special and boost your self-confidence. But, if you are not a student-athlete, you can give this to your friend who is an athlete that needs a stress reliever due to hellish training.

13. Somewhere Flag – Sandy Beach Flags

cool flags

A backpacker or an employee that wants to use his or her leave should buy this long before going. The fresh nuance, the sandy beach. It speaks a holiday vibe that will make everyone motivated after a tiring day. These cool flags for rooms should be given as a gift to a friend who doesn’t use their leave and working non-stop.

14. Foot Checkered Flag

Foot Checkered sign

Racing fans should recognize this flag. They usually use this flag in the racing competition, therefore you should give this to your friend who is a geek of racing or automotive that is used in the racing such as F1.

15. Saturdays Are For The Boys Official Flag

Saturdays Are For The Boys Official Flag

Does your dorm have both boys and girls? You can spice things up with this flag. The flag is made by barstool sport. The UV-resistant and durable properties are good to be given as a gift to your friend who lives in the dorm.

16. Virginity Rocks Cool Flags

Virginity Rocks Cool Flags

Virgin or not, that’s not a parameter to measure someone’s success or capability. You can show your pride as a virgin with these cool flags for rooms, so no one will annoy you just because you are a virgin anymore. The flag is a perfect choice to give to the one who is bullied just because he or she is a virgin.

17. Flag Gorilla Lifting Weightlifting

Flag Gorilla Lifting Weightlifting

Lazy or not motivated enough to move your body and do some morning workout? This gorilla that does weightlifting will motivate you to do the same with the picture in the flag. If someone you know goes to a gym often, you should give this to them to motivate their training and habit.

18. Astronaut Relaxing In Outer Space Flag

Astronaut Relaxing In Outer Space Flag

A relaxing vibe is what you want after doing some hard work right? Just look at this astronaut, chilling in outer space. You will take this picture as an example and do the same thing with this astronaut. The flag is suitable for your lazy outer space lover friend.

19. Wolf of Wall Street Flag Cool Flags

Wolf of Wall Street Flag Cool Flags

Other cool flags for rooms that are great for a stock trader or investor are like stonks flag earlier. The wolf of wall street is a must-watch movie for them, therefore a flag that has a picture of the wolf of wall street’s protagonist will be perfect as a gift to them.

20. Yin Yang Flag

ying yang sign

The Yin Yang flag will create a peaceful vibe in your room. Also, the flag will increase your mindfulness because it contains spirituality as a symbol. If you have a religious friend, they will like this flag for sure.

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21. “I Love To Party” Flag

I Love To Party sign

Party sounds exciting, doesn’t it? If you are a party lover, this flag is a must-have to own, especially if your mental health is currently deteriorating. The flag also will make your friend who is also a party lover may invite you to his parties. Cool flags for rooms that act as a code is cool, isn’t it?

22. Twitter Status Flag

Twitter Status sign

A winner is born from mindset and confidence, that is for sure. If you need extra motivation and self-confidence, you should try this flag. The meaning of the statement above is you are a winner, not a loser if a bully or someone’s evil said that to you. A person who needs their self-confidence back after a traumatic or embarrassing event should have this flag in their room.

23. Polyester House Flag

cool flags

Do you need a flag that solely reason is for artistic purposes? The owl and the personified moon will make your room look more aesthetic. An artist should have this one flag too.

24. Evergreen Pilgrim Couple Applique House Flag

Evergreen Pilgrim Couple Applique House sign

The Pilgrim Era is quite famous, just look at the hat and the feather, it resembles clothes in that era. The cute flag sounds like cool flags for rooms that will reduce your sadness because of its cuteness and happy vibe.

25. Ghostbusters Flag

Ghost busters sign

Are you afraid of ghosts that live in your dorm? The flag will help in this case if the ghost can read the sign in the flag. Regardless, cool flags for rooms like this are a great idea to relieve stress because of their cartoonist design.

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