25 Gifts for Female Biker They Actually Wants

Female bikers are the most bad-ass women you may ever know. They’ve got the strengths, the courage, and a never ending thirst for adventure. At the same time, they embrace their femininity as the slogan “Ride like a girl” stated. Now, what should we get for them? Getting the most appropriate gifts for female bikers are something that we should think thoroughly about so we can get the gift that represents their personality and serves their best interest. If you are in search of the perfect gifts for female biker, below are 25 gift ideas you can get for cool and beautiful female bikers out there.

1. Personalized Swarovski Pendant Necklace

gifts for female biker

This pendant is the perfect representation of awesomeness and glam. Best of all, this pendant is totally personalizable as you can choose the birth stone as well as the initials or number. Customize the pendant to meet your female biker best friend’s personality and now she can ride with a touch of sparkle with them. 

2. Motorcycle Charm Bracelet

gifts for female biker

Personality can be shown through jewelry. For female bikers out there, this motorcycle charm bracelet can be that one jewelry that perfectly captures their identity. It is made out of high-quality silver plating that will stay as good as new no matter how long she wears it. It is also adjustable and can be squeezed smaller or pulled larger to fit their wrists. It’s also has a quote that says “find joy in the journey” to encourage them to go on more adventures. 

3. Motorbike Matching Promise Ring

gifts for female biker

If you are in a relationship with a female biker, what can be more romantic other than these beautiful matching promise motorcycle rings? These rings have an interconnected design to represent your connection and how you complete each other. You can elevate your relationship journey to the next level with these rings. They are perfect for the “ride or die” kind of bikers couple. 

4. Biker Babe Keychain

Babe Keychain

A biker can’t forget their key and a good keychain would make it easier for them to store their key and spot them. You can get them a keychain that is more than just a keychain. This biker babe keychain screams your support and can be a representation of how proud you are of them. This keychain includes a silver motorcycle charm, a stainless steel charm engraved with the phrase “biker babe”, an initial you can choose based on their names, and a swarovski crystal you can choose based on their birth month. A very thoughtful gift for the most beautiful biker babe. 

5. Custom Motorcycle Metal Wall Art

Motorcycle Metal Wall Art

Female bikers will love a statement on their living space, this is why this wall art can be a great gift for them. It is made out of high-quality metal and professionally laser cut for a smooth design. You can customize the text and put their name on it. You can even customize the text for their favorite words. Whichever please them the most since you must know them the best. It also comes with a string of fairy LED light that will light up their spaces and add an extra coolness to their wall. 

6. Open Skull Biker Ring

gifts for female biker

A piece of jewelry can be a way to show any female bikers how precious they are. This ring in particular is made out of pure 925 sterling silver that will stand the test of time. It also has a beautiful open skull design. It is the true example of wildness meets beauty, as your female biker babe can possibly be. 

7. Black Chopper Motorcycle Bike Wine Holder

Black Chopper Motorcycle Wine Holder

This chopper bike wine holder can add a dash to every female biker wine collection bar. It has a well-made chopper figurine that holds the wine bottle perfectly and securely. This wine holder is both functional and decorative that can be used to exacerbate any spaces whether it is a bar, a kitchen, or a living room

8. Women’s Harley-Davidson Jocelyn Leather Biker Boots

gifts for female biker

Every biker needs a pair of high-quality biker boots. These boots are constructed to give a female biker both comfort and safety. These boots are lightweight and have a full soft cushion lining so she can wear them comfortably during a long ride. They also have beautiful details so your female biker bestie can wear it smoothly in style. 

9. Compact Lightweight Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

gifts for female biker

Another item on any female biker must-haves list is a good quality helmet. It is crucial for them to get their head protected since the road can be a dangerous place. This helmet has a compact design that can fit any bikers well. It also has an aerodynamic DOT shell design and an aggressive styling to ensure both style and comfort for short distance and long distance ride. It’s completed with multiple ventilation panels that are effective to boost the cooling process for a freshening riding experience. It also has a wind and water sealant layer so they can wear it in any weather. The removable breath guard makes it the best helmet any bikers can ever have. 

10. Full Covered Screentouch Lace Glove

gifts for female biker

Gloves are essential for any biker. A good pair of gloves provide the bikers with protection and comfort especially during long distance rides. If your female biker friend often gets annoyed with the non touch screen gloves that annoy them because they have to take the gloves off every time they need to use their smartphones, then these gloves will eliminate that problem with ease because they come with touchscreen technology. These gloves will keep their hands and fingers nice and warm while also serving them the look with the elegant style. 

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11. Fix It Kit

Fix It Kit

During a long ride, so many problems might occur. Your female biker bestie might encounter a malfunction in the middle of the road. And while they are away from the city, they might need to be able to fix the problem themselves. This is when the fixing tools kit comes in handy. It comes with different screwdriver points and pliers so they will be able to do a quick fix before they hit the nearest bike shop. The best thing about this kit is that it is compact with interchangeable tools so it won’t take up too much space but serves different needs. Even better, this kit comes in two color options in black and light pink. 

12. Travel Cord Roll

Travel Cord Roll

When they are going on a long adventure, they will need their essentials ready at any time. This travel cord core will help them to carry all the basic electronics they need. It’s designed to carry different kinds of cords in one pouch. It is also extremely accessible and easy to roll back and store whenever they finish using it. It rolls into one simple stylish organizer that is light and easy to carry. 

13. Pocket Bike Pump

Pocket Bike Pump

Got trouble with flat tires? Worry no more. This pocket bike pump will help your female bikers friends a quick fix with their flat tires since this problem often occurs during a ride. This pump is so compact that your biker friend will be able to carry it in their pocket or pannier bag. It is made out of lightweight but tough aluminium material to ensure durability. It provides 90 PSI air that can be used in an emergency. This pocket pump is a necessity to be added on any road kit that won’t weigh them down. 

14. Sunglasses

gifts for female biker

During their day time ride, female bikers need to protect their eyes from the blinding sun rays. This is why including sunglasses to their riding kit is a necessity. These sunglasses are perfect for a biker who appreciates style. It has a stylish design but also protective to serve the most basic functionality of sunglasses which is to provide shades for a more comfortable day time ride view. 

15. Temporary Bikers Tattoo

Temporary Bikers Tattoo

It can be a stereotype, but bikers are often associated with tough looks including having several tattoos on their body. This temporary fake biker tattoo can be a funny gift for you and your female biker best friend to have fun with. It is easy to apply and easy to remove as well so your female biker friend can remove it whenever she’s done with the tattoo. This temporary tattoo is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to commit to a permanent ink on their skin yet. 

16. Biker Patches Embroidered Motorcycle Badge

gifts for female biker

Your female biker bestie will love to customize her belongings with some cool bikers patches. This embroidered motorcycle badge can be a great gift she can use to customize her clothing’s, jacket, pants, hat, bags, and many more. It has a cool “live to ride” design perfect to show the biker’s personality. It is embroidered so the color and detailing will stay the same even after years of wearing. This patch is also extremely easy to put on any material simply by flat pressing it with hot iron. No sewing skills required. 

17. Choppers Biker Black Messanger Bag

gifts for female biker

If your female biker friend needs to carry a certain amount of belongings during their ride, then this chopper black bag is the perfect match for them. It is made out of strong and durable material that can handle heavy stuff, also completed with different side and inner pockets for easier organization. It has a cool embroidered logo in front of the bag and fine detailing that will allow her to rock the style while getting all her stuff handled. 

18. Classic Slim Fit Biker Style Women’s Jacket

Classic Slim Fit Biker Style Women’s Jacket

What can show off a more biker style other than a biker style leather black jacket? A leather jacket can be a perfect gift for any biker because it provides style as well as functionality. The jacket will protect them from the wind during a long ride and give them warmth and comfort. This jacket is made out of real sheepskin so it will last for the longest time and stay in shape after years of usage. Completed with zippers, studs, adn detailing, this jacket will give her the most stylish biker’s look. 

19. Motorcycle Mount for Mobile Phones

Motorcycle Mount for Mobile Phones

Bikers need to stay connected too even when they are going on a long ride. Some bikers also create content for their social media and some online activities during their ride such as go on a live stream. This mobile phone mount will help them to do that easily and safely. They can answer a phone call safely without having to hold the phone by their hands. They can also listen to music and even make a video for their riding documentation. 

20. Biker Gnome Statue

Biker Gnome Statue

Imagine a gnome statue in a biker style. It can be an appropriate gift to put on a female biker yard. This gnome statue has a real biker style including a skull t-shirt, a helmet, leather jacket, boots, sunglasses, and even a beanie with fire detailing. This statue is made out of poly-resin that is durable and perfect either for indoor or outdoor.

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21. Dragon Motorcycle Figurine

Dragon Motorcycle Figurine

This piece of motorcycle figurine will make a good decorative item in the shelves, desktop, or even office. This figurine is a perfect gift for both motorcycle and dragon lovers. It is made out of poly-resin but the professional work makes it look like it is made out of real metal. Your female biker friend will love to put this figurine on top of their fireplace, bar, or even on their coffee table

22. Biker Bar Bird House

Biker Bar Bird House

This bird house has everything every biker bird needs. And if your female biker has a love for birds, this bird house will make a great gift for them. It has a very detailed design including a Route 66 sign, a table, and even a motorcycle parked outside. She will be beyond happy to hang this bird house outside of her house. This bird house also has an opening in the back for easy cleaning. 

23. Motorcycle Graphic T-Shirt

gifts for female biker

This moto graphic tee can be worn daily even when your female biker friend doesn’t go on a ride. It is made out of 100% cotton material that is very soft and durable. It has a Route 66 logo that is perfect to represent their love of riding a motorcycle. The best part of this t-shirt is that it is available in plus size, perfect for a female biker who embraces their curves confidently. 

24. Funny Ladies Vintage Biker Hoodie

Funny Ladies Vintage Biker Hoodie

Every female biker needs a go-to comfortable and soft hoodie to curl up in the cooler weather. The material quality of this hoodie is undoubtedly durable and soft at the same time. It has a front pocket that can be useful to store some stuff such as her phone and also to warm her hands. It has a beautiful vintage design with the quote “And she lived happily ever after” just perfect for a lady who loves to ride motorcycles and has a passion for vintage motorcycles. 

25. Biker’s Headband

gifts for female biker

One last thing we should not forget when thinking of the best gifts for female bikers is a good old headband. This headband in particular has a typical biker headband pattern. What makes this headband special is the detail of the HD design. It is made out of crystals and is perfect to glam up any Harley Davidson lover’s look. It is comfortable with opening in the back for ponytails. A cool gift option for female bikers who want to showcase their best biker style.

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