AirSupply Solves Flat Tire Anywhere You Ride with Integrated Air Pump!

Have you ever had to deal with flat tires in the middle of nowhere? Cycling is certainly an environmentally-friendly hobby that can positively improve our health. However, without adequate preparation, you may face a troublesome situation where you can get stranded in remote places.

Now, we can be better prepared to deal with unexpected situations thanks to this innovative air pump. Instead of carrying around bulky equipment to refill your bike’s tires, AirSupply will seamlessly be integrated with your bicycle’s seat post.

For people who love the beautiful outdoors, cycling is definitely the best way to explore. It does not require fuel, other than your own stamina. You can leisurely ride to enjoy nature or move fast through treacherous roads for that adrenaline boost. 

Cycling is also the most eco-friendly way for short or medium distance commute. Instead of using polluting vehicles to go to work or to school, bicycles are the ultimate alternative for everyone who loves our planet. 

The only weak spot of a bicycle is its tires. You have to occasionally refill your bike’s tire in order to maintain air pressure. Riding on flat tires is especially dangerous! You will not have much control and your ride will be very bumpy.  Furthermore, using a bicycle whose tire is flat would damage its rim.

Therefore, it is imperative that you always prepare an air pump for your bicycle! Unfortunately, people are often forgetful. You might have experienced a situation where you spent hours searching for a pump in your garage. It is very easy to misplace this item.

AirSupply Integrated Air Pump

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We also often underestimate the risk ahead. When you are planning to go on a long-distance cycling trip, you have to always carry an air pump in case you ride through places far from civilization. Losing air pressure in such a situation can be hazardous if you do not have a pump.

And so, AirSupply comes up with a indegineous innovation to attach and integrate air pump as your bike’s saddle post.

Because AirSupply is fitted in with your bicycle seat, you will always have an air pump ready to be used wherever you go. There will be no need to fumble around looking for a pump in the garage. And more importantly, the AirSupply pump will always be with your bicycle so you don’t have to worry about forgetting or misplacing.

AirSupply Integrated Air Pump

AirSupply will be constructed using strong aluminium metal that can hold 8 bar or 116 PSO. You can quickly fill any bicycle tires with AirSupply.  

In addition, This special pump also comes with an adequate hose to reach the back tire. AirSupply will also have two back valves to ensure that your tire is filled with air perfectly. You do not have to worry about added weight because it is only about 16.9 oz. 

Because of its small size, and being integrated with the seat post frame, AirSupply will not get in the way of your cycling. Always be prepared with AirSupply anywhere we go!

AirSupply Integrated Air Pump

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