25 Simple But Meaningful Mental Health Therapist Gifts

Sharing gifts with your beloved ones is a common thing to do to show affection for others. But what if you want to give something to your mental health therapist so you can express your gratitude? You know that being a mental health therapist is not an easy job. They are required to always listen to their patient’s problems and try their best to find the right solutions, even when they themselves may have big problems.

Here, we will share a bunch of mental health therapist gifts that you might want to get. You don’t need to buy something fancy. In fact, you just need to pick something simple but meaningful for them. You can also give them something that may help them to relax because they need to take a break from their work, as simple as giving a scented candle or tea. Let’s check out the following gift ideas below!

1. Boundaries Print

Boundaries Print

One of the easiest mental health therapist gifts to get is a poster that encourages mental health awareness. This one is about practicing setting the boundaries that many people find hard to do. It comes in 3 different sizes, so choose carefully which one that you want. The colorful design will make this poster interesting to read.

2. Printable Card You Are A Lifesaver

Printable Card You Are A Lifesaver

If you are that person who prefers giving a sentimental item, you can pick this idea. Buy this printable card that has a sweet design and you can write down your gratitude for having your therapist in your life. Tell them how much they mean to you. Who knows, maybe your words can be their reason to go on living too.

3. Dr. Teal’s Assorted Spa Gift Set: Eucalyptus

Dr. Teal’s Assorted Spa Gift Set Eucalyptus

Coming home after spending a whole day as a mental health therapist must be exhilarating. This spa gift set may be the right therapy gift for them as it contains 5 Eucalyptus and Spearmint scented bath sets including soaking solution, foaming bath, body wash, body lotion, and body oil that provide them with relaxation time.

Then, tomorrow they will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to help their patients again.

4. Therapy Cool Shirt

Therapy Cool Shirt

A cool graphic tee that can raise mental health awareness? Your therapist surely will say yes to it! This tee has several color options as well as a wide range of sizes, get one that would fit your therapist. After all, it is true that going to therapy is cool because it means you take good care of your mental health!

5. Personalized Pen

Personalized Pen

You should consider giving something simple but meaningful to mental health therapists. Something that is definitely useful in their everyday lives, for instance, a personalized pen. There are 19 pen color selections.

You can choose the type for its case, too! Last, you need to prepare what sweet message you want to be engraved on this pen.

6. Therapy Poster

Therapy Poster

Another poster that can upgrade the therapy room into a beautiful one. The line art illustrates the importance of sharing our feelings and struggles, in this case to a mental health therapist. The clean and crisp design would fit the room perfectly and the message can be easily understood by everyone.

7. Hug In A Tin Comfort Teddy

Hug In A Tin Comfort Teddy

A tiny, cute, but precious mental health therapist gift like this is preferable for child therapists. Furthermore, there is an option to make this personalized so it can be more special for them. It is handmade and has various types of fabric patterns. You can pick it together with your children to make sure what suits best for their therapist.

8. Mental Health Awareness Tumbler

Mental Health Awareness Tumbler

Combining mental health awareness with physical health awareness? This lovely tumbler surely does that. It has a design that will help anyone to have a positive mindset while constantly reminding them to hydrate themselves.

It holds 20 oz of water, has a smooth printed surface, and also comes with a reusable straw. What are you waiting for? Get these must-have mental health therapist gifts now.

9. You Make the World a Better Place Keyring

You Make the World a Better Place Keyring

A simple but cute mental health therapist gift like a keyring is the best. With this, you can give something that is not burdening for your therapist yet the message of your gratitude will be delivered very well through the meaningful quote.

Your therapist would like to receive this accessory, so they will always remember that they are doing an amazing job.

10. Custom Bracelets

Custom Bracelets

An accessory is another option for mental health therapist gifts. But you should avoid the luxurious and bling-bling accessory because you don’t want your therapist to feel uneasy about it.

Try this bracelet instead. It can be customized based on your desired contribution support, one of which is for mental health awareness. Furthermore, it is also a good gift for child therapists.

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11. Worry Healing Hut

Worry Healing Hut

Don’t ever think that your therapist doesn’t have any worry because they have it as well. This worry healing hut has the ability to clear up every negative thought that they have immediately.

All they need to do is just write down those fears or worries on a small piece of paper, curl it up and tuck it inside the house. After that, they can light up a match and burn the paper. Therapists can put it on the working table so that they can share the use with their patients.

12. Mindful Moment Intention Candles

Mindful Moment Intention Candles

Not only you, but your therapist also needs a mindful moment in their lives too. For that, you can give them this set of candles that can help them to take time for themselves just to relax and breathe intentionally.

The set includes 10 beeswax candles in six different colors, five incense cones, and an aromatic vessel filled with sand and crystal blend.

13. Warm the Heart Gift Set

Warm the Heart Gift Set

When you are longing to give your therapist a present but you can’t seem to find the right time, Christmas is the perfect occasion for that.

This set is an appropriate Christmas therapy gift as it contains a pair of hand-knitted slipper socks, 25 tea drops samplers along with its box, and a heart bouquet puzzle. These are exactly everything that everyone wants for Christmas!

14. Therapy Dough

Therapy Dough

You might think playing with dough is a thing for kids when the truth is it also helps adults to manage depression, anxiety, and difficult emotions. This therapy dough is infused with essential oils which can relieve stress and ease tension. Obviously a simple but meaningful mental health therapist gift, both for child therapists and adults.

15. Snake Plant

Snake Plant

A dull therapy room can make the patients feel uncomfortable and the session will not go well. Thus, having a plant might be an appropriate gift on this mental health therapist gifts list.

Aside from enhancing the room atmosphere, this snake plant has several advantages, such as filtering the indoor air, removing toxic pollutants, and acting as a mental health booster. In addition, this is an easy maintenance plant, too!

16. Artificial Succulent Plants Diffuser

Artificial Succulent Plants Diffuser

Let your therapist have an instant relaxation time by giving them a diffuser. However, this is not just the common diffuser you know. The pot and its artificial succulent plants can be a table decoration as well. Moreover, it is equipped with 7 colored LED lights that can add mood to the room. Such an allrounder, isn’t it?

17. Meditation Zen Garden

Meditation Zen Garden

We all know that meditation is necessary for mental health. However, meditation isn’t just about being still and breathing. It can also be achieved by playing with this sand kit since it is very relaxing and conveys peaceful energy. This is also fun yet thoughtful mental health therapist gift.

18. Positive Affirmations Desk Decor

 Positive Affirmations Desk Decor


A mental health therapist should have a space that is filled with positivity. Hence, including positive affirmation cards as a mental health therapist gift is ideal. It can be placed on their table as a decoration and changed every once in a while, so your therapist and their patient will always be reminded of positive things.

19. Tears of My Patients Mug

Tears of My Patients Mug

Perhaps you want a more lively and funny mental health therapist gift, then this one is our recommendation. With a cool design, this mug is obviously a practical and useful item for your therapist. Not to forget the brilliant jokes printed on it. Your therapist possibly wants to use this daily.

20. Cat Butt Tissue Holder

 Cat Butt Tissue Holder

Can you guess what is one of the must-haves on a mental health therapist’s desk? Yes, a pile of tissues. That is because most of the time, patients cannot hold their emotions, especially children. It is not a bad thing, though. Rather, this just gives you an idea that a tissue holder can be considered a therapy gift for child therapists. Besides, who doesn’t want an irresistible cat like this sitting on their desk?

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21. Wundermax Vegan PU Leather Portfolio

Vegan PU Leather Portfolio

A notebook is needed for everyone, let alone your therapist. They need it to write down their patients’ words and things that are important to them. But, instead of giving them a basic notebook, why don’t you give them this leather portfolio? It provides a lot of space for their necessities, from pen holders, document pockets, and a tablet sleeve. Of course, this one is also one of the must-haves for every therapist.

22. KIND Nut Bars Variety Pack

KIND Nut Bars Variety Pack

Your therapist might not have a long time for their break. Still, they need to eat something to make them energized and focused while having a session with their patients. Therefore, this pack of nut bars will be the right snack for them.

Containing 3 kinds of chocolate with 4 each, these healthy and delicious snack bars are certainly mental health therapist gifts that every therapist wants.

23. Mental Health Awareness Badge

Mental Health Awareness Badge

A badge with a cute and colorful design easily suits a therapy gift, mainly for child therapists. It can be attached to a bag, the collar on a shirt, jeans or skirts, and wherever they want. This badge will not only act as an accessory but also a way to spread mental health awareness to many people.

24. Personalized Sand Timer

Personalized Sand Timer

Looking at a sand timer can be relaxing apart from its function as a timer. Also, you can give it to your therapist as a handy mental health therapist gift for Christmas. You might think that it is ordinary, but you can make it more memorable by getting it personalized. Here, you can make an engraving of whatever you want for your therapist.

25. Knitted Throw Sofa Blanket

Knitted Throw Sofa Blanket

We can leave out a throw blanket for a Christmas gift, even though it is for your mental health therapist. Because chilling on the sofa while watching TV and putting a warm blanket around the body is what everyone does on Christmas eve! With 5 color selections, this knitted blanket would become your therapist’s best companion.

Latest Post:

What gift should I give to my therapist?

When it comes to mental health therapist gifts, it is best to start with something simple like a keychain or a personalized pen that they will use daily. Other than that, a pack of snack bars is a great idea. Last but not least, a meaningful decoration for their desk would work too.

What should every therapist have?

Aside from a formal education and skills that can be proven through important documents, like consent to treatment, there are several things that every therapist should have. The first and most important is a comfortable room as they likely spend sessions with their patients. Adding a plant or educational poster like this would definitely help. Other than that, it is better to have fidgets or simple toys to reduce patients’ anxiety. For example, this worries healing hut.

Is it appropriate to give a therapist a gift?

Although therapists don’t require a gift or any kind of acknowledgment from their patients, giving it to your therapist is still appropriate. But, you need to make sure not to give something luxurious to them because it is quite burdensome and may become a barrier between you and your therapist. Eventually, it only hurts your therapeutic relationship. So, it is necessary to give something small that can deliver your gratitude towards them.

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