25 Corner Fireplace Ideas to Warm Up Your Room

Before talking about amazing corner fireplace ideas, you better know why this spot is a must in your home. A corner fireplace is one of the spots at home that people love the most when fall or winter comes. The cool breeze will feel warm and cozy once the fireplace is turned on. Imagine you can gather with your family around the corner fireplace, enjoy snacks after dinner during winter, and watch your favorite series on TV until midnight together. It must be the simple happiness that you’ll always miss about your home and family.

Therefore, changing the style of your corner fireplace might be something that can freshen up your home. Placing a fireplace in the corner spot might be a great choice because there are lots of corner fireplace ideas that might be perfect for your home. However, if you still have no idea what style to choose, then keep on reading!

Plenty of ideas for your new corner fireplace are summed up here. Modern, rustic, advanced, and contemporary ones are all in. You can adjust your house theme including the paint, size, and also type of fire. Yes, the type of fire, such as electric or real one. So, what are you looking for? Let’s jump in!

How Much Space Is Needed for A Corner Fireplace?

Generally, the space for a corner fireplace is around 42 inches for the counterpart. So you can calculate your space whether it is enough to have a built-in corner fireplace in your house. Never buy the frame or any tools before measuring or you want to regret what you already did.

How Do You Arrange Furniture Around A Corner Fireplace and TV?

If your TV is not set above the corner fireplace, then you can set one or two sofas facing the fireplace while the others face the TV. You can put the TV on the right or left of the fireplace. It will make people who are seated still able to talk to each other comfortably.

BEST Corner Fireplace Ideas

1. All White Corner Fireplace

All White Corner Fireplace - p @settingforfour.com
Source: pinterest (@settingforfour.com)

This is one of the most comfortable corner fireplace ideas because it will be the perfect design for family gatherings. It is a combination of rustic and modern corner fireplace ideas and designs that look neat and clean, a great choice for those whose home features modern minimalist architecture.

Above the fireplace, you can put a nice mirror and other room decor to beautify your room instantly. By having this corner fireplace, you can have fun together with your family on a warm night. Furthermore, you can also watch TV without having to move from your spot.

2. Modern Black Corner Fireplace

Modern Black Corner Fire - p @caleo.ltd
Source: pinterest (@caleo.ltd)

When you think it is difficult to build a real fireplace, you can substitute it with a corner fireplace with an electric fire like this one. You can see that there is still a chimney design to make it feel like a conventional fireplace in case you don’t want to eliminate the rustic feel.

This corner fireplace idea, for sure, will bring a modern vibe to your living room once the guests see it. Moreover, the black color will fit your concept of neutral color at home. But we recommend installing this stunning piece against beige or white walls to make it stands out.

3. Corner Fireplace With Candle

Fireplace With Candle - p @apartmenttherapy.com
Source: pinterest (@apartmenttherapy.com)

There is nothing wrong with placing the candle inside the fireplace. In your corner fireplace, you can put the candle or the scented candle to substitute the real fire. Also, you don’t have to be afraid of burning since small candles are usually pretty safe for houses.

Though it may not give you warmth like the fireplace commonly used to, such a design will make it an ideal spot for homes with a limited area. Besides, it will serve as a centerpiece that you can decorate for Christmas, Halloween, or even Thanksgiving.

4. Modern Fireplace with A Closed Combustion Chamber

Modern Fireplace With a Closed Combustion Chamber

Whether you choose the electric or the true fire inside the fireplace, this is will come as one of the most recommended built-in corner fireplace ideas to level up your space. It has a modern and high-end design, and you can enjoy the warmth with a TV above.

It is like a dream house for most people. If you think you are going to place it in your bedroom, then nothing’s wrong with that idea either. You can have this kind of fireplace for the bedroom and turn it into a more advanced room at home. But in our opinion, it will make the best appeal and function in your living room or family room to adorn the area and spark warmth among you and your family members.

5. Conventional and Chic Fireplace

Conventional and Chic Fireplace - p @thecountrygirls.blogspot.com
Source: pinterest (@thecountrygirls.blogspot.com)

This is one of those corner fireplace ideas with a spot near the door, making it look like a pretty conventional or classic design for some people. But, its beauty will never fade due to the white paint of the house.

You still can feel its warmth and feel nostalgic just by sitting around the fireplace. Another tip, if you can place a mirror or some artwork above the fireplace, then it would be a good idea, too. However, you’d better paint the fireplace in a darker tone, knowing it will leave black stains due to ash and charcoal from burning. You know, it won’t look good in light shades though.

6. Hanging Fireplace

Hanging Fireplace

Minimalist with monochrome color of this built-in corner fireplace will be your hard-to-resist item. This idea is pretty suitable for the rustic yet modern house theme. Also, you can place the wood neatly below the fireplace, too. So, no more messy views around the fireplace.

Although this might be a conventional corner fireplace idea, the design somehow has a modern touch for people who see it for the first time. The chimney is slim as well, making it look like an ordinary pole. To highlight the rustic vibes, you can arrange a few woods beneath the fireplace. But make sure you close the cabinet door so that the flame won’t burn the wood.

7. Inside the Glass Fireplace

Inside The Glass Fireplace - p @Arjuno
Source: pinterest (@Arjuno)

The design is made for a safe, adorable yet still modern corner fireplace. For the minimalist house, this kind of corner fireplace idea is the best because your house will always look neat and clean, yet you still feel the warmth through the fireplace.

Look how you can store the wood neatly and how the glass is able to handle the heat. It is like a top-notch invention of the fireplace. With such a unique design, we recommend setting it in your living room as additional lighting and providing warmth for guests visiting in winter. And also, make sure you have sturdy glass to put on as the cabinet door. Otherwise, it will crack because of the heat.

8. Country Style Corner Fireplace

Country Style Corner Fireplace - p @nextluxury.com
Source: pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

This is one of the best country-style corner fireplace ideas. The natural stone, wood walls, and even the furniture vividly depict rustic styles. If you are looking for a corner fireplace design for your villa, this is the greatest option to set in the living room or family room against wooden walls.

It also allows you to really go all out to show how you love rustic themes and this traditional corner fireplace. To spruce up this space, we recommend arranging a wooden table and a comfy bench to hang around and have a chat while enjoying the warmth the fireplace offers.

9. Victorian Corner Fireplace

Victorian Corner Fireplace - p @pinterest.com
Source: pinterest (@pinterest.com)

The design will bring you back to the Victorian era. This is one of the most recommended corner fireplace ideas that is very chic, classy, and simple as well. Also, you don’t have to turn the fire on because candles will light up and warm your room.

No wood, not much smoke, and still stunning! If you want to make it like a real Victorian, you can place a mirror above it. So, you can dress up and take a mirror selfie there. And instead of leaving the candles on the fireplace floors that will get you in trouble cleaning them up, you better buy classic candle holders to match the vintage vibes.

10. Corner Fireplace As The Stove

Corner Fireplace as the Stove - p @hometalk.com
Source: pinterest (@hometalk.com)

For you who are looking for versatile items in your house, this one is the answer. It is a type of corner fireplace that can be a stove as well for you, to boil water or anything.

It is the next level design for a fireplace since you are not only warming up the room but also your body by cooking meals there. Perhaps you can do a BBQ inside your house without having to go outdoors. For that reason, it seems like you better set the fireplace in your kitchen or family room. So, you don’t have to bother going back and forth to the kitchen to make tea.

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11. Traditional Stone Fireplace

Traditional Stone Fireplace

Some people tend to leave this design. But for the classic enthusiast, this one is the prettiest corner fireplace ever! The bricks, stone, and wood feature a similar, terracotta brown color that offers warmth around the spot.

Since it has a cozy setting, it’s not that hard to make this spot your favorite. You just need to set a cushion, a wooden bench, a table around, and a blanket to enjoy reading while keeping your feet warm. Or, if you want to go beyond, build a mini brick bench connected to the fireplace. That way, you’ll save a lot of space!

12. Spacious Corner Fireplace

Spacious Corner Fireplace

A spacious corner fireplace is an idea for you that has a mansion. The design is similar to a small glamping tent with a fireplace as the center of attention. Since the design is unique, we guarantee your guests will be amazed once they see it.

Considering the size, it will fit your living room or an empty area near your stairs. Besides, we also recommend installing a cabinet door to ensure safety and not leave black stains on your wall.

13. Hidden Corner Fireplace

Stone Corner Fireplace With Closure

It is like a hidden spot in your fireplace. The chimney design is similar to the wooden wall and you can place the wood in galvanized storage to make it look more rustic. Although it looks small and invisible, people around the house can feel the warmth from the fireplace due to its position near the floor. So, it will transfer the heat to the floor most likely.

Nonetheless, such a design makes it less suitable for display in your living room because the guests will struggle to notice it. So, we recommend installing one in your family room instead. For safety purposes, consider putting the cabinet door on, especially if you have wooden furniture around.

14. Corner Fireplace As Kids Playground

Corner Fireplace as Kids Playground - p @homeworlddesign.com
Source: pinterest (@homeworlddesign.com)

This is a fantastic idea for a corner fireplace! Imagine how happy your kids will be after seeing this beauty. It is so cute, adorable and safe for your kids to sit around the fireplace, thanks to the cabinet door and higher position.

The door is locked perfectly to ensure your kids can play around. You can get inspired by this and change the painting design based on your preference. We suggest making this fireplace structure bigger so that you can use the top to display the decorations, like figurines, photo frames, and flower vases. Then, build mini benches on both sides for a sitting area.

15. Locked Conventional Fireplace

Locked Conventional Fireplace - p @wohnglueck.de
Source: pinterest (@wohnglueck.de)

This is the safest corner fireplace for the homeowner who has a toddler. The door is locked perfectly when the fire is on. Also, the woods are stored neatly in front of the fireplace and beside the fireplace that resembles the wall.

On top of the fireplace, you can put seasonal decoration to beautify the room, such as a Christmas wreath, pine cone, or simply a flower vase. So, no more getting afraid or panic when your toddlers walk around the fireplace because everything is safe and sound.

16. Fireplace As A Shelf

Fireplace as a Shelf - p @nextluxury.com
Source: pinterest (@nextluxury.com)

No one can deny how modern and sleek this corner fireplace design is. The idea is very authentic and looks portable, although it is a built-in type. Also, it becomes more personal because you can enjoy the warmth right from your bed.

Since the design is lavish, you won’t need to add items for room decoration. But if you want to spice it up a bit, you can place a flower vase with white orchids in it. These flowers offer a feminine touch to the dashing design of your fireplace and your room interior. Definitely a wishlist for people who like to snuggle during the cold weather with a luxurious style!

17. The Glass Fireplace

The Glass Fireplace - p @standout-fireplace-designs.com
Source: pinterest (@standout-fireplace-designs.com)

The design has a hook concept that makes people amazed because this corner fireplace has two side views. So, you can see the fire on both sides which will provide different sensations from two different angles.

When some people tend to make an aquarium or terrarium, you can go with a fireplace to fill your corner. It is an ideal design without taking up much space in your house. To make a comfy area around this fireplace, you can arrange a reading chair and round table to have a cup of coffee while reading your book.

18. White Bricks Fireplace

White Bricks Fireplace - p @jacksonvillemag.com
Source: pinterest (@jacksonvillemag.com)

The brick frame will never go out of style. Although you change the style into something more modern, this frame is still suitable for the fireplace nowadays. You just have to paint it white and build the chimney using the same materials. So, it blends naturally with the wall.

However, you better let the inner part as it is because the white paint will leave black stains from the burning of the wood. Also, you can set the wood above the chimney to place the room decor item there. So, your corner fireplace will be merrier than ever.

19. The Bricks Of Chimney

The Bricks of Chimney - p @yandex.ru
Source: pinterest (@yandex.ru)

On the conventional corner fireplace, the chimney always comes with the same design. But now, you may try different materials. You can change the material by using bricks for the chimney. It will be an excellent idea since you can make it as natural as it is to add an accent to your house and make it the centerpiece of your house.

Given the tall and pretty big design, consider the corner of the living room near the entrance to installing this fireplace. You can arrange a table with a TV or potted plants to add greenery around the area.

20. Chimney Cave Look Alike

Chimney Cave Look Alike - p @rumford.com
Source: pinterest (@rumford.com)

Yes, the design of this corner fireplace looks like a cave. You can say it is like an igloo as well with the white paint. It is simple, elegant, and still terrific to see. If your family wants to have a new fireplace with a neat, clean, and modern design, this idea can be yours.

The chimney doesn’t look like a chimney since it seems to blend in with the wall corner you have in your living room. You can hang it on a Christmas wreath at the top of your chimney. Or, a photo frame when Christmas is over. Arrange a long bench next to the fireplace you can use to hang around with your family while having a talk.

21. Fireplace Corner TV Stand

Fireplace Corner TV Stand
Source: Pinterest (@wood-insider.com)

Make use of every space in your room by having this corner fireplace that works as a TV stand. You can choose the best wood color based on the theme of your room, and place it in the corner with a TV on top, which will be the focal point of the room.

This one comes as a nice idea to create a comfortable family room where everyone can stay warm while enjoying everyone’s favorite TV show. If you are not someone into a TV that much, we recommend potted plants and photo frames to set on the table. Then, you can use the lower shelves to display your figurines or candles.

22. Corner Heating Stove

Corner Heating Stove
Source: Pinterest (@ofenhaus-mainspitze.de)

If you want to have something simple as a nice fireplace at home, then you can go with this corner heating stove instead. It comes in a very compact size because it is round, which requires only a small space in one corner of the house.

It comes in various colors and sizes, and you can simply choose the best one to match with other elements and furniture that you have in your home. In case you fancy modern minimalist design, you’d better look nothing other than white.

23. Abstract Minimalist Corner Fireplace

Abstract Minimalist Corner Fireplace
Source: Pinterest (@semineebrasov.ro)

This corner fireplace is definitely something that will perfectly fit in any modern and minimalist home. If you are part of those people who love a special design with a twist, then this one might be a great choice to pick.

The half-round shape comes with a clean and sleek look. It will also bring warmth to the room, especially when winter comes. Consider the space between the family room and living room so that the warmth spreads throughout the room.

24. Black Corner Chimney

Black Corner Chimney
Source: Pinterest (@materialesalicante.com)

This old-school-looking chimney features a classic look that stands the hands of time because it will remain one of the most adorable types of the fireplace for modern homes. It has special storage for extra pieces of wood underneath it, which will also be a good element of room decoration.

Given the minimalist design, you can install this one in the corner that connects two areas in your home. For example, between your family room and the kitchen.

25. Beach-style Fireplace

Beach-style Fireplace
Source: Pinterest (@hookedonhouses.net)

Create a fresh ambiance by bringing this beach-style corner fireplace as a new addition to your living room. You can create a white base with a wooden accent to make it look, fresher.

In addition, if you want to make it look more charming, you can add small decorative items that are related to the beach, such as boats, anchors, sea birds, beach umbrellas, etc. Also, arrange a wooden chair with a similar color to your wall near the fireplace to read a book or have a cup of tea in the late afternoon.

Final Thought

As the name suggests, the corner fireplace is a spot for lighting a fire to warm your body and your home. Besides, many people also consider it as a decoration that spice up the space where it resides.

No wonder there are many corner fireplace ideas available nowadays to inspire homeowners in designing one for their homes. But before that, we always recommend measuring the area where the fireplace will be set. Then, choose a design that matches the interior design and furniture of your home so that it easily blends in with the surroundings.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can you make your corner fireplace look good?

By seeing our recommendation of the corner fireplace idea, you can take a look at the designs you like the most. For instance, if you still love brick material, you can have the bricks of a chimney for your fireplace. Or try to paint light for the fireplace and the wall around to create a modern vibe instantly.

How do you modernize a corner fireplace?

By changing the material for sure. For instance, the brick fireplace can be changed with glass. Also, you can change the real fire to an electric one. Or, make the fireplace look like a microwave so that your house will feel modern and sophisticated.

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