20 Dog Corner Ideas Your Fur Babies Will Adore

We all want nothing but the best for our little fur babies to live their best life. Good food, regular health checkup, and also a good place to sleep is the bare minimum for the four-leg babies to live a comfortable life. However, getting the right dog corner might be so overwhelming that you end up not making one. So, let us remove the “looking for dog corner ideas” out of your to-do list, because you are about to find the perfect one right here. 

We have listed down 20 purr-fect dog corner ideas to spice up the little four-leg friendly area either in your bedroom or living room, that your babies will surely adore. Some might need a little effort to create and some might need a little extra effort and love to build one. So are you excited? Let’s go check the list below!

Dog Corner Ideas in the Bedroom

It’s bedtime and when it comes, we’re quite sure you want your dog to sleep well without stepping on your bed or lingering on the floor, right? Therefore, several of these dog corner ideas in the bedroom are the perfect solution for you. Your dog will find it nice and cozy to have a certain place where they can feel safe while sleeping. 

1. Boho Rattan Dog Corner

Source: Pinterest (@tapis-studio.com)

If you are looking for a dog corner inspiration to match your boho vibes bedroom, a rattan dog bed will surely make the perfect match. Transform your dog corner with aesthetic boho vibes to make the most awesome bed for your dog to sleep in every night. In addition, you can pair it up with a tribal pattern rug for a more lively space.

2. Night Table Dog Corner

This 2-in-1 night table is super space-saving. This superb night table dog corner idea is perfect for you who dreams of having limited space, but would like to keep your dog close to you while they are sleeping. You can still use the upper part as a regular night table, while the lower part can be a comfy space for your dog. Plus, it will also be the space that your dog can easily access.

3. Tropical-Vibes Dog Corner

Source: Pinterest (@society19.com)

If you’re wanting to make your dog space look less like a dog space, then you can get a dog bed that is rather huge with a kotami shape. By doing so, the space will look like a sitting area instead of a dog bed. In addition, you can also add greenery by adding a faux plant and placing it on a rattan pot. It is surely a win-win solution, and your dog can has it’s own space to chill, while you can get an aesthetic tropical vibes in your living room.

4. Closet Repurposed Dog Corner

Source: Pinterest (@littlevictorian.com)

Do you have an empty space on your closet? If you do, then you can use it as a dog corner instead. This idea is superb as you do not need to have a lot of space to have it. It is super space-saving and also super comfortable for your dog. Moreover, you can add a huge dog bed if you are having a big dog breed at home. On the other hand, if you have a smaller dog breed then you can get a smaller dog bed and give more decoration to spice up the space. Moreover, a floating rack above it is also highly functional to keep your dog snacks or toys. 

5. Dog Corner with Little Beds

Source: Pinterest (@Mandy Petersen)

Treat your fur babies like your own kid by getting this dog corner idea in your dog room. It is a pawsome corner space for them to chill in and sleep during the night. Furthermore, you can add the picture of your lovely dog above the beds, and a little pillow and a blanket to keep them nice and cozy. 

6. Japanese Minimalist Dog Corner

Source: Pinterest (@crateandbarrel.com)

Japanese-themed furniture is on trend these days. It has simple looking furniture but is really functional, just like this dog corner idea. The whole white wall and single bed makes this corner looking extra-clean, neat but also comfortable. Add a little bit of either real plant or faux plant to spice up the room. Plus, you can add a dog bed like this one with a decent height of a corner plush to make them feel safe.

7. Rattan Basket Dog Corner

Source: Pinterest (@notonthehighstreet.com)

Make your little one comfortably snuggle in by getting a basket rattan shaped dog bed. It is perfectly comfortable because the round wall makes them feel safe and able to curl-up nicely when sleeping. Add a fluffy blanket to add coziness in it, and it will become a dog corner area that is perfect for a house with an industrial theme. 

8. Tepee Tent Dog Corner

Source: Pinterest (@Angelina🐴)

A cute tepee dog corner is one of the most recommended dog corner ideas that you can have inside your bedroom. It is super cute and looks super comfy to be placed in your all-white bedroom. Adding fairy lights around it will also make the corner look magical and beautiful. Place the name of your dog on the tepee and your dog will soon have their own corner space.

9. Side Table Dog Bed

Source: Pinterest (@homejelly.com)

Sleeping beside your fur babies without actually sleeping in one bed makes it easy with this dog corner idea. This 2-in-1 dog corner idea only needs a long side table or drawer with a front opening door. Once you have the drawer, you can remove any partition and your dog bed inside. It is a super smart idea as your dog can have a place with a lot of coverings to make them feel secure and safe. 

10. Space-Saving Dog Corner

Source: Pinterest (@custommade.com)

If you want to have a hidden dog corner to save some space up, this space-saving dog corner will surely be inspiring. It is a custom made piece of furniture that has a built in shelves and also built in space for the dog bed. If your dog is wide awake and does not play in the bedroom during the day, you can keep your bedroom spacious by closing the bed and making everything neat. 

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11. Dog Corner with Stairs

Source: Pinterest (@dogs-n-more.blogspot.com)

Keep your dog at hand every nap time or night time by having this amazing dog corner idea. This idea might need you to go down to that building tool as you need to make one yourself aka a DIY project. This bunk bed idea comes with a stair to make it easy for your dog to climb up. You can also add drawers below the bed to keep all your dog stuff organized. 

Dog Corner Ideas in the Living Room

The living room is the heart of a house. It is a place where all members of the family can gather around and enjoy the time together. Therefore, it is also great to have your dog spending time in the living room, in the comfort of their dog corner. 

12. White Barn House Dog Corner

Source: Pinterest (@farmhouseliving.com)

A white farmhouse dog corner is so soothing to the eyes, making it one of the best dog corner ideas in the living room. This dog corner idea combines the clean white, brown and blue color very well. Adding a floating rack in a natural wood pattern really makes the space look more cozy, and makes more space for you to keep your dog snacks and necessities.

13. Geometric Abstract Pastel Dog Corner

Geometric Abstract Pastel Dog Corner
Source: Pinterest (@hellomagazine.com)

This dog corner idea is super cute, colorful and also youthful. It comes as the perfect spot for your sunny little buddy who constantly makes smiles on your faces and never fails to brighten up the whole mood. To acquire this idea and make it come true, you only need a geometric abstract sticker with pastel muted color to decorate the space. You can also hang a plant with a cute pot to add greenery to the dog corner. 

14. White House-Shape Frame Dog Corner

White House-Shape Frame Dog Corner
Source: Pinterest (@Jaydin)

A little house for the little fur babies. A dog corner area like this one makes a great touch to your living room. The house-shape is one-of-a-kind and simple yet looking awesome. To acquire this dog corner, you can DIY one yourself as all it needs are beams of wood that you make into house-shape. Once the frame is done, add a dog bed for a comfy place for your dog to chill on.

15. Under The Stairs Dog Corner

Under The Stairs Dog Corner
Source: Pinterest (@houseplansblog.dongardner.com)

It is like a small dog room without actually making a room. The space under the stairs is rather dim, making it a great place for your fur babies to sleep soundly. You can decorate it with plants and wall decoration to truly make your dog space. Since you might have a little more wall-space, you can place a hook and hang their leashes and toys.

16. Boho Botanical Dog Corner

Boho Botanical Dog Corner
Source: Pinterest (@heydjangles.com)

Boho botanical theme is really on hype these days, because it gives a natural yet clean look. You can also create a corner dedicated to your dog in a boho botanical theme by getting a rattan dog bed and hanging a potted plant above the dog bed. It does not need a huge plant, a decent size of your favorite faux plant will do the work. 

17. Crate Dog Corner

Crate Dog Corner
Source: Pinterest (@amzn.to)

Would you like a dog corner area in a limited space? Say no more, this crate dog corner idea is a great inspiration that you should go for. All you need is a crate where it can fit your dog really well. Then add a fluffy pillow inside and a fabric to cover the upper part to make the crate slightly dark and comfortable for your dog to sleep in. Since the upper part has a layer of fabric, you can place some decoration and dog snacks on top of it. 

18. Indoor Grass Dog Corner

Indoor Grass Dog Corner
Source: Pinterest (@stumpsandrumps.com)

For your dog, living the best life can mean spending all day on the grass. Therefore, you can create your own little indoor park with synthetic grass for your dog, to be able to feel the grass all day and every day. On one side of the wall, you can add a drawer to store all of your dog stuff and keep everything organized. Adding a small fence gate all around the synthetic grass can also create a more real park feel. 

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19. Fancy Acrylic Dog Corner

Fancy Acrylic Dog Corner
Source: Pinterest (@barkleydoodles.com)

Let your fancy dog live their fancy life with a dog corner that you can decorate as fancy looking as possible. You can decorate a corner by utilizing the combination of both gold and royal blue color. The color of the wall might be a little vibrant and eye-catching. However, you can match it up with a dog bed and a dog bowl that is made of acrylic and gold hardware.

20. Corner Dog Bed

Corner Dog Bed
Source: Pinterest (@dogtime.com)

Dogs love to curl up on a corner as it is a spot where they can feel the safest. Therefore, you can give them both a secure and comfortable spot by adding a corner dog bed as their corner. They will surely love spending more time chilling in the living room. You can add a rug for a more comfortable area. 

Latest Post:

How do you organize a dog corner?

To organize a dog corner, you might need drawers, hooks, or floating shelves. These three types of organizers will surely make your dog corner organized and looking neat. Drawers are great to keep your dog toys, whereas hooks are great to hang your dog’s favorite leashes, or their favorite piece of clothing. The floating shelves are great as a wall decoration where you can put your dog’s photo, plants, and also their hair of favorite snacks. 

How do you build a diy pet corner?

A DIY pet corner can be done as easily as decorating a certain corner in the house with dog stuff, such as dog bed, dog shelves and dog-theme decoration. However, some DIY pet corners also require a more complex project if you need to build a certain furniture for your dog, such as a hidden dog bed, dog teepee, and many more. 

How do I keep my dog in one area in the house?

To keep your dog in a certain area, you can use a playpen or dog fences. A play pen can keep them safe when you are leaving off to work yet still maintaining a space for them to roam around. A dog fence is also great to keep your dog in a certain area that has no door. You can easily attach it on a doorway or a stair end to keep them safe.

What should be in a dog’s room?

There are several necessities that need to be in a dog room. First, you need a dog bed where they can lay down comfortably. A good rug is also lovely to add to a dog’s room as it makes them feel warm and cozy. Second necessities are dog bowls, one for food and one for water. Besides these two are optional, you can also have shelves of snacks and accessories for easy access. 

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