Bone Shaped Dog Pool

This is not just an ordinary doggy swimming pool. This Bone Shaped Dog Pool was built to last from top-notch materials to keep your furry friend cool for years to come.

You know those warm days where you just want to crawl out of your skin to feel a tiny bit cooler? Yeah, imagine how your dog must feel.

Dogs can actually fall victims to heatstrokes and one of the means to prevent them is to let them play in a cool water pool. If there’s one thing worth spending money on is your pooch’s health, right? 

Bone Shaped Dog Pool
Dog Swimming Pools

You can, of course, opt-in for a cheap kiddy pool and turn it into your dog’s personal pool. But one bite from your eager pool will render that kiddy pool useless. This Bone Shaped pool, however, is different. It doesn’t belong to the cheapest ones but there’s a good reason for that. Several, actually.

Bone Shaped Dog Pool
It’s Not Your Regular Plastic

It has been made out of heavy duty high molecular weight polyethylene and it’s not your regular plastic. This kind of material is extremely resistant to wear or chew, in case of a dog, non-toxic, and quite heavy which makes it an ideal choice for a dog pool.

bone-shaped dog pool
Made Out of Heavy Duty High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

The pool is also 25% UV resistant so if you decide on purchasing a colorful one, you can rest assured that the colors won’t fade for quite some time. Additionally, the pool stays cool even when exposed to the sun. The pool has also been produced in the USA rendering both the cost and the quality higher.

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bone-shaped dog pool
Can Fit in 85 Gallons of Water

This bone-shaped dog pool can fit in 85 gallons of water providing your dog with lots of liquid to chill in. When bath time is finished, there’s no need overthrowing the pool to get rid of water. That would be quite problematic since the pool weighs 23 lbs when empty; imagine adding 85 gallons to that, quite a handful. The pool is equipped with a handy drain and brass cap at the bottom which makes emptying it a walk in the park. 

Bone Shaped Dog Pool
Bone Shaped Dog Pool

If you want your dog to have the best equipment for the summer this dog pool is it. The only thing left is buying some party sunglasses putting them on your dog and letting the pooch chill in the pool.

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To sum it up, the Bone Shaped Dog Pool is not your average pool for pups. It’s made to last with top-notch materials and ensures your furry friend stays cool for years to come. With its sturdy construction and chew-resistant design, it’s a safe and reliable choice. Plus, it’s UV resistant, so the vibrant colors won’t fade easily. The convenient drain and brass cap make emptying a breeze.

Give your dog the ultimate summer experience with this fantastic dog pool. It’s time to let them splash and play while staying cool in style!

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