25 Cool Water Gadgets for Friends And Families

The surface of our planet is mainly covered by water. Therefore, it is not a surprise that we are attracted to play with the life-giving liquid. We may not be able to breathe underwater. However, the invention of many cool water gadgets has allowed us to freely enjoy the underwater world!

Our ingenuity to invent creative new gadgets has provided us with more chances to spend time in the water. For example, water gadgets will make your activities in the lakes, sea, or rivers much easier and more fun. And so, we have compiled a list of cool water gadgets that you can buy as unique gifts, suitable for everyone!

What Are Water Gadgets Called?

Water gadgets are waterproof, allowing the equipment to function even while being submerged. In addition, water gadgets such as diving equipment for scuba divers are among the most durable items ever designed by mankind. The deeper you go, water pressure will make regular electronics malfunction. However, scuba divers items such as watches and computers can withstand extreme pressure!

Cool Water Gadgets for Practical Use

Cool gadgets can make your daily life much more productive. Because of that, the creative team from Awesome Stuff 365 has gathered a compilation of practical devices that can be used in the water. Get them as a gift for people who spend a lot of time dealing with bodies of water!

1. Deeper START Intelligent Fish Finder

Intelligent Fish Finder for People Who Love Fishing

Finding fish has never been easier with the Deeper START intelligent fish finder. This gadget utilizes sonar to detect the fishes’ location and send you all the helpful information. Therefore, the fish finder will become an excellent practical present for professional fishermen or avid hobbyists!

2. Inflatable Belt Life Jacket

Inflatable Belt Life Jacket For Extra Safety

Safety gadgets are a necessity for people who often interact with bodies of water. However, regular life jackets are too bulky. Fortunately, this premium inflatable waist belt pack comes as a great alternative. It does not get in the way, excellent for people who love boating. Moreover, the belt will deploy like a regular life jacket if you pull the mechanism. 

3. Intelligent Rose Quartz Showerhead

Intelligent Shower Head to Reduce Water Usage

For a sustainable lifestyle, this water-saving gadget is surely a must-have! You can reduce your water usage with the intelligent Rose Quartz showerhead! It is connected with your phone to track how much water that you’ve used. The showerhead also features LED lights to alert you before you waste clean water! 

4. GLADIUS MINI Underwater Drone

Underwater Drone to Capture Beautiful Undersea Views

Capturing 4K videos of colorful fishes and corals has never been easier, thanks to GLADIUS MINI Underwater Drone! This handy water gadget features 5 thrusters that make it easy to control and maneuver among the reefs. This item will certainly be a perfect gift for your friends who love wildlife videography.

5. Moen S72308ev Sto Smart Faucet

Intelligent Faucet Compatible With Alexa and Google

The Moen S72308ev Sto Smart Faucet is among the most futuristic water gadgets that you can buy! This equipment is compatible with Alexa and Google voice control. In addition, you can adjust the temperature or volume in a particular way without touching it. The item also comes with LEDs indicators and other intelligent functionalities!

6. Flytec 2011-5 Mini Boat

Remote Controlled Mini Boat to Carry Fishing Bait

Going out to the ocean to catch big game fish would require some fancy equipment. Looking for a worthy fish in the vast open sea is not a simple feat. The Flytec 2011-5 is a remote-controlled mini boat that can bring baits that will attract target fish! Unquestionably, this water gadget would be an excellent gift choice for your friends who often go on fishing trips!

7. Sleek Sparkling Water Carbonator

Sparkling Water Carbonator for Refreshing Hydration

Does your friend enjoy drinking carbonated water? If yes, we can surely understand it. It is very refreshing and provides a pleasing bubbly sensation inside your mouth. Hence, you can buy your friend this elegant carbonator for an unlimited supply of sparkling fizzy water. It is an elegant carbonator made out of stainless steel. Your friend can, of course, attach a CO2 canister to it easily! Get this stylish gadget only at UncommonGoods for the best pricing!

8. Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser

Water Flosser for Clean Teeth

We must take care of our teeth properly because a toothache can be really troublesome. The Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser is a top-notch gadget that dispenses pressurized water to clean your teeth and gums. Thanks to its efficient mechanism, this cool self-care equipment will prevent gingivitis and remove plaque!

9. YOMYM Water Bottle Dispenser

Electric Pump for Big Gallon of Water

The super-portable YOMYM Water Bottle Dispenser is an underrated gadget that will make your life easier. You just need to simply put this electric pump on the bottle’s mouth, and your water dispensing problem will be solved. There is no need for bulky old water dispensers anymore! This unique gadget will make a perfect gift for anyone due to its simplicity and practicality. 

10. NPET WF050 Cat Water Fountain

Water Fountain for Cat

For your friends who love adorable cats, you can get them NPET WF050 Cat Water Fountain! It is an advanced drinking bowl for pets that is not noisy, thanks to the brushless pump. This cool gadget will certainly encourage your friend’s beloved pet to drink more water. The fountain’s circulation also oxygenated the drinking water. It is absolutely a unique gift for people who love animals! 

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Cool Water Gadgets for Diver

Diving is a fantastic hobby! The world beneath the ocean waves holds so many beautiful sceneries and wildlife. For instance, beautiful fishes and corals that are there for people to behold. If your friends are divers, these unique water gadgets can surely make the activity safer and more enjoyable for them!

11. Geneinno S1 Sea Scooter

cool water gadgets

Swimming under the ocean current can be physically demanding. With their heavy equipment, Divers often waste a lot of energy just to get to the beautiful spot. And so, with the Geneinno S1 sea scooter, scuba diving will become much more fun! Moreover, the motors will pull divers and help them to get to the underwater destination faster.

12. Bellerose BR 03-92 Watch

cool water gadgets

Watches that can withstand the deep-sea pressure are valued highly by divers. After all, the ability to tell the time when diving is essential because it may affect safety. The elegant Bellerose BR 03-92 is specifically designed for this purpose. This timepiece will still work even when submerged down to 300 meters!

13. Shearwater’s NERD 2 Dive Computer

cool water gadgets

For your friends who are serious divers, the Shearwater’s NERD 2 diving computer will be an excellent gift. This cool water gadget allows deep-sea swimmers to get essential information such as diving time, oxygen level, depth, digital compass, and more! Furthermore, it is a simple device with two buttons, making it perfect for divers!

14. Paralenz Vaquita Camera

cool water gadgets

Recording video while scuba diving will not be accessible with standard equipment. For your friends who want to immortalize the beauty of the colorful fishes, Paralenz Vaquita is a suitable gift! This camera can capture 4K images underwater, and it can also be attached to the divers head like a headlamp.

15. ORCATORCH D550 Flashlight

Waterproof Flashlight for Scuba Divers

Scuba diving can be a dangerous activity without adequate lighting. Therefore, it is crucial for divers to bring equipment that can light up their swimming path. The ORCATORCH D550 flashlight is made explicitly for scuba divers. This gadget offers 1000 lumen illumination that allows people to find their way underwater! 


Light Beacon for Safe Diving

For safety precaution, scuba diving should always be done in a group. If you are swimming into the darker part of the sea, you will need to attach the ORCATORCH SD01 LED beacon so your friends can spot you! You can also use this little gadget to provide a light signal to your diving partners. 

17. Promate Scuba Dive Underwater Writing Slate

Underwater Writing Equipment for Divers

Speaking while diving is impossible! Instead, you can use the Promate Scuba Dive Underwater Writing Slate to write messages to your partner. This gadget comes with a glow-in-the-dark feature, so reading will be much easier. You will also get a compass attachment, an excellent item that will help you navigate the deep ocean.

18. SMACO Mini Scuba Tank

Mini Scuba Tank for Quick Dive

For beginner divers, a smaller oxygen tank will be a great present. The SMACO Mini Scuba Tank allows people to dive up to 20 minutes and 5 meters deep! Furthermore, this item is highly portable, and lightweight yet offers excellent capabilities. Get this diving gadget at Amazon for your friends who love the sea!

Cool Water Gadget for Extra Fun

There are a million ways to play with water. These cool gadgets will help you and your friends or family to create a fun atmosphere while playing in the pools or beaches. Get one of these items for super wild and wet adventures!

19. ZURU X-Shot Water Blasters

cool water gadgets

Looking for a thrilling present for your children? Then, you can get them these super awesome ZURU X-Shot water blasters! This gadget will surely provide harmless entertainment and exciting playtime for your sons and daughters. Adults can enjoy this item too because water warfare is fun for people of all ages!

20. RC Shark Toy

cool water gadgets

Bring excitement into your family pool with this RC shark toy! This water gadget can mimic the movement of a fish! It also comes with a simple controller and long battery life for maximum fun. Thus, it is a perfect summer gift for everyone who owns a pool. This item will undoubtedly be a thrilling present for fans of the famous movie “Jaws.”

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21. WINDEK SUBLUE Electric Board

Electric Kickboard for Children Who Learn Swimming

A swimming lesson for your children will be much more fun with the WINDEK SUBLUE electric board! This gadget will let your kids stay afloat and help them swim forward in the pool! They will also be able to learn to kick the water and swim faster. In addition, the buoyancy feature will reduce the fear of drowning! 

22. Novelty Copper Rain Gauge

cool water gadgets

For your nerdy friends, this novelty Copper Rain Gauge will be a funny present! Set it outside in the garden when it rains and measures the local precipitation using the famous Archimedes principle! This simple yet unique rain-measuring device is often called a pluviometer, a perfect gift for people with intellectual minds.

23. Ourlife Waterproof Digital Camera

Adorable Waterproof Camera for Your Daughter

Would you like to teach your daughters underwater photography? Then, get them this durable Our life Kids Waterproof Camera! It is an excellent gift for girls because of its feminine design. This gadget allows your girls to take 1080p videos and images while being submerged in the pool.

24. Realistic RC Submarine Replica

Realistic RC Submarine Replica

For people who are in the Navy, this highly realistic RC submarine will be a meaningful gift. You can show your appreciation for their sacrifices with this fun replica. Moreover, this gadget can simulate an actual submarine and feature fun torpedo warfare! The resurfacing and diving capabilities will certainly make this item much more thrilling to play with!

25. HAPIKAY Solar Floating Pool Light

Solar-powered Floating Pool Light Balls

Does your family often host nighttime poolside parties? If so, then these gorgeous waterproofed balls of colorful LEDs light will be an excellent decoration. It can float on the water’s surface and change light colors every 25 seconds. The cool gadget will undoubtedly enhance the party atmosphere. Above all, the solar-powered feature makes this item a must-have pool accessory!

Final Thought

Who doesn’t like spending time out in the water? Whether it’s in the sea or just a local swimming pool, water activities are always exciting to be done with friends and family. When it comes to water gadgets, you will be facing lots of options, depending on your purpose and who you will give the gadgets to.

If you aim for loved ones who love doing water sports, then sports equipment will be a wide choice. But if you are looking for fun stuff to play in the water, then you can find some of the most recommended water toys in the article above.

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