Mini Scuba Dive Tanks

These Mini Scuba Dive Tanks are a lightweight, portable alternative to usually bulky and heavy scuba tanks.

With one scuba dive tank like this, you’d be able to swim freely for 5-10 minutes underwater, admiring the underwater life or doing some repairs on your boat.

The Mini Scuba Dive Tank is easy to mount thanks to the hands-free harness that you strap around your body.

After you are done swimming or you’ve just run out of the air, you can easily refill the tank by yourself, which offers you full autonomy over when and how often you want to swim underwater. 

There are actually 4 ways to fill the tank, but if you want to be able to do the refilling anywhere you want, then I have two words for you – hand pump. It works basically like a bicycle pump and will fill up your tank with nice breathable air.

Mini Scuba Dive Tanks

If you are lucky enough to go to the seaside then you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity of swimming underwater and enjoying the company of fish, not in a gruesome way, so you’ll definitely need this Mini Scuba Dive Tank. 

Mini Scuba Dive Tanks

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