25 Cool Wheelchairs for Your Special Friends

A member of your family or your friends may be in dire need of cool wheelchairs because they can not use their legs. Do not take our ability to walk for granted because many less fortunate people are out there! And so, you can help them by buying this type of mobility platform as a gift. It will be among the most beautiful acts of kindness!

There are various cool wheelchairs suitable for your friends, family, or elderly people. Some wheelchairs are optimized for disabled people, while the others are better for temporary usage. Either way, we have produced an ultimate list of 25 cool wheelchairs! This article will help you choose the perfect gift to convey your support.

How Do You Choose A Wheelchair?

Find out which type of wheel does your disabled friend need first! This way, your gift will always be used. Furthermore, the wheelchairs featured in this article have been researched thoroughly by our team from Awesome Stuff 365. You can use this list as a recommendation when choosing a wheelchair.

Cool Electric Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs have provided people with disabilities newfound freedom. The powerful motors allow them to have mobility as efficiently as regular people. If you are looking for comfortable, cool wheelchairs, then you have come to the right website!

1. Wheelchairs with Golden Frame

Wheelchairs with Golden Frame

This electric wheelchair comes in a flashy golden frame. The combination of intuitive joy-stick controllers and a long-lasting battery will provide your loved one with ease of mobility. Your friends shall ride one of these cool wheelchairs and show the world disability will not bring them down!l 

2. Electric Wheelchair with Remote Control

Comfortable Electric Wheelchair With Remote Control

Providing comfort to people with disabilities has to be one of the most generous acts in the world. And so, get your precious disabled friends this Majestic mobility platform. It comes with an elegant and comfortable amber-colored seating pad. This intelligent wheelchair also can be controlled remotely and airplane-friendly! 

3. Sleek Wheelchair with Blue Color

Sleek Electric Wheelchair with Inspiring Blue Color

The Artemis wheelchair comes in a sleek frame design. Unlike other bulky brands, this item is lightweight, suitable for travelers. That’s right! Don’t let disability prevent your friends from enjoying the beautiful world! It features a pair of pushing handles in case the battery runs out. This wheelchair’s portable characteristic will provide more accessible transportation.

4. Ultra-lightweight Electric Wheelchair

Ultra-lightweight Electric Wheelchair

The Rubicon eclectic wheelchair is only 36Lbs! The non-bulky frame and smaller tires allow whoever rides on it to maneuver quickly. Even though it is not heavy, this item offers one of the highest-performing mobility assistants. If your disabled friends or families would love to travel more, this wheelchair is undoubtedly the best gift ever.

5. ELENKER Steerable Knee Walker

Electric Knee Walker for Foot Injuries

A regular wheelchair may be overkill for people with specific foot injuries. Sometimes they can still walk in a limp. Nevertheless, you can provide more comfort by giving them ELENKER Steerable Knee Walker! This item is also suitable for amputees below the knee.

Cool Manual Wheelchair

Cool wheelchairs do not have to be electric. It is all about necessity because not everyone needs electrical ones. The elderly, for example, may prefer to be pushed on the manual ones. This type of wheelchair is also suitable for people with temporary mobility problems because of sickness or injury. Furthermore, it is an excellent choice when you have a limited budget!

6. Wheelchair with Elevated Leg Stand

Easy-to-push Wheelchair with Elevated leg stand

This wheelchair has to be one of the most comfortable mobility equipment available on the market. It features adjustable leg rest with extra padding. You can elevate your friend’s broken legs for a cozier position. Ship this item home now to get a massive discount!

7. Medline Steel Wheelchair

Durable Steel Wheelchair 

Pushing a wheelchair is actually an enjoyable thing to do. It can be an intimate activity, just you and your special friend exploring the park. With the Medline Steel Wheelchair, you can push your friend who can not walk to wherever they want to go! There will be no concern for broken equipment because this sturdy item will last long.

8. Medwarm Aluminum Manual Wheelchair

Aluminium Wheelchair for Daily Transport

Are you looking for a wheelchair for your elders? The Medwarm Aluminum Manual Wheelchair is the most capable platform for short-distance transportation. You can push this one with ease because of the lightweight frame. Moreover, this chair features a seatbelt, comfortable arm, and seat rest!

9. Drive Medical 10257BL-1 Wheelchair

A Wheelchair that Double as a Walker

Does your friend need to do rehabilitation to regain leg movements? The Drive Medical 10257BL-1 wheelchair can double as a rollator because the back support is removable. People can use this equipment like a walker to train their legs and support half of their weight. This item will also become an excellent present for your elderly grandparents.  

10. Yangpin Children Wheelchair

Children Wheelchair with Playful Design

Small children may have mobility problems too! If your friend’s kid needs some assistance, the Yangpin Children Wheelchair will be one of the most thoughtful gifts ever! This item features colorful frames and adorable seating pads, perfect for little kids. The design is intentionally playful to keep children calm in the wheelchair.

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11. Deluxe Rollator Wheelchair with Front Basket

cool wheelchairs

Sometimes, people do not need to always be in a wheelchair. They may want to train their legs to regain normal mobility using a walker. You can get one of these 2-in-1 rollators that can also serve as regular wheelchairs. It comes with a basket on the front that can hold groceries, perfect for the elderly or people who undergo rehabilitation.

Cool Vintage Wheelchair

Does your friend love to collect antiques? The disabled people can still enjoy old-school equipment. They may not be the most practical present. However, these rare items will provide your friends with a lot of motivation. Check out these top vintage wheelchairs to complete your friends’ collection! 

12. Wheelchair from Pre-American Civil War

cool wheelchairs

Manufactured before the American Civil War, this wooden wheelchair is a rarity! Get this antique item now for your disabled friends or family! This high-class item will become a treasure for them because it holds so much history. Your friend can use it on a special occasion for photos or cosplay!

13. Antique Colton Wicker Wheelchair

cool wheelchairs

Are you looking for a meaningful gift suitable for a dear friend that suffers from a disability? This vintage wicker wheelchair will definitely cheer them up! It was made between 1927 and 1938, an authentic relic with massive sentimental value.

14. Ancient Wheelchair

cool wheelchairs

 This wheelchair is perhaps older than anyone you know. It was manufactured around the early 1900s. Because of its historical value, this item shall become a treasured collection for your disabled friend. It has been kept in pristine condition, making it an excellent gift!

Cool Futuristic Wheelchairs

Nowadays, wheelchairs have incorporated modern electric motors to provide more efficient mobility. These types of platforms will offer comfortable rides to your disabled friends or family!

15. LUCI Intelligent Wheelchair

cool wheelchairs

A sudden drop-off like unexpected stairs is dangerous for people with accessibility problems. The LUCI intelligent wheelchair uses radars and sensors to detect urban obstacles. In case of danger, this mobility platform will stop itself in an emergency brake!

16. Four-wheeled Off-road Wheelchair 

cool wheelchairs

People who use wheelchairs will know that going outdoors can be inconvenient. A regular wheelchair would not move efficiently on off-road terrain. The mighty Rig off-road wheelchair will help your friends and family be independent again! THis item features big wheels suitable to drive on rugged landscapes. The ample space will be helpful to carry heavy groceries.

17. Beach Wheelchair For Disabled People

cool wheelchairs

Beaches are usually not accessible for people with disabilities. The sandy terrain will not allow the wheel to traverse quickly. Fortunately, there is mobility equipment specifically designed for this type of area. This unique wheelchair comes with balloon tires perfect for moving on soft sand! Now, your disabled friend can enjoy the waves too.

18. Revolve Air Collapsible Wheelchair

Revolve Air Collapsible

People who use wheelchairs will know that taking public transportation can be a nightmare. There is not much space to store such equipment. And so, it will be nice of you to preorder the Revolve Air collapsible wheelchair! It is a fantastic platform that can be folded into a compact box.

19. Scewo Stair Climbing Wheelchair

Scewo Stair Climbing

Stairs are the bane of people with accessibility issues. Climbing up and down those steps is virtually impossible with a wheelchair. That’s why you should equip people that you love with the Scewo Stair Climbing Wheelchair. It features a set of solid rubber tracks that help people climb down the stairs. Book the test drive now for your friends and family!

20. Kuschall Superstar Accessibility Platform

Kuschall Superstar Accessibility Platform

For disabled people with high mobility, a sturdy wheelchair will be an excellent present. And so, the Kuschall Superstar accessibility platform is a perfect choice. It does not break easily, is lightweight, and is foldable! Furthermore, it features an elegant style and an extra comfortable seating pad.

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21. WHILL Model Ci2 Wheelchair

WHILL Model Ci2

Going out to enjoy the natural fresh air is a great way to reduce stress. You can encourage your special someone to go outdoors more often. Their disability should not prevent them from having an adventure! The excellent WHILL Model Ci2 wheelchair features a robust electric motor and unique wheels to tackle curbs and inclining roads.

Cool Wheelchairs for Space Themed

Suppose your friends or family need a tilting wheelchair. In that case, you can show your love and appreciation by buying the following items as presents. The backrests of these cool wheelchairs can be tilted to accommodate people who cannot sit upright. This feature will enhance the usefulness of the mobility equipment!

22. Quickie Iris Manual Wheelchair

Quickie Iris Manual

For sick people, sitting may not always be possible. And so, the Quickie Iris manual wheelchair is perfect for those who hurt their backs or are too weak to use a regular model. It utilizes a soft foam wheel to minimize vibration and extra-thick paddings for leg and armrests! 

23. INVACARE TDX SP2 Electric Wheelchair


For frail people with severe disabilities or injuries, riding a regular wheelchair may not be possible. The INVACARE TDX SP2 electric wheelchair features a tilt-in-space capability. This modern and intelligent health equipment will provide maximum comfort for those in need and double as a portable bed!

24. PERMOBIL M300 Electric Wheelchair

PERMOBIL M300 Electric

People with special needs may require specialized equipment too. The PERMOBIL M300 electric wheelchair can be folded to provide a more comfortable ride. It comes with a reclining feature that allows this item to transform into a portable moving bed!

25. QUANTUM EDGE Wheelchair


Being in a wheelchair is certainly not fun. However, your disabled friends can feel more relaxed with this high-tech item. The QUANTUM EDGE comes with a lift that can be used to adjust the chair’s height. Get this comfortable wheelchair for your friends as a gift to light up their day!

Latest Post:

What is the best wheelchair to buy?

The best wheelchair to buy is the one that suits your friend’s needs. It must be comfortable, versatile, durable, and easy to operate. The previously mentioned electric wheelchairs are definitely among the most excellent choices because they provide disabled people with independent movements. For regular wheelchairs, the lightweights should also become a deciding factor.

What is the most comfortable wheelchair?

The most comfortable wheelchair features soft and springy seats. The extra pad for legs and armrests are also two elements that make a comfortable wheelchair. Your friend who can not walk will have to sit on it all day. Therefore you have to make sure that the chair provides the coziest seating. 

Which wheelchair is easiest to push?

Regular wheelchairs are actually easier to push than electric ones. There is no heavy battery, bulky wheels, or motors that will weigh you down. You can explore the world with your friend all day in a regular lightweight wheelchair without expending too much strength. Furthermore, the quality of the wheels will also affect the steering. 

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