26 Heartwarming Sunflower Gifts for Someone You Love

There are various kinds of plants out there in the world that you might prefer. Beautiful kinds of flowers like roses, lilies, orchids or tulips might come to the top of your mind. But can we all agree that sunflower have a cheerful vibe that you cannot resist? Their colorful crown emanates a strong feeling that will surely light up your day.

Although sunflowers are perceived differently everywhere, people won’t deny that it symbolizes love and loyalty. To an extent, sunflowers also represent positivity and strength. That fact alone makes this particular flower an absolute no-brainer of an option for you to hand out to your loved ones. Plus, there are a lot of customized and unique sunflower gifts out there for you to choose. Don’t worry! We have compiled the best sunflower gifts just for you.

What Do Sunflower Symbolizes?

Different cultures regard sunflowers with their own take. The Chinese viewed the sunflower as a symbol of good luck and lasting happiness, while ancient Japan believed that the sunflower represents memory and a sign of remembrance. But in general, sunflowers are often looked at as the perfect image of love, loyalty and strength. Thus, it’s a good idea if you are trying to find sunflower gifts for your closest friends.

Best Sunflower Gifts That Represent Positivity and Strength

1. Kantha Sunflower Earring

sunflower gifts

Earrings often become a huge part of women’s fashion. That’s the reason why you shouldn’t pass on this handmade sunflower earring. This unique earring is made up of repurposed saris and embroidered kantha fabrics that are wrapped around lightweight beads.

2. Engraved Sunflower Necklace 

sunflower gifts

If you truly believe that your partner is the sunshine of your life, then this necklace will serve the purpose. With an engraved message hidden inside this beautiful locket necklace, make sure to buy one and wrap your lovely lady’s neck with it!

3. The Perfect Sunflower Kit

sunflower gifts

A perfect all-in-one kit for your partner! This starter kit contained everything that a woman could ask for: a beautiful necklace, a slider bracelet, an essential oil bottle, and two packs of 12 pads. Did we also mention that it comes in a signature gift box? These elegant sunflower gifts are the right fit for an elegant woman.

4. Sunflower-themed Gift Box

sunflower gifts

If you want to find a more packed gift box, this sunflower gift box might be it. Inside, you may find lots of sunflower-themed items, such as a necklace, air freshener, earrings, pen and bracelet. When you notice how colorful its contents are, don’t bother resisting the urge to buy one for your girl.

5. Sunflower Necklace with Personalized Name

sunflower gifts

A personalized present may show a good intention of how much you love someone. And that’s precisely the reason why we’d recommend this customized necklace on our sunflower gifts list. Show off her name on this necklace with pride!

6. Sunflower-themed Tumbler

Sunflower-themed Tumbler

If your girlfriend or wife is one of those cool hard working women, this has to be your perfect gift. Hand this sunflower tumbler to show how much you appreciate her effort at work.

7. Comfy Sunflower Wide Pants

Comfy Sunflower Wide Pants

Interfering with your woman’s taste in fashion might prove costly in your relationship. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t buy casual apparels for her to use at home. Besides, this wide pant with full sunflowers on it is looking very cute. 

8. Elegant Sunflower Ring

sunflower gifts

Last up in our list of sunflower gifts for your woman is a very elegant-looking sunflower ring. This ring will definitely fit perfectly into her finger. With its affordable price, there is nothing wrong with this exotic item. 

9. “Baby Yoda with Sunflowers” Mug

sunflower gifts

It’s a known fact that most men liked either sports or nerdy stuff (a.k.a. Science Fiction). If your man loved watching Star Wars, this mug might be a good answer for it. Believe us, they won’t mind as it has the adorable Baby Yoda on it

10. Men’s Summer Short Sleeve

sunflower gifts

It’s important to enter a summer break in style. What better style can you ask than this cool short sleeve. Give this as a present to your loving man, and he will surely use it on one of your beach vacations!

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11. Copper Sunflower Rain Gauge

sunflower gifts

Flowers serve with a purpose in their lifespan. This copper flower also got a unique purpose for your friend’s backyard. Put this fancy item in a garden and it will be able to measure rainfall in inches.

12. Self-watering Sunflower Kit

sunflower gifts

Tired of looking through artificial sunflowers in our list? Don’t be, because we have just the right item for you. This self-watering sunflower grow kit is a fun way for you to start indoor gardening.

13. Sunflower Keychain with Personalized Message

sunflower gifts

Different presents for occasions will require different messages. With this sunflower keychain, you could order your own customized message for your bestie!

14. Sunflower Bouquet Pin

sunflower gifts

Need to find an affordable sunflower gift? Or are you looking for small sunflower gifts out there? This might be the perfect combination for both problems. With a design inspired by Van Gogh’s painting, this is an option that you need to seriously consider.

15. Sunflower Bridal Bouquet

sunflower gifts

We think that the name and picture say it all, eh? When your best friend is organizing their own marriage, perhaps you can help by looking out decorations such as this.

16. Sunflower-themed iPhone case

Sonix Clear Coat Fitted Soft Shell Case for iPhone 12 mini

If your friend owns an iPhone 12, your luck might just kick in. Buy this as a symbol that you got your friend’s back, just like this soft case protecting the phone.

17. Elizabeth Arden Toilette Spray

SUNFLOWERS par Elizabeth Arden Eau De Toilette Spray 1 oz

A refreshing scent will always be welcomed at any toilet. If your friend needed an upgrade, you might want to take a look at this toilet spray. The smell is so perfect you could sleep in the bathroom!

18. Artificial 4-pack Sunflower Bouquet

Artificial Sunflowers Bouquet, 4 Pack Fake Sunflowers Silk Sunflowers For Crafts

Flower bouquets are usually given to celebrate a milestone event in someone’s life, such as weddings, graduation, or career upgrades. This artificial sunflower bouquet is a definite choice to buy!

19. Engraved Wooden Sunflower Utensils

Engraved Wooden Sunflower Utensils

Wooden kitchen utensils may produce a vintage vibe to your house. It will certainly look cooler when the utensils are engraved with sunflower-themed design. Come and take a look!

20. Removable Sunflower Wallpaper

Retro flowers Removable Wallpaper

If you are looking to decorate a new house, this wallpaper is the perfect option. Stare at these cute flowers to lift your spirit up each day. Besides, you can easily remove this wallpaper if you ever get bored. 

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21. LED String Light with Sunflowers

LED String Light, Artificial Sunflower LED String Light Simulation Flower Vines String Light

Fancy renovating your house to a plant-based theme? This item can be the catalyst to that change. Besides, the delicate LED light is very safe and won’t get hot. 

22. Artificial Sunflower Glass Dome

Artificial Flower Glass Dome

This item might be another option that you can purchase, should you consider a greener approach to decorate your house. Even if you didn’t, this glass dome will still fit perfectly everywhere!

23. Sunflower Night Light

Themed Night Light

Sunflowers will forever be associated with lights and happiness. That’s the reason why it’s perfect for you to purchase this recycled glass sunflower night light for yourself or someone you care about. Lighten up the mood in your house with this cute item. 

24. Glass Birth Month Flower

Glass Birth Month Flower

Handmade items are often considered to be a classy present. This delicate, Mexican-made sunflower sculpture is a cool example of it. Besides, its compact size made it easier for it to be displayed.  

25. Sunflower Pillow

Themed Pillow

Lighten up your friend’s living room by giving out this throw pillow. Besides its exotic design, the pillow’s material will definitely feel cozy in your friend’s hug.

26. Charming Motivational Canvas

Charming Motivational Canvas

Let’s end our list with a motivational souvenir. If you have been running out of ideas for handing out sunflower gifts, this might be your last (but definitely not least) option. Besides, it contains a motivational message that will lift up your friend’s spirit each day. 

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