25 Unique Terracotta Pots for Your Favorite Plant

Every gardener will immediately understand if you mention terracotta pots. In fact, most of them like and collect it with a variety of interesting shape and colors. Because of that, terracotta pots have become very popular in recent years. Beside having a porous feature, this clay-based pot allows air and water to move through the walls thereby preventing disease in the soil or the plants in it.

Are you looking for a pot to put your favorite plant in? Are you worried that your plants will be damaged or sick if kept unattended? Here we provide a complete list of unique terracotta pots, that can protect your favorite garden while beautifying the interior appearance of your home garden.

The aspect that makes terracotta pots so special is the feature of a porous structure that allows water and air to flow into the plant. This will be very useful to prevent soil damage and nutrient deficiency in your plants.

Why Are Terracotta Pots Better Than Plastic?

This is an interesting question! Well, since terracotta pots have more pores and air spaces than plastic plots, there is a better movement of water and air across the walls of the pot. This is better for plants whose roots should not be watered too much.

Best Terracotta Pots – Our 3 Best Picks

Terracotta Pot with Traditional DesignTerracotta Pot with Aesthetic DesignTerracotta Pot with Decorative Shape
Tribal Pot Faces Home DecorativePlutus Brands Faux Succulent PotHandmade Starfish-shaped Pot
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Unique Terracotta Pots with Colorful

Color gives life! Unique terracotta pots will feel more soulful, if they have illustrative colors. Here are our list of colorful and unique terracotta pots that you can choose. Happy gardening!

1. Terracotta Trough Planter

Are you looking for a pot to put your favorite plant in? Here we provide a complete list of unique terracotta pots that can protect your favorite garden

Let’s start the day with something bright! Carrying the trendy Scandi Boho motif, this unique terracotta pot can perfectly brighten your everyday mood. The size of the elongated pot, also makes this item suitable for accommodating plants in your home.

2. Cotton-Candy Blue Marbled

unique terracotta pots

The Cotton-Candy Blue color is simply amazing! This pot in a unique way can look perfect by presenting a beautiful burst of color. Besides pleasing to the eye, this pot also has a hole at the bottom for your favorite plants to drain.

3. BUZZY Terracotta Mini Grow Pots

unique terracotta pots

The favorable size to put flowers and small plants. Comes in a funky design and a total of 12, you can keep multiple plants in one beautiful arrangement. Due to its compact size, you can share this unique terracotta pot with several friends at once. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

4. Gold and White Terracotta Planter Pot

unique terracotta pots

Simple but elegant and glamorous. This is the perception you will get when you look at this unique terracotta pot that has a stunning gold and white color. Available in two different sizes, you can choose one according to your preference and plant type.

5. Set of 2 Terracotta Planter Pots

Set of 2 Terracotta Planter Pots

Are you having problems with your plants? Are your plants dry because the pots don’t have an adequate drainage system? Solve all these problems with this unique terracotta pot with a classic design. This item also features a durable and stainless steel drainage hole.

6. Mountain Mystic Terracotta Planter

Unique Terracotta Pots

The mystery and beauty of the night are now in your home! Point to one of the stars neatly engraved on this terracotta pot. This generic design is beautifully painted and is perfect for accompanying your favorite plants.

7. Mushroom Terracotta Pots

Mushroom Terracotta Pots

Teach your child to love the environment from an early age! Your child will be able to help the plants stay happy and hydrated all year round without the hassle of constant watering. Each of these unique terracotta pots can hold approximately 260 mL of water and will release 5 mL of water per day to fertilize your favorite plants.

8. Sun Pot 10 Inch Succulent Planter

Sun Pot 10 Inch Succulent Planter

Are you a retro person? If yes, then this unique terracotta pot is specially designed for you. This terracotta pot is equipped with two drainage holes at the bottom to allow water to drain out and prevent excess water in the pot. This encourages your plants to grow healthily.

9. Large Bird Plant Terracotta Pot

Unique Terracotta Pots

For you, bird lovers, don’t miss this one item. Featuring an amazing bird painting, this unique terracotta pot has one drainage hole that will be very effective at keeping your plants from damaging the soil medium. Get this item immediately before it runs out!

10. Plutus Brands Faux Succulent Pot

Unique Terracotta Pots

Immediately give a touch of natural elegance by placing your family plant in this Plutus Succulent Faux Pot. Having a marble-like texture and color, these unique terracotta pots are perfect for providing a refreshing natural setting for a river environment!

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Unique Terracotta Pots with Outstanding Shape

The form is an essential thing for an item. The following list of unique terracotta pots is sure to blow your mind! Here are unique terracotta pots that has outstanding shape you can choose for your collection and as a gift for your gardener friends.

11. Leggy Terracotta Planter

Unique Terracotta Pots

So adorable! You will be moved with joy when you see this unique terracotta pot that has a cute expression. This pot has four legs so it looks more alive when combined with greenery.

12. Handmade Starfish-shaped Pot

Unique Terracotta Pots

Are you a diver who often finds exotic animal on the seabed? Now you can always see the exotic in your yard by buying this starfish-shaped pot. Abundant drainage holes not only function but also add to the uniqueness of this terracotta pot ornament.

13. Succulent Fern in Geometric Terracotta

Unique Terracotta Pots

What a brilliant shape! You will never see a terracotta pot with such a beautiful shape before. Show off each of your memories by placing your memorable plants in this unique terracotta pot.

14. Terracotta Pot Man Plant Pot Holder

Unique Terracotta Pots

Change the appearance of cacti in your home to be more fun. With this pot, you can be as creative as possible in arranging your cactus plants. Keep it out in the open and give it a cute and unique look in every corner.

15. Unique VINTAGE – Double Hollow Log

VINTAGE - Double Hollow Log planter

Maximize the natural look by keeping your plants in these wooden stem-shaped pots. This item has two main compartments for ideal storage. The green color of this plant and the brown color of this wooden terracotta pot blend well.

16. Hand Painted Terracotta Vase

Hand Painted Vase

Capture the best moments of your life properly! You can customize these unique terracotta pots by adding your wedding photos. Equipped with a bright red Ceramic Heart ornament, this item is perfect as a wedding gift.

17. Strawberry Terracotta Planter Clay

Strawberry Terracotta Planter Clay

Do you want to grow strawberries in your yard or garden? Now you can do that by buying this vintage-shaped pot. Drainage holes at the bottom of each compartment can reduce the risk of over-watering strawberry plants that require extra handling.

18. Stackable Planter Vertical Garden

Stackable Planter Vertical Garden

The one-stop functional terracotta pot is a title worthy of this item. Having a multi-tier structure (3 pots per tier, 5 tiers in total), these pots can save your space perfectly. Made of high-quality polypropylene plastic, these pots are fade and crack resistant so they last longer in hot summers and inclement weather.

19. Small Terracotta Pots with Saucer

Small Planter with Saucer

When you have a question in your mind, what kind of terracotta pot is suitable for a gift? This terracotta pot with a cartoon design can be a meaningful gift for loved ones as well as a beautiful sight.

20. Terracotta Vase Container Bonsai

Vase Container Bonsai with Drainage Tray

Your bonsai will look cute and unique if planted in this terracotta pot. The cute white cat shape makes this item very suitable for cat lovers.

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21. Modern Desktop Terracotta Planters

Modern Desktop Planters

Simple and modern brought to life by Modern Desktop Terracotta Planters. This item features two rotating arms and five terracotta pots arranged symmetrically. You can also save space by using only these terracotta pots.

22. KALALOU Natural & White Large Terracotta Funnel Planter

KALALOU Natural White Large Funnel Planter

Discover the stunning decorative accents this KALALOU Natural & White Large Terracotta Funnel Planter has to offer. Manufactured by Kalalou with over 30 years of experience, these terracotta pots are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

23. Vintage Terracotta Arnold Gray Plant Pot

Vintage Terracotta Arnold Gray Plant Holder Planter

Enhance the beauty of your interior space with these Arnold gray terracotta pots. Adorable shape and nose can significantly improve your mood in the morning and evening.

24. Foreside Home & Garden Natural Terracotta Planter

Garden Natural Terracotta Planter

Place your favorite plants in this unique striped woven Terracotta Pot made by Foreside Home & Garden. This item has a geometric look made up of beautiful natural string strands.

25. Tribal Pot Faces Home Decorative

Tribal planter Faces Home Decorative Terracotta Flower Pots

Ethnic style and atmosphere radiate from these unique terracotta pots. The basic jet black color with vintage decorations makes you can’t look away from this plant pot. Get this item immediately before it runs out!

Latest Posts:

What plants grow in terracotta pots?

Of course, you can grow any kind of plant in terracotta pots as long as they are relatively small. You can grow your favorite plants such as bonsai, philodendron, sago, ficus, aloe vera, ponytail palm, succulent, dracaena, and other plants.

How long do terracotta pots last?

Terracotta pots offer timeless function and beauty. This type of pot can last for years if properly cared for. Another advantage of terracotta pots is that new plants can be planted in them immediately because the basic material of this pot is natural clay.

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