25 Meaningful Christmas Gifts for Your Best Friend

Best friends play an essential role in our lives. Even though we have to tackle some differences and sometimes get into a small fight, they’re always there for us through our ups and downs. Whether you’re experiencing a terrible heartbreak or a fascinating success, they’re always our number one support system. Therefore, it is understandable to put your best friends’ names on top of your Christmas shopping list. But what if you don’t know what to give them? Being friends with them forever doesn’t always mean that you always know what to offer on Christmas, especially if you feel like you have already given them everything. Below are some guides for you who are in search of meaningful Christmas gifts for your best friend.

The Most Awesome Christmas Gifts for Best Friend

These are the best choices from the Awesome Staff you can get for your best friend that will leave them in awe.

1. Color Changing Mug with Customizable Picture

A mug is just ordinary. Your best friend might already have a dozen of them in their kitchen. But a color-changing mug? That’s new and will make even your hard-to-impress best friend amazed. This mug is heat-activated. It starts black when it’s cold, and it will turn white and reveal a secret picture you put on it. You surprise them by not telling them about this color-changing technology and letting them experience it themselves when they make a cup of coffee in the morning.

2. Personalized Film Roll Keychain

Framing pictures as a gift might be cute, but if you’re being honest, you may have already done this a couple of times in the past. How to do the same ideas better? Make it into a roll film keychain. This gift feels more personal, and now your best friend will be able to carry an entire album wherever they go.

3. Long-distance Friendship Lamp

Have to live separated from your best friend? Worry not! This long-distance friendship lamp will do its magic and make you stay connected even if you live across the whole country. Every time you need to feel connected, you can touch the magic, and the lamps will sync with the same ambiance. Pretty magical, right?

4. Movie Scratch Off Poster

Movie Scratch Off Poster

 Making a list of things to do or movies to watch are just common best friends things to do. You can do this top 100 movies of all time with your best friend. Make it easy by using this scratch-off movie poster. The poster has a list of the best movies loved both by fans and movie critics. When you have already watched a title on the list, you can scratch it off and continue to the next.

5. Hand Casting Kit

Hand Casting Kit

 If you and your best friend haven’t already done this trend, then this is the right time to do it. Doing a hand-cast is not that hard with this kit. It is effortless to do even if you are a beginner and haven’t tried it yet. Make two of them, and you and your best friend will have one each.

6. Best Friend Couple Necklace

As classic as it is, the couple necklace will never go wrong. You can get a couple of necklaces so you both can have twin necklaces. Very sweet and simple but can deepen your friendship.

7. Personalized Hobby Tumblers

A hobby can be as important as friendship. This is why it is crucial to give your best friend some time and space to do their thing. Even better, you can show your support through this personalized hobby tumbler. You can even create a customized character that resembles your best friend.

8. World Map Scratch Off Poster

World Map Scratch Off Poster

This one is perfect for your best friend who has a wanderer soul. This word map comes with scratchable gold foil and some scratching accessories. Heavy-weight paper is the material used to print this poster. The poster will last long so they can put it up on their wall for a long time. And every time they visit a place, they can scratch it off the map to keep their travel list tracked.

9. Couple Keychain with Spotify QR Code

Couple Keychain with Spotify QR Code

Another better way to express feelings and share messages is through song. This is why this personalized couple keychain with Spotify QR code is a way to go. Your best friend will be able to scan the code and listen to your favorite anthem that will remind them of the fun memories you experienced together.

10. Personalized Morse Code Bracelet

Personalized Morse Code Bracelet

Do you have enough with the regular friendship bracelet? Then this personalized morse code will make a simple friendship bracelet gift a lot of fun. Craft your on morse code to share the message with your best friend. Every time they wear the bracelet, they will remember your message and keep motivated, knowing that you are always there for them.

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11. Holiday Gift Exchange Card Game

A gift exchange game is always fun. You can play this with your group of friends. Everyone brings a gift to the event and starts the game. This game is a lot of fun because no one knows what they will get by the end of the game. This card game has a unique set of cards, including cards to trade, switch, and trade gifts.

12. Through Thick and Thin Friendship Keychain

This keychain symbolizes every phase that you have been through during your friendship. As evident as it is, this keychain holds two bars. One is thick, and the other is thin. You don’t have to say a lot because this keychain already speaks louder than words.

13. Couple Avocado Keychain

These cute polymer clay avocado keychains are just so cute. The design of the avocado character and the interconnecting design allows you to connect both charms into one whole avocado. Just perfect to represent your friendship that completes each other.

14. Initial Alphabet Necklace

Either you give them the initial letter of their name or their k-pop idol’s name, the initial alphabet necklace is always cute and feels personal. A letter can confirm one’s identity or remind them of the things they love. The most fun part of this gift idea is that you can get every single one of your friends the same gift but with different letters.

15. Tumbler Gift Set with Socks & Card

Tumbler Gift Set with Socks & Card

Why give only one item when you can give your best friend a whole gifts set? A gift set feels more meaningful because it shows that you put effort into crafting the gift. This tumbler and socks set are just perfect because the tumbler will keep your besties reminded to drink water, and the fuzzy socks will keep them warm. The beautiful card with a sweet message will add a little more sweet touch to the whole set.

16. M&M’s Christmas Eve Gift Set

You will never judge your best friend for having a bit more snack on Christmas eve. This M&M’s gift is just perfect because it has four packages of M&M’s fun-size candy. When you already think that the sweets are fun enough, this gift set also comes with a plate, a glass, and some packages of M&M’s to bake some homemade cookies with a simple recipe to follow. Your best friend will have fun baking cookies and maybe even leave some for Santa.

17. Hugging Candles for Best Friend

Lighting up some candles is an excellent way to liven up the Christmas eve festivity. Your best friend won’t mind for an extra candle to burn. With this cute hugging design, it has a more personal touch. Even after they finish the candle, they will still remember the gift as a pretty decorative piece that is actually functional.

18. Personalized Zodiac Necklace

Are you and your best friend into astrology? If you are, then there is no more perfect gift other than the zodiac necklace gift. Pick up his star sign sun, moon, or rising, or even all of them. They will wear the cute necklace design proudly.

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19. Best Friend Gift Box with Pictures Inside

A gift box can bring up just so many memories. In this case, that saying applied literally. This gift box is carefully designed so you can pack up some of the best photos of you and your best friend into a single beautiful gift box. If the pictures aren’t enough, you can still hide some hidden presents at the bottom of the box. Two gifts in a box. Who doesn’t want that?

20. DIY Candle Kit

This DIY candle kit is perfect for your DIY queen best friend. As they love to make things themselves, why don’t you get them this DIY candle kit so they can add it to their next DIY project? This kit comes with all of the ingredients and tools they need to make two soy wax candles in lidded tins. This kit is also completed with crystals, herbs, and fragrance oil, so your best friend will have the freedom to personalize the candle however they like.

21. Personalized Handwriting Name Necklace

Beautiful and elegant are the two things that will cross your best friends’ minds when they see this personalized handwriting name necklace. The high-quality sterling silver or 14 gold materials guarantee this necklace’s quality and can last for the longest time. It is also has a simple design that can go with every outfit. Once they wear the necklace, they will never want to take it off.

22. BFF Painting Illustration

Give your best friend something very unique by ordering this printable personalized BFF painting illustration. You can customize the message however you like. The painting is beautiful and printed on a high-quality canvas. You can also get the digital download and print it yourself too. This gift is perfect for warming up your best friend’s space wherever they live.

23. Custom Pillow Cover

What can you never have enough other than house plants? Yes, throw pillows. Cute throw pillows can spice some spice up and provide more comfort. This custom pillow cover will allow you to customize the most personalized throw pillow just your best friend needs.

24. Personalized Matching Pendant Necklace

Personalized Matching Pendant Necklace

Do you have a couple of best friends and want to strengthen your friendship bond? Then this personalized pendant necklace is the best gift you can ever get. The puzzle-like design allows you to put the pendant together, creating a whole heart shape. A lovely way to bring together the friend group.

25. Couple Yin & Yang Bracelets

Couple Yin & Yang Bracelets

Being best friends doesn’t mean you have to have a similar personality and taste. Sometimes you and your best friend can be the total opposite of each other but still bond really well. This couple yin & yang bracelet is a perfect way to show the balance of the different sides but stay together in harmony.

Latest Post:

What Christmas gifts should I give to my female best friend?

The answer to this question is always depends on everyone’s preferences. Each person has their own personal taste, hobbies, and other small things that make everyone unique. To get the correct answer to this question is by understanding your best friend sincerely. What makes her happy? What kind of activities is she into? What is more important to her the most? By understanding her interests, then you can get just the right gifts to give.

What Christmas gifts would my male best friend like the most?

When it comes to picking gifts, gender doesn’t matter. Their personalities are what truly matter. For example, a male best friend can be very interested in crafting DIYs so that you can get him the DIY candle kit. Some guys might also be into home decorations so that you can give him the personalized BFF painting. Some even might like accessories so that you can give them bracelets or necklaces.

What Christmas gifts should you give to your best friend that you like?

Just show your best intention by giving them simple but meaningful gifts. If you want to show them that you like them, you can add a little note to the present. Just remember that the gift you chose is a representation of your attention towards them. The more personalized the gifts, the more they would know your true feelings.

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