25 Secret Box Gifts for Tricky And Lovely Ideas

Giving presents will be a wonderful love gesture for the giver and the receiver. You may think of the 1001 ways to present your love, but you find nothing new. If a big bow gift box is no longer appealing to you, you should try these magic boxes. We have 25 secret box gifts to be the solution to your problem. 

The secret box needs a little bit of effort to open. If your girlfriend is in love with riddles, she will be ecstatic to accept one. Before you send this secret box gift, make sure you learn the manual to put your actual gift inside the box. Discover the suitable box out of our secret box gifts idea for you.

What Is A Box Of Secrets Called?

We call a box of secrets a puzzle box because it’s full of secrets. From the ways to open the box to the content inside, it becomes a puzzle for the recipients.  It also contains a secret gift that is only known to the giver before it opens.

Secret Box Gifts for Someone Special

1. Japanese Decorative Secret Box

Japanese Decorative Secret Box

The beautiful handmade secret box originated from Japan. Japanese Yosegi artisans make this puzzle box while preserving their ancient culture from the Edo period. The secret box will surely keep your secret gift safe inside. Your special someone needs to go through 21 steps to open the box. You can always give them hints here and there to help them open faster.

2. Football Puzzle Box

Football Puzzle Box

How about making a football match date special? You can prepare a small gift with this football secret box. A small compartment is available inside the tricky sliding woods. Impress your date with this fun gift after the match.

3. Wooden Treasure Box

Wooden Treasure Box

Can you find the small space inside this detailed laser-cutting secret box? It requires some steps in different parts of the box to be open. It would be nice if you put a gift that equals the effort of opening the box. This charming secret box can be a unique birthday gift.

4. Red Wooden Magic Box

Red Wooden Magic Box

You can send your gift to your sister or another family member in this red wooden magic box. The box uses sustainable wood with eco-friendly paints material. You can tease them without giving any clue or the manual to open the box on purpose. This gift will be a fun game for your family.

5. Mystery Lock Secret Box

Mystery Lock Secret Box

This secret box has a mystery lock to open it. By using 100% natural wood material, the box looks sturdy. This secret box gift is perfect to be a fun treasure box for your friend. The hidden compartment is relatively big to store your gift inside. 

6. Sun and Moon Secret Box

Sun and Moon

The Celtic ornament box uses natural wood as its prime material. The sun and the moon are beautifully carved on the top side of the box. This secret box has a simple hidden lock, so it’s a perfect gift for a straightforward person. Tell them to slide the moon and rotate the sun to open it. 

7. Dracula Magic Box

Dracula Magic

Have you got a Dracula-fan friend’s birthday coming? This secret box will be an impressive gift for them. The coffin-like box uses a variety of local timbers from Transylvania. You can choose their favorite color from the various colors provided.

8. Book-shaped Secret Box


It looks like an ordinary book from the outside. But it’s actually a secret box that keeps a precious gift for your loved ones. You can play hide and seek with this book-shaped box and let them find it. This gift leads to a treasure hunt quest suitable for everyone, including kids.

9. Piano Puzzle Box

Piano Puzzle

Are you still picking out gifts to reward your son for his good grades in school? You might want to try wrapping your prize in this piano puzzle box. Your genius boy will find the right combination without looking to the “cheat-key” to get his award. Give him a loving hug when he succeeds.

10. 24 Step Orion Secret Box

secret box gifts

The Orion Secret Box has 24 exciting steps to open itself like its name. It sounds exciting, right? It uses high-quality Maple wood with a beautiful finish. You can ask the creator to slide your special message inside this puzzle box. 

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11. Solaris Wooden Puzzle Box

secret box gifts

Place a special note inside the small compartment of the Solaris Puzzle Box. If you’re not sure how to open it, check the solution that comes with the box. You can impress your p arents with this secret box as their anniversary gift. This gift might bring them to travel their memories of your childhood.

12. Secret Puzzle Box Heart

secret box gifts

No more envelope for your money gift with this Secret Puzzle Box Heart will be a nice change. It’s a cool way to give pocket money. Your present will remain in secret until they successfully open their puzzle box. The red heart on the top is an excellent symbol representing your love for the receiver.

13. Mushroom Secret Box

secret box gifts

This Mushroom Secret Box is an excellent gift for the nature lover on your team. Besides, the mushroom design uses all different natural woods to assemble all colors in this secret box. You can give a thankful gift to them inside the box. They undoubtedly will appreciate your thoughts of their liking.

14. 3 Wheel Puzzle Box

secret box gifts

You’re ready with a gift card that your mom dreams about? You can give her this 3-wheels secret box gift with the gift card you prepared. She just needs to adjust the three wheels on the box’s surface to open. To make it more special, you can choose to engrave her name on the box.

15. Viking Maze Puzzle Box

secret box gifts

Do you need a next-level gift? This Viking Maze Puzzle Box could be the answer. You have to do the right combination of turning the wheel, metal balls, and sliding some parts to open the box. Due to its complexity, this secret box is one of the most challenging puzzles to solve. This gift can be a frustrating yet thrilling gift ever.

16. Goldfinch Bird Secret Compartment

Goldfinch Bird Compartment

A cute-looking bird is ready to fly and send your gift. This goldfinch bird box will be an excellent jewelry box after it’s done with its task as a messenger. This secret box gift will be a perfect present for those who like to collect unique ornaments. 

17. 11 Step Antares Secret Box

secret box gifts

It’s only 11 steps to disassemble the Antares secret box and see the hidden compartment. It will not be too hard for your friend to get their present. This square secret box is also handy to bring along everywhere they go. They can use this box in their personal box to store their secrets.

18. Maze Russian Doll Puzzle Box

Maze Russian Doll Puzzle

You should check this unique combination of a secret box and a Russian doll. We bet this will be a tremendous secret box gift to people who love riddles. Your gift receiver will find a quest after a quest to get their present. It’s a nice little game to give.

19. Kitten Secret Box

secret box gifts

The beautiful handcrafted Kitten Secret Box is ready to deliver your present to your loved one. A cat servant won’t ever refuse this cute yet tricky secret box. Put your gift inside the box and let them solve the riddle to get it.

20. Mandala Secret Box

secret box gifts

If we already have one of the most challenging secret boxes on the list, this Mandala Secret Box will be on seat number two. It has five rods on both ends of the box to work on and open it. However, the beautiful mandala design on the top will cure the frustration while opening the box. Make sure to prepare a lovely gift inside. 

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21. Jigsaw Secret Box

 Jigsaw Secret

This Jigsaw secret box is a good choice to stimulate your kids’ brains. And for their hard work to disassemble the wooden box, you can prepare an exciting handmade gift voucher for later use or grant their wishes. This secret box tightens your family bond during the puzzle-solving activity.

22. Winter Bear Secret Box

Winter Bear box

A perfect secret box gift for your boyfriend, who was born in the winter season, will be this Winter Bear Secret Box. This secret box can be a gift for a friend who simply just loves winter too. The c ute bear with a beanie hat and a scarf plus your small gift inside will brighten the cloudy winter, especially to your gift receiver. 

23. Celestial Secret Box 

Celestial Secret

This lovely secret box has a sun in the center with the moon’s phases around the edge of the box. It’s a unique Indian rosewood carving by an Indian artisan who uses the passed down through hand tools and techniques. You can give your gift with this artistic box to your museum hunter friend. They will love the present and the box even if they have to solve the riddle first.

24. Secret Wall Clock

Secret Wall Clock

There is no other unique secret box other than Secret Wall Clock that is not in the form of a box at all. It looks like an ordinary wall clock that functions well. But it has a hidden compartment behind the numbers to store your secret gift. Surprise your mom with the not-so-special gift until she discovers the truth.

25. Lovebox Spinning Heart

Lovebox Spinning Heart

Look out for the spinning heart! This secret box is different from any other in the recommendation list. It doesn’t give your loved ones a riddle to open, but they will be wondering where’s the present. Tell them to open the box after the heart crazily spinning, and they will find your love there.

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