25 Interesting Engagement Gifts for Best Friend 

Engagement is originally a period of time between a marriage proposal and the legal marriage itself, which means there is a big probability for them to be together forever (legally). So, what can be more exciting than hearing our best friends found their about to be-lifetime soulmate? 

Therefore, why don’t we prepare something pretty, interesting, and elegant to give to our best friends? 

Let’s check the list of 25 most interesting engagement gifts for best friends. From the most unique, funny, useful, and heartwarming ones, we hope you will find the one that is best to be given to your best friends. 

1. The Kissing Mugs

The Kissing Mugs

Looking for a cute engagement gift for best friend? You can consider these kissing mugs. They are made of porcelain and each mug in the set of two is designed with a smile and loving face. It can be used by your best friends to enjoy hot or cold beverages with their soulmate. The glazes on these mugs have a matte finish and are hand-crafted to make them look vintage. 

2. Personalized Love Knot Serving Board

Personalized Love Knot Serving Board

This personalized serving board is a unique idea. The snackboard features a love knot and engraved the couple’s initials as well as their engagement date that you can add. The board is designed beautifully and made of wood. This piece will be perfect when the duo wants to spend a good quality time while snacking before the wedding. 

3. Night Light

Night Light

This pretty night light will be an interesting engagement gift for best friends. It will provide an exquisite night at your best friend’s room with an aesthetic look. It can be personalized with the name of the couples you want to gift and the engagement date. This night light will come to the receiver along with the wood base, so make sure you check it out!

4. Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board

Looking for a unique yet useful engagement gift? This personalized cutting board will be perfect as an engagement gift for best friends. It has a pretty deep and permanent engraved name of the couple you can personalize to add an aesthetic look to the cutting board. Since it is made of natural woods materials, each cutting board will be different and unique, perfect as an engagement gift. 

5. Personalized Map Print Artwork

Personalized Map Print Artwork

Get your best friends something to remember about their engagement day such as this custom map print! You can ask the artist to add the couple’s names, location, and engagement date as well. A very interesting engagement gift for best friends, right?

6. Personalized Bottle Stopper

Personalized Bottle Stopper

Well, you never see any personalized bottle stopper, right? But, you can find it here! These bottle stoppers can be personalized by adding engraved names of the couple and also the engagement date. This item is a special gift that will be perfect to accompany the happy couple’s dinner and drinking for years to come. They will come to the receiver with a gray fabric gift bag which is perfect as an engagement gift for a best friend. 

7. Wedding Countdown Block Calendar

Wedding Countdown Block Calendar

Are you a sweet friend who wants to give a surprise to your bride-to-be’s best friend? This wedding countdown block calendar will be the best engagement gift to celebrate and share the excitement! This block calendar will come with a stylish gift box and can also be used as home decor. The block is reversible, simply by displaying the other side of the block with “Anniversary” wordings to be used for wedding anniversaries in the future.

8. The Complete Wedding Planner

The Complete Wedding Planner

For the couple who is already engaged, they need to prepare their dream day. So, this wedding planner might be a good engagement gift for best friends. It has helpful pointers, budget-savvy advice, and wedding planning tips that will help you things you need to prepare for the wedding. 

9. Personalized Congratulations Light Wine Bottle

Personalized Congratulations Light Wine Bottle

Say “Congratulations!” to your best friend in a unique way! This congratulation light wine bottle is made of a new 750ml glass wine bottle, so your best friend can use it to put the wine she or he purchased. You can also personalize this light wine bottle with the couple’s name and their engagement date. The bottle is filled with LED lights that shine beautifully and there are 3 options available: multicolor, cool white, and warm white. Shall we add this item to our engagement gift cart for your best friend? 

10. Hot Apron Set 

Hot Apron Set 

Just to prepare your life partner for a lifetime couple after engagement and wedding, you can gift this apron set as an engagement gift to your best friends. The set has an adjustable size, funny design, and stylish look which make this item a funny, useful, and good-looking engagement gift for best friends. The apron set is made of extra-durable fabrics and of superior quality, so it will be safe when they want to wash it using the machine. 

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11. La Cadeau Parfait Collection Square

La Cadeau Parfait Collection Square

Snacks are never going wrong on any occasion. But, is it giving elegance enough as a gift? This le cadeau parfait collection of dried fruits and nuts is right for you. The gourmet assortments offer a premium taste with natural ingredients and packed elegantly. What else can be better than this engagement gift? 

12. Personalized Written in the Stars Wine Box

engagement gifts for best friend

Wine is always a good choice to consume when it comes to a celebration, including birthdays, engagements, and weddings. This personalized wine box can be engraved with the happy couple’s name and considered as an engagement gift for best friends to keep the wine they will open on their big day. It is made of birch wood and aspen, so due to the nature of this item, each will be varied and unique. 

13. Star Map Print

engagement gifts for best friend

If we have a location map display print above, now we have a star map print as an engagement gift for best friends! You can add your personalization such as a greeting message under the night sky display picture, your best friend’s engagement date, location, and other additional items such as star coordinates. It will be displayed on real natural maple wood to give it a minimalist look. A personalized gift is always a choice when it comes to special gifts, especially engagement gifts for best friends!

14. Personalized Mini Figures

engagement gifts for best friend

This might be the cutest engagement gift for best friends. Yup, this mini couple figure is made using up-cycled LEGO® pieces and wordings on each brick are engraved by hand. Each couple’s figure is personalized, such as choosing a head, hair, body, legs, and the color of the brick. The last touch you can add is the engraved couple’s name and your own message on the brick base, such as: “Congratulations!” Where else can you find this unique gift

15. Acrylic Engagement Ornament

engagement gifts for best friend

This simple engagement ornament might seem too simple to be given to our best friends, but they have a minimalist look with personalization features to make it look impressive. You can personalize this ornament by adding the couple’s name and engagement date and year, also wrapped with an elegant gift box. Last but not least, it is made of acrylic to add feminine side to the ornament. Simple, unique, and heartwarming, what are you waiting for?

16. Future Mrs. Mug Hampers 

engagement gifts for best friend

Finding a complete gift set? This wine mug is the right choice! It includes Mrs. Ring dish plate, faux flower, diamond pen, wine glass with ring finger design that can be used to drink wine by the couple, and they will be packed in a box with “congrats” wording and shredded papers to add a minimalist look. Therefore, this item might be the best engagement gift for best friends. 

17. Personalized Tea Light Holder

engagement gifts for best friend

This tea light holder set is a must-have item you must consider! It is hand-crafted with hexagon design and floral illustrations. You can also personalize the engraved initials of your best friends and their engagement date. Not only is that sweet keepsake, it can be thoughtful when you add natural bath salts to add a more natural scent. To complete the engagement gift, they will be placed in an elegant gift box which gives a rustic look. 

18. Fiance & Fiancee Tumbler Set

Fiance & Fiancee Tumbler Set

If your best friend is a traveler, then this travel tumblr set is right for you. It will keep the tumbler surface dry from your sweating hands. The tumblr set has food grade stainless steel material with high technology that can keep beverages at an ideal temperature for a long time for up to 9 hours. There are up to 4 color options that you can choose as an engagement gift for your best friend. 

19. Wine Bag

Wine Bag

Looking for a cute wine bag to protect the wine bottle you want to give to your best friend? This wine bag is made of 100% eco-friendly linen material.The wine bag features a double-sided printing and only available in a regular 750ml wine bottle size which is perfect for all sizes of wine bottle. It has a statement of “pairs well with engagements’ on the bag’s surface and is useful to protect the wine bottle you want to give as an engagement gift. 

20. Engagement Picture Frame 

Engagement Picture Frame

This picture frame will be the perfect gift to celebrate your best friend’s engagement day! The frame is hand-crafted and designed to be fit as home decoration and engagement gifts. This hand-crafted frame is made of engineered wood and will come to the receiver with a stylish gift box, so it is perfect to be chosen as an engagement gift for your best friend! 

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21. LED Kissing Candle 

LED Kissing Candle

Looking for unique and romantic engagement gifts for best friends? This LED kissing candle is the right choice for you! The statue itself presents an elegant artwork that can add colors and brighten up your best friend’s home later on when they are married. It is made from high-quality resin and will be packaged in a giftable box, so this item will be suitable as an engagement gift or even wedding gift for best friends! 

22. Vow Books 

Vow Books

When a couple is preparing for the big day, these vow books are perfect as an engagement gift! The item will include two hard covered vow books with silver foiled “Our Vows” in pocket size, crystal diamond wedding pen, and vow inspiration bonus altogether in a very elegant gift box. Vow inspiration will help them to create their own heartfelt promises on the big day. Well, not merely an engagement gift, but you are such a nice helper for your best friends! 

23. Dog Scarfs

Dog Scarfs

Looking for a nice engagement gift for dog lover-couple and best friends? These dog scarfs are a perfect little engagement gift! They are made of 100% soft spun polyester, so they are ideal bandanas for keeping the dogs cool during summer. They will come to the receiver in a size of 2 pieces in one pack. Simple yet heartwarming especially as an engagement gift for dog lover-best friends!

24. Alloy Earrings 

engagement gifts for best friend

Well, we all know that giving jewellry is basic, but we guarantee you that a jewelry gift is timeless. These crystal stud earrings are the perfect engagement gift for your lifetime bestie! It features silver rhinestones as the main stone with geometrical shape to give a look both casual and elegant. So, it will be the perfect engagement gift that your bestie will use anytime even after the engagement and the wedding!

25. TINGN Initial Bracelets

engagement gifts for best friend

This heart-shaped initial bracelet with your best friend’s initial name will show a symbol of harmony, love, and balance. It has environmentally and high-quality material, hypoallergenic and nickel-free, so it is safe to be worn anytime. With those features, this last item will be suitable as an engagement gift for best friends! 

Latest Post:

What should I gift my best friend on his engagement?

After an engagement, the couple is usually busy preparing their upcoming wedding. Even a year before. So we would like to suggest you to give a useful engagement gift such as a wedding planner, wine bag, wedding countdown block calendar, and a package of vows books. It can be a personalized wine box to keep the wine bottles they will use on their wedding day, or even after. 

Do friends give engagement gifts?

It is common for guests to give engagement gifts, but as friends, especially the closest one, there is a need to give heartwarming or even funny engagement gifts to celebrate the excitement that this best friend has finally found the soulmate. Other than that, there is a feeling to appreciate the time you and your best friend have been spending together. 

What’s appropriate for an engagement gift?

Actually there is no standard on how good and bad gifts are, but the appropriate one is a gift that is heartwarming, gives excitement, and is not intimidating, or even causing chaos. The best gift is always the one that has a personalization feature. You can consider personalized star map print or location map print, personalized mini lego figure with your own wordings, and night light is also alright. 

How do you celebrate a friend’s engagement?

We can suggest you to have a bachelorette party or an intimate moment like a casual dinner or lunch to spend time together. Like having champagne or wine, good sandwich or wagyu steak, while you guys are telling stories about the feeling when she or he was still single versus when he or she is going to be engaged, which means he or she has another marital status now. You can bring a wine bottle packed with a wine bag that has “pairs well with engagements” wordings and also a personalized bottle opener with the engraved couple’s name on it. One in a time: giving gifts while celebrating! 

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