25 Beautiful Nurse Jewelry Gifts To Celebrate Their Hard Work

In general, nurses need to keep themselves away from wearing jewelry for several reasons. If they wear bracelets or certain rings, there is a possibility that it will contaminate the wounds of their patients. If they wear necklaces or dangling earrings, it is possible that they could wound themselves when they are dealing with angry or unstable patients. Rings and bracelets are two pieces of jewelry that most nurses will avoid to use during work. Thus, it is hard for nurses to use certain accessories especially during their work. Most of them would just skip the hassle by not wearing any. 

However, we are here with some good news for all the nurses out there and those who want to give nurses you know a jewelry gift. We have curated 25 different jewelry options into a list of nurse jewelry gifts for you. There will be something you can give yourself or your nurse friends. 

1. Mini Stethoscope Earrings

Mini Stethoscope Earrings

The first item on this list of nurse jewelry gifts is the mini stethoscope earrings. The safest jewelry choice for nurses to wear are dainty stud earrings. It is made from 14k gold, rose gold, or silver. It has a super minimalist design so it will not hinder their work. The cute stethoscope detail inside a heart explains nurses’ dedication to their work. 

2. Heart & Heartbeat Earrings

Heart & Heartbeat Earrings

The heart & heartbeat earrings come in a mismatched design on the right and left side. One side comes in a heart design and the other side comes in a heartbeat design. It is made from good quality silver with a minimalist design that will not disturb their work and put them in dangerous situations. 

3. Heartbeat Climber

Heartbeat Climber

If stud earrings are too boring for you, you can consider getting this heartbeat climber. Instead of the usual small dainty stud earring, this climber gives off a different vibe. If you want something that is not super small, you can consider getting this one. It is made from silver in three different finishes: gold, rose gold, and silver. The best part is these earrings are still safe for them to use while they are on shift. 

4. Mini Mask Earring

Mini Mask Earring

The mini mask earring is perfect for those who prefer cute designs. It is made from clay with sterling silver. Nurses are super familiar with the masks. This time they will use it as earrings instead of the usual surgical mask they know. It is definitely a cute piece that they will find hilarious yet lovely. However, this piece won’t be suitable to be worn during their shift because it is a dangling piece. This piece will be more suitable for them to wear when they have free time. 

5. Raw Birthstone Earrings

Raw Birthstone Earrings

If you find all the nurse-related earrings design too tacky, you can choose this raw birthstone earrings. It is a great fine jewelry for nurses piece that you can consider getting. This stud earring is super minimalist with personalized raw birthstone that you can choose based on their birth month. It will be a simple piece that they can use both during work and off work. 

6. Pandora Round Clear Earring

Pandora Round Clear Earring

The first pandora nurse jewelry option on this list of nurse jewelry gifts: Pandora round clear earring. Unlike the previous earrings, this one comes with a classic and timeless round shape. The earrings come with clear cubic zirconia stones which make it sparkly and beautiful. Its dainty size makes this earring not too overwhelming to wear even during work. 

7. Silver Sparkling Knot Studs

Silver Sparkling Knot Studs

The next Pandora nurse jewelry you can consider is the silver sparkling knot studs. It is the more subtle earring choice compared to the previous one. This one has a more artsy design covered with small cubic zirconia stones. Nurses can wear this daily earring comfortably. 

8. Diamond Huggie Earrings

Diamond Huggie Earrings

If they don’t wear stud earrings, you could consider getting them these diamond Huggie earrings. A fine jewelry for nurses that is simple and safe to be used for work. This hoop earring is dainty so it won’t be dangling around and cause some disturbance to their work. It is made from gold covered with small diamond stones. Definitely a minimalist and timeless piece. 

9. Tiny Nurse Necklace

Tiny Nurse Necklace

Moving away from the earrings, we are adding some necklaces into this list of nurse jewelry gifts. The tiny nurse necklace comes with a heart pendant and the medical cross. It is made from silver with sparkly cubic zirconia stones. The most important part is that you can adjust the length of the necklace which is important to prevent nurses from getting injured accidentally. The perfect gift for nurses to celebrate any milestones in their nursing career. 

10. Stethoscope Necklace

Stethoscope Necklace

The stethoscope necklace is super unique because it is covered with colorful and sparkly stones which makes it extra unique. The colorful crystal compliments the white silver color perfectly. You might think that the colorful sparkly stones would be too much to be used during work. Worry not because the stones come in a pastel-like, tone down color which will not be too distracting to be used during work. This necklace is also adjustable which is the most important aspect so that they can wear it to work sometimes.

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11. Medical Field Heartbeat Necklace

Medical Field Heartbeat Necklace

If you are looking for personalized nurse jewelry, you can consider getting the medical field heartbeat necklace. It comes with a heartbeat pendant and you can engrave them with their initials. The necklace comes in silver, gold, or rose gold. It is always important to give nurses the right size of necklace so it won’t get in the way of your work and this necklace got you covered with that. 

12. Custom Stethoscope Necklace

Custom Stethoscope Necklace

Another personalized nurse jewelry option on this list of nurse jewelry gifts. This necklace comes in a stackable necklace design. The lower layer has a stethoscope design that is separated from one another just like a real stethoscope: one end has the headset and the other end has the chest piece. On the chest piece, you can personalize it with their initials. Also, you can choose the size of the necklace so it will come in a shorter and fitting size for nurses to wear comfortably. It is made from sterling silver with a silver, fold, and rose gold finish. 

13. Channing Quartz Handwatch

Channing Quartz Handwatch

Since nurses have limited choices in wearing hand jewelry, hand watches are the safest choice for nurses. We will include several hand watches options on this list of nurse jewelry gifts starting with the Channing Quartz handwatch. It is made from stainless steel with gold or rose gold finish. Hand watches are very useful for nurses because some of their tasks need to be done on time so they won’t lose track of time that way. This hand watch is very simple and slim so it won’t be distracting. 

14. Two Hand Rose Gold Hand Watch

Two Hand Rose Gold Hand Watch

The second hand watch option on this list of nurse jewelry comes with a rose gold strap. The watch comes with black background which gives a beautiful contrast to the rose gold strap. The design of it is really sleek and minimal. It would be a great jewelry piece to wear even during their work shift. 

15. Karli Mini Three Hand Watch

Karli Mini Three Hand Watch

The Karli Mini three hand watch is a gold stainless steel watch. It is decorated with mini crystals all around the watch and the strap. Just like the name suggested, it comes in a mini design so it will also be fitting for nurses who are petite. Despite having some mini crystals along with it, it will not be too sparkly and distracting to wear during their work shift. However, it will still be dressy enough to wear for other occasions too. 

16. Women’s Monroe Watch

Women’s Monroe Watch

The last hand watch option that will be suitable for nurses is the Women’s Monroe watch. This watch comes with three different color combinations: gold, silver, and black. It comes with a minimalist design that will be best for nurses to wear anywhere they go. The watch comes in the right size which won’t distract their work. 

17. Personalized Nurse Watch

Personalized Nurse Watch

This Personalized Nurse Watch is an old style watch that nurses would bring with them for work. It is made from sterling silver with three different colors: gold, rose gold, and silver. You can also personalize it with their name on it. It will be a jewelry piece that is useful for them to bring in their pocket when they work. 

18. Live, Love, Heal Bracelet

Live, Love, Heal Bracelet

Apparently, nurses are not supposed to wear any bracelets or other hand jewelry to work. It might cause contamination when they are treating wounds. However, you don’t have to worry because they can still wear it when they are off work. Some bracelets, like this Live, Love, Heal Bracelet, are great pieces for nurses. It is one of the best items on this list of nurse jewelry gifts as a graduation gift. The simple writings on it will remind them of the most important values of being a nurse. It is made from stainless steel with a rose gold finish. The bangle design makes it easy for them to put it on and off which will be helpful for nurses. 

19. Heartbeat Bracelet With Birthstone

Heartbeat Bracelet With Birthstone

Another personalized nurse jewelry on this list of nurse jewelry gifts is the heartbeat bracelet with birthstone. It comes in an open bangle design which is made from gold-plated silver. You can personalize this bracelet with their birthstone which will make this piece extra personal. However, this bracelet would not be suitable to wear during work, but it is a great piece to wear on any other occasions. These bangles bring the identity of the person both as a person (through the birthstone on one end) and also as a nurse (heartbeat sign on the other end) which is connected by the bangle and could not be separated from each other. 

20. Authentic Open Bangle Bracelet

Authentic Open Bangle Bracelet

The authentic open bangle bracelet is another great pandora nurse jewelry choice in this list of nurse jewelry gifts. It is a simple silver bangle with interchangeable end caps. Also, they can further personalize this bangle with other pandora pendants. The open bangle design makes it easy for nurses to put it off before they start their shift and put it back on after they finish working. 

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21. Pandora Signature Bangle 

Pandora Signature Bangle 

If you find the previous Pandora bangle too plain, you can consider getting this Pandora signature bangle. This is a great pandora nurse jewelry choice for those who like the combination of sterling silver and 14K gold together. It is a timeless and classic bangle that they could wear for a very long time. It is definitely one of those precious fine jewelry for nurses that you could consider getting. 

22. Dainty Heartbeat Anklet

Dainty Heartbeat Anklet

Anklets are a great alternative for nurses to be able to wear any bracelet they want. Instead of using it on their hands, they can use it on their ankles just like this Dainty heartbeat anklet. It comes with a heartbeat shaped pendant and rose gold plated metal. A simple yet beautiful piece to wear. 

23. Butterfly Anklet

Butterfly Anklet

This butterfly anklet will be a great choice if you find the nurse related design too tacky. It is made with aluminum alloy with a beautiful butterfly pendant that comes in a bluish color. The design of the anklet has a dangling end and it won’t disturb their work. It will definitely be a great jewelry piece for nurses to wear. 

24. 14K Gold Anklet

14K Gold Anklet

This anklet piece is made from 14K gold and blue topaz stones. If you want something that is more festive, this piece would be a great choice. The combination of gold and blue topaz stone is super unique and beautiful. It comes in different sizes, thus you can choose the size that will fit both their ankles and hands. With that, they can wear it as an anklet when they work and they can also wear it as a bracelet for other occasions. 

25. Stethoscope Brooch

Stethoscope Brooch

We will end this list of nurse jewelry gifts with something a little more unique: the stethoscope brooch. It is made from sterling silver and adorned with some dainty diamond stones. It is the perfect piece for them to wear on their shirt both at work or off work. Since nurses have a limited choice of jewelry they could wear, especially during work, this brooch will be a great piece for nurses to wear. 

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