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30 Unique Slave Bracelets & Chain Ring Bracelets You Can Buy

Fashionable slave bracelets are among the most enduring jewelry designs of all time. Thanks to their timeless appeal, they are making a major comeback into the fashion world. These jewelry pieces are rich in historical meaning. They originated with the Indian community and featured prominently in North America as early back as the 1920’s.

Other terms such as ring bracelets, chain ring bracelets, or ring to wrist bracelets have been used to describe them. However, their unusual name has nothing to do with slavery, but rather, refers to the connection between ring and bracelet. In order to keep you ahead of the trend, we bring you the ultimate collection of slave bracelet designs.

Fashionable Slave Bracelet Designs:

Whether you are looking to complete a medieval outfit or simply reflect your feminine flair with a minimal delicate touch, we have the perfect slave bracelet to make that happen.

Read on to discover some of the best slave bracelets for sale that you can buy as a gift or for your own collection.

#1 Blue Swarovski Slave Bracelet 

Blue Swarovski Slave Bracelet

Add a touch of style to your boho look with this stunning slave bracelet. If you love to wear outstanding jewelry pieces that get everyone curious, this is the ultimate choice for you!

An antique brass setting creates a timeless rustic appeal. And to make it all sparkly, blue Swarovski gems and rhinestones adorn the piece. Both the ring and bracelet are adjustable, ensuring a perfect fit. Find it Here.

#2 Rose Quartz Hand Chain Bracelet 

Rose Quartz Hand Chain Bracelet

If you are looking for a simple yet refined chain-ring bracelet, this piece was made with you in mind. Featuring a striking blend of rose quartz and gold, the piece is an instant head turner.

Its minimalistic design brings out a delicate elegance that is hard to beat. What a great way to show off your perfectly manicured hands, and impeccable sense of style. Find it Here.

#3 Dainty Ring Bracelet 

Dainty Ring Bracelet

Take a step ahead of the trend with one of the daintiest yet most captivating slave bracelets of all! The design comprises super thin brass wire and an equally delicate brass chain.

A chain extension creates a stacking effect around the wrist to offer irresistible appeal. Choose from yellow gold, silver and rose gold to match your preferences and wardrobe perfectly. Find it Here.

#4 Slave Chain Tambourine Hand Bracelet 

Slave Chain Tambourine Hand Bracelet

For a fun and creative effect, go for this Avant-garde design. Alternating stunning stones in different colors, this statement piece is a great way to make a lasting impression.

Great attention to detail makes this a one-of-a-kind piece that will be sure to attract lots of compliments. Wear it alone or with other stylish pieces to give a plain look an instant facelift. Find it Here.

#5 Celtic Slave Bracelet with Emerald Green & Silver Crystals 

Celtic Slave Bracelet with Emerald Green & Silver Crystals

Impeccable craftsmanship and a remarkable blend of colors and patterns make this one of the best slave bracelets yet! A major highlight of the design is the Celtic knot.

It occurs in the form of a hand-shaped wire focal point as well as beads along the length of the chain. Emerald and silver crystals add a touch of elegance to complete this artistic masterpiece. Find it Here.

#6 Minimalist Silver Hand Piece Chain Bracelet 

Minimalist Silver Hand Piece Chain Bracelet

Complement your style with an antique link and ball chain with a silver-plated finish. it makes a beautiful statement piece that can blend with virtually any outfit.

Inspired by the hand flower concept, this piece sports an impressive pattern on the back of the hand. Sure to catch attention from a mile away, this might be all you need to reel in Mr. Right. Find it Here.

#7 Personalized Slave Bracelet 

Personalized Slave Bracelet

Any jewelry lover would appreciate one of these personalized slave bracelets. In spite of its simplicity, this delicate piece will speak right to the heart thanks to its high aesthetic value.

Get your desired symbol or initials engraved onto the silver disc to create a meaningful focal point. More importantly, the engraving could turn it into a thoughtful sentimental gift. Find it Here.

#8 Frosted Crystal Rondelle Three Chain Bracelet 

Frosted Crystal Rondelle Three Chain Bracelet

Highlight your creative side with the triple-layer gladiator’s ring bracelet. Sporting a minimalist design, the piece offers lots of personalization potential.

You may choose to have it initialized for someone special or even yourself. You also get to choose from a variety of gemstones to create a meaningful focal point for the design. Find it Here.

#9 Simple Hand Chain Slave Bracelet 

Simple Hand Chain Slave Bracelet

Do you subscribe to the timeless “less is more” philosophy? If so, take a look at this remarkable minimalistic piece. At times all you need to dress up your look is a simple touch of elegance.

And this is it! Its simplicity allows you to wear it alone or layered for an equally elegant effect. The understated and chic style will accentuate the beauty of your well-manicured hand. Find it Here.

#10 Star Ring To Wrist Bracelet 

Star Ring To Wrist Bracelet

Incorporate your love for all things astronomical into your look with this gorgeous piece. Whether you are looking to brighten up a dull look or simply show off your unique style, it will get the job done.

Create an effortlessly aesthetic look that will be sure to draw lots of compliments. The beauty of it is that it will seamlessly blend into any style. Find it Here.

#11 Elfin Slave Bracelet 

Elfin Slave Bracelet

Intricate detailing and impressive aesthetic appeal dominate this stylish piece. A unique blend of rustic charm and a creative arrangement makes it impossible to miss.

It is one of the most ideal rings to wrist bracelets to complete your renaissance fair ensemble. You can be sure that with this on, you will have all heads turning your way when you make your grand entrance. Find it Here.

#12 14k Gold Filled Ring Bracelet 

14k Gold Filled Ring Bracelet

These Indian-style bracelets make a great gift choice for someone who seems to have everything. An elegant and classy look defines the design making it an instant hit for every jewelry lover.

It makes a great layering piece for any occasion and any outfit, guaranteed to offer lots of visual appeal. And thanks to the adjustable design, you can be sure it will not let your recipient down. Find it Here.

#13 Silver Triangle Slave Bracelet 

Silver Triangle Slave Bracelet

Spruce up your weekend look with a geometric slave bracelet and make memories while at it. A little different from the popular chain ring bracelet design, this unique piece commands attention with ease.

Antique triangle connectors line the back of your hand, showcasing a refined sense of style. With one of these chic bracelets, you can be sure that you will always stay ahead of the trend. Find it Here.

#14 Blue Opal Slave Bracelet in Silver 

Blue Opal Slave Bracelet in Silver

A colored focal point on a dainty ring bracelet is a great way to capture attention and make an impression. One of the most unique aspects of this design is that the ring is not so much a ring, as it is an extension of the bracelet.

The resulting harmony makes it unique and amazing in visual appeal. Add to this the natural calming effect of blue opal and you have a winner! Find it Here.

#15 Turquoise Stone Slave Bracelet 

Turquoise Stone Slave Bracelet

When it comes to combining elegant beauty and symbolic meaning, few slave bracelets compare to this one. Featuring a harmonious pattern comprising stainless steel and Amazonite gemstone, it is a rare work of art.

More significantly, the stone is associated with reducing stress and trauma, restoring peace, and creating soothing energy. Accentuate your look while enjoying the combined benefits of this fashion accessory. Find it Here.

#16 Macrame Tiger Slave Bracelet 

Macrame Tiger Slave Bracelet

Make a bold and unmistakable statement with one of these outstanding Native American bracelets. A weaving technique known as macramé dominates the design with a massive tiger eye stone as the focal point.

The design pays tribute to the indigenous culture, but that is not all there is to it. The Tiger eye is known for its protective properties and ability to inspire self-confidence. Find it Here.

#17 Solid Sterling Wire Spiraled Slave Bracelet 

Solid Sterling Wire Spiraled Slave Bracelet

Step out in style with one of these unique sterling silver slave bracelets. Instead of the usual chain-link design, this piece is a solid wire from end to end.

As a result, it takes a unique shape that sets it apart from all others. Intricate patterns dominate its length to make it instantly noticeable. If you are looking for everyday wear, piece, this is it! Find it Here.

#18 Boho Crystal Ring Bracelet 

Boho Crystal Ring Bracelet

Showcase your feminine flair with the sparkly minimalist sterling silver ring bracelet. Inspired by clean lines, this piece has a striking crystal ball that adds to its visual interest.

Anyone who loves stacking will appreciate the potential in this dainty boho ring. Wear it on any day of the week and any given occasion, and you can be sure, the compliments won’t stop coming! Find it Here.

#19 Slave Bracelet with Cross 

Slave Bracelet with Cross

Embrace your spiritual side by combining a regular slave bracelet with a cross as its focal point. Both the centerpiece and the impeccable finish contribute equally to its remarkable visual appeal.

Its understated design makes it easy to incorporate the piece into any outfit. But the sophisticated touch it will add to your look will be hard to beat. Find it Here.

#20 Vintage Sterling Silver Lapis Slave Bracelet 

Vintage Sterling Silver Lapis Slave Bracelet 

Mother of pearl, sterling silver, and lapis lazuli blend perfectly on this intricately detailed bracelet. An antique finish gives us a peek into times past and turns into a timeless piece.

Inspired by Native a combination of Mexican and American art, the bracelet is full of cultural meaning. Make a fashion statement and enjoy the nods of approval that will result from making it part of your ensemble. Find it Here.

#21 Amethyst Macrame Slave Bracelet 

Amethyst Macrame Slave Bracelet

Whether you are looking to attend a medieval re-enactment or just love a bit of sophistication to your look, this is for you! A blend of striking colors, white, brass, and purple, add tons of visual interest to the bracelet.

Factor in the captivating macramé woven pattern, and you have on hand a work of art. To cap it up, the choice of amethyst stone injects peace and calm into the design and its wearer. Find it Here.

#22 Mermaid Hand Chain Slave Bracelet 

Mermaid Hand Chain Slave Bracelet

Showcase your artistic side with one of these elaborate slave bracelets. Aptly dubbed the mermaid bracelet, it sports a bold, mermaid-engraved centerpiece.

Jumprings attached to this focal point feature beads in different colors, seashells, and abalone. If you happen to be a sea-inspired jewelry lover or know someone who is, this is the ultimate choice! Find it Here.

#23 Mexican Opal Slave Bracelet 

Mexican Opal Slave Bracelet

Mexican Opal Slave Bracelet

Mexican Opal Slave Bracelet

A vintage slave bracelet is a great way to take a trip back into time. On this delicate piece, a Mexican opal stone sets the stage for amazing aesthetic appeal. Also referred to as dragon’s breath, the gem is fiery red, gorgeous, and mysterious at the same time.

The stone is also known to spark creativity, passion and bring good luck. Against a contrasting brass background, it makes a bold statement that cannot go unnoticed. Find it Here.

#24 Gold Plain Three Rounds Together Slave Bracelet 

Gold Plain Three Rounds Together Slave Bracelet

Highlight both your flawless style and your perfectly manicured hand with a dainty slave bracelet with the ring. Stand out from the crowd thanks to its triple round of chains interspersed with beads. Add a dash of sophistication to the design with a perfectly placed topaz centerpiece.

The effect will be outstanding and hard to beat, and best of all, you can rock the look with any given outfit. Find it Here.

#25 Evil Eye Hand Chain Bracelet

Evil Eye Hand Chain Bracelet

Black and gold have always been a favorite for the fashion-forward individual. Not only does it look great on this piece, but it also draws lots of attention.

Simplicity is at the core of the design with three delicate highlights to breathe life into it. And with the evil eye as its centerpiece, no malevolent glares cast your way will have any success. Find it Here.

#26 Native America Sterling Silver and Turquoise Slave Style Bracelet 

Native America Sterling Silver and Turquoise Slave Style Bracelet

Native America Sterling Silver and Turquoise Slave Style Bracelet

Celebrate Navajo heritage with one of these vintage Native American slave bracelets. Designed using the traditional combination of sterling silver and turquoise, this piece makes a perfect tribute to the culture.

Three pieces of the gemstone add flair to the silver cuff creating lots of visual appeal in the process. A delicate rope detail joins the parts to create a harmonious whole that speaks volumes of the craftsmanship behind it. Find it Here.

#27 Onyx Goth Slave Bracelet 

Onyx Goth Slave Bracelet

Black Onyx is the ideal choice of gem for this gothic slave bracelet. It contrasts perfectly against the silver-plated brass that that defines the bracelet, creating an amazing effect.

An intricate pattern on the ring and around the bracelet’s focal points adds to the striking allure. Pair it up with matching onyx earrings and an attitude to boot and you will be irresistible! Find it Here.

#28 White Lace Bridal Bracelet 

White Lace Bridal Bracelet

Express your personal flair with this unique combination of brass and white polyester. An amazing work of contrast in both fabric and color, this piece is great for showcasing your individuality.

The fabric feels great against your skin and offers lots of versatility when it comes to matching the piece. Take it a notch higher by wearing a matching choker for an amazing effect. Find it Here.

#29 Silver Elvish Slave Bracelet 

Silver Elvish Slave Bracelet

An exquisitely made elvish bracelet is all you need to take your everyday look to the next level. Comprising a dainty chain with a Celtic focal point, the piece offers a touch of sophistication to any look.

Silver is the perfect choice for versatility, making it easy to blend this bracelet with most outfits. Its enchanting beauty will speak volumes about your unique sense of style. Find it Here.

#30 Moonstone Gold Slave Bracelet 

Moonstone Gold Slave Bracelet

A traditional Mehndi design from ancient India provides the inspiration for this gold slave bracelet. Consequently, it adorns the wearer’s hand as would a delicate henna tattoo, but with additional charm.

In addition to the intricacy of the pattern, the bracelet features moonstone focal points that take it to a whole new high. Complete your bridal ensemble in style and create memories in style. Find it Here.

No matter what your individual style is, there is a slave bracelet design to flaunt it for all to see. Whether you are looking for a piece to complete a costume for a special occasion or simply want to spruce things up, this is everything you need. So choose the perfect piece and match it with the right attitude to enjoy a steady flow of compliments.

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