Blue Opal Slave Bracelet

Show off your unique flair with the ultimate symbol of sophistication, the Blue Opal Slave Bracelet which is also known as a ring bracelet.

An innovative combination of a ring and bracelet, this jewelry piece brings out the best of both worlds right on the back of your hand.

A captivating statement piece, this piece blends together an antique silver chain encircling the wrist and the middle finger, with a blue fire opal as the centerpiece.

The result is amazing visual appeal, bound to attract all the right kinds of attention. 

Blue Opal Slave Bracelet

If one of your strong points happens to well-manicured hands and fingernails, then this provides the perfect way to show them off. Thanks to a hook clasp and an extender on the design, you have the option of adjusting it for the best fit.

Blue Opal Slave Bracelet

In addition to its stunning visual appeal, blue fire opal also adds meaning to the bracelet, making it a great choice of gift. It has been known to reduce stress and thus makes a great choice for a friend who is undergoing some form of anxiety.  

Blue Opal Slave Bracelet

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