40+ Stylish & Unique Men’s Watches Under $200

Unique men’s watches make remarkable accessories to accent your look and offer functional value. No single element of a man’s style blends fashion and utility in quite the way stylish men’s watches do. And no other masculine accessory inspires as much interest or devotion.

Whether your style is laidback and understated, or bold and refined, you can trust a wristwatch to bring it out and flaunt it for all to see. Different types of watches suit different personalities.

There are antique steampunk designs for the classic style lover, sports style timepieces for persons with an active lifestyle and dress watches for special formal occasions.

No matter what your style is, or the occasion you have in mind, we have got you covered. Choosing the best men’s watches for yourself, a lover or a friend can be a tricky affair if you are not sure what to look for.

Unique Men’s Watches Under $200

In order to help guide you in selecting the ultimate timepiece on a budget, we have compiled an impressive list of the best men’s watches under 200.

#1 The MVMT 45mm Chrono Gunmetal Sandstone 

MVMT 45mm Chrono Gunmetal Sandstone - Stylish & Unique Men’s Watches Under $200

When it’s time to stand out, one of these unique men’s watches will do the trick! A perfect contrast between gunmetal and sandstone leather defines its style making it an instant attention grabber. And though it is simple enough to put on every day, it still has what it takes to make you seem stylish.

#2 Personalized Wooden Watch 

Personalized Wooden Watch - Stylish & Unique Men’s Watches Under $200
Personalized Wooden Watch

Be a trendsetter with the highly sophisticated ebony wood timepiece that comes with a personalization option. Offering the ideal blend between old school and modern, this watch has a timeless look that will never go out if style. Wearing one of these will not only ensure you always show up on time, it will also add a touch of flair to your look.

#3 Grant Automatic Blue Leather Watch 

Grant Automatic Blue Leather Watch

Nothing says refined quite as much as a vintage transparent watch design. But that is not all there is to this sleek piece. Being an automatic movement timepiece, it does not require a battery, rather, it gets power from your wrist’s movement. Add to this the numerous color options available and it is clearly one of the most versatile watches.

#4 MVMT Voyager Slate 42mm Series 

MVMT Voyager Slate 42mm Series 

If you are looking for the most unique watches for men to blaze your own trail, this all-black piece is all you need. What makes it outstanding is that in spite of its understated design, it still manages to be amazingly striking. When it comes to making a bold first impression, this is your best bet. Find it

#5 Steampunk Leather Skeleton Wrist Watch 

Steampunk Leather Skeleton Wrist Watch
Steampunk Leather Skeleton Wrist Watch

Impress those around you with the attention-grabbing steampunk bracelet watch design. Meticulous attention to detail is the most outstanding aspect of the design which gives you a peek into the inner workings of the gears. The aged brown color and vintage allure give it a timeless appeal that will stand the test of time.

#6 Gen 3 Explorist Luggage Leather Smartwatch

Gen 3 Explorist Luggage Leather Smartwatch - Stylish & Unique Men’s Watches Under $200

Your search for an out-of-this-world gift for an adventurer ends right here. The Explorist allows him to keep track of time wherever he happens to be. Limitless customization options will turn this timepiece into his favorite companion both in fitness matters and in keeping his life organized. Find it

#7 MVMT Revolver Bronze Age Watch 

MVMT Revolver Bronze Age Watch

Pairing a vintage look with a laidback design gives this piece a spot on the list of cool watches for men. Simplicity dominates the dial, offering an uncluttered look for anyone who likes their timepiece minimalist. And the combination of matte bronze and sage green offers a look that will never go out of style.

#8 Custom Engraved Leather & Black Wood Watch 

Custom Engraved Leather & Black Wood Watch

Take your gift giving to the next level with the ultimate lend of nature’s finest. Genuine leather and premium sandalwood ensure that the great looks of this timepiece equal its durability. Add a personal touch with a custom engraving on the back to give it sentimental value and tug on his heartstrings.

#9 Tesla Gadget Watch 

Tesla Gadget Watch

For the gadget man in your life, this has got to be one of the most outrageous gadget watches to turn his dream to reality. The ultimate tribute to a fantasy world with vacuum LEDs on the top and a winding key, the piece seems capable of transporting him to another dimension.

#10 Mens Timex Indiglo Ironman Alarm Chronograph Watch 

Mens Timex Indiglo Ironman Alarm Chronograph Watch

Just because you have an active lifestyle does not justify getting late for appointments. No matter what activity you have scheduled, one of these stylish watches for men suits you perfectly. The sporty design and LED display give it a unique look while the date and alarm features will get you everywhere you need to be.

#11 Men’s Modern Eclipse Softech London Watch 

Men's Modern Eclipse Softech London Watch - Stylish & Unique Men’s Watches Under $200
Men's Modern Eclipse Softech London Watch

Defy all odds with one of these impossibly cool and unique men’s watches. A futuristic design characterizes this striking timepiece, with an eclipse dial that is sure to boggle people’s minds. Choose from green, blue and red and surprise the contemporary watch lover in your life beyond his expectations.

#12 MVMT Gunmetal Chrono 45mm Watch 

MVMT Gunmetal Chrono 45mm Watch - Stylish & Unique Men’s Watches Under $200

Do you always strive to look sophisticated? Then here is an equally refined watch to match your style and get you lots of compliments. Its minimalistic design is brought to life by the blue second hand and sub-dial timers. All you need to pull off the look is the right attitude and you will have all heads turning your way.

#13 Personalized Image Transfer Watch 

Personalized Image Transfer Watch

Make every second count with one of these trendy men’s watches. Going beyond the obvious with an all wooden design, the piece allows you to eternalize a memory by adding a personal touch. Get a custom portrait and a special text on the back or front of the watch and cement the bond you share for all time.

#14 Gen 3 Black Silicone Sport Smartwatch 

Gen 3 Black Silicone Sport Smartwatch

What could beat the combination of a sports and smartwatch in one handy timepiece? A perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics make this a most captivating choice. Enjoy having your office with you on the go, checking emails and calendar alerts with ease. And if you have to venture out of town, Google maps will show you the way back home.

#15 Men’s Sekonda Chronograph Watch

Men's Sekonda Chronograph Watch - Stylish & Unique Men’s Watches Under $200

When you need to make a bold statement, this is the ultimate timepiece to achieve that and so much more. Apart from the striking color combo that defines the stylish look, this watch has lots of utility in its design. A date function, chronograph and water resistance are just some of the highlights that make it amazing.

#16 42mm Desert Voyager 

42mm Desert Voyager

A man whose style is low-key and subtle might find the Desert Voyager to be up his alley. Matte black blends effortlessly with desert tan for a highly captivating effect that will be sure to stun. A nylon strap offers lots of tensile strength while a dual time zone guarantees that no matter where the wearer happens to be, he will always be on time!

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#17 Rare Vintage Poljot Watch 

Take a trip back into time with the retro Poljot watch which sports a 1970’s design. Every second counts with one of these unique men’s watches that will definitely turn heads everywhere you go. Mechanical movement and manual winding keep the design true to its vintage roots and with this piece on you will never have to miss the train again.

#18 Machine Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch 

Machine Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch

Let the world know that you are a man of distinction with this effortlessly fashion-forward timepiece. An oversized case, rugged design and aeronautical inspiration on the gauges keep its industrial style on point! If you are in search of the ultimately masculine and timeless watch then you just found it!

#19 Chromatic LED Watch 

Chromatic LED Watch

No matter what your style is, this vibrant whimsical display is a great way to breathe life into it. inspired by the ancient use of light to determine the time, this watch conceptualizes a traditional idea in a futuristic execution. 60 LED lights and 6 animation modes make it one of the most unique watches for men yet.

Classic Black Link Series

Black and red are and always will be a match made in heaven. In this subtle blend of the two, a distinct touch of red on the second hand and the brand name make a world of difference. Instead of a totally laidback design, this simple touch turns the watch into a work of art, begging for attention.

#21 Men’s Timberland Chronograph Watch 

Men's Timberland Chronograph Watch

Pump up the adrenaline with the Men’s Timberland watch, designed specifically for the active aspects of life. Whether you are looking to participate in competitive sports, adventure, travel or a simple workout, this is your go-to timepiece. Its sturdy construction keeps things resilient as you test your limits.

#22 Custom Satin Black Casio Watch 

Custom Satin Black Casio Watch

The subtle combination of satin black and silver define the simplest yet most remarkable timepiece for a contemporary gentleman. There is nothing more to it than an all-black band, an unmarked dial and silver hands. Yet in this simplicity, this watch speaks volumes on elegance and sophistication.

#23 Classic Black Tan 45mm MVMT Watch 

Classic Black Tan 45mm MVMT Watch

Bring your sense of style to another dimension with this classic timepiece. Featuring a tan band, black face and hands with just a glimpse of red, this watch is perfect for the fashion-forward man. A combination of genuine leather and stainless steel ensure that you will wear this timeless look for a while to come.

#24 Engraved Wudmax Watches 

Engraved Wudmax Watches

Functionality meets elegance on this lightweight and stylish design. Perfectly blending a modernistic flair and a classic rustic style, this timepiece allows you to showcase your affection for him with a custom touch. Walnut and coffee hues complete its unique appeal making it one of the most outstanding choices.

#25 Planisphere Watch 

Planisphere Watch

Turn your star-gazing skills up a few notches with one of the most innovative and unusual mens watches ever! Not only is this piece astoundingly beautiful, it also sports a time-telling chart. Based on ancient Greek navigation tactics, the Planisphere maps the night sky and offers an amazing astronomical experience every time.

#26 His & Hers Engraved Wooden Watch Set 

His & Hers Engraved Wooden Watch Set

When you have the opportunity to share your life with a special someone, every single second counts. Why not celebrate that special bond with these matching wooden watches for couples? Inspired by the wild outdoors, these watches look more like bracelets, offering a unique blend of visual appeal and function.

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#27 Rose Gold Natural Tan 40mm MVMT Series 

Rose Gold Natural Tan 40mm MVMT Series - Stylish & Unique Men’s Watches Under $200

Dressy occasions call for just the right kind of watch to complete the look and you just found it! In spite of being an exercise in minimalism, this watch holds a lot of potential in complementing your gentlemanly style. What qualifies it as a unique watch for men is the deviation from convention when it comes to the rose gold face.

#28 Gents Timex Expedition Alarm Chronograph Watch 

Gents Timex Expedition Alarm Chronograph Watch

Prepare for the ultimate outdoor adventure with this stylish expedition watch. Armed with everything necessary to keep up with all conditions, this piece will be sure to offer lots of resilience under pressure. It might be what you need to make your next expedition the most memorable one yet. Find it

#29 Machine Chronograph Leather Watch and Bracelet Box Set 

Machine Chronograph Leather Watch and Bracelet Box Set
Machine Chronograph Leather Watch and Bracelet Box Set

Add to his sense of style with this elegant watch and bracelet set for men. Featuring a relatively classic style set in an essential neutral background, this watch can only get better with the passing of time. The matching braided bracelet offers lots of visual appeal and a harmonious look for the modernistic gentleman.

#30 Digital Wooden Watches 

In the perfect example of modern meets traditional, these wooden watches come as a welcome surprise. The last thing you would expect from this wooden construction is a digital display panel, yet here we are! Enjoy the lightweight construction, stop watch and alarm functionality all in a single elegant package.

#31 Equation Geek Watch 

Equation Geek Watch - Stylish & Unique Men’s Watches Under $200

Surprise the geek in your life with the ultimate icon of all things nerdy! Instead of having regular numbers as time markers, this watch takes it a notch higher, using the equivalent notation. What a remarkable way to showcase your inner genius and leave everyone else scratching their heads. Find it

#32 Classic Series Black Leather 

Classic Series Black Leather - Stylish & Unique Men’s Watches Under $200

You can never go wrong with black leather when it comes to painting a picture of elegant sophistication. And that is precisely what this timepiece does! A brushed black stainless steel face blends effortlessly with the leather band to offer lots of style and function for the classy man. Find it

#33 Soviet Pobeda Masonic Wrist Watch 

Soviet Pobeda Masonic Wrist Watch - Stylish & Unique Men’s Watches Under $200

Vintage style combines with artistic craftsmanship and Masonic inspiration to create a true masterpiece. Based on a 1980’s design, this watch has everything it takes to stand the test of time. and to cap it all up, the classic nato strap goes a long way in adding to its unique appeal. Find it

#34 Men’s Propwood Watch 

Men's Propwood Watch

Any nature lover would be delighted at the simple elegance of these unique men’s watches. A Sandalwood dial is the highlight of the design, giving the timepiece an authentic look that is hard to beat. Similar elegance permeates the Italian leather strap and black stainless steel face. Personalize it to make this a most memorable gift choice.

#35 Adventurer Multi-Tool Clip Watch 

Adventurer Multi-Tool Clip Watch

As far as gadget watches are concerned, this piece blazes the trail, literally! Going way beyond the obvious role of telling the time, it comes armed with everything you need to survive in the wild and get you back home in one piece. Remarkably, its high functionality does not mean a compromise in style as it features a sleek, contemporary look.

#36 Gotham Revolver 41mm Series 

Gotham Revolver 41mm Series

A simple clean-cut design defines this classy timepiece, making it just as suitable for your weekend jeans as it is for your business casual look. A polished stainless steel silver case surrounds a grey dial with silver markers and hands. With a grey strap to match the scheme, the watch achieves impressive style without much effort.

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#37 Mens Royal London Watch 

Mens Royal London Watch

In a world where looks matter, unique luxury watches are a great way to command attention and this watch does a great job of it. A perfect work of contrasts, this timepiece derives aesthetic appeal from simple two-toned patterns on both the dial and strap. Spruce up your style with this classic yet timeless design.

#38 Black Personalized Mechanical Pocket Watch 

Black Personalized Mechanical Pocket Watch

This steampunk skeleton pocket watch is a great choice for a lover of antiques. Featuring a distinctive Victorian design, the piece showcases unmatched elegance and craftsmanship in its design. And with an opportunity to personalize it, you could turn it into a cherished sentimental gift for your significant other.

#39 Nixon Unit Boba Fett Limited Reissue Watch 

Nixon Unit Boba Fett Limited Reissue Watch

Boba Fett enthusiasts cannot say no to this iconic timepiece. Inspired by the armor of one of the most revered bounty hunters in the galaxy far far away, this timepiece takes you to another dimension. Apart from featuring his colors, it includes the Mandalorian insignia and the words “As you wish” on the back.

#40 Automatic Skeleton Steampunk Watch 

Automatic Skeleton Steampunk Watch

Enjoy a most fashionable perspective into the inner workings of your timepiece and spice up your style with this retro-futuristic timepiece. The instant “Wild West” look you get wearing this will certainly take your street cred up a few rungs and get you noticed for all the right reasons. Find it

#41 Gents Sekonda Night Fall Chronograph Watch 

Gents Sekonda Night Fall Chronograph Watch

An intricate design makes this one of the most stunning watches yet. A striking exterior and highly detailed interior turn it into the ultimate statement piece for a stylish man. And thanks to the beautiful contrast between black and rose, you can be sure to get heads looking your way.

#42 Grant Sport Chronograph Luggage Leather Watch 

Grant Sport Chronograph Luggage Leather Watch

In honor of the legacy left behind by vintage clocks, this watch blends rustic appeal with a modernistic touch for unbeatable flair. A blue face offers the perfect background against which gold hands and markers draw attention. For any man who cannot say no to classic, this is your most suitable pick.

#43 Vintage “Cornavin” Mechanical Watch 

Vintage "Cornavin" Mechanical Watch - Stylish & Unique Men’s Watches Under $200
Vintage "Cornavin" Mechanical Watch

Sporting a bold design that brings back the good old times in style, the Cornavin is worthy of its name in every conceivable way. It is a one-of-a-kind wristwatch that you can count on for matchless visual and functional appeal. Its remarkable beauty will be sure to get everyone curious and make you the star of any event.

#44 Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Analog

Invicta Men's 17884 Pro Diver Analog Display Swiss Quartz Black Watch

If you are passionate about diving but don’t want to look old-fashioned, this charming Invicta Men’s Pro Diving watch is made for you. The combination of black and gold radiates a glamorous look that makes people never think that it is actually a diving-friendly watch. The maximum water depth allowed for this watch is 200 meters, perfect for divers who are also watch lovers.

#45 Guess Crystal Embellished Men’s Watch

Guess 48MM Crystal Embellished Watch

Who says fancy watches can only be owned by women? Men can also collect it to make their appearance more attractive. Find the collection here! This exclusive men’s watch collection by Guess will never fail your look. Truly the definition of perfection and luxury are one in this watch. The combination of sparkling crystal and gold accent metal strap adds a charming impression to any man who wears it.

#46 Disney Men’s Mickey Mouse Analog-Quartz Watch 

Disney Men's Mickey Mouse Analog-Quartz Watch

Any Disney lovers man will absolutely love this appealing watch. Despite an iconic mickey mouse that features on it, this authentic Disney watch is still suitable for adult men. Combining a black leather-synthetic strap with a golden touch to the watch body, it looks simple but chic. Perfect for casual to semi-formal styles.

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What a watch means for a man?

The watch describes how the person values his time. A person who is used to being on time will almost certainly wear a watch because he doesn’t want to be late. Losing time for him is the same as wasting an opportunity.

Seeing as the range of men’s jewelry that society considers acceptable is pretty limited, choosing one of these unique men’s watches can go a long way in showcasing your personal style. Make that choice count and enjoy the limitless potential in this subtle avenue of self-expression.

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