Moon Phases Celestial Wrist Watch 

The Moon Phases Celestial Wrist Watch combines a love for wristwatches and the moon. It is a minimalistic timepiece that is quite unlike any other.

Instead of the regular clock face, it features various phases of the moon as time markers.

It comes with a faux leather strap in red or black. Anyone of these colors holds a perfect contrast against the golden colored frame. The glossy finish on the strap adds a touch of class and elegance to the design.

Every aspect of the moon phase watch highlights minimalism. The face is not as cluttered as most analog watches. It is not bulky and thus assures comfort and convenience for the wearer. 

Moon Phases Celestial Wrist Watch

The design goes well with both official and casual looks. Its adjustable strap fits most ladies.

Moon Phases Celestial Wrist Watch

This is the ideal timepiece for the fashion conscious female. It offers style and versatility in equal measures. You cannot go wrong if you choose to give it as a gift to someone special. 

Moon Phases Celestial Wrist Watch

See also the pastel pink celestial moon phase watch for her in the image above. Get it Here.

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