31 Best His And Hers Watches For Couples You Can Buy

Matching watches for couples are a great way to showcase your feelings for each other. Whether you love to sport identical designs or complementary ones, they offer a unique opportunity to display affection. Couples watches also make a great wedding or anniversary gift that shows thoughtfulness.

His and hers matching watches come in a variety of designs from whimsical couples watches and antique vintage design pieces to watches for wanderlust couples and eco-friendly wooden watches. These watches all bear distinct romantic designs that are as unique as the love you share.

Unique His & Hers Watches For Couples:

We have done the legwork for you so that no matter your style or preference, our list has got you covered. So sit back and enjoy some of the best couples watches that the world has to offer.

#1 Wild Watches His & Hers Matching Wooden Watch Set 

Wild Watches His & Hers Matching Wooden Watch Set

Looking for the perfect wedding gift for your favorite couple? These wild watches for couples are a sure bet. The unique design features a zebrawood band that is easily adjustable thanks to removable links.

The elegant display comprises a black background and silver hands that beg for attention. It also has a seconds sub-dial in silver with a red second hand to add to the appeal. And to cap it all up, the timepieces are splash resistant.

#2 Casio Stark in Black His & Hers Couples Watches 

Casio Stark in Black His & Hers Couples Watches

This set is best for a retro couple with an attachment to vintage pieces. They feature the classic Casio design in an alluring contrast of black and gold.

The face is matte black while the strap comes in a glossy black finish. The strokes and bezel are both golden, lending the watch a certain sophisticated appeal. Any minimalist couple would appreciate the delicate beauty evident in the simple design.

#3 His Chrono Gun Series Watch with Her Nova Lyra Watch

His Chrono Gun Series Watch with Her Nova Lyra Watch
His Chrono Gun Series Watch with Her Nova Lyra Watch

Matching couples watches do not always have to be identical. They could share a common theme as do these two harmonious pieces. The feminine Lyra comes in a brushed titanium finish while his Chrono comes in brushed gunmetal.

Both pieces are classy and give great attention to the small details in their craftsmanship. The design is timeless and the aesthetics are a step ahead of the making them the perfect gift for the couple that has everything.

#4 Mr.Right & Mrs.always Right Watches for Couples Set 

If you are looking to buy watches for yourself and your better half then look no further than this set.Mr.Right & Mrs.always Right adorn these watches for couples transforming them into a visual feast.

The face would highly appeal to ever fairy tale couple as it takes them on a trip down fantasy lane. There are 11 options in the denim strap colors making this one of the most versatile choices for vibrant personalities.

#5 Urban Designers Personalized His & Her Wooden Watches 

Spice up your love life with this pair of personalized watches as a gift for your next anniversary. They have elegant bands made using sandalwood and bamboo to achieve a luxurious effect.

Apart from the color choice, the pieces are identical and therefore ideal for couples who love an exact match. Add a personal touch to the gift with a special message engraved on the back and turn this into the ultimate gesture for the one you love.

#6 Deep Blue Sea Silver Matching Watch for Couples 


Choosing a gift for an outdoorsy couple just got a whole lot easier. This pair bears a unique allure reminiscent of azure marine waters, hence the name. The dial has a mysterious glow to it that transports you to a tranquil aquatic realm.

The watches are water-resistant and will therefore keep the wearer’s company as they explore the underwater world. Keep their yearning for adventure alive with this thoughtful pair of watches.

#7 Casio Maestro in Gold His & Hers Couples Watch Set 

Casio Maestro in Gold His & Hers Couples Watch Set

Move seamlessly from official look to the casual weekend mood with these his and hers watches. They bear a unique retro design and thanks to their color choice, can blend with almost any outfit of choice.

These stylish timepieces sport a gold face and time markers. These offer a beautiful contrast against a deep red band with a pebble design. They bear a simple yet chic design suitable for minimalists.

#8 Engraved Minimalist Wooden Watches with Genuine Leather Set 

Engraved Minimalist Wooden Watches with Genuine Leather Set

Take your relationship to the next level with these wooden watches for couples. Their beauty comes from the natural choice of materials. The face and case both use natural bamboo wood to achieve an authentic appeal.

The band is genuine leather and the fact that they are handcrafted adds to their unique appeal. They deviate from convention, with a partly bare, partly patterned face, for an extraordinary visual effect.

#9 Dream Seekers Engraved His & Her Wooden Watches 

Dream Seekers Engraved His & Her Wooden Watches
Dream Seekers Engraved His & Her Wooden Watches

There are so many reasons why his and hers matching watches make the best gifts for couples. This classy set highlights all of these reasons and then some. They are customizable, functional and fashionable.

Their faces are both trendy yet each one holds a unique individualistic appeal. When it comes to performance, these watches will not disappoint. They use Japanese Quartz movement and will keep any two lovers in sync for the rest of time.

#10 The Voyager Slate Black Rose + Boulevard Santa Monica

The Voyager Slate Black Rose + Boulevard Santa Monica
The Voyager Slate Black Rose + Boulevard Santa Monica

If you are looking for a prestigious gift set for a special couple, consider these classy watches. Both watches are all-black with rose gold markers, the ultimate symbols of style. Her watch has an extra feminine touch thanks to the use of rose gold on the bezel as well.

Both of them bear interchangeable straps adding to their convenience. The pair looks like a match made in heaven, and you will too when you wear them together.

#11 Personalised Pocket Watches for Him and Her 

Personalised Pocket Watches for Him and Her

We all have those friends for whom nothing will do but a pocket watch. If they happen to be a couple, then these matching couples watches are the best choice.

They go beyond the ordinary pocket watch thanks to their ornate craftsmanship. They also have a personalization option that allows you to take the gift a notch higher. The unique vintage style is a guarantee that they will never go out of style.

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#12 Romantic Love Couples Wristwatch Set 

Sweet lovers will cherish the whimsical design on these watches for couples. They sport a bohemian appeal with a romantic cartoon pattern. The denim band can come in any of 11 color options to suit personal preferences.

They have a bronze case and bezel that offers both visual appeal and durability. With these timepieces, you can be sure to keep your hearts beating in tandem for an eternity.

#13 Couples King and Queen Watch Set 

Couples King and Queen Watch Set

Nothing spells romance better than the simple king and queen symbols. These pretty watches take advantage of that concept and give lovers a chance to showcase their affection. They both sport fashionable faux leather straps and black stainless steel cases.

Hers is a feminine shade of light blue while his is much darker. The most outstanding aspect about them is their simplicity and this makes them ideal for minimalists.

#14 Retro Onlooker Analog Wrist Watch for Couples 

Retro Onlooker Analog Wrist Watch for Couples

Do you both have a thing for timepieces and have a hard time finding the perfect matching set? Then these retro watches for couples were made for you.

They are a fashionable pair that would blend well with casual outfits. They sport a striking contrast between black and rose gold. The color and detailing makes them a perfect statement piece for a couple who thrive on attention.

#15 Urban Designers Wooden Personalised engraved Matching Watch Set 

Urban Designers Wooden Personalised engraved Matching Watch Set
Urban Designers Wooden Personalised engraved Matching Watch Set

Wooden timepieces are all the hype and here is a chance to ride that wave. They are almost identical sandalwood pieces with a slight difference to accommodate gender variance.

This unique design maintains the wooden theme through and through with the exception of the markers. Add value to the pieces with a personalized message or special date engraving on the backside.

#16 Couples Matching Wanderlust Watch Set 

Feed your favorite couple’s wanderlust with this amazing watch set. The pieces have a bronze bezel that lends them a striking bohemian appeal. The background of the face features a mini world map that will keep their thirst for adventure burning bright.

They have faux leather straps in a bright shade of blue that resonates with outdoorsy personalities. This combination of amazing features makes them a memorable gift choice.

#17 The Mr & Mrs Couples Watch Set 

The Mr & Mrs Couples Watch Set

Simplicity always reigns supreme as is evident from the Mr. and Mrs. timepieces. These matching watches come in black and pink, drawing a clear gender line. The Mr. piece sports a black moustache image perfectly placed to complete a whimsical face.

The Mrs. piece is even more fanciful with a pair of twisted red lips that seem sly. Together, they could make the perfect best couples watch brands to express gratitude.

#18 His Rose Gold Natural Tan Watch with Her Lexington Avenue Series Watch

His Rose Gold Natural Tan Watch with Her Lexington Avenue series Watch

Embrace your inner sense of elegance with these brushed rose gold pieces. They both sport distinctive design that makes them statement pieces. They are perfect for couples who love to stand out.

Her watch is stainless steel from the bezel to the strap and case. His piece sports a steel casing and a genuine leather strap to showcase his sophistication. Both have delicate white faces and rose gold markers.

#19 Couples be mine Watch Set 

Couples with a more fanciful attitude will love his and hers matching watches with a playful touch. The color combinations and imagery used on these pieces make them an ideal choice. But in their whimsical appeal, they bear a significant symbolic message.

Surprise your partner with this and you could get away with anything.

#20 Couples Hipster Watch Set 

Finding stylish timepieces for a hipster couple might seem daunting. But it does not have to be with this adorable set. They are bright and cheerful and will spread joy to every beholder.

You cannot help but smile at the vibrant summer design that makes generous use of color. The effect is an irresistible visual appeal that you can be sure will amaze your recipients. So go on, share the love and make a couple happy.

#21 Wild Watches Husband and Wife Watch Set 

Wild Watches Husband and Wife Watch Set 

Go wild in your gift-giving adventure with these unique watches for couples. They have genuine leather straps and sandalwood for the bezels. The natural hues make them appropriate for lovers of the outdoors.

What makes them a particularly great gift choice is the personalization aspect. You can get any message of choice on the back cover to give them a custom touch.

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#22 The Voyager Eclipse with the Boulevard Hollywood

The Voyager Eclipse with the Boulevard Hollywood

Most people agree that black and gold are a match made in heaven. If you do too then these two watches for couples will do perfectly.

They are the essence of elegance with every detail in sparkling gold apart from the face. This face offers the perfect black background to showcase the inimitable allure of the design.

#23 Couple Watches With Hubby & Wifey Printed Dial Analog Watch

Whimsical designs on couple watch sets take the romance aspect to a new height. This pair for instance bears lots of symbolism for to people in love.

They complement each other with the word love shared between them. Make someone laugh with this creative pair of matching watches.

#24 His & Hers olevs Watch Set

His & Hers Watches Couple Watch for Men Women Matching Pair Wristwatch Analog Quartz

olevs is renowned the world over for its classic watch designs that transcend time and style. This matching set for couples is no exception. The timepieces are stainless steel, ensuring durability and a classy appeal.

The glossy finish makes them hard to miss in spite of their minimalistic design. They blend black, blue, gold and silver seamlessly throughout the design to create artistic masterpieces.

#25 Wild Watches Couples Anniversary Watch Gift Set 

Wild Watches Couples Anniversary Watch Gift Set

Most couples that have been married for a while admit that it’s hard to find the perfect anniversary gift every time. This year, we are here to make it a little easier for you with his and hers watch gift set. They are wooden timepieces that use walnut to create an artistic marvel.

The natural grain of this elegant wood is visible throughout the band and makes the pieces authentic and unique. Engrave them with a special date or message to add value to the gesture.

#26 Combo Symbol of Love Analog Watch

Kick up your romantic with these fanciful timepieces. Everything about the watch faces is playful.

This makes the pieces a cheerful choice for newlyweds or older couples wishing to revamp their love. This takes their sentimental value to the highest possible level and makes them a must-have.

#27 Retro Casio Stark in Silver His & Hers Watch Set 

Retro Casio Stark in Silver His & Hers Watch Set

Buying a gift for a laidback couple is a lot harder than it sounds. The minimalist retro his and hers matching watches are exactly what you need for such a pair. They are simple yet elegant.

Their minimalist style holds timeless appeal and will bear relevance for a lifetime to come. The black leather band stands in stark contrast to the golden bezel and silver face. .

#28 Mr & Mrs Denim Print Couple Wrist Watches

When it comes to vintage watch designs for couples, no other pieces come close to this set. They are more of wearable art than timepieces. The straps are laidback denim prints and come in a variety of colors.

But the face is where the magic happens. The markers and hands pale insignificance in view of the artistic imagery. This could make the best gift ever for a retro couple.

#29 Disney Collection His & Hers Pack

Disney Collection His & Hers 2 Pack Watch Set

Bring back the old memories of childhood for you and your loved one by giving this Mickey & Minnie Mouse His & Hers Pack. Mickey and Minnie mouse are inseparable, so is your love for your other half. Since red is a neutral color to be worn for men or women, then it is one of the couple watches you should buy as a gift for this time. 

The adjustable strap is made from soft rubber so it is comfortable to wear for a long time. Come up with a big gift box, hence, no need to re-pack and save more time.

#30 Valentine’s Romantic His & Hers Analog Watches

Valentine's Romantic His and Hers Quartz Analog Wrist Watches

 The pair heart design is very unique and romantic. It means that your other half is with your partner. The heart-shaped design is decorated with rhinestone to create the bling-bling looks, but not too much. It is such a perfect gift for your loved one on your anniversary, Christmas, Valentines, or birthday. Let your partner save your heart by wearing this watch.

#31 Shengke His Hers Couple Watch 

SHENGKE His Hers Couple Watch Gift Set

The design of this couple watch set is like yin and yang. The black and silver one gives you a clean and minimalist look. Furthermore, black is never wrong to match with other outfits. It really fits for men and women. This adjustable strap is rain and splash resistant, so, no need to worry about raining. Also, it is made from leather to make it comfortable to wear in a day. Surprise your loved one, and

Whether you are looking for the perfect couples watch sets to buy as gifts for dear friends or for yourself and your better half, you can always find something in tune with individual tastes. So take your time to establish the preferences of the people in your life and make the choice worthwhile.

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