25 Matching Gifts for Mom and Daughter Who Loves Looking Great Together

The relationship between a mother and her daughter is one of a kind. Every mother loves her daughter unconditionally, and a mother will always be her daughter’s guardian angel. Having a daughter is like having a mini version of every mother, which is why almost all mothers love to have or wear matching things with their daughter, like matching clothes or accessories. If you know a lovely mother daughter duo in your life, then you can give them matching gifts for mom and daughter that will brighten up their days.

Finding matching gifts for mom and daughter can be tricky because you need to find everything in a set of two. Thankfully you are on the right place, because we have curated 25 thoughtful ideas of matching gifts for mom and daughter who would love to look great together. The following items are full of sweet and unique pairs that will perfectly show the love between the two. 

1. Mother-Daughter T-Shirt

Mother-Daughter T-Shirt

A new mom who just had a little girl will adore this mother-daughter t-shirt as a matching gift. The t-shirt featured ‘Raising Wildflower’ writing for the mom’s shirt, and ‘little wildflower’ on the daughter shirt. The mom’s shirt has more flowers while the little one only has one printed flower, just like how a mom nurtures her children. This mom-daughter t-shirt will definitely make the sweet matching gifts for mom and her little mini me.

2. Mama Bear Tote Bag

Mama Bear Tote Bag

For mom and little daughter combo who enjoy grocery shopping together, this cute set of mama bear tote bag will make great matching gifts for them. The bag for mom is bigger and both bags have bear printed on the front with ‘mama’ and ‘baby’ written in the middle. The writing can be customized based on several other ways to call your mom, like mommy, nana and mami, and the ‘baby’ writing can be changed into ‘cub’.

3. Mother-Daughter Matching Dress

Mother-Daughter Matching Dress

Mom and daughter combo who love to go places together will love this mother-daughter matching dress as matching gifts from you. This tiered dress is made of polyester and has a tea-length with pinkish printed pattern. Undoubtedly, this set of dresses is the perfect gift to on a fun family summer vacation

4. Always With You Bracelets

Always With You Bracelets

For a sweet mother-daughter duo, these “Always With You” bracelets will the perfect matching gifts for them. These pairs of bracelets will always be a reminder that no matter how far apart, they will always be there for each other. These adorable bracelets are made out of the combination of threads and a long silver plate with a wording of ‘always with you’ engraved on the surface. 

5. Mother-Daughter Keychain

Mother-Daughter Keychain

Give this mother-daughter keychain to show how much they love each other. It’s made of stainless steel with 4 available color options to choose from. In addition, this cute item features a ‘Like Mother’ and ‘Like Daughter’ writing on each piece. Undoubtedly, these keychains are the simple yet heart-warming matching gifts for mom and daughter, perfect gift for every occasion and any special event. 

6. Pinky Swear Stacking Ring

Pinky Swear Stacking Ring

Another option for a sweet and heart-warming matching gift for mom and daughter is this pinky swear stacking ring. The one thing that makes the ring special is the pinky swear engraving, which is connected to each pair of the ring. ‘A daughter will always be connected to her mom no matter where she goes,’ is the kind of message that lies behind this sweet set of rings. In addition, you can also adjust the size of the ring depending on the mom and daughter’s ring size. 

7. Birth Month Flower Scarf

Birth Month Flower Scarf

If you’re looking for matching gifts for mom and daughter but still have that personal touch, you can give them a pair of this birth month flower scarves. The scarfs have the same style and look, but each piece printed with their own birth month flower. Without a doubt, this item is the perfect choice for matching gifts, especially for mom and daughter who love adding their own personalization into their wearables.

8. Ballerina Herbal Warming Slippers

Ballerina Herbal Warming Slippers

For those who choose functionality rather than just a standard pair of gifts, you can give these ballerina herbal warming slippers as matching gifts for your favorite mom and daughter. Since the product is available in black and white color, you can buy 2 pairs and give one pair for the mom and one for the daughter. The slippers have a removable insole, which can be heated for a warming effect. They’ll absolutely love these aromatic-style relaxation slippers, no doubt about it!

9. Etched Champagne Flute Set

Etched Champagne Flute Set

This etched champagne flute set is the perfect matching gift for mom and the grown-up daughter who loves a toast while enjoying their quality time together. The champagne flutes are highly customized with hand-engraved letter name initials. You can also put the mom and daughter initial together, or put each name on each glass. 

10. Loving Heart Necklace

Loving Heart Necklace

Mother and daughter’s hearts are forever connected to each other. Therefore, you can give this loving heart necklace as matching gifts for mom and daughter to honor the relationship between them. The necklace comes in a set of two, one with a larger heart pendant and the other piece with the smaller pendant. The space on the larger pendant heart fits the smaller hearts perfectly, just like the relationship between mom and daughter.

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11. Personalized Tandem Bike Art

Gifts for Mom and Daughter

Simple yet personalized gifts such as this personalized tandem bike art will always be the best option for matching gifts for a sweet mom and daughter duo in your life. The mom and daughter duo will look good together upon the seats of this bicycle art. You can customize the hair and skin color to match with the mom and daughter, too. In addition, this item will perfectly serves as a wall hanging art in the living room or any space in the house, too.

12. We Look So Good Together Mug

Gifts for Mom and Daughter

For the sweet mom and a teenage daughter who are always seen together every time and everywhere, this We Look So Good Together mug is the perfect matching gift for them. The mug is made of ceramic with ‘We Look’ and ‘So Good Together’ printed on each mug, making it become ‘We Look So Good Together’ when the mugs are put next to each other. Just like the mom and daughter who are going places as a dynamic duo.

13. Mama Hen Little Chick Cup

Mama Hen Little Chick Cup

For mom and daughter who have an outgoing personality, then these Mama Hen Little Chick pair of cup will be a great gift idea for both of them. The cups are printed with funny saying ‘mama hen’ and ‘little chick’ printed on the cup. These cup pairs will be the perfect matching gifts for mom and daughter who often enjoy fun activities together. 

14. Mom Wine Glass and Baby Bottle Set

Gifts for Mom and Daughter

A mother with her little girl would love to have this set of mom wine glass and baby bottle as matching gifts for mom and her baby daughter. The set features one wine glass for the mama and also one plastic baby bottle for the little one. Each glass says ‘Mom Juice’ and ‘Boob Juice’ printed in gold foil. Suitable for mom who loves matching things with her sweet little girl

15. Summer Beach Hats

Gifts for Mom and Daughter

Mom and Daughter who are planning on a summer vacation together would be very happy to get these summer beach hats as matching gifts. These summer hats are made of straw to protect your head and also the little one from the heat of summer, while still looking super cool. In addition, these hats are available in several color options to choose from.

16. Matching Two-Piece Swimwear

Matching Two-Piece Swimwear

These matching two-piece swimwears will be another useful matching gifts for mom and daughter who are planning on a beach trip together. Both pieces are made of polyester and spandex, which gives perfect elasticity to fit their bodies. The top has some ruffle details, available in several colors and patterns to choose from. Moreover, the bottoms have a matching tropical printed pattern for a more summer vibe.

17. Mother-Daughter Turbans

Gifts for Mom and Daughter

Mom and daughter who love matching hair accessories would love getting these mother-daughter turbans as matching gifts. These matching turbans are available in 4 color options to choose from. Made of comfy material that is suitable for all weather, these matching turbans are definitely a cute set of accessory for the mother and her little girl. 

18. Rabbit Ear Headband Set

Gifts for Mom and Daughter

Another hair accessory that will become cute matching gifts for mom and daughter is this rabbit ear headband set. The mom and her little girl can wear a matching rabbit ear headband for a cute and charming look. Each set has 1 adult headband for the mom, and 1 little headband for the little girl. All headbands are made of cotton and available in several patterns.

19. Matching Socks

Matching Socks

Matching socks can be a nod to the special relationship between mother and daughter, as well as special matching gifts for them. Some simple matching socks will be the perfect matching gifts for mom and daughter that works on almost every occasion. The socks are made of soft cotton, which makes them super comfortable and also breathable. The socks also say ‘Mommy of a princess’ and ‘Daughter of a queen’ written on the sole, which makes it more fun to wear.

20. Simplicity Mother-Daughter Pajamas Sewing Pattern

Gifts for Mom and Daughter

Sewing mom would definitely love this gift. This mother-daughter pajamas sewing pattern from Simplicity consists of 4 pattern pieces for each pajama, which covers top and bottom pattern for women and girls. The pattern included several sizes ranging from 7 to 14 for the girl and also 6 to 24 for women. You can choose their preferred fabrics and create lovely matching pajamas with this sewing pattern.

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21. Butterfly Hoop Earrings

Butterfly Hoop Earrings

These pairs of butterfly hoop earrings are wonderful matching gifts for mom and daughter duo who often spends their time together. Each pair has a different color where the one is gold and the other one is silver. The earrings are made of alloy and perfectly match with any kind of daily wear, as well as on an occasional day such as a birthday party, Christmas, prom night, etc.

22. Mini Perfume Set

Gifts for Mom and Daughter

For a mom and her teenage daughter who loves fragrance, they’ll definitely love this gift. Give them this mini perfume set as one of the most recommended matching gifts for mom and daughter. The set consists of 2 Jean Charles Brosseau – Ombre Rose perfumes in small size. Furthermore, this set is a timeless fragrance with powdery notes, great for mother and daughter who love classic and elegant scent. 

23. Heart Jewelry Display Holder

Gifts for Mom and Daughter

Show the unconditional love between mom and her daughter with this heart jewelry display holder as matching gifts for them. This set of 2 jewelry dishes features a crystallized design with a beautiful heart shape. Each dish contains a small pedestal to display multi rings, while the other part be a nice storage to place other accessories as well. 

24. Mist and Lotion Set

Gifts for Mom and Daughter

Another fragrance gift idea for mom and daughter would be this mist and lotion set, which will be one of the most recommended matching gifts for mom and daughter who love perfumery. The mom and the daughter can get a set that contains 1 mist and 1 body lotion from the famous brand of Victoria’s Secret. There are 4 scent options, and you can choose the aroma that will perfectly describes the love between the mother and her daughter.

25. Mom Daughter Knit Hat

Gifts for Mom and Daughter

When winter is coming, it’s the time to prepare winter accessories as gifts such as this mother-daughter knit hat. This hat is perfect to protect mom and her little daughter from the cold while still looking super cute and great together. The knit hat is made of eco-friendly polyester with good flexibility and elasticity. Such lovely matching gifts for mom and daughter for a great look together. 

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