25 Gifts For Property Managers To Show Your Appreciation

A property manager is an individual to help watch the daily operation of a unit of real estate. They are usually hired by the property owner to manage everything in the real estate, including the maintenance, operation and administration things. As the tenants, you might find out that the property managers are super helpful, particularly when you have a little trouble in your house or apartment and therefore need their help to fix it. You can appreciate their hard work in many ways, such as giving great gifts for the property managers. 

Basically, almost everything would work as a thank you gift to show your appreciation to the property manager. But if you want some more special and thoughtful gifts for property managers, look no further because we have a list of 25 thoughtful gifts for property managers. From the simple one into a little splurging, we have all in the list. Check the list below.

1. Money Tree

Money Tree

A property manager would love receiving gifts that bring a hopeful prosperity such as a money tree plant. Some people believe that a money tree plant, or Pachira Aquatica, will bring good luck, wealth, and fortune for those who have the plant at their home. Giving the money tree as gifts for property managers would be the symbol that we’re hoping they would enjoy a life full of prosperity for the years to come. Money tree would also become a great Christmas gift idea for the property manager or the other colleague and relatives.

2. Property Manager Mug

Property Manager Mug

A property manager mug would be a funny gift to show your appreciation in a fun way. A ceramic mug with fun words saying “Keep calm and let the property manager handle it,” really describes what a property manager is always dealing with, from the inspection to the tenant’s complaints. As a tenant or a close friend of a property manager, we can show appreciation in a humorous way. The property manager will be going to love this simple but fun gift.

3. Property Manager Notebook

Property Manager Notebook

Another funny gift you can bring for the property manager is a cool notebook with fun writing such as this “I am a mom and a property manager nothing scares me,” which emphasizes on how strong a mom who also works as a property manager. Being a mom and also a property manager, she must be a strong person because she has to raise the children and deal with the tenant at the same time. 

4. Unique Succulent Pot

Unique Succulent Pot

Giving a unique gift for property such as this succulent pot would leave a unique impression on them. This succulent pot is made of resin which looks like animation characters. Perfect for indoor and outdoor setting to décor the house corner and garden. It will be a great thank you gift as your appreciation to the property manager. 

5. Squishy Wine Glass

Squishy Wine Glass

Having a property manager who loves enjoying wine everywhere but often breaking their wine glass? Giving this squishy wine glass would be the perfect choice as a Christmas gift for the property manager. This wine glass is made of silicone which prevents the glass from breaking and shattering when falling into the floor. No more worries of enjoying wine everywhere, the fear of breaking the glass won’t ruin their day.

6. Portable Key Organizer

Portable Key Organizer

For a more technical thing as the gifts for property managers, you might be considering anything that helps her or his job as the property manager such as a portable key organizer. It helps them to keep the spare key of each unit in an organized way. This gift would be a great appreciation gift or Christmas gift that is highly useful as it would be easier for them whenever they’re looking for the spare key.

7. Property Manager Definition T-Shirt

Property Manager Definition T-Shirt

A fun way to send your appreciation is by giving fun-vibe gifts for property managers, such as a property manager definition t-shirt. The frontside of the t-shirt contains the definition of a property manager written in a fun way. It would make a great gift to show your appreciation to the property manager in a fun way. 

8. Fix It Kit

Fix It Kit

Several times, a property manager might get small maintenance requests from the tenants. In this case, having small and handy tools would be beneficial to help a property manager doing their job. Getting a portable fix-it tool would be helpful gifts for property managers you can consider. The kit contains some basic tools such as a screwdriver bit, flashlight, hammer, etc.

9. Wine Soap Set of 4

Wine Soap Set of 4

If your property manager happened to be a wine connoisseur and truly loves wine, they would love a bottle of wine and everything made of wine such as this wine soap. This all-natural vegan soap is made of red and white wine with a complimentary scent and oils. All ingredients are natural and are good to soften and smoothen the skin.

10. Travel Packable Cooler Bag

Travel Packable Cooler Bag

Talking about gifts for property managers, you can also consider giving gifts based on their hobby. If the property manager loves going picnic outside, then giving a packable cooler bag might be a great idea to consider. This cooler bag comes in a great size to help keep the food warmer or cooler for a longer time without adding bulkiness to the whole bringing. Such a perfect companion for a picnic where we won’t find a microwave or refrigerator for our food and drinks. 

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11. Personalized Wine Carrier

Personalized Wine Carrier

Another great gift for property managers who love picnics could be this personalized wine carrier. Perfect for those who love picnics outside and sipping wine under the nice weather. The carrier comes in a perfect size to hold some wine in a vertical position. You can add the property manager’s name as the personalization on the side of this carrier. 

12. Snack Basket

Snack Basket

Besides tools and things, you can also consider giving some gift baskets for the property manager such as a healthy snack gift basket. The property managers who are concerned about their health would love this snack basket. Each basket comes with a mix of nuts and dried fruits. Besides as a gift for the property manager, this basket could also become a nice Christmas gift to celebrate the winter with various snacks to enjoy together. 

13. Coffee Basket

Coffee Basket

It’s still about gift baskets, this coffee basket would be the perfect gift for property managers who are coffee aficionado or someone who loves coffee. Each basket comes with 6 specialty coffees in a sample size. This basket surely will be the perfect gift for property managers on every occasion or just a gift for appreciation for their hard work.

14. Gourmet Basket

Gourmet Basket

The property manager loves sweet treats? Then you should consider more snacks into the bucket list of gifts for property managers. A sweet gourmet such as this chocolate biscotti gift basket from Barnett’s is an example of a great gift idea for a property manager who loves snacks and gourmet food. Each basket has an assorted biscotti with various flavors such as caramel, peppermint, cookie and coconut blend, etc.

15. Cheese and Sausage Basket

Cheese and Sausage Basket

For property managers who are more into savory snacks, getting cheese and sausage baskets is such a nice idea to try. A basket full of cheese and sausage is considered as a universal gift anyone would love to receive, as long as the receiver doesn’t have a lactose intolerance. The basket is filled with several cheese types, sausages, dipping sauce and crackers. It also comes with a wooden board, which means the receiver doesn’t need to prepare a separate serving board as a serving.

16. Bath Bomb Hampers

Bath Bomb Hampers

Women mostly would love a bath bomb. If the property manager is a woman who would be happy getting a bath bomb, maybe you could bring basket full of bath bomb as the gifts for property manager. Each basket contains 7 bath bombs with different colors and scents. The packaging of this basket is already made like a gift packaging, so you don’t need to repack the bath bomb. 

17. Choco Snacks Tin Basket

Choco Snacks Tin Basket

A choco snack basket would definitely become a great gift for property manager who loves snacking. The tin basket contains assorted chocolate snacks with a great packaging design, therefore you don’t really need to change the package. With a nice package, this one would be a great gifts for property manager on special occasions such as Christmas gifts. 

18. The Property Management Toolbox Book

The Property Management Toolbox Book

A book as a gift, who doesn’t? A property manager needs to update their knowledge too. Getting this book would be a brilliant gifts for property manager as they would learn more about the system for better management. The strong management is a great foundation to the real estate business.

19. Thank You Cards

Thank You Cards

Sometimes, a simple thank you card would work the best for an appreciation gift for property managers. You can fill the cards with some positive words or add the card as the complement into some gift you have prepared. Try to customize the message with your own personalization and add the positive impression you have over the property managers. You can also add some feedback so they can improve their management.

20. Dinnerware Set

Dinnerware Set

If you prefer a more exquisite gift for property manager, then a dinnerware set might be your perfect choice of gifts for property managers. Some people can have a strong relationship with their property manager, therefore getting a more expensive gift for them would be considered good. This dinnerware collection is Certified International Talavera and has the blue pattern which looks beautiful as a gift or a dinnerware. 

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21. Personalized Leather Key

Personalized Leather Key

A property manager must have many spare keys for each tenant. Getting them a personalized leather key would make the organizing task become more enjoyable. The leather key consists of a hook and the leather strap which can be added with the manager’s name. The personalization part would be a great addition to the leather key as it adds an exclusive impression regarding a thing.  

22. Cool Tumbler

Cool Tumbler

For property managers who love bringing a mug everywhere, you can give a tumbler as gifts for property managers. What makes this tumbler more special is the fun writing that says “I never dreamed I’d grow up to be a super cool property manager.” Just like the other travel mug, this one can keep the drinks hot and cold longer with the insulated stainless-steel construction.

23. A Tote Bag

A Tote Bag

Make them remember you as the kindest tenants with this “Best Property Manager Ever” tote bag. The tote bag literally has a writing that says “Best Property Manager Ever” on the front. This tote bag would be a memorable gift to show your appreciation to the property manager as they are taking care of you and the apartment or house.   

24. Caretaker Door Sign

Caretaker Door Sign

This is the perfect gifts for property managers who truly care about their tenants. The caretaker sign can also become a great door sign for property managers as it could be placed in front of the property manager’s unit, therefore whenever the tenants are looking for the manager, they could find it easily. The sign is made of aluminium and will never rust, perfect for indoor and outdoor settings. 

25. Personalized Doormat

Personalized Doormat

A doormat could also become a great gift for property managers, because it’s related to property and could be a great addition to the home entrance. With the personalization, you can add some personalized designs or simply write the property manager’s name into the doormat. 

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