World’s Smallest Phone

When mobile phones were still green and young, the general rule of thumb was “the smaller the better”. Nobody wanted to carry around a bulky brick of a phone in their pocket.

Smartphones follow the exact opposite of this rule, but the World’s Smallest Phone can remind you how convenient having a small phone actually is.

This mobile phone truly pushes the boundaries. It is smaller than your thumb or a pack of gum. It is also lighter than a coin.

It’s so ridiculously tiny that it looks more like a toy than a functional gadget. But it still somehow manages to make calls and send texts via a 2G network. 

World's Smallest Phone

Why would you want to have one? Well, first, it can serve as a backup or emergency phone that you carry in your pocket.

If your phone got stolen or left behind, you would still be able to make calls in order to find it or just stay in touch with others. This can be especially handy when you are traveling.

World's Smallest Phone

Second, cramming smartphones into your pockets or purses get more and more challenging with time.

So if you are going out you don’t have to choose between your phone and your newest jeans. Just slip this little guy into your pocket or clutch and go conquer the world. 

World's Smallest Phone

Stay in touch whenever you are traveling, partying, jogging, or cycling. All thanks to world’s smallest phone.

World's Smallest Phone

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