25 Memorable Gifts for Prom Of All Time

Prom is one of the most exciting events every high school student looks forward to. Boys and girls usually come with their couples, whether as friends or dates. They dress up wearing a glamorous gown and tuxedo or suit, which they feel comfortable dancing in. For their best prom experience, they even can rent limousines to get to their school. Prom is undoubtedly a big deal for American students. To celebrate the occasion, exchanging memorable prompt gifts is also part of the event.

Are you a parent looking for awesome prom gifts for your son and daughter? Or are you the student looking for the best gift for your prom couple? Congratulations! You can use our list of memorable prom gifts of all time to find the best presents. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list! 

Gifts for Her

Your best girl or daughter may need something shimmering and glowing for their prom. Or they may also be happy to receive something sweet after the prom dance and skin care set to maintain their healthy and beautiful skin after the party. There are also some cute and lovely gift basket ideas as a prom gift for your daughter that you can prepare for her. If you are looking for them, let’s just get on the list!

1. Dog Face Snack Dishes

Gifts for Prom

If you are looking for a cute prom gift for her, these dog face snack dishes are the cutest. The snack dishes come with a dog face painted on the dishes. Also, look at the adorable ears on the edge of the dishes! It will be a wonderful gift idea for her to enjoy her favorite snacks after the prom party. It is a cute prom gift for your lovely girl that will be memorable for her.

2. Hand Lotion Set

Hand Lotion Set

Every girl loves hand lotion that can nourish her skin as well as make her hand smell good. A soft and well-smelling hand can give a great first impression. For your teen daughter, this hand lotion set will be a memorable prom gift idea for her because the scent will stay in her mind for a long time. She will love it and love you even more!

3. Portable Perfume Spray Bottle

Portable Perfume Spray Bottle

At the prom party, your best girl or daughter needs to maintain a good body that smells good. She might dance and sweat a bit. Thus she may need a little refreshing spray of her favorite perfume. It will be complicated to bring the whole bottle to the prom. Here is why you can give her a portable perfume spray bottle that she can fill with her favorite perfume. She will stay fresh without bringing too much supplies to the prom night.

4. Good Girl Eau de Parfum

Good Girl Eau de Parfum

Does your best girl run out of her perfume? Or do you want her to try another type of fragrance besides the one she usually wears? For your best girl or daughter, you can give her a Good Girl Eau de Parfum. The jasmine and cocoa are mixed to produce a light floral scent for her good girl soul. A cute bottle design that looks like super high heels may be her next favorite perfume. 

5. Jewelry Set

Jewelry Set

If you are looking for a luxury prom gift idea for her, you can give her a set of earrings, bracelets, and a necklace. It is a beautiful luxury jewelry set made of environmental alloy and cubic zirconia. It is an elegant prom gift for your daughter that she can wear to the prom and any other parties after the prom. Your best girl deserves a gorgeous prom gift for her beautiful performance.

6. Wire Wrapped Diamond Ring

Gifts for Prom

Who says she needs to wait for someone or a man to give her a diamond ring? Incredibly, she can even get her best diamond ring from her parents. A wire-wrapped diamond ring can be a memorable prom gift for a daughter before someone gives her another precious crystal ring for her wedding. Let your best girl or daughter shine on her special prom night.

7. Waldorf Astoria Chandelier Earrings

Gifts for Prom

Your best girl surely will dance under the spotlight beautifully. If there is no chandelier at the prom, let her wear it as her earrings. The Waldorf Astoria Chandelier earrings will be a piece of memorable prom night gift, the perfect accessory to accompany her when she dances her mind away. These gorgeous earrings will dance with her that night and freeze the incredible prom night memory for her whole life.

8. Red Flower Hair Clip

Red Flower Hair Clip

Help your best girl to shine and glow with beautiful hair accessories. It is a great gift idea for her that she can wear it to the prom dance and any other parties or occasions. It is a red hair clip that is easy to use but still looks gorgeous. Give it as a prom gift for your daughter that she can wear to the prom and show her best dance.

9. Glamorous Hair Vine 

Gifts for Prom

Will you love to see her hair half loose or braided? Have you ever imagined seeing her hair with a glamorous vine? She must be the most beautiful girl at the prom. Giving a glamorous hair vine can be a great prom gift idea for her. When she dances at the prom, she will glow from her hair to toe and amaze everyone at the party to focus on her.

10. Rose Hair Pins

Gifts for Prom

Does your best girl have short hair or prefer to have a bun, braid, or other updos than a loose hairstyle? Then, a set of rose hair pins surely will be the best hair accessories for her. With the rose hair pins, she can put them on her hair like sprinkling sweet sugar. The sparkling and colorful hair pins can give a wonderful accent to her performance. 

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11. Prom Dress

Gifts for Prom

Your daughter or your best girl may need a beautiful dress to attend the prom. Dress is an important thing for the party that will affect her appearance. Choose the best dress for her as a prom gift that she will confidently wear. It is an elegant V-neck short sleeve dress in a beautiful orchid color. It surely will be the best dress for her special prom night party.

12. Personalized Clutch

Gifts for Prom

Besides a beautiful dress, your best girl might need a clutch for the party. It is an important thing to hold her smartphone, makeup, and any other important cards. You need to decide the best clutch as a gift idea for her. The personalized clutch will be the best clutch for her because you can choose the color as well as print her name on it.

13. Shoes and Bag Set

Gifts for Prom

Does your daughter or best girl love to wear something which comes in a set? The shoes and bag that come as a set may be a favorite prom gift idea for her to celebrate the night. The shoes will shine together with the bag she holds as she dances on the stage with her best guy or best friends. Her elegance will be her feature for the night.  

14. High Heels

Gifts for Prom

Your daughter or your best girl needs to look perfect and shiny from head to toe. Her feet need a gorgeous pair of high heels to complete her wonderful look at the prom party. Thus, these pairs of gorgeous high heels can be a prom gift idea for her that will be memorable for her whole life. She will remember it as her last touch of perfection.

15. Low-Heeled Shoes

Gifts for Prom

Does your daughter or best girl prefer to have a low-heeled pair of shoes instead of high heels? Then, this pair of gorgeous shoes would be the best prom gift for your daughter. It will be a comfortable pair of shoes, even if she wears it all night long. A comfortable feeling will surely lead to a memorable moment.

Gifts for Him

Are you looking for ideas for a prom gift for your son? Or are you hunting for the best gift idea for him? He may like something he can wear to the prom party or even to the next parties in the future. We have compiled the best prom gift ideas for your best guy that will be memorable for his long life. Let’s get to the list!

16. Digital Camera

Gifts for Prom

Does your best guy love photography? Or does he love traveling and want to capture every moment? A digital camera may be a great gift for him that he can use at the prom to capture the moment. It will surely be the best gift for your son and memorable for him anytime he uses the camera. Anytime he uses or sees the camera, he will remember the love of the gift giver to him.

17. Personalized Suit

Gifts for Prom

Your best guy or son surely needs a perfect suit to be worn to the prom party. Sometimes if you are buying a suit, it may not closely fit the body. Thus, the personalized suit surely will be perfect for your best guy or son. He can wear it to the prom as well as other parties in the future. Give him the best suit for him and let him glow with his best girl! 

18. Flower Brooches

Gifts for Prom

Make sure your best man or beloved son looks shiny and glamorous on prom night. It surely will be a memorable moment as he will dance with his best girl at the party. Give him a flower brooch to decorate his gorgeous suit. The glow of the brooch will shine up his style that night.

19. Rose Silk Corsage Pin

Gifts for Prom

Don’t leave his suit pocket empty and untouched! Give it a touch of beauty with a rose silk corsage pin to beautify his handsome look at the prom. Choose the best rose silk color that matches his suit and let him show his charm to the entire attendance. A prom night will only come once, so don’t spare any expense to class up his appearance!

20. Amethyst Cufflinks

Gifts for Prom

Amethyst is a crystal that has a well-known power to heal the body and soul. It also has a beautiful purple color that can be used as cufflinks to give a sweet accent to your son’s or your best guy’s suit. These are amethyst cufflinks made of sterling silver in gold color, which looks very high class. A glamorous little touch for your best guy’s suit!

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21. Necktie Set

Necktie Set

For his perfect suit, he will need a gorgeous necktie set. It consists of a necktie, bowtie, and pocket square that looks elegant to support his appearance at the prom party. A set of eggplant purple neckties and a pocket square with small blue dots on it. The high-quality necktie set will be a memorable prom gift idea for him that he will cherish even after the night’s over.

22. Glittery Shoes

Glittery Shoes

The last touch of prom perfection is the shining pair of shoes your best guy could wear. Let him be the star on prom night with the glittery shoes. He deserves simple and elegant shoes to dance at the prom party with his prom couple. With the loafer style, he will stand out yet feel comfortable at the same time.

23. Personalized Ankle Socks

Personalized Ankle Socks

For his comfort dancing at prom, make sure he wears socks. But do not give him just a regular pair of socks. You can make it special by adding some personalization to the ankle socks and incorporating your best words or compliments on them. You can say “BEST MAN EVER” or “IMPRESSIVE!” embroidered on the socks. Your words surely will increase his confidence better than ever. 

24. Whiskey-Infused Deodorant Spray

Whiskey-Infused Deodorant Spray

Does your best guy or son love the scent of whiskey? Do you ever think about a deodorant spray with whiskey-infused in it? Here it is! A whiskey-infused deodorant spray that has a bacteria-killing power. These are a wonderful prom gift idea for him because he will not smell like alcohol. Instead, the alcohol will be evaporated on the skin and leave him with the scent of an oil-based aroma.

25. Watch


Do you want him to be mindful of his time? Giving him a watch will surely be a wonderful prom gift for him to remind him about the time. The watch comes with a silver stainless steel case and blue dial. It looks elegant, perfect for any occasion. Plus, it can be combined with any suit or costume color. What a beautiful prom gift idea!

Latest Post:

What do you get a girl for prom?

Get your girl a bucket of her favorite flowers, a cute hair clip, or anything you can afford. Personalized gifts may be the best thing for her since it will not be similar to others. It is not how expensive the gift is, but how you make it meaningful and memorable for her.  

What does a guy need for prom?

A guy needs an elegant necktie set, glittery shoes, and a great attitude to be able to dance and make a memorable moment at the prom with his couple. Sometimes it is not about how expensive the suit is, but how he smiles, his body posture, and the way he treats his partner matter. 

Why is it called prom?

Prom comes from the word “promenade” which means a parading introduction of guests at a party. It was started in the 1800s to promote social etiquette and manners for college and university students. In 1928, prom started to be conducted in high schools. In its original word, the students dance and do their best etiquette and manners at the party.

How do I make my prom memorable?

It is important to make a memorable prom since you won’t have it twice. The thing that you have to do is to prepare your date or your friends group, enjoy the moment with whatever you have, and plan an afterparty sleepover with your besties. 

What do you do at prom without a date?

If you do not have a date, you can go with your friends’ group as well. But make sure that your friends are not coming on a date too. The most important thing is that you enjoy the party and make it your best memory. Remember, prom night only comes once in a lifetime. There is no second chance to reset or rewind it. So make it your best.

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