25 Romantic Prom Proposal Ideas To Make Them Say Yes

Prom is such an important event! It’s when teens spend the night with their friends, dance the night away and make memories. Prom can also be a stressful time for teens who are trying to organize everything they need to make their prom dreams come true. Especially when it comes to finding the prom partner, teens may need to prepare romantic prom proposal ideas for their loved one.  If you are one of those teens who want to ask your crush for prom, you may be afraid of rejection. Therefore, brilliant prom proposal ideas are important for your success, making them say yes. 

In case the prom party is coming up but you still don’t get a prom date, don’t worry! We’re here to help! In this article, we will help you to gain some inspiration for romantic prom proposal ideas you may never have expected. From the cute prom proposal ideas with flying pig balloons to ask a girl for a prom party, to the funny prom proposal to your best friend in case you want to ask a guy out, we have prepared them just for you. Let’s jump to the list!

1. Cute Pig Flying Balloon Prom Proposal

Source Pinterest (@alyceparis.com)

Embrace the flying pig jokes by giving your crush the real one instead. You can ask her for a prom with some pig balloons and a large board which says “Your Dad Said That I Can Take You To Hoco When Pigs Fly” that definitely will put a smile on her face. This is one of the cutest prom proposal ideas that will touch her heart.

  1. 2. Barbie Ken Cosplay
Source Pinterest (@eBaumsWorld)

If your crush is a barbie fan, then she must be in love with Ken, the man lead in the show. Therefore, why don’t you try to be Ken in real life for her? This is one of the most creative prom proposal ideas to ask a girl who loves Barbie shows. Prepare the adult size Barbie box, and you can be the Ken mannequin to surprise her. She will definitely say yes for the prom.  

3. Princess at The Castle Promposal

Source Pinterest (@BuzzFeed)

Let your girl be the princess at the prom or hoco with the castle prom proposal ideas. You need to prepare the princess castle tent to impress  her. You need to hide inside the castle first and surprise her with flowers. She will surely be happy to be your princess at the prom.

4. Flowers and Teddy Bear for Prom Proposal

Source Pinterest (@BuzzFeed)

Show your romantic side to your crush with flowers and a plush teddy bear. This is one of the classic but effective prom proposal ideas to impress your girl. Don’t forget to bring the large text, asking her to go out. Those items are absolutely something hard to resist.

5. Funny Promposal to Short Girls

Funny Promposal to Short Girls
Source Pinterest (@weheartit.com)

Make a gag with your crush when asking her for a prom date with this concept. You need a large white carton to create your own stadiometer. Put the funny text which says “You must be this tall to say NO to prom with me”. Make sure this stadiometer is higher than your short girl, so she will have a chance to say no.

6. Spiderman Theme Prom Proposal

Source Pinterest (@Ledyz Fashions)

Surprise your crush who loves Marvel with Spiderman theme proposal ideas! You have to wear a Spiderman costume and do cosplay to impress her. Don’t forget to bring flowers and a big text that reads “I know I’m not Tom Holland, but taking you to Hoco would be MARVEL-ous!” to make her smile ear to ear.  

7. Funny Prom Proposal To Bestfriend

Source Pinterest (@BuzzFeed)

You may find it awkward to ask a guy for a prom date, especially if he is your best friend. Therefore, all you need are funny prom proposal ideas. You need colorful construction paper to write straightforward information, asking him for a prom. Just simply pass it to him and let him know what you want.

8. Promposal Surprise Box

Source Pinterest (@BuzzFeed)

Imagine surprising your crush with a large human filled package in front of her house, it will be one of the most amazing prom proposal ideas! Once she opens the box, you can surprise her by bringing a board, asking for a prom. Your girl will definitely say yes to you.

9. Balloon Bedroom Surprise

Source Pinterest (@rissyroos.com)

If you want to surprise your girl for a prom date, why don’t you try to decorate her room? This is one of the best prom proposal ideas for those who don’t like being surprised in public. Fill her room with colorful party balloons. You can put a big poster on the wall, asking her to become your date.

10. Pizza Promposal

Pizza Promposal
Source Instagram (@amydvo)

Pizza promposal will never fail to impress anyone, including your crush! This will be one of the smartest prom proposal ideas, especially for pizza lovers. Since almost no one hates pizza, you can put your creativity to arrange the pepperoni into the “PROM” word. It will be a happy ending if your crush eats the pizza.

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11. Silly Pig with Snacks In Car

Silly Pig with Snacks In Car
Source Instagram (@prissy_pig)

Funny prom proposal ideas can be romantic somehow, like this silly pig concept. The idea is to ask your girl for a prom by bringing her snacks and cereal hamper in a car toy. Don’t forget to bring a pig next to the car, with a bag of popcorn. It will be a hilarious scene as if she will go to the prom with the silly pig.

12. Cute Chocolate Promposal

Source Instagram (@sd.sweetboutique)

If your crush is a fan of chocolate, then you should try to ask her for a box of chocolate. You can customize the chocolate with text “Yes” or “No”. She will absolutely eat them all, as she loves chocolate though. However, at least it shows that she will go to prom with you.

13. Bicycle Glide On Over The Prom Proposal

Source Instagram (@pedalpowerkids)

Bicycle prom proposal ideas are indeed unique and creative concepts you should try! Especially if your crush’s hobby is cycling, she may find it as a thoughtful surprise. Use the colorful cardstock to create “PROM?” letters, then place each of them on the front side of the bicycle in the parking lot. Your girl will surely want to glide on over to the prom with you. 

14. Promposal Car Decoration

Source Instagram (@oliviaskitchen_nj)

In case you want intimate prom proposal ideas, then a car is the perfect location. Decorate the back side of your car with flowers, bird origami, and furry mat to create romantic vibes. Hang the big text to ask her for a prom date at the center as the focal point. She will definitely say yes to your proposal.

15. LED Letter Standing Promposal

Source Instagram (@litcitymarquees)

Create unforgettable prom proposal ideas with light up letters. Use the initial letter of you and your girl’s name for the LED letter standing. Give some balloons for decoration. Place the red heart balloon with “PROM?” text at the center, create an elegant and cute feel while asking for a prom date.  

16. Crumble Pastel Promposal

Source Instagram (@brandetawney)

Show your sweet and romantic side to your crush with the pastel color theme prom proposal ideas. Use the pastel balloon garland arch to decorate the surprise location. Don’t forget to place a black frame which says “My heart will crumble if you say no.. Prom?” to express your will to go to prom with her. Any girl will surely be touched with this smooth surprise.

17. Stadium Sporty Promposal

Source Instagram (@centerville_mens_vb)

In case your crush is an athlete, then you can show your support and care by stadium prom proposal ideas. Try to cheer her on during the competition, but not with the poms or the team’s flags. Here’s the twist, you should bring a large promposal text at the stadium, so she will notice you from afar!

18. LED Mini Light Prom Proposal

Source Instagram (@attitudesinmotiondancestudio)

Do you want a cute promposal at the small room? As you may not have a large room to decorate, you can adorn the floor with LED mini lights. Try to create the word “PROM?” with those LED mini lights. Don’t forget to bring flowers and a large text asking her for a prom date.

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19. Escape Together Promposal

Source Instagram (@escaperoomsouth)

If your crush loves a puzzle game, then you should take her to the Escape Room South before asking her to go to the prom. First, let your crush have a great time with you, finishing the escape challenge together. Later, surprise her at the exit gate with a large text which says “Let’s Escape To Prom Together”, making it hard to refuse this challenge.

20. I’m Dying To Go To Prom With You Surprise

Source Pinterest (@wattpad.com)

Prank your crush with this hilarious scene. Place the fake police line around your house and put the large blackboard that reads “I’m Dying To Go To Prom With You” on the table. Your girl will smile and laugh while finding you laying on the floor and reading the funny blackboard. It will be one of the most funny yet romantic prom proposal ideas in her life.

21. A Bracelet that Says It All

A Bracelet that Says It All
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Jewelries are girls’ best friends, and it’s always a good idea to propose to a girl to be your prom date with simple jewelry like this cute bracelet. It’s more than just your usual bracelet, because it includes a pendant that says, “prom?” so there will be nothing else to say instead of just giving her this bracelet and waiting impatiently for her answer to your proposal.

22. The Cowboy Style Proposal

The Cowboy Style Proposal
Source: Pinterest (@buzzfeed.com)

Surprise your favorite girl at school by asking her to go to prom with you by taking good use of your truck and cowboy hat. Well, you can also wear your cowboy boots for that reason. She will be surprised to see you in front of her house looking like a cowboy holding a bouquet of flowers. Undoubtedly, your effort will melt her heart, and most likely you will hear her say ‘yes.’

23. Say It with Doughnuts Proposal

Say It with Doughnuts Proposal
Source: Pinterest (@raisingteenstoday.com)

Sweet things are just undeniable, including a box full of donuts. If you’re planning on a sweet and unique prom proposal, then you can try to say it with a box of donuts that include special decorations. It can include some notes, asking her to be your promo date. Moreover, you can also include the word ‘prom’ as part of the donuts’ toppings.

24. Puppy Prom Proposal

Puppy Prom Proposal
Source: Pinterest (@tipjunkie.com)

This one is probably one of the most adorable promo proposal ideas that you can do. After all, who can deny the cuteness of a puppy carrying a board asking her to be your prom date, right? We can guarantee you that it would be hard for her to say no to your proposal.

25. Post It Surprise Proposal

Post It Surprise Proposal
Source: Pinterest (@younglifeleaders.org)

Asking a special someone to go to prom with you is exciting! Therefore, why not try to do something different this time? You can surprise him by covering his car with post its that say ‘prom’ as seen in this picture. It will definitely surprise him, for sure. However, once he says yes, you might want to help him clean his car from all those post its, though. 

Latest Post:

What are good prom proposals?

Good prom proposal ideas should be creative and impress the target. As everyone has different preferences about it, you may need to adjust to your crush. You can surprise them with a classic promposal with a teddy bear and flowers. Or, you may go extra with a funny and hilarious prank like the I’m Dying To Go To Prom With You Surprise.

What prom means to a girl?

Prom, along with graduation, marks the conclusion of high school and the beginning of adulthood for students, especially for girls. It’s a life-changing experience that they will never forget. Girls want to create unforgettable memories at the prom. Therefore, they need to bring someone special to the prom. Moreover, it is also the perfect time for girls to show off their best gown to people.

How do I ask my crush to prom?

First, you have to make sure that your crush doesn’t have a prom partner yet. In order to prevent that they may reject you, you need to build a nice conversation days before asking for a prom date. Try to raise the prom topic once in a while. Make sure your crush has interest in you during the conversation. After that, you can surprise your crush with a prom proposal that suits their personality and style. If you need more inspiration for prom proposal ideas, please read in the article above.

Should I ask a guy to prom?

Well, it depends on the type of the guy. If you have a crush on a shy guy, or may be your best friend, it is okay to become straightforward and ask him to prom. However, if you are the one who is too shy to express it, you can give him a hint that you are interested in that guy. You may tell him that you don’t have any prom date yet. If he understands the hint, he will ask you to be his prom date instead.

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