25 Gifts for Your Crush Boy to Love You Back

Having a crush on someone gives you many emotions at the same time. Think about it again for those of you who believe that you are a wise grown-up woman. Don’t you feel like a teenager when he is near? As the world has changed, women can also freely show their feelings and interests to men. And giving him a gift is one of many ways to do it. After all, giving special gifts for your crush boy can be a sweet way to indirectly tell him how you feel.

To send a gift for your crush boy, you should know some information about his hobby, his favorite things to collect or things he loves to do. The presents will be more memorable and have sentimental points. It also conveys your feelings to him because you are spending your time to get to know him better. He will definitely recognize this effort and hopefully get him to love you back. Pick one of our 25 gifts for your crush boy recommendation here.

1. ’47 Blank Classic MVP Cap

'47 Blank Classic MVP Cap

If your crush boy often wears a hat when he hangs out, this baseball cap is a perfect gift for the attractive man. The authentic ‘47 baseball cap offers a firm cap with an adjustable backside. It uses wool blend material that allows the cap into a vintage cap over time by looking naturally worn. The classic cap will suit his casual look best and make him realize that you put extra attention on him. In the end, he can effortlessly look good with the hat on and ask you out on a date.

2. MLB Stadium Illustration Poster

MLB Stadium Illustration Poster

You can’t miss this MLB Stadium illustration poster as a gift for your crush boy, who is a big fan of MLB. Moreover, it will be an excellent gift if he knows all the history and legendary stadiums. He can place the poster in his room to brag his love for the league history, and maybe for you, too!

3. Our Custom Story Mail Art

Our Custom Story Mail Art

Have you prepared a birthday present for your crush? If you’re still looking for one, you can consider this customized mail art as a gift. It is a set of illustrated postcards from your actual photos. You can choose three precious moments with your crush and transform them into postcards. They will be hand-drawn by artists to make them livelier. On behalf of you, the seller will send the postcards once a week to your crush boy’s place. Make sure your timing is right and matches his birthday to give a perfect surprise for him. We can guarantee that he will appreciate your unique gift and do something sweet in return.

4. Ceramic Latte Tumbler

Ceramic Latte Tumbler

The artistic porcelain tumbler is the best gift for your crush boy, who is an espresso lover. The ceramic tumbler is covered with lead-free glaze. The 12oz tumbler is perfect for enjoying his morning coffee before working or studying. Prepare yourself to receive a coffee date invitation from him soon.

5. Friendship Lamps as Gifts for a Crush Boy

Friendship Lamps

How do you confess your feelings towards him without having to tell him directly? Yes, the friendship lamp can do it for you. Give the handmade touch sensor touch lamp as a gift for your crush boy. After connecting it to Wi-FI, one light can change color after a single touch from you, and the other lamp will follow even though it’s not in the same room. You can use it to signal that you miss him, so he knows your feelings.

6. Batman Giant Transforming Playset

Batman Giant Transforming Playset

Since your crush is a big fan of DC Comics, especially Batman, this giant playset is a great gift for your crush boy. The 33 inches tall Batman toy can transform into a Batcave with a small Batman action figure inside. The playset offers more than 40 phrases, sounds, and lights, making it an interactive toy for DC lover boy. He can display the giant playset along with his figurine collection. You can definitely make your crush into a boy again and have fun with this Batman playset. When he realizes that he can be himself with you, he may take a further step in your relationship.

7. Personalized Acrylic Song

Personalized Acrylic Song

It’s easy to know your crush’s favorite song when he sings it all the time. Thus, you can give the personalized acrylic with a printed song cover for him. You can print your favorite song that reminds you of him or a song that relays your feelings with its lyrics. It will be a modern love letter that can record a romantic history.

8. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and Smart Alarm Clock

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and Smart Alarm Clock

Get this portable and multifunctional electronic device with a speaker, alarm clock, phone holder, LED night light, and many more functions as a gift for your crush boy. He can set his morning call, listen to music, and do many things efficiently with one device. It can be his home decor in the living room or bedside table. It’s also a chic office desk ornament to be displayed. It features a built-in microphone, so this mobile phone holder can help him answer a phone call in hands-free mode. He probably will buy you a coffee to simplify his busy day. It’s a good start to developing the relationship, right?

9. You Are My Person Keychains

You Are My Person Keychains

The two puzzle piece keychains are intended for couples, but you can also buy these unique keychains as a gift for your crush. Give him one keychain while keeping the other one with you. When you meet, you can put the puzzle that matches each other together, hoping you’ll be together soon. The keychain uses anti-allergic stainless steel so that it’s perfectly safe for everyone.

10. Couples Bracelets

Couples Bracelets

Giving him a bracelet with a hidden message can be a subtle way to show your feelings. A set consists of two bracelets, and they use morse code to represent your desirable words to your crush boy. You can wear one and give the other one to him as a gift. It uses only black and white beads, which provides a monochrome vibe to match any outfit. Moreover, you and your crush can adjust the size to fit your wrist’s sizes.

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11. Filling In The Blanks Book

Filling In The Blanks Book

Confessing your love for your crush boy is quite tricky. If you are shy to talk to him directly, you can write all the reasons why you love liking him in this blank formatted book. The blank book has five cover options, so you can choose the most suitable cover that represents your feelings. The book includes a sticker sheet to support your lovely reasons. Since it is a pocket-sized book, you can put it on his locker, desk, or any other space that he can find easily.

12. Personalized Whiskey Decanter

Personalized Whiskey Decanter

If your crush is not really a boy, giving this personalized whiskey decanter is a nice move. Even though falling in love makes you feel like a teenager again, you may need to take a bold move as a grown-up. The whiskey decanter set is available in various engraving options with five front styles, including a glass stopper and glasses. He may invite you to have a drink together after getting your gift.

13. Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

gifts for your crush boy

A wireless Bluetooth headphone is a pleasant gift for your crush boy who likes music. The headphone is available in six colors. It features a noise-canceling function that is best for him when traveling, working, or commuting. It has a high-quality built-in microphone that allows him to answer any call. In one charging time, the headphone lasts 30 hours of playtime. He can share his headphones to let you hear his recent favorite song, too. Maybe, he hides a hidden love message in the song. It’s all up to you to find out.

14. The Great Wave Off Kanagawa Jigsaw

gifts for your crush boy

Make sure you wouldn’t miss this unique jigsaw puzzle with unusual individual pieces. It makes an excellent gift for your crush boy. Every jigsaw puzzle piece is hand-drawn with The Great Wave off Kanagawa picture in the shape of characters, animals, and plants. The premium artwork will impress your crush, who is deeply in love with any art form.

15. Fujifilm QuickSnap Flash 400 Camera

gifts for your crush boy

After a series of cute souvenirs you receive from the traveler boy, it’s time for you to give him a gift. A disposable camera will be a compact device as your crush boy’s traveling partner. It’s effortless and simple but can store many memories with the 35mm film. The built-in flash can help him take pictures in low light places & situations. You can ask him to share the result once he develops the film after returning from the trip. Who knows, maybe he will get you a special souvenir later.

16. Cluebox – Escape Room in A Box

gifts for your crush boy

Boys love challenges and games. This Cluebox can fulfill those two things that they live for. The wooden box is an interactive puzzle that provides games inside games. It will be a memorable gift for your crush boy. He will know that you put your interest in him by giving things that he enjoys. You can tease him by hiding the tips and tricks of the puzzle box. It will allow you to spend time and solve the puzzle together.

17. Calvin Klein Miniature Collection Gift

gifts for your crush boy

Perfumes can be a good choice of gifts for your crush boy. The Calvin Klein Miniature Collection Gift consists of five perfume bottles. The fig, bergamot, neroli, vetiver, sage, guaiac wood, patchouli, violet, and jasmine notes create a mild and pleasant woody fragrance. You can suggest which perfume to use each day to grab his attention.

18. Wooden Organizer

gifts for your crush boy

This organizer is one of the “Etsy’s pick” items that will make a good gift for your crush boy. The wooden organizer comes with a headphone holder. You can choose a light, medium, and dark wood and personalize it with the engraved name of your crush and a small drawing. This piece makes a good decoration on his working desk or study room. 

19. Marvel Comic Heroes Fridge Magnets

gifts for your crush boy

These Marvel comic heroes fridge magnets are a nice gift for your crush boy, particularly him who is loyal to the Marvel universe. The magnets come as a set in two, three, or six magnets. And each set comes with a tin case that is perfect as a gift box. You can choose his favorite Marvel characters for the set of two and three. The magnets have a great hold ability which can hold eight sheets of A4 paper simultaneously.

20. Wireless Car Charger

Wireless Car Charger

This car accessory surely makes your crush boy’s life easier, especially when he is driving. It is a combination of wireless phone charge and car phone mount. The fancy tool is easy to mount. It also features an intelligent auto-clamping system after being connected to the adapter, which will automatically fit the holder to the phone size. Moreover, it is also an advanced technology for your crush boy’s car.

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21. Memory Film Keychain

gifts for your crush boy

The roll-out memory film keychain is a cute gift to display your special memories with him. It shows him the precious time you spent together, so he understands your feelings quickly. Don’t forget to pick the best, maximum, ten memories to put in the film. You can add little personalization with words or emoji as the puller of the film.

22. Men’s Wood Watch

gifts for your crush boy

You may be running out of ideas to present a gift for your crush boy who has a unique taste. The wood watch uses laser engraving technology to create a high-quality wooden craft. It has accurate time for Japanese Quartz movement so that the time will be precise. The wooden strap is adjustable to your crush’s wrist that offers comfort for him. The gift undoubtedly makes him always remember you every time he checks the time.

23. Mushroom Wall Art

gifts for your crush boy

A wooden mushroom ornament as a gift for your crush boy who loves nature is a beautiful idea. The beautiful and delicate carving will upgrade any room’s style with its presence. It fits rustic décor and will be a gorgeous wall sign leading to your crush’s garden. It also can be a great wedding gift for your crush’s sister’s wedding.

24. Washable Donut Bed

gifts for your crush boy

Giving this donut bed as a gift for your crush boy will show your genuine feeling for him. You show you care not only for him but also for his pet. The washable bed uses soft and smooth material that is comfortable on the pet skin. It’s also non-toxic and environmentally friendly, which is safe for the pet. Choose the suitable size for his dog or cat as it’s available in various sizes. We are sure that he will make a move on you after receiving this gift.

25. Creative Labs Multimedia Speaker

Creative Labs Multimedia Speaker

If your crush boy cannot stop talking about the games he has been into lately, then this speaker set can enhance his gaming experience. It’s compatible with PC, laptops, TV, and other audio sources. It has easy access to control volume, bass, and treble. The speakers fit the perfect gift for your crush boy title. It can show him that you support his hobby. 

latest post:

What can I gift to my boy crush?

Basically, you can give him anything, particularly things that he likes. If you’re crushing on him, you should know things he enjoys watching, spending his leisure time with, talking about. For example, you can give this MLB Stadium illustration poster for the baseball fan crush.

Is it okay to give your crush a gift?

Absolutely. It’s just like giving your friends gifts on their birthdays, but with an added romantic feeling on it. If you are worried the presents will be burdensome, you can send a simple gift for him like this baseball cap or maybe a funny gift. You can also give this disposable camera right before his departure on a short holiday trip with his gang. It’s valuable, sweet, but not pressing him with a burden.

What should I gift my crush on his birthday?

On his birthday, you might want to give him something special. It can be personalized gifts such as a whiskey decanter and wooden organizer with his name. And maybe, you can finally get the courage to confess your feelings. You can pick your special moments together and make them into the film keychain or list all the things you love about him with the blank book.

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