25 Charming Gifts for Your Crush Girl To Make Her Fall In Love

When it comes to a crush girl, you may have a huge admiration and you would do anything to get her. You might have a crush on her because of her sweet attitude and kindness. She usually also has a perfect smile and eyes that shine like the sun. Therefore, no wonder that other boys and men out there may have a crush on her too. Before she falls in love with another guy, you can tell her that you have a crush on her with small gifts for your crush girl. In addition, special gifts for your crush girl will be a good start to show your feelings and care for her.   

Perhaps you want to ask her out on Valentine’s day or just get something really cool for her birthday gift. Maybe you need some ideas for that special occasion, like Christmas gifts. You might be thinking, what should I give my crush to make her fall in love? In this article, there are lots of ways to make the special girl’s day by getting her awesome gifts for your crush girl.

1. Love Heart Birthstone Necklace

Love Heart Birthstone Necklace

The heart necklace is one of the best symbolic gifts for your crush girl to tell her your feelings. The beautiful red birthstone will be the focal point on the necklace, making the jewelry look fancy and elegant. In addition, you can express your feelings with the simple text engraved on the heart pendant, which will be a romantic confession she will remember forever.  

2. Morse Code Bracelet

Morse Code Bracelet

If you are still too shy to tell your crush girl about your feelings, you can choose the morse code bracelet. You can customize the straightforward design to include a secret message or special words that you wish to convey to her. Allow her to decipher the morse code message to pleasantly surprise her. She is free to wear the morse code bracelet every day because it is a small secret that only she and you share.

3. Rose In Dome

Rose In Dome

Rose is a romantic symbol for a girl you have a crush on. In case a real rose is boring, you can give her the eternal rose to symbolize your love. Surprise her with the wonderful rose in the dome to tell your feelings.  The rose is wrapped around an LED strip light, giving a warm and romantic home decoration. It will be one of the most precious gifts for your crush girl to treasure.

4. Bath Spa Gift Basket

Bath Spa Gift Basket

Let your crush girl have a great shower time with the bath spa gift basket. The gift basket is one of the most wonderful gifts for your crush girl to show your care to her. Especially if she has a tiring day at school or work, the natural essential oils and bubble bath will help her to relax and pamper her skin well. Your crush girl will surely feel touched with this gift.

5. Scented Candle Aromatherapy

Scented Candle Aromatherapy

Show your care to your crush girl who has sleep difficulties with the box of scented candles with aromatherapy. The vintage-styled aromatic candle jars presented in a beautiful, colorful box demonstrate your thoughtful preferences and efforts. By giving her this gift, she will surely remember you before her night sleep. It is also a perfect Christmas gift to wish her good night.

6. Personalized Romantic Night Lamp

Personalized Romantic Night Lamp

Make your crush girl feel special on Valentine’s day with a personalized romantic night lamp. You can customize the wooden box with romantic text which will be projected to the wall once the light is turned on. Simply give her the box and let her see the text at home, making her feel loved and special. It is one of the smartest gifts for your crush girl to tell you how you feel.

7. Personalized Bag Clutch

Personalized Bag Clutch

If your crush girl loves collecting clutch bags, then you can make a special one for her. The leather material with simple design makes the bag appear elegant and charming. Personalize the bag with engraved name or text to make it one of a kind item in the world. The lovely bag for a girl you have a crush on makes her think you are a thoughtful person who always supports her.

8. All Natural Skin Care Box

All Natural Skin Care Box

Suppose your crush girl is a skin care lover, then a box of natural skin care items will delight her day. The box features natural toner, mask, and serums, making one of the most perfect gift for your crush girl to brighten and detox her skin. Giving the box will surely add a plus point to you as not many men have concerns about skincare. It will make you look special to her.

9. Crush On You Keychain

Crush On You Keychain

If you are going to make a gentle concession to your crush girl, then you can give her the beautiful keychain. The romantic “I love you” text is written on both a keychain in the form of a heart and a keychain shaped like a key. You can give her the key to let her know that she has the key to your heart. It will be one of the most wonderful gifts for your crush girl.

10. Broken Heart Chocolate Pizza and Mallet

Broken Heart Chocolate Pizza and Mallet

A chocolate gift for a girl you have a crush on might be too basic. Instead, you can give her the lovely chocolate pizza to make a confession. You can give her the chocolate along with the mini mallet. She can break the chocolate if she rejects your confession. Or, she may let you enjoy the chocolate together to mark your first date as a couple, making unique gifts for your crush girl. 

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11. Inspirational Tumbler

Inspirational Tumbler

Make sure you are always there for your crush girl in her low point by giving her the inspirational tumbler. The inspiring quotes on the tumbler may be one of the most thoughtful gifts for your crush girl to cheer her up. The charming tumbler comes in a lovely gift box that also includes a keychain, a leak proof lid, a stainless steel straw, and a cleaning brush.

12. You Hold The Key To My Heart Mini Jar

You Hold The Key To My Heart Mini Jar

Show your feelings to your crush girl with a small but special gift to make her happy. Especially if she is already giving a warm sign for your approach, this little jar will be one of the most romantic gifts for your crush girl. The mini jar contains a charming key with an acrylic sign, showing that she holds the key to your heart. It can be an unforgettable and romantic love confession in her life.

13. Preserved Flower Angel

Preserved Flower Angel

Flowers are the most romantic gifts for your crush girl, but the preserved flower will bring it to another level. You can create an unforgettable confessing moment on Valentine’s day with the preserved flower in the angel glass. It maintains the same color, shape, and texture of a fresh cut flower thanks to a special preservation procedure. Angel decorations represent the best wishes for her.

14. Reason Why I Love You Box

Reason Why I Love You Box

Tell your crush girl all the reasons why you love her in a romantic wooden box to impress her. It features engraved wooden hearts with simple but meaningful reasons that will make you fall in love with her. It is one of the most versatile gifts for your crush girl on any occasion if you are going to tell your feel, especially on Valentine’s day. It also can be perfect for a Christmas gift or birthday gift as well. 

15. I Love You USB Mixtape

I Love You USB Mixtape

Bring the retro, vintage vibe in your love confession to your crush girl with this USB mixtape. You can record your voice message and put in the USB mixtape, telling her your feelings about her. The retro mixtape design will give a classic feel while hearing your voice. Your crush girl will surely feel touched hearing your true feelings towards her. 

16. Crush On You Necklace

Crush On You Necklace

A perfect solution for a shy guy, make a confession with this minimalist necklace to your crush girl! The necklace has a basic and minimalist bar pendant which does not look romantic at all from afar. However, once she looks at the pendant closer, she may spot the tiny text of “I have a crush on you” on the bar. The moment will increase the romantic level but not too cheesy.

17. Felt Heart Message In Matchbox

Felt Heart Message In Matchbox

Give your crush girl a small token to let her know your feelings. Packed in an adorable matchbox, the beautiful felt heart with a message will definitely touch her heart. It is one of the cheapest but romantic gifts for your crush girl to make a confession. It also can be a charming birthday gift or Christmas gift to make her feel your presence.

18. Love You Pebble

Love You Pebble

Simple and straightforward, the words on the wonderful pebble are perfect for making a love confession on Valentine’s day. This tiny white porcelain pebble is from East India. It has a moon design on one side and confession words imprinted into the stone on the other. Let her keep the pebble if she accepts your love, making the first Valentine’s day gift as a couple.

19. Heartbeat Love Shirt

Heartbeat Love Shirt

Tell your crush girl that she is the reason why your heart beats fast by giving her this t-shirt. It features a love symbol with the heartbeat image, showing that the receiver has successfully made you have a crush on her. Made from cotton and polyester, the t-shirt is definitely soft and comfortable to wear. If she has the same feeling, you may get the one for you as well, making it a couple shirts.

20. My Missing Piece Keepsake

My Missing Piece Keepsake

Because your crush girl may be your missing piece until today, then let her know with this romantic keepsake. The jute drawstring bag consists of a simple piece of puzzle with a romantic lettering that tells her as your missing piece. It will be one of the most romantic gifts for your crush girl which will deeply touch her heart. This gift will surely be a precious keepsake in her life.

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21. Rose Deco Lamp

Rose Deco Lamp

Make your crush girl have a nice dream and good sleep with the charming deco lamp. The inner images are etched into high-quality crystal using cutting-edge 3D laser engraving technology. Because it is optically clear, it is ideal for displaying the 3D carved rose picture in the center. The deco lamp has various light colors, so she can set it based on the mood she wants for the night’s sleep while thinking of you. 

22. I Love You Teddy Bear

I Love You Teddy Bear

If you are looking for adorable gift ideas for your crush girl on Valentine’s day, then the lovely teddy bear will be a great option. Especially if she loves teddy bears, this gift will surely make her smile ear to ear. The teddy bear holds a large heart with embroidered “I love you” text, perfect gift to make a love confession. Your crush girl will definitely can’t help but receive the teddy bear.

23. Lots Of Love Earrings

Lots Of Love Earrings

A jewelry gift will never go wrong for a girl, especially if it is for a girl you have a crush on. The beautiful heart hand stamped on the sterling silver disc will tell her that she is always in your heart. The charming polished garnet gemstone pendant adorns the earrings, making it beautifully sways as she moves. It will be one of the most fabulous gifts for your crush girl she will cherish forever.

24. To My Secret Crush Box

To My Secret Crush Box

Maybe you keep thinking of what should I give my crush on Valentine’s day. If so, let the beautiful gift box solve the answer. The box is designed for your secret crush to let her know your feelings. The box features a delicate heart shaped infinity symbol necklace with a message for your secret crush. The infinity heart stands for unending affection and love that persists no matter what.

25. I Love You Card

 I Love You Card

For those who have a lot of things to tell their crush girl, then simply use the I love you card to express it. With its simple design and heart, telling that you have a crush on her will look sincere and elegant. You can customize the message and word types in your card. Or, you can buy the blank set version of the hammered cards, white card, and envelope to write your personal message with your own handwriting.

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What to gift a girl you have a crush on?

You may show your romantic side by giving her flowers, dolls, or chocolates. Or, you can be more thoughtful by giving her useful gifts for your crush girl to support their activity or hobbies. For example, if she loves skin care, then you can give her the all natural skin care box. Giving cheap but romantic gifts are also a good option as long as it shows your care. For more inspiration, please check in the article above.

Is it OK to buy a gift for a girl you like?

Yes, it is totally allowed, especially if she gives you a warm welcome when you approach her. Giving gifts for your crush girl will show your love and care to her. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one. A cheap gift is ok as long as you show your sincerity. In addition, you can consider a special occasion while giving her gifts, such as birthday or Christmas to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.

How can I surprise my crush?

Giving gifts on special occasions is the best way to surprise your crush. Try to surprise her with personalized gifts as they usually are one of a kind items which are specially made for her. If you are looking for personalized gift ideas for your crush, you can read the article above for more inspiration.

How can I impress my crush on her birthday?

To impress your crush, you should give her special birthday gifts which she actually needs. A romantic gift may impress her, but a thoughtful gift will make her feel special as you put many thoughts into choosing the best one. Try to get to know more about her hobbies and preferences before choosing the birthday gift. In case she often mentions something that she needs, you can secretly buy it to impress her on her birthday.

How do you tell if your crush likes you?

She will give a warm sign while you do something for her. If you often cheer her up, she usually will help you back when you have problems. When you have a conversation, she may look nervous but wants to spend a longer time talking to you. In addition, she usually will give you gifts on your special day.

How do I give my crush a gift?

You can directly give it to her on a special occasion. Or, you can make a little surprise to make it more fun. Birthday, Christmas, and Valentine’s day are the perfect occasion to surprise her with gifts. You may ask her friends’ help to surprise your crush girl, so you may not feel that nervous or shy.

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